Does Yankee Candle Make Patchouli?

With a history spanning almost 50 years, Yankee Candle is one of America’s most iconic and beloved candle brands. Founded in 1969 by Michael Kittredge, who made his first candle out of melted crayons as a teenager, Yankee Candle started as a small business in Massachusetts and has since grown into an international candle empire. Today, Yankee Candle offers a wide array of candle scents and home fragrance products, from timeless classics like Lilac Blossoms and Clean Cotton, to seasonal specialties like Mulled Cider and Pumpkin Pie.

One scent that has remained popular over the decades is the earthy, exotic fragrance of patchouli. Patchouli is derived from the leaves of the Pogostemon cablin plant, native to tropical regions of Asia. It has a rich, musky aroma often described as ‘hippie’ or ‘head shoppy’ due to its association with the 1960s counterculture movement. The distinctive scent of patchouli continues to have many fans today who enjoy its warm, spicy depth. With Yankee Candle offering hundreds of different candle fragrances, many wonder if patchouli is among them.

In this article, we will explore the current and past patchouli-scented candles from Yankee Candle, including reviews of popular patchouli candles. We’ll also look at possible alternatives for discontinued or hard-to-find patchouli candles from the brand. For devoted Yankee Candle and patchouli fans alike, this is a deep dive into whether Yankee Candle makes the beloved patchouli scent today.

Yankee Candle’s Bestselling Fragrances

Yankee Candle has built a reputation for its diverse and evocative fragrance offerings over the past 50 years. Some of their all-time top-selling candle scents include floral bouquets like Lilac Blossoms and Fresh Cut Roses, sweet gourmand flavors like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cupcake, and seasonal hits like Christmas Cookie and Autumn Wreath.

Within Yankee Candle’s extensive fragrance catalog, earthy patchouli has emerged as a popular and enduring choice. The musty, herbaceous aroma of patchouli is known for its calming and relaxing properties. As a key component of incense, perfumes, and aromatherapy, patchouli has long been favored for its therapeutic benefits and versatility as a fragrance.

Yankee Candle recognized the enduring demand for patchouli early on. Over the years, they have featured patchouli accents in combination candles and launched several bestselling patchouli-focused scents. While not their top seller overall, Yankee’s patchouli candles have attracted a loyal following among customers seeking its telltale spice and musk. As holistic living trends rise, the soothing aroma of patchouli candles continues to appeal to consumers as an affordable home fragrance option.

Patchouli Fragrance Notes

Patchouli has a rich, earthy, and musky scent profile. The essential oil is distilled from the young leaves of the patchouli plant, which is native to tropical regions of Asia. Patchouli oil has an intense aroma reminiscent of wet soil with sweet, exotic undertones.

The key fragrance notes in patchouli oil include:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Spicy
  • Musky
  • Minty

Patchouli has been used for centuries in incense, perfumes, and cosmetics. The hippie movement of the 1960s led to a surge in patchouli oil’s popularity, as it was commonly used to mask the smell of cannabis. Today, patchouli remains an important component of many modern perfumes and scented products. Its rich, sensual aroma makes it a must-have ingredient for spa and aromatherapy products.

Yankee Candle Patchouli Products

Yankee Candle offers a handful of popular fragrances that include prominent notes of patchouli, a strong scented oil from the leaves of a tropical plant. These include:

Patchouli Leaf

The Patchouli Leaf fragrance from Yankee Candle captures the earthy, exotic aroma of patchouli. The scent combines sweet patchouli with notes of anise, vanilla, amber and musk for a rich, soothing aroma. This is sold as both jar candles and tumbler candles in a variety of sizes.

Patchouli Passion

Patchouli Passion is another Yankee Candle scent built around the distinctive patchouli fragrance. This candle blends the aroma of dark patchouli with warm vanilla and rich amber. The patchouli gives it an exotic vibe, while the vanilla and amber provide a smooth, sweet counterpart. Patchouli Passion comes in both jar and tumbler candle formats.

Exotic Patchouli

As the name suggests, Exotic Patchouli spotlights the unique scent of patchouli essential oil. The fragrance combines earthy patchouli with fresh bergamot, zesty lemon, and woody cedarwood for an intriguing sensory experience. This bestselling candle comes in Yankee’s traditional jar style and large tumbler format.

Patchouli Vanilla

Patchouli Vanilla is a seductive, oriental-style blend from Yankee Candle. It pairs bold patchouli oil with creamy vanilla, smooth sandalwood and sensual musk. The patchouli’s exotic aroma is softened by sweet, familiar vanilla. This scent is sold as jar candles and votive candles.

Patchouli Candle Reviews

Yankee Candle’s patchouli-scented candles are popular among customers who love the earthy, musky aroma of patchouli. Reviews for Yankee Candle’s patchouli candles focus on the strength of the patchouli fragrance, as well as the burn quality and longevity of the candles.

Many customers remark that Yankee Candle’s patchouli candles have an authentic, rich patchouli scent. The scent is described as dark, heady and incense-like. Customers say the patchouli fragrance isn’t overpowering, but rather has a relaxing, soothing quality. Some reviews mention detecting subtle hints of vanilla and spice complementing the primary patchouli notes.

Regarding burn performance, most reviews indicate Yankee Candle’s patchouli candles burn evenly and cleanly without producing excess soot or smoke. Customers are pleased with the longevity, stating the candles provide ambience for several hours when burned. The scent throw or fragrance-filling capacity is rated as strong by many customers, with some saying the patchouli aroma fills an entire room.

Overall, Yankee Candle receives positive marks for their line of patchouli-scented candles. Customers report the candles produce an authentic patchouli scent with excellent scent throw and burn time. The candles are regarded as high-quality and make thoughtful gifts for patchouli lovers. Based on reviews, Yankee Candle’s patchouli candles deliver on the earthy, relaxing scent customers expect from a patchouli-based aroma.

Discontinued Patchouli Candles

Yankee Candle has discontinued a few beloved patchouli candle scents over the years. This is often disappointing for loyal customers who cherish these fragrances.

Some of the discontinued Yankee Candle patchouli candles include:

  • Patchouli Passion – This candle combined patchouli with passion fruit, vanilla, and musk for a fruity twist.
  • Autumn Lodge – Featuring notes of patchouli, cedarwood, and amber, this scent evoked a cozy cabin retreat.
  • Patchouli Woods – This smokey, earthy candle blended patchouli with cedarwood, vetiver, and musk.

There are a few reasons Yankee Candle may discontinue a fragrance:

  • Poor sales – If a scent doesn’t sell well, Yankee Candle may pull it from stores to make room for new products.
  • Ingredient issues – Sometimes an essential oil or fragrance ingredient becomes unavailable, requiring a scent to be discontinued.
  • Seasonal rotation – Fragrances released for a limited time or season may get cycled out for something new.

While discontinued, these candles hold nostalgic value for longtime Yankee Candle fans. Finding an old jar candle can be a rare treasure.

Patchouli Candle Alternatives

If you can’t find your favorite Yankee Candle patchouli fragrance, there are plenty of other options for high-quality patchouli candles. Many artisan candle makers create hand-poured soy candles with essential oil blends featuring the distinctive earthy, woody aroma of patchouli. Some popular brands to look for include Homesick, Circle E Candles, and Simply Green Essentials. These artisan candle makers offer a wide array of patchouli fragrances like Patchouli & Cedarwood, Patchouli & Amber, and Dark Patchouli.

Large candle retailers also carry patchouli candle options, though often with more synthetic fragrance oils rather than pure essential oils. BBW and Bath & Body Works frequently release patchouli-based candles and wallflowers. Current scents include Patchouli & Pineapple and Dark Amber & Patchouli. If you want a strong, authentic patchouli scent, artisan candle makers are likely a better bet than mass-produced candles. Seek out soy, coconut, or beeswax candles with essential oil blends and you’ll find quality patchouli fragrances perfect for Yankee Candle devotees.

Making Your Own Patchouli Candle

Making your own homemade patchouli candle can be a fun DIY project with many benefits. Here’s a quick guide on how to make a simple patchouli soy candle at home:

Benefits of Homemade Patchouli Candle

Making your own patchouli candle allows you to:

  • Customize the fragrance exactly to your liking by using your preferred patchouli oil blend
  • Control the strength of the scent based on how much essential oil you add
  • Use high quality soy wax and cotton wicks for a clean, long-lasting burn
  • Save money compared to buying premade patchouli candles
  • Make thoughtful, handcrafted gifts for friends and family


Follow these simple steps to make your own homemade patchouli soy candle:

  1. Get supplies: soy wax flakes, pouring pitcher, candle wick, jar, patchouli essential oil
  2. Melt wax in a double boiler until completely liquid
  3. Add patchouli oil using about 1 oz per pound of wax and stir well
  4. Secure wick to bottom of jar using hot glue or tape
  5. Carefully pour wax into jar about 1/4″ from top
  6. Straighten wick and allow to fully harden for 24-48 hours
  7. Trim wick to 1/4″ before lighting

With just a few affordable supplies, you can easily make natural, custom patchouli soy candles right at home. The aromatic patchouli scent will turn any room into a relaxing oasis.

The Future of Yankee Candle Patchouli

While Yankee Candle has produced many popular patchouli-scented candles over the years, fans continue to speculate on what’s next for the fragrance. Based on past releases and current trends, here are some predictions for the future of Yankee Candle’s patchouli candles:

Yankee Candle will likely continue releasing new patchouli scent variations. We may see more complex, layered scents that blend patchouli with complementary notes like vanilla, sandalwood, and spice. Limited edition seasonal patchouli scents for fall and winter would also make sense.

As younger generations drive fragrance trends, Yankee Candle may refresh patchouli into more modern, lighter interpretations while retaining its signature earthiness. We could see airy patchouli blends with citrus, herbs, and floral notes next.

Given the nostalgia for 1990s style, Yankee Candle may remake discontinued retro patchouli candles from that era with its revived classics line. Scents like Patchouli Passion, Dark Patchouli, and Patchouli Jasmine had huge followings that would likely welcome their return.

The company knows customers still love core scents like Patchouli, so it seems unlikely they’d retire it altogether. However, to keep the brand feeling fresh, Yankee Candle will probably give patchouli a rest at times and periodically reintroduce it to create excitement.

No matter what’s on the horizon for Yankee Candle’s patchouli range, they can rely on patchouli devotees craving new sophisticated, exotic, and nostalgic fragrances to fill their homes with the earthy aroma they enjoy.


In summary, Yankee Candle has produced a number of popular patchouli-scented candles over the years, though they do not currently offer any patchouli candles in their product line. Patchouli is a divisive fragrance, beloved by some for its exotic, earthy aroma while disliked by others for its intensity. Though patchouli saw a surge in popularity in the 1960s and 70s, today it occupies more of a niche status in the candle market.

Yankee Candle’s patchouli candles like Patchouli Passion, Dark Patchouli, and Patchouli Wood have garnered positive reviews in the past for their authentic, heady patchouli fragrance. However, Yankee Candle has discontinued these patchouli scents, to the disappointment of some fans of the essence. It is unclear if Yankee Candle plans any new patchouli releases in the future.

While patchouli may not be featured in their current catalog, Yankee Candle still offers a vast array of candle scents and remains a top seller of scented candles. Customers seeking a patchouli candle today have a few alternatives, from other brands offering patchouli candles to making their own custom patchouli candle at home. The history of patchouli in candles is a rich one, and this exotic fragrance may yet experience resurgence in popularity down the road.

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