Can You Put Battery Candles Outside?

Battery candles, sometimes called flameless candles, are electric candles that use LED lights to simulate the look of a real wax candle flame. Unlike traditional candles, battery candles use batteries as their power source instead of an actual flame. Battery candles are often desired for outdoor use because they provide the ambiance and aesthetic of real candles, without the danger of an open flame.

People commonly want to put battery-powered candles outside in their yards, patios, decks, and porches to create a relaxing vibe or romantic mood outdoors. Their goal is usually to enjoy the candlelight effect at night, without having to worry about wind blowing out real candles or exposing open flames to weather elements.

Safety Concerns

When using battery-powered candles outdoors, there are some safety concerns to keep in mind:

Potential fire hazards – While the flames are LED and don’t present a fire risk directly, the battery compartment can overheat and potentially catch fire if left in hot sunlight for prolonged periods. It’s important to bring battery candles indoors when not in use.

Water damage – Most battery-powered candles are not designed to withstand exposure to rain, sprinklers, or other water sources. The electronics inside can short circuit and fail if they get wet. Choose candles marketed as waterproof or weatherproof if you plan to use them in areas that may get wet.

Chemical leaks – Though not common, cheap batteries can potentially leak corrosive chemicals if overheated or damaged. This can harm the ground or surrounding areas. Opt for good quality batteries and inspect regularly for damage to minimize this risk.

Weatherproof Options

When it comes to battery-operated candles, there are some that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These outdoor battery candles are made to be waterproof, windproof, and durable enough to withstand the elements.

Many outdoor battery candles are enclosed in glass containers for protection. The battery compartments are sealed and gaskets are used to prevent moisture from getting in. High quality plastics like polyethylene are also commonly used. These materials allow the candle flames to be visible while protecting the internal electronics.

In addition to waterproof casing, outdoor battery candles have anchoring stakes or weighted bases for added stability. Flameless candle bulbs are also secured tightly to prevent winds from blowing them out. This makes outdoor battery candles ideal for placement along walkways, patios, decks, and other outdoor living spaces.

For those who already have indoor battery-operated candles, it is possible to make them reasonably weather resistant. Clear silicone or other waterproofing sealants can be applied around the battery compartment and any seams in the housing. Weights can also be added to the base for stability in windy conditions. However, these may not be as durable as candles specifically engineered for outdoor use.

Location Ideas

When decorating your outdoor space with battery candles, there are several key areas to consider:

Patios, Decks & Porches: These flat, open spaces are ideal for lining pathways or clustering candles on tables, steps and railings. Dot battery-operated candles of varying heights along your patio to illuminate pathways and accent steps. Place candles on side tables and in lanterns hung from porch beams to create a cozy ambiance.

battery candles provide warm light on patios

Gardens & Pathways: Line garden pathways and tuck battery candles amongst flower beds and shrubs for a magical twinkling effect. Place strings of LED candles in trees to highlight pathways and garden features. Nestle votive candles into the ground along pathways, or line walkways with candle-filled luminaries. Use candlelight to draw attention to focal points like fountains, statues and sitting areas in your garden.

Ambiance Benefits

Battery-operated candles can add special ambiance and a cozy mood to your outdoor area. The soft, flickering glow creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation. You can place battery candles along pathways, on tables, or clustered in holders to define a seating area. The lighting casts a warm glow as the sun sets and makes your outdoor space feel magical at night. Battery-operated candles give you control over the mood lighting, allowing you to create a relaxing oasis or romantic setting.

Groupings of battery candles in glass votives or lanterns lend a welcoming glow to greet guests. Their warm light beckons people to come closer and enjoy the space. The candles’ ambient lighting helps set the stage for casual gatherings, intimate conversations, or quiet solo time. As an affordable way to transform your patio, deck, or garden into a cozy destination, battery-operated candles deliver beautiful ambiance after dusk.

Extra Precautions

Battery-operated candles provide a charming ambiance, but require some extra precautions compared to regular candles.

First, only use battery candles outdoors for short periods of time. Leaving them out overnight or during storms can lead to rainwater seeping into the battery compartment or electrical shorts. Check the weather forecast and bring battery candles inside if rain is expected.

Second, check batteries often. Since battery-operated candles are used for extended periods, batteries may drain faster than expected. Replace low batteries promptly to avoid operational issues. Keep spare batteries on hand so you don’t have to cut your peaceful evening short.

With some minor precautions, battery-operated candles can create a warm, welcoming glow in your outdoor space. Just be sure to bring them inside when not in use and keep batteries fresh.

Creative Uses

Battery-powered candles provide endless creative options for parties, events, and accent lighting. Unlike traditional candles, battery candles allow you to effortlessly decorate without worrying about open flames. Use battery-operated candles to line walkways for magical outdoor weddings or fill centerpieces with flicker for romantic date nights. Cluster battery tealights along staircases and window sills to instantly enhance ambiance. Drape string lights around trees and line pathways to guide guests. Place battery candles of varying heights on tables and mantels to add warm glow for special occasions. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colors to design one-of-a-kind displays. The possibilities are endless when decorating with versatile battery-powered candles!


Candles made of wax burn fuel and have an open flame, creating potential fire hazards outdoors. Battery-powered candles are safer for outdoor use since they produce no heat or fire. However, traditional wax candles may provide brighter light and a more realistic flame effect.

Solar-powered lights absorb sunshine during the day to illuminate at night. They are very eco-friendly but work best inconsistently sunny climates. Battery candles reliably turn on at night without depending on weather conditions. They offer customizable run times not limited by solar energy storage. However, they require disposable batteries while solar lights don’t.


When selecting battery candles for outdoor use, it’s important to choose reliable brands that are designed to withstand the elements. Here are some top recommendations:

Best Battery Candle Brands for Outside

Yankee Candle – Offers a variety of weatherproof candle options, including clear glass containers and outdoor wax formulas. Known for excellent quality and fragrance.

Smart Solar – Specializes in solar-powered LED candles that turn on automatically at night. Durable construction suitable for patios and gardens.

Homemory – Features flameless candles encased in rust-resistant metal tins. Provides a realistic flickering effect without actual fire.

Pavilion Gift Company – Carries a collection of waterproof, shatterproof resin candles ideal for poolside and outdoor dining tables.

Sunbeam – Manufactures citronella candles in jars and decorative tins to help repel insects at backyard gatherings.

Number and Placement Tips

When decorating outdoor spaces with battery candles, consider creating groupings for maximum impact. Place 3-5 candles down the center of tables or staggered along stair railings. Line walkways with a series of small votives to create a beautiful path of light. For parties, allow for at least 2-3 candles per table.

On patios and decks, mount flameless sconces to walls or pillars and adorn side tables with groups of candles. For an enchanting ambiance in the garden, set tea light candles or lanterns at different heights throughout flower beds and trees.


In summary, battery-operated candles can be safe for outdoor use if proper precautions are taken.

For weatherproofing, look for options specifically made for outdoor use, or place regular battery candles in weather-resistant holders. Strategically place them in covered areas on porches, patios, or balconies. Avoid very windy or wet conditions.

Battery-operated candles add beautiful, soft ambiance to outdoor spaces for evening gatherings or special occasions. They’re safer than open flames which can pose fire hazards. Take care not to leave battery candles unattended for long periods outside.

With smart precautions, battery-operated candles allow creative, decorative uses to enhance your outdoor living areas.

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