Do Rechargeable Candle Lighters Work?

What are rechargeable candle lighters?

Rechargeable candle lighters are a type of long-reach lighter designed specifically for lighting candles. They eliminate the need for matches or disposable lighters. Rechargeable candle lighters contain a small rechargeable battery, an electric ignition button, and a long nozzle to reach candles in jars, candle holders, or other hard to reach places.

Some popular brands of rechargeable candle lighters include Sofirn, Power Practical, Loveinhome, and Teskyer. They range from simple and inexpensive models to higher-end lighters with adjustable flame settings and fancy metallic finishes.

To operate a rechargeable candle lighter, you press the ignition button to create a small flame from the nozzle tip. The flame is powered by the internal battery rather than butane fuel or other disposable sources. When finished, another click turns the flame off again. The battery can be recharged via USB when it runs low, allowing for repeated use over months or years.

The long, flexible neck section allows you to bend the lighter to fit into candles jars or holders. Many models have extendable nozzle tips as well for even deeper reach. This makes rechargeable lighters much easier to use than traditional lighters or matches when lighting candles in hard to access spots.

How do they compare to traditional lighters?

person using rechargeable candle lighter to light a candle
Rechargeable candle lighters have some key differences from traditional disposable lighters that are worth considering:

Rechargeability – The main advantage of rechargeable lighters is that they don’t require disposable fuel and can be recharged hundreds of times using a USB cable. This makes them much more eco-friendly and cost-effective over time compared to disposable lighters.

Safety – Many rechargeable lighters have additional safety features that traditional lighters lack. These include child-proof locks, automatic shut-off after a certain time, and flame guards to prevent accidental fires. This makes them a safer option, especially for homes with children.

Ease of use – Rechargeable lighters provide the convenience of electronic ignition at the push of a button, unlike disposable lighters that require manually rolling the spark wheel. The longer nozzle length on many rechargeable models also makes it easier to reach and light candles.

Effectiveness – When it comes to actually lighting candles, rechargeable lighters perform just as well as disposable lighters. The electric arc creates an instant flame that can easily light wicks without the need for fuel. The flame consistency and strength are comparable.

Benefits of Rechargeable Lighters

Rechargeable lighters offer some key benefits over traditional disposable lighters:

Never Need Lighter Fluid – One of the biggest perks of rechargeable lighters is that you’ll never have to buy or fill up on lighter fluid again. Simply plug in or charge via USB to keep your lighter ready to go. This saves you the hassle and cost of constantly refilling disposable lighters.

Environmentally Friendly – With no need to throw away empty plastic lighters or dispose of lighter fluid, rechargeable lighters are much more eco-friendly. You’re reducing your plastic waste and chemical pollution. Over time, the environmental savings really add up.

Cost Savings Long-Term – While the upfront cost is higher, a quality rechargeable lighter will pay for itself over time. You avoid constantly buying replacement disposable lighters again and again. The long-term savings compared to throwaway lighters is significant.

Portability – Rechargeable lighters are made to be portable and travel-friendly. Their sleek, compact designs slip easily into a pocket or bag. You’ll always have your lighter with you when you need it, instead of being caught without matches or a lighter.

Downsides to consider

Rechargeable candle lighters do come with some potential downsides to keep in mind before making a purchase. The most obvious is the upfront cost. While reusable, a quality rechargeable lighter will likely cost quite a bit more initially than a pack of disposable lighters. Depending on how often you use it, it may take a while to recoup that investment.

Battery life and performance can also degrade over time with heavy use. Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and may need to be replaced after a year or two of regular use. Keep in mind – once the battery dies fully, the lighter will not work at all until recharged.

Finally, like any electronic device, rechargeable lighters will be useless in a power outage when electricity is cut off. So it’s smart to still keep a backup pack of disposable lighters or matches on hand for emergency situations.

Effectiveness for Lighting Candles

When considering a rechargeable candle lighter, one of the most important factors is how effectively and reliably it can light candles of different types, shapes and sizes. Testing results indicate that the top rechargeable lighters on the market today can light candles with ease, even those that are tall, wide or have multiple wicks.

In tests, rechargeable lighters were able to light taper candles, pillar candles, votives and tea lights with a single click of the button. The electric arc was strong enough to light wide container candles and tall taper candles evenly across all wicks. Reliability was excellent even after repeated use, with most lighters lighting candles successfully on the first try during testing.

Ease of use is another key factor, as the best rechargeable lighters have an ergonomic shape and button that allows for easy operation with just one hand. The angled nozzle design makes it simple to direct the electric arc precisely to the wick for fast lighting. This allows even novice users to successfully light candles of all kinds on the first attempt without strugg

Safety Features

Rechargeable candle lighters have several safety features that make them a better choice compared to traditional disposable lighters, especially if you have children at home. Some key safety features to look for include:

Child Safety Locks

Many rechargeable lighters come with a child safety lock that prevents the lighter from being activated accidentally. This is an important feature if you plan to store the lighter in a spot where kids may be able to access it.

Automatic Shutoff

Rechargeable lighters will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time, usually around 10 seconds. This prevents the lighter from remaining lit indefinitely. Traditional disposable lighters don’t have this auto shutoff capability.

Cool Touch Exterior

Except for the metal tip that produces the flame, rechargeable lighters maintain a cool touch exterior even while in use. This helps prevent burns if the lighter is accidentally touched while lit.

Prioritizing safety features like these can provide peace of mind, especially if you have young children at home. Rechargeable lighters with child locks and auto shutoff can minimize the risks of accidents.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your rechargeable candle lighter functions optimally and safely. Here are some tips for caring for your lighter:


Most rechargeable candle lighters will need recharging every 1-2 weeks with average use. Pay attention to the battery indicator light to know when it’s time to recharge. Plug your lighter into a USB port or wall charger using the included cable. Allow 2-3 hours for a full recharge. Avoid overcharging the battery as this can shorten its lifespan.


Keep your lighter clean by gently wiping down the exterior with a soft dry cloth. Do not submerge in water or use any liquid cleaners. If the electrodes get dirty, you can clean them with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Let dry fully before use.

Prolonging Battery Life

To maximize your rechargeable lighter’s battery lifespan:

  • Avoid completely draining the battery
  • Recharge once the indicator light turns red or orange
  • Store in a cool, dry place between uses
  • Limit the on-time when lighting candles
  • Avoid excessive heat exposure

Following these tips will help your lighter’s battery last for over 500 charge cycles.

Top brands

Some of the most popular rechargeable candle lighter brands include:

  • Power Practical – This Utah-based company offers rechargeable lighters made from lightweight anodized aluminum with an electric arc flame. Their stylish lighters come in various colors and have USB charging. They are windproof, recharge quickly, and have a long-lasting battery.

  • Tesla Coil – Famous for its coil technology, Tesla Coil Lighters provide a unique arc lighting system. Their lighters have an internal lithium-ion battery and USB charging. They are compact yet powerful, making them great for lighting candles, campfires and more.

  • MEIRUBY – This brand offers elegantly designed rechargeable candle lighters that combine form and function. Their lighters have a slim profile, soft touch finish, and rapid recharging. They are made to last with a durable zinc alloy casing.

These are just a few of the top options for reliable and convenient rechargeable candle lighters. Comparing customer reviews and ratings can help identify the best brand for your needs and budget.

Cost Comparison

Rechargeable lighters do come at a higher up-front price tag compared to disposable lighters, but can save money over time. Here is a cost comparison of some popular rechargeable models:

  • Tesla Coil Lighter – $15-20 for a USB rechargeable arc lighter.
  • Plasma Lighter – $10-15 for a rechargeable plasma lighter.
  • Dual Arc Lighter – $10-15 for a double arc USB lighter.
  • Butane Torch Lighter – $5-10 for a refillable butane torch lighter.

In contrast, a pack of disposable lighters like BICs can cost $2-5 and contain 5 lighters on average. This puts each disposable lighter around $0.50-$1.00.

While the upfront cost is higher for rechargeable lighters, over the long run they can save money compared to continually buying disposable lighters. For example, after 2 years of use, you may go through 50 disposable lighters ($25-$50 cost) versus buying 1 rechargeable lighter for $15-$20. The rechargeable becomes more economical very quickly.

Additionally, many rechargeable lighters are USB powered so you don’t need replacement butane or fuel which also saves money over time.


In summary, the biggest pros of using rechargeable candle lighters are their convenience, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness compared to traditional disposable lighters. There is no need to keep buying disposable lighters that get thrown out – a rechargeable lighter can be used over and over. They are also useful for lighting candles in hard-to-reach places since many have an extended reach. However, the biggest downsides are their higher upfront costs and reliance on being charged. The effectiveness for lighting candles depends on the design – some work better than others. Look for ones with good safety features to prevent accidental fires or burns.

Rechargeable lighters are best recommended for people who light candles frequently. The higher initial investment pays off over time compared to buying disposable lighters. They work well for lighting candles in locations that are difficult to reach with a regular lighter. However, they may not be ideal for very occasional candle lighting or situations where you can’t guarantee the ability to recharge regularly. Test out a few models to find one that provides an easy-to-use extended reach and long-lasting charge.

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