Can You Put Gold In Candles?


Adding gold to candles can create a beautiful, glamorous effect for decorative or gift candles. Real gold adds a touch of luxury and sparkle that elevates an ordinary candle. There are a few different ways to incorporate gold – from gold leaf to gold flakes to mica powder. The metallic gold shimmers attractively when the candle is lit. Gold is also meaningful in some cultures and religions, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment. Using real gold in a candle can represent these attributes. Beyond decoration, some believe burning a gold candle has metaphysical properties to bring positive energy and good luck. Overall, infusing gold into candles transforms them into something special.

Can You Add Real Gold to Candles?

Yes, it is possible to add real gold to candles in several different forms. According to a post on Reddit (source), gold flakes that are cosmetically safe can be used inside candles. There are a few main ways to incorporate real gold into candles:

gold can be incorporated into candles in different forms like gold leaf, flakes or mica powder to create a glamorous effect.

– Gold leaf, which is edible gold that can be very thinly hammered out into sheets. The sheets can be cut into shapes and added to the inside or outside of candles.
– Gold flakes, also called gold leaf flakes, which are small pieces of edible gold foil.

– Gold mica powder, made from gold mica flakes ground into a fine powder. This can be mixed into candle wax.
– Gold novelty coins or medallions can also be placed inside candle containers as decoration.

The key is choosing gold that is rated as food-grade or cosmetic-grade, as this indicates it is safe to burn inside candles. It’s important to note that real gold should never be burned by itself, but must be incorporated into candle wax or gel.

Why Add Gold to Candles?

There are two main reasons people choose to add gold to candles:

For Decoration and Aesthetics

Gold adds a luxurious, glamorous touch to any candle. The sparkle and shimmer of gold flakes or gold leaf creates visual interest and makes candles look more special. Gold accents are eye-catching and can turn an ordinary candle into a showstopper. Many people decorate candles with gold flakes or gold leaf for weddings, parties, holidays, or just for fun. The metallic sheen makes any space feel more glamorous and celebratory (source).

Symbolic Purposes

Gold has symbolic meaning in many cultures and religions. It often represents wealth, prosperity, wisdom, and spiritual purification. Decorating candles with gold can imbue them with these symbolic meanings. Gold is thought to have regenerative and healing properties, so some people add gold flakes or gold leaf to candles used in rituals, prayers, or meditation. The gold is believed to amplify the candle’s energetic properties (source).

Types of Gold You Can Use

There are three main types of gold that can be used to decorate candles:

Gold Mica Powder

Gold mica powder is made from thin sheets of mica that have been coated with a fine layer of 24k gold. The mica is then ground into a super-fine powder. This powder can be mixed into wax or sprinkled on the outside of candles to create a shimmering gold effect. Gold mica powder is inexpensive and safe to use in candles (source 1).

Gold Leaf Sheets

Gold leaf sheets are made of paper-thin 24k gold that can be cut into shapes and applied to the outside of candles for decoration. The gold leaf adds a luxurious shine and glamorous touch. Applying gold leaf takes some skill, but the striking metallic finish is worth the effort (source 2).

Gold Flakes

Gold flakes, also called gold leaf flakes, are small bits of gold leaf cut into tiny pieces. They can be sprinkled on wet wax to add sparkle and shine. The flakes are very lightweight and will float to the top of candles as they cure. Gold flakes are affordable and easy to use compared to gold leaf sheets.

How to Add Gold Leaf to Candles

One popular way to add gold to candles is by using gold leaf. Gold leaf is an extremely thin sheet of gold that can be applied to candle surfaces. Here are the steps for adding gold leaf to candles:

Prepare the candle surface by making sure it is clean and dry. Sand the surface lightly to create some texture so the gold leaf adheres better.

Apply size, which is an adhesive, to the area where you want the gold leaf. Use a brush to paint on the size. Let it become tacky before applying the leaf.

Carefully place the gold leaf onto the sized area. You can use tweezers to handle the delicate foil. Apply gentle pressure to make sure the gold leaf sticks.

Once applied, seal the gold leaf by spraying with a sealant, varnish or lacquer. This helps protect the leaf and keeps it from rubbing off. Multiple light coats are better than one heavy coat.

With these simple steps, you can easily decorate candles with beautiful gold leaf accents. The metallic sheen looks elegant on candle surfaces. Just be sure to use real gold leaf and not imitation foil for best results.

How to Add Gold Flakes to Candles

One of the easiest ways to add gold to candles is by sprinkling gold flakes directly onto the wax. Gold flakes contain an adhesive backing that activates when heated, allowing the flakes to stick to the candle surface. Follow these steps:

First, heat the gold flakes either in an oven or with a heat gun to activate the adhesive. The flakes should be heated to around 200°F. Be careful not to overheat them.

Next, prepare the candle. Wait until the wax has cooled and solidified enough that the flakes will stick where you sprinkle them. The wax should be warm, but not hot.

Now, simply sprinkle the gold flakes lightly over the surface of the candle, pressing very gently to ensure they adhere properly. Focus flakes on the top and around the sides. Use more flakes for maximum sparkle, or fewer for a more subtle effect.1

Let the candle fully cool and harden before burning. The gold flakes will illuminate beautifully when the candle is lit.

How to Add Gold Mica Powder

One of the easiest ways to add gold to candles is by using gold mica powder. Mica powder contains tiny flakes of mica minerals that reflect light to create a shimmery, metallic effect. Gold mica powder will give candles a subtle golden shimmer.

To use gold mica powder in candles, simply mix a small amount into melted wax before pouring candles. According to Makesy, a good rule of thumb is to add a pinch of mica powder for every 8 ounces of wax. Thoroughly mix the mica powder into the wax as it melts to evenly distribute the flakes throughout the candle. Be careful not to add too much mica or it may clog the wick.

You can also sprinkle gold mica powder on the top of poured candles to create a gilded effect. According to EyeCandyPigments, you can use your finger or a brush to gently apply a light layer of mica powder across the top of the candle, focusing more heavily around the edges. This will create a beautiful gold shimmer around the outer rim of the candle.

When using mica powder, a little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and add more as needed. Gold mica powder will add just a touch of sparkle and shine to candles with its delicate golden shimmer.

Best Candle Materials for Gold

The best candle materials to use when adding gold accents are smooth soy, beeswax, or paraffin wax.

Smooth soy wax provides an ideal surface for gold leaf, flakes, or mica powder to adhere to. Soy wax is a natural wax made from soybeans that comes in smooth and textured varieties. Smooth soy wax like Golden Brands 464 works well as it allows gold accents to lie flat on the surface.

Beeswax is another good option as it creates a smooth finish when used on its own or blended with other waxes. Beeswax is a natural wax made by honey bees that can provide a subtle natural scent. The smooth surface is great for gold accents.

Smooth paraffin wax also makes a good base as it solidifies into a smooth finish. Paraffin wax is a highly refined petroleum-based wax. The smooth texture allows gold accents to adhere evenly across the candle surface.

Textured waxes like eco-soy or palm wax have a bumpy, opaque finish that can obscure gold accents. While textured waxes work for some applications, smooth waxes tend to give the best results for gold leaf, flakes, or mica powder.

Creativity and Design with Gold Candles

Gold candles allow for amazing creative freedom and unique designs. You can layer different types of gold materials on the candles to create stunning geometric patterns and textures.

Try alternating gold leaf strips with gold mica powder designs. Or add swirls of gold flakes over gold leaf shapes. Mixing the gold materials creates visual interest and depth.

Gold candles also pair beautifully with unique containers. Look for interesting glass, metals, or ceramics to complement the shine of the gold. Geometric, minimalist, or sleek modern containers work well. The gold candle becomes like jewelry inside the holder.

With creative designs, gold candles can make for incredible gifts, centerpieces, or decorative accents. The possibilities are endless when you utilize gold materials in artistic ways on candles.


Adding gold to candles can provide an elegant and luxurious touch to home decor. Whether using gold leaf, gold flakes, or gold mica powder, gold elements allow for unique candle designs that make a statement. Some of the most famous gold leaf candles have come from historic brands like Cire Trudon, which has made handcrafted luxury candles since the 17th century (

The main takeaways are that real gold can be incorporated into candles using various methods. Gold leaf delivers the most dramatic effect but requires expertise and care to properly adhere without burning. Gold flakes offer shimmer and sparkle throughout the candle. Gold mica powder mixes into wax and delivers subtle glistening accents. Pairing gold with black, white, or clear wax allows the gold to truly stand out.

Gold candles exemplify how lighting can become an art form. The glimmer and shine of gold adds intrigue and luxury. Gold candles can turn an ordinary home decor item into a masterpiece. With creativity and care, handmade gold candles provide beautiful ambiance that feels special and luxurious.

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