What Is The Name Of Belle’S Candlestick?

Introducing Belle and Beauty and the Beast

Belle is the main character and protagonist in Disney’s animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. As an intelligent, book-loving young woman living in a small French village, Belle longs for adventure outside of the “provincial life” she knows. When her father is imprisoned by the Beast in his castle, Belle offers to take her father’s place. Over time, she sees beyond the Beast’s monstrous exterior to the kind heart within. Her compassion helps break the spell and transform the Beast back into a human prince.

Beauty and the Beast tells the tale of an arrogant young prince transformed into a hideous beast as punishment for his cruelty. The curse can only be broken if he learns to love and be loved in return. Disney’s 1991 animated film brings this classic French fairy tale to life through memorable characters like Belle, the Beast, Lumière, and more. With its magical storytelling, iconic music by Alan Menken, and lush animation, Beauty and the Beast was the first animated film ever nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Today it remains one of Disney’s most beloved classics.

The Enchanted Candlestick

One of the most beloved characters in Beauty and the Beast is Lumière, the charming enchanted candlestick. When the Prince was transformed into a beast as punishment for his selfishness, Lumière and the other servants in the castle were also transformed into household objects. Lumière was turned into an ornate golden candlestick, with the ability to move around on his own.

Despite the curse, Lumière maintained his warm, outgoing personality and tried to bring joy and laughter to the dreary castle. As the maître d’, he continued overseeing the dining room and kitchen, organizing spectacular feasts and musical numbers to entertain the Beast and his guests. Lumière became intent on breaking the spell and returning the Beast and servants to human form. His infectious enthusiasm and dedication to the Beast played a pivotal role in eventually breaking the curse.

The Name Lumière

In the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s enchanted castle is home to a charming collection of talking objects that provide comic relief and help guide Belle and the Beast’s romance. One of the most beloved of these objects is Lumière, a gregarious candelabra with a French accent. So where does the name Lumière come from, and what is its significance?

Lumière is a French word meaning “light.” This is a very fitting name for a candlestick or candelabra character. As an illuminated table centerpiece, Lumière literally provides light in the castle. His burning candles shed brightness on Belle and the Beast during their interactions. The name also underscores Lumière’s warm, glowing personality that lights up any room he enters. He has an outgoing, jovial nature and tries to make the best of the curse placed on the castle.

Additionally, the name Lumière connects to the larger theme of the Beast’s transformation from a cold, selfish prince into an enlightened, caring man worthy of Belle’s love. Lumière acts as a guiding light who actively pushes the Beast and Belle together, illuminating the path of their burgeoning romance and self-discovery. So the meaningful name Lumière reflects both the candelabra’s inner qualities and his important role in the story.

Lumière’s Personality

Lumière is known for his charming, charismatic, wise, and kind personality throughout the film. As a talking candlestick, Lumière illuminates every scene he’s in with his warm, glowing spirit. He acts as a mentor and friend to Belle during her time at the castle, offering her wisdom and guidance to help her open up. Lumière sees the good in people and always tries to bring it out in others. His optimism and enthusiasm are infectious to those around him. He has a taste for the finer things in life and loves entertaining guests at the castle with lavish meals and parties. Lumière’s outgoing and gregarious nature make him the life of the party. He is both a fierce friend and a gentle mentor to Belle, helping her look past appearances and break the spell on the Beast and the castle inhabitants.

Lumière Helps Break the Spell

As a loyal servant who wants to become human again, Lumière plays a critical role in breaking the spell on the castle and its inhabitants. When Belle arrives at the castle, Lumière immediately starts devising plans to bring her and the Beast together romantically.

Lumière arranges romantic dinners, provides musical entertainment, and tries to coach the Beast on improving his behavior and manners to impress Belle. His most famous plan is the showstopping “Be Our Guest” musical number, where Lumière and the other servants work together to create a spectacular dinner and performance for Belle.

Throughout the film, Lumière provides optimism, enthusiasm, and charm that helps the Beast come out of his angry isolation. The candlestick’s warm and lively personality is instrumental in the Beast’s transformation back into a human prince. Without Lumière’s diligent matchmaking and motivation, the spell may have never been broken.

Signature Song – “Be Our Guest”

“Be Our Guest” is one of the most iconic musical numbers from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Performed by the charismatic candelabra Lumière, voiced by Jerry Orbach, “Be Our Guest” welcomes Belle to the Beast’s enchanted castle with a rousing dinner invitation.

The elaborate Broadway-style routine features singing and dancing dishware, with Lumière leading the spectacle as the charismatic master of ceremonies. With upbeat lyrics by Howard Ashman and robust orchestration by Alan Menken, “Be Our Guest” embodies the lavish hospitality and whimsical magic of the Beast’s staff.

From the playful “ten years we’ve been rusting, needing so much more than dusting” opening to the spectacular crescendo, “Be Our Guest” is a true showstopper. Lumière shines as he implores Belle to “be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test” in this unforgettable tune that has become a signature song for both the character and the film.

Relationship with Cogsworth

In Beauty and the Beast, Lumière has a close but comically contentious relationship with Cogsworth, the tightly-wound castle clock. As a fun-loving, free-spirited candelabra, Lumière is often at odds with Cogsworth, who worries about rules and schedules. Their contrasting personalities lead to frequent bickering and comedic arguments throughout the film.

However, underneath their squabbling, Lumière and Cogsworth share a genuine friendship. Having been trapped in the castle together under the enchantress’s spell, they have formed a bond over their desire to become human again. When the spell is broken at the end, their friendship remains intact. While they may outwardly clash due to their different styles, Lumière and Cogsworth ultimately complement each other, with Lumière’s energy balancing Cogsworth’s restraint.

Role in Live-Action Movie

In the 2017 live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, Lumière was voiced by acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor. The Scottish actor was able to capture the charm and charisma of Lumière, while still making the role his own.

There were some notable differences between the animated Lumière and the live-action portrayal. The 2017 version gave Lumière a more elaborate, ornate golden sculpture for a body. His movements were also somewhat constrained compared to the fluid, expressive motions of the animated candlestick. Additionally, the live-action Lumière spoke with a French accent provided by McGregor, whereas the 1991 animated version did not have an accent.

However, the key aspects of Lumière’s personality shone through from animation to live-action. He remained a vivacious, enthusiastic character who guides and reassures Belle during her time in the castle. His friendly relationship with Cogsworth is also intact. McGregor’s energetic vocal performance succeeded in bringing the charming maître d’ to life in a new format while retaining the spirit of the original beloved character.

Lasting Pop Culture Legacy

Lumière has become one of Disney’s most beloved sidekick characters. Even decades after the original Beauty and the Beast film, Lumière continues to capture the imaginations of audiences around the world.

The charming and charismatic maître d’ candlestick has left a lasting pop culture legacy. Lumière remains a popular character for Disney merchandising, appearing on t-shirts, mugs, plush toys, ornaments, and more. He also frequently appears at Disney theme parks to greet and interact with guests. Lumière even became the namesake for a table service restaurant at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Lumière’s lively spirit, French accent, and memorable songs like “Be Our Guest” make him an unforgettable Disney character. His lasting popularity demonstrates how this anthropomorphic candlestick won over audiences and became a classic Disney sidekick for generations to enjoy.


Lumière, the charming and charismatic candlestick from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, remains one of the most iconic characters from the beloved animated film. As we learned, his name means “light” in French, befitting his warm, glowing personality that helps guide Belle and the Beast’s relationship. Lumière plays a pivotal role in the story, organizing the castle servants to welcome and entertain Belle, and later defending the couple against an invading mob. His vivacious spirit comes through in the classic song “Be Our Guest,” where he celebrates gastonomy and hospitality. The partnership and banter between Lumière and Cogsworth creates some of the most comedic moments in the film. Overall, Lumière represents the heart, joy and lively energy embodied in the transformative power of love. His optimistic spirit and loyal friendship have made him a truly unforgettable character that continues to shine 25+ years later.

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