How Long Do Partylite 3 Wick Candles Last?

PartyLite is known for their wide variety of premium scented candles that are hand-poured in the USA. They offer candles in various styles including jars, votives, pillars and more. One of their most popular candle lines is the 3 wick candle.

PartyLite’s 3 wick candles are designed to provide a stronger fragrance experience and longer burn time compared to regular single wick candles. The 3 wicks allow for more even burning and wax pool creation. The wicks are also wider and made from natural materials to avoid clogging and encourage maximum fragrance release.

With quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship, PartyLite’s 3 wick candles stand out for their ability to fill large rooms with fragrance and provide 50-80 hours of burn time per candle.

What Are 3 Wick Candles?

3 wick candles are a popular type of candle that contain 3 separate wicks rather than just 1 wick. The 3 separate wicks are spaced evenly apart in the candle wax and work together to create a larger flame and warmer glow than a single wick candle.

The main benefit of a 3 wick candle over a standard single wick is that the 3 wicks allow more wax to melt at one time. This creates a larger pool of liquid wax which in turn supports a bigger flame. More melted wax also means more fragrance is released into the air compared to a 1 wick candle of the same size.

3 wick candles also burn longer than 1 or 2 wick candles. The 3 wicks share the work of burning through all the wax which takes longer than a single wick working alone. This extended burn time gives you more enjoyment over the life of the candle.

In summary, 3 wick candles provide a brighter, more fragrant, and longer lasting burn compared to fewer wick candles. The triple wick design allows for more wax to melt and release fragrance at a time while extending the overall burn duration of the candle.

Why 3 Wicks Burn Longer

The three wicks in PartyLite’s candles create a unique burn experience that extends the life of the candle. Here’s the science behind why:

With a single wick candle, the wax pool can become too hot directly surrounding the wick. This results in “mushrooming” where the wick curls over as it burns. Mushrooming prevents the wick from absorbing wax efficiently, which can lead to tunnelling and uneven burning.

With two wicks, you can get an oval shaped wax pool versus the round pool achieved by three wicks. The oval shape still allows hot spots to develop where the flame meets the edge of the pool, again resulting in potential tunnelling and uneven wax melting.

Three wicks trim the wick to a triangular shape, encouraging an even circular wax pool without dangerous hotspots. This provides the ideal surface area for the wax to liquefy evenly and maximize fragrance diffusion. The triple wick design also allows for bigger wax pools than a single wick, ensuring more of the wax is used before having to replace the candle.

In summary, three wicks enhance burn performance by:

  • Preventing mushrooming and wick curling
  • Creating an even, circular wax pool without hot spots
  • Allowing a larger wax pool for more complete wax usage
  • Ensuring smooth, consistent melting for maximum fragrance throw

The excellence of PartyLite’s proprietary 3 wick system allows their candles to burn longer and more evenly from edge to edge. This optimized design is what sets them apart from typical single wick candles.

Typical Burn Times

PartyLite 3 wick candles typically last between 40-50 hours or longer depending on the size of the candle. This is significantly longer than PartyLite’s 1 wick candles which burn for approximately 15-20 hours. The addition of the two extra wicks allows more wax to melt at one time, creating a larger melted wax pool that sustains a longer burn.

In comparison, PartyLite’s 2 wick candles tend to burn for around 25-30 hours on average. So the 3 wick variety lasts the longest out of PartyLite’s main candle lines. However, burn times can vary quite a bit depending on proper wick maintenance and environmental factors.

Factors That Impact Burn Time

Many factors impact how long PartyLite 3 wick candles will burn, including:

Wick length – Longer wicks tend to burn faster since more of the wick is exposed to the flame at once. PartyLite carefully trims wick lengths to optimize burn time.

Candle diameter – Wider candles burn slower since they have more wax mass to melt compared to narrower containers. PartyLite 3 wick candles come in varying widths for design flexibility.

Wax type – Natural waxes like soy wax burn cooler and slower versus paraffin. PartyLite uses custom blended waxes to achieve ideal melt, fragrance diffusion and burn times.

Flame size – A larger flame melts more wax faster, shortening burn times. That’s why PartyLite 3 wick candles have 3 smaller wicks instead of 1 large one, for a more even burn.

Burn location – Drafts, vents, and other environmental factors impact flame size and burn speed. Avoid drafty locations for best burn time.

Burning Tips for Longevity

There are a few simple tips you can follow to help maximize the burn time of your PartyLite 3 wick candles:

  • Trim the wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting. Long wicks can create excess smoke and a too-hot flame, which can tunnel the wax pool.

  • Allow the wax pool to melt all the way to the edges on the first burn. This helps ensure an even burn and wax pool going forward.

  • Keep wicks centered in the wax pool as the candle burns down. Wicks that touch the side of the glass may create soot.

  • Avoid drafts and blowing at the flame, which can disrupt wax pooling.

  • Allow the wax pool to harden completely before relighting the candle. This helps preserve the scent.

  • Burn the candle for at least 2-4 hours per lighting to maintain an even wax pool.

  • Keep the candle away from drafts, vents, and frequently opened doors to prevent tunneling.

  • Trim the wicks to 1⁄4 inch each time before relighting the candle.

By following these simple wick and wax pool tips, you can help your PartyLite candles last as long as possible!

Maintaining Your Candle

Proper care and maintenance can help extend the usable life of your PartyLite 3 wick candles. Here are some tips to preserve the candle’s burn time:

Trim the wick to 1⁄4 inch before lighting. Long wicks can create excess smoke and a too-large flame. Trim just the blackened portion of the wick.

Allow the melted wax pool to solidify completely before relighting. This helps prevent tunneling by allowing even melting across the top. Wait at least 2 hours between burns.

Keep wicks centered as the candle burns down. Wicks that touch the side of the glass may cause uneven burning and residue buildup.

Avoid drafts which can make the flame flicker and smoke. This causes the wax pool to harden too quickly before liquifying the edges.

Burn the candle for at least 2-4 hours each time to allow complete melting across the wax pool. Shorter burns can create walls at the edge.

Put the candle out once there’s 1/2 inch of wax remaining. This prevents damage to the glass vessel and unsafe conditions.

Store the candle properly when not in use. Keep out of high temperatures and direct sunlight. Tighten the lid to retain fragrance.

When to Replace Your Candle

PartyLite candles are designed to provide 50-80 hours of fragrance, depending on the size. But there are some signs that indicate it’s time to replace your candle:

  • The candle isn’t giving off much fragrance anymore. If you have to get very close to smell it, the scent has diminished and it’s a sign the candle is spent.
  • The wax pool isn’t melting all the way across the top. This indicates the wicks are no longer strong enough to melt all the wax.
  • Smoke or sooty residue forms on the glass. Soot is a sign that the wicks are struggling to burn properly.
  • The candle has been burning for over 80 hours. Even if it still seems to be performing well, it’s best to replace it at this point.
  • The wax has turned dark and opaque. Fresh wax is translucent. Darkened, cloudy wax means it’s time for a new candle.
  • The wicks are drooping over or falling into the melted wax. This impedes their ability to burn properly.
  • The candle struggles to stay lit and the wicks keep going out.

Replacing your PartyLite candle when these signs appear will ensure you continue enjoying the best fragrance experience. Don’t wait until the candle stops working altogether!

Other PartyLite Candle Options

In addition to their popular 3 wick candles, PartyLite offers other candle types and fragrances to suit different needs and preferences:

  • Single wick candles – These smaller candles are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms and smaller spaces. They offer a more subtle fragrance and glow.

  • Votive candles – PartyLite votives come in a variety of scents and are designed for use in votive holders and tea light warmers.

  • Tealight candles – Offering the same fragrances as larger candles, these tealights can be used in tealight holders, lanterns and warmers.

  • Jar candles – PartyLite’s jar candles feature stylish crushed glass containers and bold fragrances. They have a single wick design.

  • Outdoor candles – Made specifically for outdoor use, these candles come in weather-resistant containers and soothing natural scents.

With diverse candle options in a wide array of fragrances, PartyLite has candles suitable for every space and occasion.


Partylite’s three-wick candles burn for a long time because of their unique design and high-quality wax. The three wicks ensure that the candle burns evenly from top to bottom, making full use of the wax and preventing tunneling. While burn times vary based on wick size and other factors, most Partylite three-wick candles will last between 80-125 hours. With proper care such as trimming wicks regularly and avoiding drafts, you can maximize the life of your candles. The end result is beautiful, long-lasting fragrance and ambiance in your home. That satisfaction of Partylite’s candles that burn slowly and evenly is what brings customers back again and again.

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