What Does Be Enchanted Smell Like?

Introducing Be Enchanted

Be Enchanted is an eau de parfum from the house of Chanel. It was launched in 2018 as part of the Les Eaux de Chanel collection, which features youthful and vibrant fragrances inspired by Chanel’s relationship with the Mediterranean. The perfumer behind Be Enchanted was Olivier Polge, Chanel’s in-house perfumer who took over from his father Jacques Polge.

This vibrant citrus floral scent aims to capture the feeling of new love and the enchantment of a first kiss. With fresh and radiant top notes of Italian lemon, grapefruit and orange, softly romantic heart notes of lily-of-the-valley and jasmine, and base notes of cedar and vetiver, Be Enchanted is bright, floral and irresistibly charming.

The luminous, citrusy opening provides a burst of joy and sunlight. As the fragrance develops, the white floral heart blooms, adding a tender, romantic touch. Finally, the woody base provides a natural, earthy foundation with a hint of sensuality. Together, these notes create a beautifully balanced composition that is uplifting, youthful and spellbindingly pretty.

Top Notes

The top notes of Be Enchanted are bright, fresh, and fruity. When first applied, you’ll immediately smell bursts of blood orange, blackcurrant, and cranberry. These fruity notes create an invigorating and energizing first impression. The blood orange adds a sweet citrus aroma, while the blackcurrant and cranberry provide tangy, tart fruit accents. Together, they create a mouthwatering fruit medley that’s refreshing and vibrant. These fruity top notes give Be Enchanted an exciting opening that’s perfect for daytime wear.

Heart Notes

The heart notes form the core of the Be Enchanted fragrance. These are the notes that emerge once the top notes fade, creating the bouquet that defines the essence of the perfume. Be Enchanted’s heart features an exquisite floral accord of lily, gardenia and jasmine. The creamy gardenia adds a sensual, heady element, while the lily provides a fresh, dewy impression. Intertwined through it all is the unmistakable presence of jasmine, lending its sweet, exotic aroma to give Be Enchanted an air of romance and mystery.

Together, these floral heart notes create an enveloping femininity at the center of the fragrance. As they unfold on the skin, the richness of the gardenia and jasmine blend seamlessly with the delicate nuances of lily. This floral fusion is what gives Be Enchanted its timeless, graceful allure that conjures up feelings of nostalgia and romance.

Base Notes

The base notes of Be Enchanted are warm, comforting scents that linger on your skin for hours. Sandalwood, vanilla, and amber create a sensual base that provide staying power and richness. Sandalwood adds a creamy, woody aroma that blends beautifully with the sweeter notes. Vanilla enhances the gourmand qualities with its trademark warmth and sweetness. Finally, amber rounds out the base with its sophisticated, slightly powdery character. Together these base notes create a well-balanced foundation for the bright floral heart and zesty citrus top notes. Their persistence on the skin allows the Be Enchanted fragrance to last throughout the day. The base notes are what you smell in the dry down after the initial spray has faded. Their role is crucial in providing tenacity and depth to the overall composition.

Overall Scent

Be Enchanted has a sweet, feminine, and youthful scent profile that is both uplifting and playful. The combination of juicy fruits, fresh florals, and warm vanilla creates an inviting aroma that is charming yet sophisticated.

When all the notes come together, Be Enchanted evokes memories of blossoming spring flowers, ripe summer berries, and cozy evenings spent with loved ones. There is a lush floral heart at the center, with crisp fruits and rich creams enveloping it in a beautifully balanced composition.

The fruits lend a mouthwatering juiciness, while the florals provide a romantic elegance. Gentle woods and musk in the base give it a sensual warmth. Overall, Be Enchanted is a multi-faceted scent that transitions gracefully from day to night.

When to Wear

Be Enchanted is a versatile scent that can be worn for a variety of occasions, both day and night. Here are some recommendations on when this fragrance truly shines:


With its fresh and floral notes, Be Enchanted is an uplifting daytime scent. The sparkling top notes of blackcurrant and bergamot are energizing, making this perfume perfect for running errands, going to work, or daytime dates.

Special Occasions

Be Enchanted transitions beautifully for more formal occasions in the evenings. The rich base notes give the fragrance an elegant depth that is ideal for special nights out, including:

  • Date nights
  • Cocktail parties
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant
  • Evening weddings
  • Theater or symphony events

The sensual yet sophisticated scent makes it a great signature fragrance for romantic evenings.

Price and Availability

Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted is available exclusively at Bath & Body Works retail stores and online. Prices range from $14.50-$16.50 for a 3-fluid ounce Eau de Toilette Spray, $26 for an 8-fluid ounce Body Lotion, and $24.50 for a Triple Moisture Body Cream. Gift sets with shower gel, body lotion, and fragrance mist are also available for around $40.

As a Bath & Body Works signature fragrance, Be Enchanted is regularly stocked at all locations and online. Special sales and discounts are often offered, especially during holiday sales events. Signing up for email and text alerts from Bath & Body Works is the best way to stay on top of promotional pricing.


Be Enchanted has received glowing reviews from fragrance experts and users alike. Leading perfume critics have praised its unique blend of fruits, florals, and musk.

Fiona Smith, writing for Fragrance Monthly, called it “an enchanting concoction with excellent longevity.” She complimented the fruity top notes of blackcurrant and apple for their vibrancy, while also appreciating the sensual base notes of vanilla and musk.

On Fragrantica, Be Enchanted holds a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on over 500 votes. Reviewers describe it as “heavenly,” “intoxicating,” and “magical.” They say it’s ideal for date nights and romantic evenings. The scent is called “sexy” and “mysterious” by many.

According to buyers on Sephora’s website, Be Enchanted earns a 5-star rating. They say it “casts a spell” and makes them “feel beautiful.” The fragrance is called “intoxicating in the best way” by a Sephora reviewer.

Overall, experts and users alike find Be Enchanted to be a high-quality, captivating women’s fragrance. It receives consistent praise for its entrancing blend of fruity, floral, and musky notes. If you’re looking for an enchanting signature scent, reviewers say this perfume is a perfect choice.

Similar Fragrances

If you enjoy Be Enchanted but want to explore other options, here are some similar Chanel fragrances to consider:

Other Chanel Florals

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum is a popular floral scent with notes of orange, patchouli, Turkish rose and jasmine. It’s a bit fruitier than Be Enchanted with a citrusy opening.

Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum is a lighter floral with notes of jasmine, musk, pink pepper, vetiver and citrus. It’s fresher and brighter than Be Enchanted.

Fruity Florals

Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette is a fruited floral with notes like citrus, jasmine and cedar. It’s lighter and more playful than Be Enchanted.

Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum is a spicy oriental floral with notes like coriander, mandarin orange, peach, jasmine, vanilla and vetiver. It’s warmer and spicier than Be Enchanted.

Is Be Enchanted Right for You?

Be Enchanted is a versatile floral fragrance that can work for many different personalities and occasions. Here are some of the key considerations in deciding if this perfume is right for you:

Who Should Wear Be Enchanted?

This perfume works well for women of all ages who enjoy feminine, floral scents. It’s an uplifting and romantic perfume that’s perfect for date nights or special events. Be Enchanted is also an office-friendly scent that’s not overpowering, making it suitable for daytime wear.

Pros of Be Enchanted

Some of the benefits of this fragrance include:

  • Beautiful, refined floral scent.
  • Great staying power that lasts 6-8 hours.
  • Versatile for daytime and evening wear.
  • A mood-boosting scent that inspires confidence.
  • Classy bottle and presentation.

Cons of Be Enchanted

Some drawbacks to consider include:

  • Expensive compared to other perfumes.
  • May be too sweet or strong for those who prefer lighter scents.
  • Floral scent won’t appeal to those looking for woody or musky perfumes.
  • Doesn’t offer anything unique from other fruity-floral fragrances.

Overall, Be Enchanted is ideal for romantic, feminine personalities looking for a quality floral fragrance. It makes a luxurious gift and special occasion scent. However, the high price point and potentially overpowering floral notes may not suit everyone’s taste or budget.

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