How Do You Get Fake Candles To Stay In A Candle Holder?

Introduce the Problem

One common frustration when decorating with fake candles is that they often fall or tip out of candle holders. Traditional wax candles are designed to melt onto candle holders, fixing themselves into place. However fake candles, whether made of plastic, glass, or resin, have hard, smooth surfaces that do not stick well to holders. This results in the fake candles falling over or out of their holders, creating a messy look and risking breakage. There are several techniques that can help anchor fake candles in holders so they stay upright and don’t fall.

Pick the Right Holder

One of the best ways to keep fake candles secure in their holders is to choose a holder that fits them snugly. Look for holders with an opening close to the diameter of the candle’s base. Avoid holders with an opening much wider than the candle base, which can allow too much wiggle room.

Test fit your candles in any potential holders before purchase. The candle base should slide smoothly into a proper fitting holder, but still take a bit of force. There should not be a major gap between the candle and holder interior walls. A tight fit will keep the candle stable and prevent tipping.

Candle holders come in many openings, so measure your candle diameters and seek out holders specifically made for that size. For example, a pillar candle may be 3 inches wide at the base, in which case a 3 inch opening holder is ideal.

Proper fitting holders can be found in most candle and home decor sections. Seek out metal, ceramic, glass, and other heavy, sturdy materials to further keep candles upright.

Prepare the Holder

One of the most important steps when using fake candles is to prepare the candle holder itself. Often, store-bought candle holders have a perfectly smooth interior surface that real wax candles can adhere to. However, fake candles have a smooth plastic or resin surface that easily slides against a smooth holder.

To help fake candles grip better, you can roughen up the interior of the candle holder. This provides more texture and grooves for the candle to settle into so it doesn’t slip or slide around as easily. Use medium grit sandpaper and rub it around the inside of the metal, glass, or ceramic holder. Don’t sand too much or you could scratch or damage the holder. Just a light sanding to add more texture is all you need.

You can also etch or scratch diagonal lines into the interior with a knife or nail file. Again, the goal is to add more gripping texture, not major deep gouges. Space lines close together for maximum grip. Just be careful with glass holders.

After roughening the interior surface, wipe out any dust or debris so the candle sits flush against the textured holder. This small roughening step goes a long way in helping fake candles stay stationary and not slip to the edges or fall over in the holder.

Prepare the Candle

One of the most important steps to ensure fake candles stay in place is to prepare the bottom of the candle itself. Using a knife or scraper, shave off a thin layer from the bottom of the candle. This helps create a flat, even surface for the candle to stand on. Scrape off any wax or residue so the bottom is smooth. You want to expose the inner core of the candle. A flat, smooth bottom provides more stability and surface area for the candle to adhere to the holder.

Be very careful when scraping the bottom of candles. Work slowly and gently to avoid damaging the candle or hurting yourself with the knife/scraper. Consider putting the candle in a vice or clamp so it stays steady. Scrape off just enough wax to flatten and smooth the surface, usually 1/8″ to 1/4″ is sufficient. The more even and flat the bottom, the better the candle will sit in the holder.

Preparing the bottom is an essential trick to keep fake candles securely upright. The flat surface will maximize contact with the holder and prevent rocking or tipping over. Take the time to scrape candles properly so they have a solid foundation to adhere to the holder.

Use Adhesives

Adhesives are a popular option for securing fake candles in candleholders. Adhesives provide a strong, permanent bond while still allowing the candle to be removed if needed. Some types of adhesives to consider are:

  • Hot glue: Hot glue guns allow you to apply a fast-drying adhesive. Make sure the candleholder can withstand the heat of the glue gun. Apply a small amount of hot glue around the bottom edge of the candle and quickly place it in the holder, keeping it steady until the glue sets.
  • Craft glue: White craft glue like Elmer’s Glue-All creates a good bond once dry. Apply the glue around the bottom rim of the candle and insert into the holder. Keep steady until set. Craft glue can take longer to dry than hot glue.
  • Super glue: A small drop of super glue on the candle bottom creates a nearly instant bond. Be careful not to use too much glue which can seep out from between the candle and holder.
  • Epoxy: For the strongest hold, two-part epoxy adhesives provide a durable bond and can withstand heat better than hot glue. Mix the epoxy and apply it to the bottom of the candle. Place in the holder and don’t disturb until fully cured.

When using any glue, carefully read and follow the label directions. Apply the adhesive sparingly to prevent it from leaking or dripping down the candle. Allow adequate drying time for maximum strength.

Use Double-Sided Tape

One simple and effective way to get fake candles to stay in their holders is to use double-sided tape. Simply take a small piece of sturdy double-sided tape and adhere it to the bottom of the candle. Make sure the tape covers as much surface area as possible. Then peel off the backing and press the candle firmly into the holder so the tape sticks.

The tape creates a tight seal between the candle bottom and the holder, preventing any sliding or lifting. The candle essentially becomes “stuck” in place. Just be sure to use high quality tape that won’t lose stickiness or leave residue behind.

Double-sided tape comes in various thicknesses, so you can experiment to find the ideal tape for your specific candle and holder. Thicker foam tapes tend to work best. The key is covering enough surface area on the bottom of the candle so it remains steadily upright.

This is one of the quickest and easiest methods for stabilizing fake candles. And it avoids any mess or complications from liquid adhesives. Just remember to test the tape bond first before fully trusting high or elaborately arranged candles.

Weight the Candle

One simple way to stabilize fake candles in holders is to weigh them down by placing small heavy objects at the base or bottom of the candle. This adds additional weight that can help anchor the candle in place.

Good options for weighting a fake candle include:

  • Small rocks or pebbles
  • Pennies, nickels, dimes or other coins
  • Small glass marbles
  • Sand
  • Washers or nuts

To implement this method, first turn the candle upside down. Next, place a few small weights into the bottom cavity of the candle, such as a handful of pennies or pebbles. You don’t need a lot, just enough added weight to keep the candle steady. Finally, turn the candle right side up and insert into the holder. The extra weight at the base gives the candle more stability so it won’t easily tip or fall over.

Weighing down a candle takes just a few simple supplies and can be an effective trick for both narrow and wide candles. It offers a quick fix without any permanent alterations. Just be sure not to overload the candle or else the weight could snap or damage it. A few small additions should suffice to keep most fake candles securely in place.

Wrap the Bottom

One simple way to get fake candles to stay put in holders is to wrap the bottom of the candle in something that will add friction and grip. Materials like wax paper, aluminum foil, tissue paper, or crepe paper can work well for this. Here are some tips for wrapping candle bottoms:

– Cut a square of your chosen wrapping material a bit larger than the base of the candle. Wax paper, foil, thin paper, or crepe paper tends to work best.

– Wrap the material loosely around the bottom of the candle base so it covers the edges and underside.

– Secure it with a piece of tape or a small piece of hot glue on the seam where the ends meet.

– Try to make the wrap smooth and wrinkle-free so the entire base is covered.

– The wrap should add just enough thickness and friction that the candle is snug and stable in the holder.

– You can wrap vertically up the sides a bit too for more stability if needed.

– Avoid wrapping too thickly or it may not fit properly in the holder. Test the fit as you wrap.

Wrapping the base creates friction and gives the candle some “grip” so it stays put. This simple trick keeps fake candles securely anchored in holders of all kinds.

Consider Magnets

Another solution for making fake candles stay in their holders is to use magnets. You can attach a magnet to the bottom of the fake candle, and then put a metal washer or a second magnet in the bottom of the candle holder. When you place the candle in the holder, the magnets will join together and hold the candle securely in place.

Neodymium rare earth magnets work especially well for this purpose because they are small but have very strong magnetic force. Look for round magnets that will fit into the bottom recess of the candle, or rectangular magnets that can be attached to the flat bottom with adhesive.

Make sure the magnet is completely secure so there is no risk of it falling off the candle. Epoxy or hot glue provide the strongest hold. Then test that the magnet is attracted to the metal washer or second magnet in the holder before fully inserting the candle.

The magnetic attraction between the candle and holder will prevent the candle from sliding or tipping over. This allows you to strategically place fake candles on side tables, mantels, shelves, or other surfaces without having to worry about them falling and breaking.

Prevent Falls

One of the most frustrating things about fake candles is when they fall over or tip out of the holder. Here are some tips to prevent fake candles from falling:

  • Use a heavy, weighted candle holder. Look for ones made of metal, stone, or thick glass rather than lightweight materials.
  • Place holder on a flat, stable surface. Avoid hanging holders or putting them somewhere they can get bumped or tipped over easily.
  • Consider using candle putty or museum wax. These reusable adhesives can be applied to the bottom of the candle to add extra stability.
  • Trim the wick or flame. An overly long wick sticking up can make the candle top-heavy and prone to falling.
  • Avoid taper candles in holders not designed for them. Go for wider pillar candles instead.
  • Use holders with a wide, low base. The lower center of gravity will make tipping less likely.
  • Opt for a holder with a tight fit. If rattling around loosely, the candle is more likely to slip out.
  • Situate out of high traffic areas. Don’t put near doors, walkways, pets, or kids where risk of bumping is higher.

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