What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Go To Homegoods?

HomeGoods is a popular discount home decor retailer known for its wide and always-changing selection of merchandise offered at 20-60% less than department and specialty stores. With over 700 stores across the United States, HomeGoods is a go-to destination for shoppers looking to decorate their home on a budget.

The thrill of finding an amazing deal on stylish, high-quality home goods is what brings shoppers back to HomeGoods again and again. However, with the constant turnover of inventory, some days are better than others for scoring exciting finds across all departments – from furniture and rugs to kitchenware, bedding, bath items, and seasonal decor.

Determining the optimal day and time to shop HomeGoods comes down to several factors: when new inventory shipments arrive, the timing of markdowns and sales, crowd sizes throughout the week, and seasonal or holiday fluctuations. This guide will break down the best and worst times to hit your local store.

Weekday vs Weekend

When deciding on the best day to visit HomeGoods, one of the biggest considerations is whether you go on a weekday or weekend. There are pros and cons to both options.

Weekdays generally tend to be less busy at HomeGoods stores. With fewer shoppers browsing the aisles, you’ll have more room to take your time and thoroughly browse all the merchandise. Weekdays often mean shelves and displays are freshly stocked, giving you first pick of that day’s inventory. Specialty items and unique finds are more likely to still be available on a weekday.

However, weekends, especially Sundays, tend to be when HomeGoods runs special promotions and puts select items on sale to clear out inventory before the new week begins. So you may find some better deals and markdowns by shopping on the weekend. The busier atmosphere can also lend itself to a more exciting treasure hunt feeling. Just be prepared for longer lines and picked-over stock.

Consider if having the store more to yourself to browse is worth more than potential weekend deals. Opting for a weekday is best for leisurely shopping, while weekends are ideal for those short on time who want to pop in and see what’s on clearance.

Early Week

Many HomeGoods shoppers report that early in the week, like Monday and Tuesday, can be a good time to visit and find the freshest inventory. This is because most HomeGoods stores get large deliveries on Monday mornings to start the week. So coming on Monday or Tuesday means you’ll get first dibs on all the new items before other shoppers get a chance to pick them over.

Oftentimes, the weekend rush can leave shelves looking a bit bare, so the Monday delivery is huge for restocking. Going early in the week, the store will seem the most neat, organized and bountiful. Displays will be full of new items to browse. Popular sizes and styles are more likely to be available. So you’ll have an easier time finding key pieces you may be shopping for, like a specific style of decorative item or household good.

Later in the week, stores can start to look and feel more disheveled, as items sell out and shelves empty. So early week is ideal to see the store looking its best and score great finds. Just be prepared that the store may be busier first thing Monday and Tuesday mornings, as many savvy shoppers have caught onto this early week secret. But arriving later in the morning or midday can let you beat the crowds and focus on scouting out the new deliveries.

Mid Week

Wednesday tends to be a popular midweek day to shop at HomeGoods, as many stores mark down items on Wednesdays. This markdown day allows shoppers to find great deals on home goods in preparation for the approaching weekend. Shoppers often stock up on entertaining essentials like serveware, glassware, linens, and decor. The midweek markdowns help move older merchandise and make room for new inventory being put out later in the week. Shoppers who can take advantage of the weekday markdowns can score serious savings. Some devotees even plan their week around hitting up HomeGoods on a Wednesday to catch these deals. The midweek discounts will vary by location, so check with your local store’s schedule. But many regular HomeGoods shoppers know Wednesdays offer an optimal chance to save and prep for weekend home projects, parties, and guests.

End of Week

Many HomeGoods shoppers suggest that the end of the week, Thursday and Friday, are the best days to visit HomeGoods.

That’s because new inventory deliveries arrive at most HomeGoods locations on Thursdays and Fridays. This means that by the end of the week, stores have the freshest selection of new arrivals across all departments.

In particular, home furnishings like pillows, rugs, and furniture will be newly stocked at this time. The same goes for housewares like decorative pieces, kitchen gadgets and tableware. New clothing and accessories also hit the shelves on delivery days.

Beyond new deliveries, shopping at the end of the week means products have not yet been picked over by weekend crowds. Items are more likely to still be available in full selection. Come the weekend, more popular products may already be sold out.

So for the best chance at finding new and trendy inventory in-stock, head to HomeGoods on a Thursday or Friday.


The weekend, especially Saturday, is the busiest shopping time at most HomeGoods stores. Saturdays see a surge in foot traffic from leisure shoppers looking for home decor and housewares at a discount. This is one of the best times to find markdowns on seasonal merchandise as stores start making room for new product deliveries.

Major sales events like the popular ‘Red Tag’ clearance happen on weekends to attract shoppers. The store is well-staffed to handle the extra customer volume. However, the most coveted bargains and unique finds may be picked over on busy weekend days. Arriving early on Saturday morning will give you the first pick of that weekend’s new markdowns before the crowds hit.


The best time of year to shop at HomeGoods varies depending on what you’re looking for. Certain seasons tend to offer better selections of certain product categories:

  • Late summer/early fall is ideal for back-to-school supplies, dorm room decor, and other student needs.
  • Fall is a great time to shop for Halloween and Thanksgiving decor.
  • Winter is the season for Christmas decorations, ornaments, and gift wrap.
  • Early spring brings Easter and seasonal spring decor.

So plan your HomeGoods trips according to the type of products you want. Checking out the seasonal aisles as the various holidays approach is your best bet for scoring the top picks in decor and seasonal goods.

Store-by-Store Variance

The inventory at each HomeGoods location can vary significantly based on the store’s location and surrounding demographics. Stores in more affluent areas may have higher-end home decor and furniture brands. Urban locations get faster turnover and more eclectic and contemporary items. Suburban or rural stores tend to carry more traditional and classic home goods styles.

To get an idea of what’s available at your local HomeGoods, check the store’s inventory online. You can enter your zip code on the HomeGoods website to view in-stock items for each nearby location. This can help you determine which location is likely to have more of the products you’re looking for before visiting the store.

Time of Day

The time of day you visit HomeGoods can significantly impact your shopping experience. Many devoted HomeGoods shoppers recommend arriving first thing in the morning, right when stores open. This is often when new deliveries arrive, giving you first pick of fresh merchandise before other shoppers get to it. The early morning hours offer the calmest environment and plenty of space to leisurely browse every aisle. If you’re seeking popular or hard-to-find items, your best bet is to be there when the doors open.

Later at night is another prime time to shop, as stores are often restocking shelves in preparation for the next day. The hours leading up to closing time can yield an array of newfound treasures that weren’t on the shelves earlier in the day. However, closing time is also when stores tend to get the messiest from a full day of foot traffic. If you want a more relaxed shopping experience, first thing in the morning is likely a better choice than the late evening hustle and bustle.


In summary, the best day and time to shop at HomeGoods often depends on your own schedule and preferences. Weekday mornings tend to be less crowded with more inventory, while weekends draw bigger crowds browsing for deals. Mid-week afternoons can also be convenient with fewer shoppers. Consider going multiple times per week at different hours to increase your chances of finding great deals. Be flexible and willing to return since inventory changes daily. Sign up for email lists to receive notifications about special buys and sales. If crowds aren’t an issue, weekends and evenings allow for leisure browsing after work and school. Whenever you go, arrive early and be prepared to take some time digging for finds.

To maximize your chances of getting the best deals and items at HomeGoods:

  • Be flexible – go on different days of the week and times of day
  • Arrive early before the big crowds
  • Dig and browse thoroughly – deals can be hidden
  • Check end caps and display tables
  • Inspect items closely for defects
  • Be patient and enjoy treasure hunting
  • Sign up for email lists about special buys and sales
  • Consider weekdays earlier in the day for fewer crowds
  • Chat with employees about the latest deliveries

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