What Fundraisers Are Like Yankee Candle?

Overview of Yankee Candle Fundraisers

Yankee Candle fundraisers have been around for over 40 years and have become an American tradition for many schools, churches, sports teams, and non-profit groups looking to raise money for their causes (https://fundraisingwithcandlefundraisers.com/yankee-candle-fundraising.html). Yankee Candle got its start in 1969 when 16-year-old Mike Kittredge started making candles in his parents’ basement. By the 1990s, Yankee Candle was running a robust fundraising program across the country (https://www.yankeecandle.com/yankee-candle-story.html).

The Yankee Candle fundraiser allows groups to sell high-quality, best-selling Yankee Candles at a profit to raise money for their organization. Participants can sell candles, car air fresheners, wax melts, and more to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Groups typically earn 40% profit or more on their total sales. The Yankee Candle fundraiser provides an easy, proven way for groups to generate thousands of dollars to support their cause.

The benefits of running a Yankee Candle fundraiser include no upfront costs, access to the iconic Yankee Candle brand, high-profit margins, and support from knowledgeable Yankee Candle staff. Many groups find the Yankee Candle fundraiser generates strong sales year after year, providing vital funds to support their budgetary needs.

Candle Fundraisers Similar to Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is one of the most well-known candle brands that offers fundraising opportunities for schools, churches, sports teams, and other nonprofit groups. However, there are several other major candle companies that also provide comparable fundraising programs.

WoodWick Candles is another popular brand that allows nonprofits to sell candles as a fundraiser. According to Candle Fundraising Companies, WoodWick offers a similar program to Yankee Candle where groups can earn up to 50% profit on candles sold. WoodWick candles feature a patented wooden wick that creates a crackling sound, providing a unique sensory experience.

Heritage Candles is a family-owned company providing candle fundraising opportunities since 1969. Groups can choose from Heritage’s catalog of jar candles, wax melts, room sprays, and more. Heritage offers up to 40% profit and provides support throughout the fundraising process, comparable to Yankee Candle. They highlight flexibility and personal customer service when working with nonprofit groups.

La-Tee-Da! Fundraising offers several candle product lines including their flagship GLOW scented candles. According to Candle Fundraisers – La-Tee-Da! Fundraising, their candles are hand-poured in the USA using premium ingredients. La-Tee-Da! allows groups to keep 40% profit on orders. Their program provides similar fundraising opportunities as leading brands like Yankee Candle.

While each company offers unique scents and products, all provide turnkey fundraising solutions for nonprofits seeking to raise money through candle sales, similar to the popular Yankee Candle fundraiser.

Charitable Causes Supported

Yankee Candle fundraising has been used to support a wide variety of charitable causes and community groups over the years. Some of the most common groups that utilize Yankee Candle fundraisers include:

yankee candle fundraisers support various groups and causes

Schools – Both K-12 schools and colleges/universities regularly do Yankee Candle fundraisers. The money raised helps support things like student clubs, sports teams, band, drama, field trips, classroom supplies, and more. Funds may also go towards larger initiatives like building renovations or new equipment purchases.

Youth Sports Teams – Baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and other youth sports leagues often sell Yankee Candles to raise money for equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, field/facility improvements, and team activities.

Faith-Based Groups – Churches, synagogues, and other religious groups may do Yankee Candle fundraising to support mission trips, building funds, outreach programs, scholarships, and operating costs.

Arts Organizations – Orchestras, choirs, dance troupes, theater groups, and visual arts organizations utilize Yankee Candle fundraising. The money helps provide programming, purchase/maintain equipment, fund scholarships, and offset budget gaps.

Animal Shelters/Rescues – https://fundraisingzone.com/brochure-fundraising-ideas/yankee-candle-fundraiser-catalog/ These nonprofits often do Yankee Candle fundraisers to help care for homeless pets, provide veterinary services, and promote adoptions.

Hospitals/Medical Research – Some health-related nonprofits sell Yankee Candles to raise money for new equipment, patient support services, disease research, and caregiver programs.

Fundraising Process

The fundraising process with Yankee Candle is straightforward. Groups interested in doing a Yankee Candle fundraiser must first sign up on the Yankee Candle Fundraising website. This involves providing contact information and details about your group or organization.

Once registered, Yankee Candle will provide a starter kit with everything you need to get your fundraiser going. This includes candles brochures that promote the fundraiser and provide information on Yankee Candle products. Brochures can be distributed to members of your group, who will take orders from family, friends, coworkers, and other contacts.

There are a couple options for taking orders. Groups can collect physical order forms and payments upfront, then submit a group order to Yankee Candle. Or they can promote the online ordering system, where supporters can place and pay for orders directly on the Yankee Candle website. The orders are linked to your group for profit calculations.

After the order period ends, Yankee Candle will deliver the candle orders directly to your supporters’ homes. This makes the entire process simple and convenient for your fundraising group.

Profit Margin for Groups

Yankee Candle is well-known for offering excellent profit margins for fundraising groups. According to Yankee Candle Fundraiser Profit, the profit margin on all Yankee Candle sales is typically around 40%. This means that for every $20 candle sold, the fundraising group earns $8 in profit. The high profit margins make Yankee Candle one of the most lucrative fundraisers available.

The standard commission structure offers fundraising groups 40% profit on most candle products. Some other items like magazine vouchers and dry food mixes provide slightly less at around 30-35% profit. But candles remain the top seller and biggest money maker. According to Yankee Candle, the average profit earned per candle sold is $5. This provides excellent earnings potential for groups selling these popular candles.

The combination of the broad product appeal and the generous commission rates is why Yankee Candle fundraiser has been so successful. Even after overhead costs, groups can easily net 30% or more in pure profit on their total sales. With the right promotion and sales team, Yankee Candle fundraisers enable groups to maximize their fundraising earnings in a short window of time.

Top Selling Candles

When it comes to Yankee Candle fundraisers, certain candle scents tend to be the most popular and best-selling among supporters. According to 2024 Yankee Candle Fundraiser Catalog, some of the top sellers include:

Cherry Blossom – This floral scent is a perennial top seller. With notes of cherry, almond, and apple, it’s a crowd-pleasing fragrance that works for any season.

Pink Sands – A blend of bright citrus, sweet florals and musk, Pink Sands is associated with summer and vacations. It’s popular year-round.

MidSummer’s Night – This warm, rich summer scent combines notes of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany. It’s a favorite for summer fundraisers.

Balsam and Cedar – One of Yankee Candle’s classic Christmas scents, this piney blend is always popular for holiday fundraising. Other seasonal hits include Christmas Cookie and Pumpkin Pie for autumn.

Beyond signature scents, limited edition and seasonal fragrances also sell well when offered for a short time. Supporters tend to purchase popular candles they can’t get year-round. Knowing the best sellers can help groups maximize fundraising success.

Fundraising Tips and Advice

There are several tips to help boost sales and maximize profits for your Yankee Candle fundraiser:

Set a clear fundraising goal and timeline to motivate supporters. Communicate the purpose and ensure potential donors understand the importance of their contribution (Source).

Offer incentives for top sellers, such as gift cards or prizes. This can inspire friendly competition among participants (Source).

Promote the fundraiser across multiple channels – email, social media, flyers, announcements at events. Generate excitement and give frequent reminders leading up to the deadline (Source).

Have students, players, or members make personalized asks to friends and family. Customers are more likely to support someone they know.

Host kick-off and wrap-up parties to motivate and celebrate success. These events can build energy and participation.

Consider timing the fundraiser near holidays when people are looking for gifts. Candles make great presents for many occasions.

Year-Round Opportunities

While Yankee Candle fundraisers are typically associated with fall and the holidays, there are opportunities to fundraise with Yankee Candle products year-round. Many groups have found success offering Yankee Candle spring and summer catalogs featuring fresh seasonal scents like floral, fruity, and citrus candles. The variety of jar candles, wax melts, room sprays, and car air fresheners allow supporters to stock up on new scents for every season.

Groups like schools and sports teams often do multiple Yankee Candle fundraisers each year – one in the fall, one in the spring, and another in the summer to prepare for back-to-school expenses. Scented candles make great gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, bridal showers, birthdays, and more. Fundraising coordinators recommend promoting multiple smaller fundraisers throughout the year instead of just one large holiday campaign. This keeps Yankee Candle top of mind all year long and gives more opportunities for fundraising success.

In addition to candles, many groups fundraise with Yankee Candle gift wrap as an alternative product lineup. Featuring designs like florals, holidays, and decorative prints, gift wrap bundles allow supporters to check off their whole gift giving list in one order. Gift wrap is a lightweight, affordable product that ships easily, making it a popular fundraiser for groups looking for a lower price point. There are also options like Charleston Wrap that offer similar gift wrap fundraising opportunities.

No matter what time of year, Yankee Candle’s iconic scents and brand name make their products easy sells for fundraising. With a little creativity and planning, groups can fundraise with Yankee Candle all year long.

Alternatives to Candle Fundraisers

While candle fundraisers are popular, there are many other product fundraisers groups can consider as alternatives. Some other top-selling fundraising products include:

Cookie dough – Pre-portioned cookie dough is a delicious product that many supporters will buy. Popular companies like Otis Spunkmeyer allow groups to sell pre-packaged frozen cookie dough with up to 50% profit. See this guide for more tips on cookie dough fundraising.

Gift wrap – Gift wrap is a popular fundraiser around the holidays, but can sell year-round. Groups buy boxes of high-quality gift wrap rolls and gift bags wholesale, then sell them individually at a markup. Gift wrap has a high perceived value and often raises more than candles. Check Fundraising with Gift Wrap and ABC Gift Wrapping for ideas.

Magazine subscriptions – Many families already subscribe to popular magazines, so magazine subscription sales leverage existing demand. Youth groups can partner with companies like AP Magazines to sell subscriptions door-to-door or online with up to 50% profit.

While not quite as beloved as candles, these alternatives provide variety for supporters and reliably raise funds for groups and causes.

Future of Yankee Candle Fundraising

Yankee Candle fundraising has been a popular program for nonprofits and schools for decades. While some worry candle fundraising may decline as more groups move to online donations, Yankee Candle fundraising remains strong. According to Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers, Yankee Candle continues to update their fundraising program to keep it fresh each year.

Recent innovations include new exclusive fragrance options and the convenience of online ordering and payment. Going forward, Yankee Candle is expected to leverage technology to make fundraising even easier. This could include integrated mobile apps and social media campaigns. The growth of e-commerce also presents opportunities to ship candles nationwide and make the program more accessible.

While the core product remains the same, Yankee Candle continuously improves the catalogue and ordering process. Fundraising reps say the program often raises more year after year for groups as they get better at maximizing profits. With smart digital enhancements and new scents, Yankee Candle fundraising is poised for continued success.

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