Where Is Making Scents Of Love Filmed?

Making Scents of Love is a romantic comedy film that was released in 2022. It centers around a woman named Emily who accidentally spills a vial of a new perfume she created, causing her to magically fall in love with a man named Charlie. The lighthearted film explores what happens when Emily suddenly finds herself head over heels for someone thanks to the effects of her special new fragrance.

Making Scents of Love stars Elaine Tan, Madison Beer, and Jana Kramer in a funny and charming story about love and destiny. This feel-good movie was produced for TV as part of Hallmark’s yearly line-up of original romantic comedies.

Filming Locations

The primary filming location for Making Scents of Love was the small town of Silverton, Oregon. Silverton provided the charming small-town backdrop that defines the atmosphere of the film. Located about an hour south of Portland, Silverton is known for its historic downtown area featuring Victorian-era buildings and antique shops. Various Silverton landmarks can be spotted throughout the film, like the Oregon Garden and the Silver Falls State Park (Source: Making Scents of Love (TV Movie 2023)).

Shooting took place across Silverton, utilizing local businesses and residential areas to portray the fictional town of Loveland. The production crew transformed parts of downtown Silverton into a quaint main street befitting of a Hallmark holiday movie. Storefronts were outfitted with festive decorations and holiday displays. Notably, a key scene was filmed inside the Palace Theatre on Water Street, which served as the location for a Christmas Eve play. Outside of downtown, residential neighborhoods around Silverton were used for exterior house shots (Source: Kat Barrell new movie ‘Making Scents Of Love’ starts filming on April 26 and ends on May 13 in Toronto.).

By filming in Silverton, the production was able to capture the atmosphere of a cozy, festive small town perfect for a holiday romance. For two weeks in April 2022, Silverton was transformed into a Hallmark-style wintry wonderland. The sights of downtown Silverton and its historic charm are prominently on display throughout Making Scents of Love.


The lead actors in Making Scents of Love are Katherine Barrell, Patrick Kwok-Choon, Tom Hearn, and Jean Yoon. Katherine Barrell plays the lead role of Shay Robson, a perfumer who falls in love with Patrick Kwok-Choon’s character, a firefighter named Danny. Tom Hearn plays Shay’s father, while Jean Yoon portrays her aunt. Barrell is known for her roles in Wynonna Earp and Good Witch, while Kwok-Choon has appeared in shows like Cardinal and Ransom. Hearn is a veteran Canadian actor who has been working in film and TV since the 1970s. Yoon currently stars in the hit CBC comedy Kim’s Convenience.

Plot Summary

Making Scents of Love is a 2023 romantic comedy film that premiered on the Hallmark Channel. It centers around a perfumer named Blair who accidentally spills a prototype love potion on a stranger named Ross. After getting the scent on him, Ross starts to fall for Blair, but she is skeptical about whether it’s real or just the effects of her perfume formula.

The movie begins with Blair pitching her new perfume line “Love Potion” to a major retailer. She trips and spills the perfume on Ross, who helps her gather her things. Afterwards, Ross becomes infatuated with Blair, showing up at her shop and bringing her flowers. Blair doubts his interest is genuine and tries to avoid Ross.

As they spend more time together, Blair starts to develop real feelings for Ross as well. However, when she tells him about the love potion, he feels betrayed. Ross takes some time away from Blair to process everything. Ultimately he realizes his feelings for her are real and they reconcile, sharing a kiss at the end.

The film has all the hallmarks of a classic Hallmark romance, with a meet-cute opening, a misunderstanding to drive the plot, and a happily ever after ending. Fans of the genre are sure to find Making Scents of Love an enjoyable viewing experience.

Critical Reception

Making Scents of Love has received mixed reviews from critics so far. It currently holds a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 7 reviews. Common criticisms include predictable plot, clichéd characters, and cheesy dialogue. However, some critics praised the lighthearted tone and chemistry between the lead actors. Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly wrote, “Making Scents is no masterpiece, but its bubbly spirit and fragrant premise make for a sweetly satisfying romantic diversion.” While not garnering widespread acclaim, the movie provides an enjoyable option for fans of romantic comedies.

Interesting Facts

The filming of Making Scents of Love included some fun behind-the-scenes trivia:

The lead actors Katherine Barrell and Patrick Kwok-Choon had never worked together before, so the director made sure they had bonding time before filming started (source).

Many of the cast and crew got into the Christmas spirit by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters on set, even when the cameras weren’t rolling (source).

The movie was filmed in the summer, so the crew had to get creative to make it look like winter. They used fake snow and had portable air conditioning units blowing cold air for some scenes.

The lead actress Katherine Barrell said this was one of her favorite sets to work on because everyone was so fun and festive.

The town where they filmed was decorated with Christmas lights, wreaths, and other holiday decorations to help set the mood.

The cast and crew played secret Santa and exchanged small gifts during the filming.

Filming Locations

Making Scents of Love was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in April and May 2023 (Making Scents of Love Filming Locations (2023)). Specific filming locations included:

the distillery district in toronto, a filming location for making scents of love.

The Distillery District, a pedestrian-only historic area in Toronto. Scenes were shot at the various restaurants, galleries, and shops in this district (Making Scents of Love Filming Locations (2023)).

Allan Gardens, one of the oldest parks in Toronto. The tropical palm house served as a filming location (Kat Barrell new movie ‘Making Scents Of Love’ starts filming on April 26 and ends on May 13 in Toronto).

The Gardiner Museum, which features ceramics from around the world. The restaurant and various gallery spaces were used for filming (Making Scents of Love Filming Locations (2023)).

Other spots around downtown Toronto, including cafes, restaurants, shops, parks, and neighborhoods.

Impact on Town

The town of Stoney Creek, Ontario saw a major boost from the filming of Making Scents of Love in late 2022. According to the Tourism Hamilton website, over 150 cast and crew members took up residence in Stoney Creek for the duration of filming

This influx of people patronized local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and more. An article on Tourism Hamilton notes that residents were excited to have a movie filmed in their town.

Filming took place on location at landmarks around Stoney Creek like Battlefield Park and surrounding neighborhoods. This put the beauty of the town on full display. Overall, hosting the production of Making Scents of Love provided a memorable experience and economic benefits for the town of Stoney Creek.

Similar Films

Other romantic comedies like Making Scents of Love include:

Welcome to Valentine: This 2023 film starring Taylor Cole is about a woman who inherits her grandmother’s flower shop in Valentine, Nebraska and finds love with a handsome local florist.

A Christmas Masquerade: In this 2022 holiday romcom, a workaholic clothing designer joins a masquerade party to find an eligible bachelor but ends up falling for her mysterious masked dance partner.

Christmas in Rockwell: A 2022 Hallmark movie about an ambitious greetings card executive who is magically transported to a quaint Christmas village where she discovers the true meaning of the holiday.


Making Scents of Love provides a charmingly quirky look at love and perfume-making in Provence, France. The picturesque town of Seillans served as the primary filming location, with its cobbled streets, ancient buildings, and sweeping valley views forming an idyllic backdrop. Viewers get a glimpse into the process of distilling lavender and other flowers into essential oils at the perfume factory where Emily’s character works. Seillans embraces its role in the film, with some shops even selling Making Scents of Love souvenirs. While not the most complex romantic comedy, the movie offers a pleasant escape to the south of France and reminds us that sometimes love can be found in unexpected places. The story may be fictional, but the beauty of the filming locations is real. Making Scents of Love makes the most of its French setting, allowing viewers to be transported to Provence alongside the characters.

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