What Is The Nutmeg Based Spice Daily Themed Crossword?

A daily themed crossword puzzle is a type of word puzzle that is published on a daily basis with a new theme or topic for each puzzle. They typically involve filling out a grid of squares with across and down answers based on clues provided for each solution. Themed clues tie together the across and down words into a common topic or category.


The history of daily themed crossword puzzles traces back to the early days of crosswords in the 1920s. According to the history of crosswords, crossword puzzles started appearing regularly in newspapers in the 1920s. They began publishing puzzles daily from February 1942. Simon & Schuster which had published the first-ever book of crossword puzzles continued its series, and daily crosswords became extremely popular over the next few decades.

The daily themed crossword puzzle format likely emerged as newspaper puzzles began running daily and constructors started basing puzzles around themes. This allowed solvers to catch on to the theme early which aided the solving process. Themed puzzles added more entertainment and creativity. Today, puzzles like the Daily Themed Crossword continue this tradition of clever, theme-based puzzles for solvers to enjoy every day.


Daily themed crosswords typically follow a standard 15×15 square grid format with numbered clues. They contain a mix of Across and Down answers, usually with around 72 total clues. The puzzles use a symmetry of 180-degree rotational symmetry, meaning they look the same if rotated 180 degrees. This creates a natural separation between Across and Down answers.

The clues are generally straightforward, with common answer lengths between 3 to 5 letters. Answers cover a diverse range of topics like pop culture, geography, literature, and more. The crosswords have a Monday to Sunday difficulty progression, with Monday being the easiest and Sunday being the hardest. They take a few minutes for beginners and under a minute for experts to solve.

Each daily themed crossword follows a particular theme, with several answers related to the theme. Themes help tie together the vocabulary and make solving more interesting. The puzzles are published online daily and are free to access on various crossword websites and apps.


The content of Daily Themed Crossword puzzles focuses on clues and themes. There are different types of clues used in the puzzles, including:

– Straightforward clues that directly hint at the answer
– Cryptic clues that require lateral thinking to solve

– Anagram clues where you need to rearrange letters to find the answer
– Homophone clues using words that sound alike but are spelled differently

Many of the puzzles are built around a central theme, with related clues falling into various categories. Common theme types include:
– Topical themes about current events, holidays, etc.
– Conceptual themes around a topic like food, geography, etc.

– Wordplay themes involving puns, rhymes, alliteration, etc.

The wide variety of clue types and central themes allows the puzzles to stay interesting and unpredictable from day to day. Solvers need to utilize different skills and strategies to work through the creative wordplay and piece together the themes (Source).


Daily Themed Crossword puzzles are distributed through mobile apps developed by AppyNation Ltd. There are free apps available for both Android and iOS. Users can download the apps to play the puzzles on their smartphones or tablets. New puzzles are published every day and automatically updated in the apps. There is also a website version available at thedailythemedcrossword.com, allowing players to complete puzzles online from their desktop or laptop computer.


Daily themed crosswords have become hugely popular across the globe. According to the Daily Themed Crossword Answers site, daily themed crosswords are a “fun crossword game with each day connected to a different theme” that allow solvers to “Choose from a range of topics like Movies, Sports, Technology, Games, History, Architecture and more!” 1

The popularity of the daily themed crosswords is evident in how widely they are solved each day. As the Daily Themed Crossword site shared regarding a clue for “popularity”, daily themed crosswords have reached mass popularity with solvers who eagerly await new puzzles each day.2 Much of the popularity stems from the engaging themes, which reference pop culture, sports, food, and more. For example, a recent puzzle featured a clue about the popularity of Oreos, showing the cultural relevance of the daily puzzles.3


daily themed crosswords provide cognitive benefits especially for older adults

Doing crossword puzzles provides many cognitive and mental health benefits, especially for older adults. According to a study from the University of Exeter, older adults who regularly complete word and number puzzles have increased mental sharpness and acuity (source). Crosswords exercise the brain by activating areas that control thinking, reasoning, language, and memory.

Specifically, completing crossword puzzles can improve memory, attention, problem-solving, and vocabulary. As noted in a Scientific American article, crosswords may even help delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (source). The mental stimulation provides a neuroprotective effect on the brain.

Additionally, crosswords can reduce anxiety and depression. By fully engaging the brain, they serve as a positive distraction from stressful thoughts. The sense of accomplishment from solving challenging clues also boosts mood. Overall, crosswords provide enjoyment and mental exercise with measurable cognitive benefits.


There are different types and variations of Daily Themed Crossword puzzles to suit different players’ preferences:

Some of the types include:

  • Mini crosswords – Smaller 5×5 grids for a quicker solve.
  • Easy crosswords – With simpler clues for beginners.
  • Harder crosswords – Larger grids and tougher clues.
  • Themed variants – Puzzles focused on specific topics like sports, movies etc.
  • Special holiday editions – With clues relating to holidays.
  • Frenzy – Timed challenges to solve quickly.

There are both free and paid/premium versions available. The premium editions provide access to older archived puzzles, no ads, bonus content and more hints.

This caters to different players – like those who prefer larger or smaller grids, want a timed challenge, or like clues on specific topics of interest.


Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles are designed to be fun and engaging, yet also challenging. Here are some tips and strategies for successfully solving them:

Look for theme answers first. Themed clues often have keywords that tie together across the puzzle and can give you hints about other answers.

Pay attention to number of letters needed for each answer. This will help you narrow down possibilities.

Keep in mind common prefixes and suffixes when trying to guess words. For example, “re-” as a prefix often indicates something is happening again.

Don’t get stuck too long on any one clue. Come back to tough ones after filling in easier answers first.

Read clues carefully and analyze definitions or wordplay included. Every word is intentional.

Use crosses between answers to help fill in words you don’t immediately know.

Try thinking of synonyms if you have some but not all letters filled in.

Take notes and write down possibilities if needed. You can also make drawings to visualize trickier clues.

Stay focused and don’t give up! Daily crosswords require persistence but are very satisfying to complete.

If you get completely stuck, don’t hesitate to use online resources or ask a friend for help. Coming back with fresh eyes often does the trick.


In summary, the Daily Themed Crossword is a popular free puzzle game featuring a new crossword puzzle each day of the year. The game’s simple, accessible format and new content daily has attracted millions of players across the globe. While some criticize puzzle repetition, the game remains free and convenient for crossword fans to enjoy. The Daily Themed Crossword provides an engaging mental challenge and offers users the ability to track their progress and improve their skills over time. For those seeking a fun, free daily crossword fix, this game delivers. The Daily Themed Crossword continues to be one of the top crossword apps due to its user-friendly interface, puzzles for all skill levels, and constantly updated content.

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