Can You Buy A Candle For A Man?

Lighting Up Masculinity: The Rise of Candles for Men

The candle was once considered a feminine product, relegated to perfuming women’s bedrooms and bathrooms. But over the past decade, candles marketed specifically to men have joined beer, beef jerky, and barbershops in redefining modern masculinity.

Where men once scoffed at scented candles, many now enthusiastically incorporate them into self-care routines, aromatic ambiance, and thoughtful gift-giving. As gender norms have evolved, candles crafted with cedar, musk, tobacco, and leather aromas have become symbols of a multifaceted masculinity combining strength, sophistication, and sensitivity.

For today’s men seeking balance, candles can provide moments of relaxation, confidence, and clarity. Let’s explore the expanding world of candles made for men.

Men’s Changing Attitudes Toward Candles

Historically, candles have been associated with femininity. Scented candles in particular were marketed exclusively for women for decades. Commercials and ads depicted candles as gifts for girlfriends, wives, and mothers. Many men came to see scented candles and floral aromas as “girly”. The classic image of a candlelit bubble bath or romantic dinner portrayed candles as feminine props for creating ambiance. This led to many men rejecting candle use in their own spaces.

However, in recent years, there has been a cultural shift around candles becoming more gender-neutral. As gender norms and stereotypes have evolved, men are embracing candles with masculine scents like tobacco, whiskey, and cedar. Brands now market unscented and minimalist candles in darker colors and industrial designs directly to male consumers. More men are appreciating candles for purposes like relaxation, meditation, and setting an mood. Rather than viewing candles as a “girly” product, they are now seen as a sophisticated and practical accessory anyone can enjoy.

Benefits of Candles for Men

Candles offer many benefits that can appeal to men as much as women. Here are some of the top reasons for men to light candles more often:


Scented candles can provide aromatherapy benefits for men. Certain natural essential oils used in candles, like eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree, can help clear nasal and respiratory passages. Sandalwood, cedarwood, and pine scents may have a calming effect. Other scents like lemon, grapefruit, and bergamot can provide an energizing lift.

Setting a Mood

Candles can help set a relaxing or romantic mood. Lighting a scented candle in the bedroom, den, or bathroom can set the tone for rest, intimacy, or rejuvenation. Candles can also enhance the ambience for evenings spent at home with a partner.


The warm flicker of a candle flame and the scent of natural essential oils can have a deeply relaxing effect. Lighting candles in the bedroom, study, or living room at the end of the day can help melt away stress and tension. The meditative quality of watching a candle burn can lower anxiety and cortisol levels.

Masculine Candle Scents

When shopping for candles geared towards men, look for more masculine scents that align with a man’s taste. Some popular fragrance notes in candles marketed for men include:

Woodsy notes: Sandalwood, cedar, pine, oakmoss

Woodsy scents are a classic choice that many men find appealing. The earthy, natural aromas are both grounding and invigorating.

Tobacco: Pipe tobacco, cigar

The warm, rich scent of tobacco is a sophisticated fragrance that conjures up images of gentlemen’s clubs and fine brandy. It’s bold without being overpowering.

Leather: Suede, leather

Leather fragrances smell luxe, masculine, and slightly rugged. The cozy, familiar scent often reminds men of a favorite leather jacket or luxury car interior.

Spicy notes: Black pepper, ginger, clove, cedarwood

Spicy scents with notes like black pepper add a kick and vibrancy. They smell fresh, zesty, and clean.

Citrus notes: Grapefruit, lime, bergamot, verbena

Bright citrus scents help energize and uplift. They have a crisp, revitalizing aroma that men often find energizing yet calming.

Candle Sizes and Shapes for Men

When choosing a candle for a man, the size and shape of the candle are important considerations. Men tend to prefer larger, simpler candle shapes and sizes compared to more delicate or ornate candles often marketed toward women.

Good candle size options for men include large jar candles, wide pillar candles, or oversized votive candles. These sizes give an impression of strength and durability that aligns with masculinity. Large candles also allow for bolder, more intense scents.

For shapes, cylinders, squares, or rectangles work well. Avoid candles with elaborate decorative shapes, carvings, or color variations. Streamlined, minimalist silhouettes fit better with a masculine aesthetic.

If opting for a scented candle, make sure to choose a large enough candle size that the aroma will be noticeable. The candle needs to be big enough to fill the room with fragrance. A 6 oz candle, for example, is too small for most men. Look for candles that are a minimum of 8-12 oz in size.

With the right size and shape, a candle can make a fantastic gift for the men in your life. Focus on their preference for simplicity and strength.

Men used to rarely be associated with candles, but that public perception is changing. The man-candle market is booming as more brands cater to males through masculine scents, minimalist packaging, and targeted marketing. But do candles really make a good gift for a father, boyfriend, husband, or male friend? Absolutely. For the right recipient, a thoughtful candle can demonstrate that you understand his interests and personality. Here are some insights on how to buy and creatively gift candles for men, along with important safety tips.

Where to Shop for Men’s Candles

While specialty stores and online retailers carry the widest variety of masculine candles, popular options can also be found at most department stores, boutiques, and even big box stores. Here are some top places to find candles marketed specifically toward men:

Online: Brands like Man Candles, Duke Cannon, Old Factory Candle, and Homesick (for men) offer candles catered to male preferences. Etsy artisans also make handmade soy candles with manly scents like tobacco, whiskey, coffee, and bacon.

Department stores: Major retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Bloomingdale’s have sections dedicated to men’s grooming and home goods. Look for brands like Nest, Boy Smells, and Malin+Goetz.

Boutiques: Men’s clothing and gift boutiques may carry candle lines in masculine packaging. Also check gift shops geared toward guys.

How to Gift Candles to Men

When gifting candles to men, presentation is key. Choose candles with more masculine scents and packaging to make the gift feel tailored. Pair the candle with other items he’ll enjoy, like beer, coffee, or grooming supplies. Opt for a gift set that includes the candle along with complementary items. That way the candle doesn’t feel like the sole focus.

Also consider more gender-neutral packaging, rather than overly feminine designs. Clean, minimalist boxes or bags work well. Or you could place the candle inside a gift box or basket with tissue paper and other goodies. Just avoid wrapping it in pastel paper or ribbons. The packaging should align with the masculine vibe of the candle itself.

Gifting candles shows you care about creating a soothing, welcoming environment for the special guy in your life. With mindful presentation and scent selection, candles make a thoughtful gift that men genuinely appreciate and use.

DIY Masculine Candle Ideas

Looking for a masculine DIY candle project? Making your own candles is easier than you might think, and allows you to customize scents, colors, and containers. For a rugged, manly candle, try using one of these masculine DIY candle ideas:

Make your own in masculine containers: Skip the traditional glass jar or tin container, and instead reuse items like metal coffee cans, mason jars, or empty beer bottles. Clean thoroughly, make sure the container won’t melt from the heat of the candle wax, and decorate if desired. Then simply pour your melted wax directly into the container to create a one-of-a-kind masculine candle.

Safety Tips

Candles can provide enjoyment and ambiance but should be handled with care to avoid potential hazards. Here are some tips for safe candle usage:

Proper Wick Trimming – Trim the wick to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent excess smoking and uneven burning. Long wicks create taller flames that can lead to the candle tunneling or forming a cavity on the top.

Placement – Never leave a burning candle unattended. Place candles at least 12 inches from walls, furniture, curtains and anything else flammable. Avoid areas with drafts that can cause rapid, uneven burning. Keep candles on sturdy surfaces away from edges.

Following basic precautions will allow you to enjoy candles safely. Keep flammables at a distance, trim wicks, watch the flame and extinguish before leaving the room or going to sleep.


In summary, there are many great candle options for men on the market today. Men are becoming more open to enjoying candles for both practical benefits like soothing stress and creating a positive environment, as well as for the simple pleasure of a great scent. Masculine candle scents like tobacco, musk, and cedar provide aroma profiles in line with men’s preferences while still offering relaxation. Candles also make thoughtful gifts for the men in your life – just opt for darker colors or minimalist packaging to make them feel comfortable unwrapping them.

With some basic safety precautions like keeping candles away from flammable materials, trimming wicks, and never leaving them unattended, candles can be an excellent addition to any man’s home. Approach candle buying with an open mind, focus on scent notes he will enjoy, and you’re sure to find options he’ll appreciate. Candles are for everyone to enjoy – even manly men.

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