How To Make Personalized Memorial Candles?

Memorial candles are a touching way to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed. These candles are often scented and decorated with personalized messages, photos, or designs that remind us of the special person being remembered.

As memorial and remembrance rituals become more personalized, there is a growing trend of families and friends making DIY memorial candles for their loved ones. Creating your own memorial candle allows you to customize it with scents, images, and decorative elements that hold unique meaning and evoke special memories of that person.

This tutorial will walk through the complete process of making personalized memorial candles at home. We’ll cover recommended supplies, tips for choosing containers, ideas for customizing with scents and decorations, instructions for assembling the candles, and creative ways to display them. You’ll leave with all the knowledge you need to make thoughtful, one-of-a-kind memorial candles to remember lost loved ones.

Reasons to Make Your Own Memorial Candles

Making your own memorial candles for lost loved ones can be a profound, meditative, and emotional experience. Unlike purchasing pre-made candles, crafting them yourself offers several key benefits:

First, you can personalize your memorial candle to honor your loved one’s life and reflect their unique spirit. Selecting meaningful scents, colors, designs, imagery and quotes makes the candle much more special and personal. The act of mindfully crafting it infuses your own memories and emotions directly into the candle.

The process can also be a creative outlet to help work through your grief. Concentrating on each step is therapeutic, whether choosing a scent that reminds you of your loved one or decorating the outside of the candle. Making it with your own hands can aid healing.

You can create a touching memorial candle at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a pre-made one. Simple versions require just a basic glass container and candle wax, making it affordable. This allows you to craft multiple candles to give to family and friends for little expense.

Finally, the ritual can be an enjoyable activity that brings your loved one to mind in a positive way. You may find the focused time crafting to be meditative. Making memorial candles together with others who knew your loved one can also serve as a meaningful, shared remembrance.

Supplies Needed

Making personalized memorial candles requires just a few key supplies that you may already have at home. The main ingredients are:

  • Candle wax – You can use soy, beeswax, paraffin or a blend. Soy and beeswax are natural options. Paraffin is inexpensive and easily accessible.
  • Wicks – Make sure to get wicks designed specifically for the type of wax you choose. The wick thickness determines how large the flame will be.
  • Containers/jars – Look for heat-safe glass containers, tins, or jars in different shapes and sizes.
  • Dyes and scents – Use candle dye to color the wax and essential oils or fragrance oils to add your desired scent.
  • Decorative items – Personalize your memorial candles with photos, beads, glitter, flowers, or other embellishments.

These basic supplies allow you to create custom, meaningful candles for your loved ones.

Choosing Containers

When making personalized memorial candles, you have several options for the type of container to use. Three popular choices are glass, metal, and ceramic. Here are some factors to consider when selecting candle containers:

Glass containers allow you to see the candle wax and any decorations inside the jar. Glass also enables the scent to permeate well. Mini glass jars work well for votive-sized candles. For pillar candles, taller glass tumblers and vases can make nice containers.

Metal tins and containers give a more rustic, industrial feel. Tins are great for holding votive or tealight candles. You can also find metal buckets, lanterns, and other vessels to hold larger pillar candles. Metal conducts heat well from the candle flame.

Ceramic containers provide a natural, earthy look. Terra cotta pots work well for pillars. Mini ceramic bowls can hold tealights or votives. The ceramic helps retain heat and diffuse the candle’s aroma. Ceramic can be decorated easily with paints and markers.

In addition to purchasing new containers, you can reuse items with personal significance to make meaningful memorial candles. For example, you could use a loved one’s favorite mug, glass jar, or item they once gave you as a gift. The vessel chosen can represent that person’s spirit.

Adding Scent

Scent can be a powerful way to personalize memorial candles. When choosing scents, consider smells that remind you of your loved one. Essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, and spices can all provide wonderful aromas.

Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile have calming properties that promote relaxation and remembrance. Citrus oils like lemon or orange can energize and uplift.

Fragrance oils allow you to find specific scents like your loved one’s favorite perfume or flowers from their garden. Vanilla, cinnamon, pine, and fresh linen are classic choices.

Dried herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, cloves, and nutmeg infuse candles with natural fragrance when burned. Try a combination that evokes nostalgia.

Focus on scents connected to positive memories with your loved one. The aroma of homemade cookies, a walk in the woods, fresh laundry or coffee can powerfully conjure moments together.

Decorating Your Candle

One of the most meaningful parts of making memorial candles is customizing them with personal touches. Here are some ideas for decorating your candle in a heartfelt way:

Photos and paper mementos – Cut out small photos of your loved one and adhere them around the outside of the glass container. You can also use copies of old greeting cards, ticket stubs, or other paper items that remind you of them. Make a collage using decoupage or mod podge.

Dried flowers – Preserve flowers from the memorial service or your loved one’s garden by drying them and displaying them in or around the candle. Pressed flowers are perfect for decorating the outside.

Beads, glitter, stones – Add sparkle and color with beads, glitter, gems, sea glass, or small stones placed inside the container or affixed to the outside. Choose meaningful colors, birthstones, or other symbols.

Themed shapes or designs – Make your candle unique by shaping or carving the wax into meaningful symbols after it hardens. Etch your loved one’s initials, draw heart designs, or carve nature shapes or religious symbols.

Get creative with materials that represent your memories together. The personal touches you add will make your memorial candle even more special.

Making the Candles

Once you have your containers prepared, it’s time to start making your memorial candles. Here are the key steps:

Melting Wax

Place wax flakes or wax beads into a melting pot or double boiler. Heat slowly over low heat, stirring frequently, until the wax is fully melted. Avoid overheating the wax. Melted wax should not exceed 185°F (85°C).

Preparing Wicks

Cut wick to about .5-1 inch longer than the height of the container. Anchor the base of the wick to the bottom center of the container using hot glue or a wick stick. Make sure the wick stands straight.

Adding Scent and Decor

Once wax is fully melted, you can add scented oils and any decorations, like dried flowers, glitter, etc. Use .5-1 oz of fragrance oil per pound of wax. Stir well to fully incorporate.

Pouring into Containers

Carefully pour the melted, scented wax into each container, leaving a small gap at the top. Allow candles to cool completely before moving them.

Cooling and Setting

As the wax cools, it will shrink slightly and may pull away from the sides. After candles have fully set, you can re-melt the wax and top off the containers to reduce sink holes.

Finishing Touches

Once your memorial candles are complete, the finishing touches can make them truly personalized. Here are some ideas to consider:

Labels and Messages

Adding a label or message to your candle is a great way to make it special. Print out a customized label with your loved one’s name, birth/death dates, a poem or quote, or a personal message. Adhere the label to the glass votive holder or container. For jar candles, tie a tag around the lid or attach it with decorative string.

Extra Decorative Accents

Look for small decorative objects that represent your loved one’s personality, hobbies, or interests to place around the candle display. This could include seashells, coins, buttons, figurines, or anything meaningful. You can also decorate the outside of plain glass holders with ribbon, lace, stickers, or glitter.

Personalized Candle Holders

For an even more customized memorial candle, make your own holder. Paint or decoupage a votive holder with photos, fabric, or decorative paper. Or fill the bottom of a glass bowl or vase with meaningful objects – like marbles, beads, or pebbles – before nestling a candle on top.

Usage and Display

The candles you create are meant to be used and enjoyed as part of remembering your loved one. Here are some tips for burning your memorial candles safely and meaningfully:

Burning Safely

When lighting your candle, make sure to keep it on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from anything flammable. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Trim the wick to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent smoking, and extinguish the flame if it becomes too high. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

When to Light the Candle

Light your memorial candle on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or anytime you want to feel your loved one’s presence. You may light it when you feel like reminiscing or need comfort. Some people light candles at dinner to include passed loved ones.

Placement and Display

Memorial candles make a touching display along with photos, flowers or other mementos. Place your candle safely on a mantle, table, or shelf. You can group several personalized candles together in a meaningful arrangement. Display your candle in your loved one’s favorite room or where you will see it often. Moving it to different spots keeps their memory top of mind.

Other Memorial Crafts

Here are a couple other meaningful DIY memorial crafts to consider:

Memory stones – Create stones with epoxy resin using ashes, dried flowers, photos, or other mementos. These make a nice memorial garden decoration or keepsake.

Memory bears – Turn clothing belonging to your loved one into a stuffed bear or pillow. This provides comfort along with memories.

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