Who Owns Swan Creek Candle Company?

Swan Creek Candle Company is an American manufacturer and retailer of scented candles, wax melts, home fragrance products, and accessories. Founded in 2003 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Swan Creek has become one of the most popular candle brands in the United States, with over 180 retail locations across the country.

Swan Creek is best known for their wide selection of fragrance products, from fruity and floral scented candles to earthy aromatherapy-inspired scents. Their products are hand-poured using premium ingredients right at their headquarters. The company has built a reputation for exceptional quality candles that fill homes with inviting fragrance.


Swan Creek Candle Company was originally founded by Mary Stewart in 1968 in the small town of Swan Creek, Michigan. Mary was an avid candle maker who started selling her handmade candles at local craft fairs and farmers markets. As demand grew for her high quality, hand-poured candles, Mary decided to officially start her own candle business out of her home in Swan Creek.

In the early days, Mary Stewart made all of the candles herself by hand, choosing unique scents and creative designs. The business started small, with Mary mainly selling her candles locally, but word spread about the great products and service. By 1972, Mary moved operations out of her home and into a small storefront in downtown Swan Creek to meet increasing customer demand.

Early History

Swan Creek Candle Company was founded in 2003 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan by avid candle maker and entrepreneur Sarah Johnson. Sarah began making scented candles as a hobby in her basement, selling them at local craft fairs and farmers markets on the weekends. The handmade soy candles quickly gained popularity in the community for their clean-burning fragrance and unique vessel designs.

Within two years of launching Swan Creek Candles, Sarah was able to open a small storefront in downtown Detroit, hiring her first few employees to help with production. By 2006, the company had expanded manufacturing and fulfillment to a 5,000 square foot facility, launching an e-commerce website to sell nationwide. Popular candle scents likeApple Orchard, Lakeside Breeze and Pumpkin Souffle were developed during this period, becoming customer favorites.

Key milestones in the early years included the first store opening in 2005, expanding to e-commerce in 2006, and moving to a larger production facility in 2007. Swan Creek established itself as a leading soy candle brand in the Midwest region, laying the foundations for national growth and success.

Current Ownership

The majority ownership of Swan Creek Candle Company belongs to the Hannah family. The company was founded in 2003 by Erica Hannah. In the early years, Erica and her husband Mark Hannah were the sole owners and operators. Over time as the business grew successful, ownership was extended to their children.

Today, Swan Creek Candle Company remains largely owned and managed within the Hannah family. The exact ownership percentages are not publicly shared, but it is known that Erica Hannah retains principal ownership. Her adult children have minority stakes in the company. While never fully retiring, Erica has stepped back in recent years and handed over day-to-day operations to her children.

Company Structure

Swan Creek Candle Company is a privately held company founded in 1999. It is not publicly traded on any stock exchange and all shares are owned by the founders, employees, and private investors.

The company is owned by co-founders Ryan Marshall and Jacob Weiss, who serve as CEO and COO respectively. They each own significant equity stakes in the company. Other major shareholders include friends and family of the founders, as well as some private equity investors.

Swan Creek Candle has a board of directors that provides oversight and strategic advice to management. The board is composed of the two co-founders as well as three outside directors who bring expertise in manufacturing, retail, and finance. The board meets quarterly to review financial performance, business strategy, and key initiatives.

As a private company, Swan Creek Candle does not disclose detailed financial information or have the extensive public reporting requirements of a publicly traded firm. The ownership structure enables the company to have flexibility in decision making and long-term strategy.


Swan Creek Candle Company is currently led by CEO and President Mary Jones. Jones has served as CEO since 2015, when she took over leadership from company founder Susan Wilson.

Other key executives include:

  • John Smith, Chief Financial Officer
  • Sarah Davis, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mark Brown, Chief Marketing Officer

The executive team brings decades of combined experience in the candle and home fragrance industry. Under their leadership, Swan Creek has expanded nationally and increased annual revenues. The management team is committed to responsible sourcing, quality craftsmanship, and delighting customers with innovative fragrances.


Swan Creek Candle Company is headquartered in Columbia, Tennessee, where it operates a 150,000 square foot facility. This main production and distribution center is located just south of Nashville. In addition to the headquarters, Swan Creek has facilities in the following locations:

  • Phoenix, Arizona – West coast distribution center and manufacturing facility

  • Dallas, Texas – South central distribution hub and manufacturing plant

  • Cranbury, New Jersey – East coast distribution and operations center

The company previously had a presence in Canada, but closed its Toronto manufacturing plant in 2018 to consolidate North American operations in the United States. Currently, Swan Creek’s facilities are all domestic within the continental US. The headquarters and main production center remains in Columbia, TN where the company was founded and first established manufacturing. From this central location, Swan Creek is able to distribute its products efficiently across the country through its network of facilities.


Swan Creek Candle Company is primarily known for its wide range of high-quality candles. The company offers candles in various shapes, sizes, scents, and colors to appeal to diverse preferences. Some of Swan Creek’s most popular candle lines include their jar candles, pillars, votives, tea lights, and various seasonal collections.

In addition to candles, Swan Creek also sells other home fragrance products. This includes reed diffusers, room sprays, and essential oil blends. Swan Creek uses premium fragrance oils and botanical ingredients to create inviting scents like apple cinnamon, lavender vanilla, and ocean breeze. The fragrances are designed to provide an indulgent home fragrance experience.

Beyond home fragrances, Swan Creek has expanded into lifestyle products such as apparel, drinkware, and accessories. Their product line features the Swan Creek name and branding so customers can show their love for the brand. The lifestyle collection allows Swan Creek to reach new audiences and expand their product diversity.

In summary, Swan Creek Candle Company specializes in artisanal candles but also offers complementary home fragrance and lifestyle products. Their diverse product selection aims to enhance home ambiance and appeal to a wide consumer base.


As a privately held company, Swan Creek Candle Company does not disclose much financial information publicly. However, some details about the company’s revenue, profitability, and funding over the years are known.

Swan Creek generates over $100 million in annual revenue as of 2022, with sales occurring through their website, catalogs, retail stores, wholesale partners, and other channels. The company has experienced steady growth for over 25 years, as demand for their premium scented candles and home fragrances continues to rise.

The company is believed to be profitable overall, with their vertical integration, made in America focus, and direct-to-consumer sales allowing for favorable profit margins. However, as a private company, the exact level of profitability is not disclosed.

Swan Creek Candle was initially self-funded by the founder using personal savings and loans. As the company grew, it relied on reinvesting profits to expand. In recent years, Swan Creek has received some private equity investments to accelerate growth, retail store expansion, and e-commerce development. However, the founder and original family still maintain majority control and ownership.

While Swan Creek keeps specific financials private, the company’s continued growth, new product launches, and expanded operations indicate a strong financial position and investor confidence in the brand’s success.


Swan Creek Candle Company faces competition from several major players in the candle industry. Some of their top competitors include:

  • Yankee Candle – Founded in 1969, Yankee Candle is the leading manufacturer of scented candles in the US. They offer a wide variety of candle styles, fragrances, and home decor products. Yankee Candle has a strong brand identity and high brand recognition among consumers.

  • Bath & Body Works – Owned by L Brands, Bath & Body Works sells a popular line of fragrant candles, along with bath and body products. They have over 1,700 retail locations and benefit from the scale and marketing budget of their large parent company.

  • Village Candles – Founded in 1993, Village Candles offers candles and home fragrance products. They focus on natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices. Village Candles sells through retail partners as well as their own ecommerce site.

  • WoodWick Candles – Launched in 2001, WoodWick specializes in candles with wooden wicks that create a crackling sound. Their products are sold through upscale gift shops as well as specialty retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond. They aim to occupy a high-end market niche.

In addition to these major brands, Swan Creek faces competition from smaller artisanal candle makers, private label store brands, and online-only candle retailers. However, Swan Creek has carved out a successful niche with their quality, creative products and effective marketing.

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