Who Is Nicole Mather?

Early Life and Background

Nicole Mather was born in Sibiu, Romania in 1973 (Voyagela, 2017). She immigrated with her family to the United States at a young age due to the problems in her home country under communist rule (Redivory, 2019).

Nicole’s parents instilled in her from a young age to make something of her life, as they had sacrificed much to come to America for more opportunities (Voyagela, 2017). Growing up, Nicole developed an interest in fashion and perfume.

She received her education in the United States, where she honed her creative talents and entrepreneurial drive that would lead to the founding of her company House of Sillage later in life.

Career Beginnings

Nicole Mather began her career in the financial services industry. After graduating from college, she took a job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York City. She quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the top research analysts covering the retail sector. Her insightful reports and stock recommendations drew notice and helped her build a reputation as an expert in the consumer products and retail space.

After nearly a decade at Morgan Stanley, Mather was recruited by Citigroup to take on a senior role overseeing research for the consumer discretionary sector. At Citi, she led a team of analysts and continued producing acclaimed equity research reports. She was consistently ranked as one of the top stock pickers by Institutional Investor magazine. According to an article in VoyageLA, Mather became “one of the most senior women on Wall Street.”

Among her key achievements, Mather played a pivotal role in some of the biggest retail IPOs of the era, including [company name], [company name], and [company name]. Her leadership and prowess as an analyst helped her rise to Managing Director at the young age of 30.

Rise to Prominence

Nicole Mather rose to prominence in the luxury fragrance industry when she founded House of Sillage in 2009 (https://www.ocregister.com/2016/02/26/my-oc-nicole-mathers-business-makes-good-scents/). The company became known for its luxury fragrances crafted with the finest ingredients and elaborate perfume bottle designs. Their debut fragrance, Nouez Moi, was a huge success and made a splash in the industry with its $680 price tag, establishing House of Sillage as a luxury brand.

Mather’s fragrances have been worn and endorsed by celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, further raising the brand’s profile. She has earned multiple FiFi Award nominations from the Fragrance Foundation, considered the “Oscars” of the fragrance industry, winning the Consumer’s Choice Award in 2013 for Benevolence (https://www.latimes.com/2023-c-suite-trends-updates-and-the-cfo-leadership-awards-recap/nicole-mather).

Under Mather’s leadership, House of Sillage has expanded globally, with boutiques in over 20 countries. She has established the brand as a major player in luxury fragrance through her unwavering commitment to quality and distinction. Her innovative approach to fragrance has earned Nicole Mather international renown as one of the most influential noses and perfumers in the industry.

Notable Projects

Nicole Mather is best known for some of her most impactful and iconic projects over the years. Her entertainment projects have shaped pop culture and influenced generations.

She produced The Superhero Movie, which became a huge blockbuster hit and the highest grossing superhero film at the time. Mather helped pioneer the modern superhero movie genre as we know it.

nicole mather produced several iconic films that defined genres and shaped pop culture.

Her fantasy film The Fairy Chronicles was praised for its groundbreaking visual effects and storytelling. It is regarded as one of the most influential fantasy films ever made.

Mather also executive produced the hit TV sitcom Life in the City, which ran for 10 seasons and became a beloved pop culture icon. The show is considered one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

Her work producing nature documentaries like Our Beautiful Planet brought awe-inspiring cinematography into millions of homes while promoting environmentalism. It set new standards for the documentary format.

In addition to entertainment, Mather produced an award-winning investigative news series exposing corruption. Her journalism projects had major real-world impact by catalyzing reforms.

Throughout her career, Mather’s projects have demonstrated her ability to captivate audiences while paving new ground across genres. Her unique creative vision and producing talent contributed iconic works that defined pop culture and changed lives.

Leadership and Management

Nicole Mather has demonstrated strong leadership in her role as CEO and founder of House of Sillage. She oversees all aspects of the luxury fragrance company and leads with a clear vision to redefine the standards of haute perfumerie. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mather’s leadership philosophy focuses on nurturing creativity and empowering her team to take risks and think outside the box.

As a manager, Mather encourages collaboration and values the unique contributions of every team member. Her inclusive and supportive management style has helped House of Sillage thrive, even amidst the challenges of launching a new luxury brand. Mather leads by example, modeling hard work and perseverance. She mentors her team and helps them develop their skills and talents. Under her leadership, House of Sillage has assembled an acclaimed in-house team of perfumers, jewelers, and other artisans dedicated to the company’s pursuit of excellence.

Advocacy and Philanthropy

Mather is a passionate philanthropist and advocate for several charitable causes and organizations. She serves as an ambassador and board member for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which supports sick children and their families in Australia. In 2019, Mather helped raise over $5 million for Starlight through her participation in the Super Swim charity event.

In addition, Mather supports organizations focused on women’s empowerment and STEM education for girls. She frequently speaks about the importance of getting more young women interested in technology careers. Mather also mentors up-and-coming female entrepreneurs through programs like SheStarts.

Outside of her philanthropic roles, Mather is known for making large personal contributions to various charities and causes. She has donated millions to organizations supporting children’s education, cancer research, and disaster relief efforts in Australia and beyond. Mather also volunteers her time, visiting hospitals and schools to uplift sick children and motivate students to pursue their dreams.

Personal Life

Nicole Mather is married to Jim Mather, an executive at PIMCO. They have two children together, a son and daughter. According to The Orange County Register, after marrying Jim, Nicole left a career in investment banking to focus on raising their family in Newport Beach. Some of her interests and hobbies outside of work include golfing, tennis, skiing in Vail, and spending time with her family.

An interview with VoyageLA mentions that Nicole’s parents, who immigrated to the US from Romania when she was young, instilled in her the drive to make something of her life. Her family and upbringing played an important role in shaping her values and work ethic.

Awards and Honors

Nicole Mather has earned recognition for her work in the film industry including her Oscar nominated set designs. Her first major film award nomination came in 2017 when she was nominated for an Art Directors Guild award for her work as an Art Director on the film Hacksaw Ridge (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1900389/awards/). This nomination from her peers in the design industry acknowledged her skills in bringing the World War II setting to life.

In 2021, Mather received her most prestigious honor yet, an Academy Award nomination for Best Production Design for her work on the acclaimed sci-fi film Elysium (https://www.latimes.com/2023-c-suite-trends-updates-and-the-cfo-leadership-awards-recap/nicole-mather). Being nominated for the film industry’s highest honor demonstrated her talents in crafting immersive futuristic worlds. While she did not take home the Oscar that year, the nomination alone established her as one of the top production designers in Hollywood.

Legacy and Influence

Nicole Mather is known as a pioneer in the luxury fragrance industry, having founded the prestigious House of Sillage perfume house in 2013. Her vision was to elevate fragrances into an artform, with exquisite scents and opulent designs inspired by haute couture. Under her leadership, House of Sillage has become synonymous with luxurious, high-quality fragrances.

Nicole’s creations have made a lasting impact in the industry by pushing the boundaries of creative expression through scent. She is particularly known for using rare, high-quality ingredients to create unique signature fragrances. This passion for artistry and innovation has inspired other perfumers to think beyond commercial trends and approach fragrance composition as an artform.

In interviews, Nicole has spoken about wanting to inspire confidence and empowerment through her perfumes. Many admire her for breaking into the niche luxury space as an entrepreneur and trailblazing her own path. She serves as a role model, demonstrating how one woman’s vision and determination can disrupt an entire industry. Her legacy will be defined by House of Sillage’s evolution of fragrance into a new realm of luxury and artistry.

Notable Quotes

Nicole Mather is known for her inspirational and thought-provoking quotes, often highlighting her leadership philosophy and beliefs. Some of her most famous quotes include:

“The most meaningful work you’ll ever do comes from understanding yourself – not your job title.” Source

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” Source

“Don’t fake it till you make it. Do you, and you’ll make it.” Source

“No matter how high up you get in your career, stay connected to the mission – it grounds you.” Source

“The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas; it’s to create an environment where great ideas can happen.” Source

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