Can I Still Use My Bed Bath And Beyond Gift Card?

Bed Bath & Beyond recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after years of declining sales and mounting debt. As part of its bankruptcy restructuring plan, Bed Bath & Beyond announced in September 2022 that it would close around 150 of its 950 stores across the United States and Canada, including 49 Bed Bath & Beyond stores, along with all the company’s Harmon Face Value stores.

This news has led many consumers to wonder what will happen to any unused Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards they may have. The bankruptcy filing has created uncertainty around the future validity and usability of existing Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards and merchandise credits.

Can Gift Cards Still Be Used?

Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards can still be used at any open Bed Bath & Beyond location or on their website. This is despite the retailer filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2023.

According to an official statement from Bed Bath & Beyond, the bankruptcy filing will allow the company to obtain additional financing and continue operations. Existing gift cards, merchandise credits, and rewards coupons will continue to be honored as the company restructures.

Bed Bath & Beyond assured customers that “the bankruptcy court filings will allow us to provide the high-level service you know and love.” The retailer currently operates around 1,000 stores, after closing 150 in 2022. Unless additional closures are announced, all open locations will continue accepting gift cards.

The bankruptcy filing allows Bed Bath & Beyond to renegotiate leases, restock shelves, and hopefully return to profitability. But during this process, loyal customers can still redeem their gift cards and coupons in-store or online.

Where Can Gift Cards Be Used?

In January 2023, Bed Bath & Beyond announced plans to close 150 stores. This includes the closing of 49 Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well as all remaining Harmon Face Value and buybuy BABY stores.

Despite these closures, many Bed Bath & Beyond locations remain open. Gift cards can still be used at Bed Bath & Beyond stores that have not been marked for closure. You can check if your local store is still open by searching on the Bed Bath & Beyond website or store locator.

Gift cards will continue to be accepted at Bed Bath & Beyond stores that are open for business. Just make sure to call ahead or check online to confirm your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond is not one of the 150 closing locations.

Gift Card Restrictions

With Bed Bath & Beyond declaring bankruptcy, some restrictions have been placed on the use of existing gift cards. This is an unfortunate but common occurrence when retailers undergo financial struggles.

One of the key restrictions is that gift cards can no longer be used for certain third-party branded items. For example, gift cards cannot be applied towards purchases of brands like Nespresso, Keurig, Dyson, and more. These are suppliers that Bed Bath & Beyond owes money to, and using gift cards would essentially provide customers with free merchandise that Bed Bath & Beyond has not paid for.

Additionally, there are now lower limits on the amount that can be purchased with a gift card in a single transaction. While specific limits may vary by location, most stores have implemented a $250 maximum that can be purchased per transaction with a gift card.

The bankruptcy has also rendered gift cards non-refundable and non-returnable in most circumstances. So if an item is purchased entirely or partially with a gift card and then returned, customers will generally get store credit rather than cash back.

While certainly not ideal, these kinds of restrictions are typical when a retailer is restructuring debt under bankruptcy laws. The goal is to maximize the value of assets and inventory for the company. Gift card users should be prepared for some limitations but can still get good use out of their cards at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Gift Card Expiration Dates

Bed Bath & Beyond has a customer-friendly policy when it comes to gift card expiration dates. Gift cards purchased in stores do not have an expiration date and can be used indefinitely. The same applies for e-gift cards purchased online – there is no expiration date so they do not ever expire.

This no-expiration policy applies to all Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards, regardless of where and when they were purchased. Even decades old Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards can still be redeemed in stores or online for their full value.

In addition, there are no fees associated with inactive gift cards. As long as the gift card has a remaining balance, it can be used at any time without penalties. This provides flexibility for customers who receive Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards as gifts but don’t immediately have a need to use them.

The lack of expiration dates or inactivity fees makes Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards a reliable and valuable long-term gift option. Customers can rest assured the gift cards will retain the full original value and not suddenly expire before they have a chance to use them.

Online Gift Card Use

Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards can be used to make purchases on the company’s website, When checking out online, simply enter the gift card number and PIN into the ‘Gift Cards or Promo Code’ field. The available balance will be applied to your purchase.

One advantage of using gift cards online is that the entire balance can be used in one transaction, even if it exceeds the total purchase amount. Any remaining balance will stay on the gift card for future use.

Gift cards purchased in-store can be registered online and added to a Bed Bath & Beyond account. This allows the balance and activity to be easily tracked. eGift cards purchased online are automatically linked to the purchasing account.

Online gift card use is convenient for situations when you don’t have the physical card with you or want to quickly apply the balance towards an online order. As long as the gift card has not expired and still has a balance, it can be utilized on the Bed Bath & Beyond website.

Gift Card Returns/Exchanges

In order to return or exchange an item purchased with a gift card, the return/exchange process varies by whether the purchase was made in-store or online. For in-store purchases made entirely with a gift card, the return/exchange will go back onto a new gift card. For returns on in-store purchases made partially with a gift card, the refund will be divided proportionally between the original payment methods.

For online purchases, the return process depends on whether the order was shipped or bought online with in-store pickup. For shipped online orders purchased entirely with a gift card, returns can only be refunded to a new gift card. For shipped orders paid partially with a gift card, the refund will be divided proportionately. For online orders bought with in-store pickup, returns must be done in-store following the in-store return policy of refunding to a new gift card.

Ultimately, for both in-store and online purchases, if a gift card was used at all, any return or exchange will result in the refund being credited back to a new gift card rather than cash or your original payment method. This ensures you can still take advantage of the full value of your gift card when making returns or exchanges.

Alternative Options

If you find you’re unable to use your Bed Bath & Beyond gift card due to store closures or other restrictions, there are a few options to consider:

You may be able to sell or trade the card through a gift card exchange platform. Sites like and allow you to sell gift cards for cash at a discounted rate. You can also trade gift cards directly with other users.

Another option is to regift the card. If you have friends or family who shop at Bed Bath & Beyond, consider passing along the gift card to them. This allows the card to still get used while freeing up cash for yourself.

In some cases, you may be able to request a refund on an unused gift card by contacting Bed Bath & Beyond customer service directly. The company may make exceptions and refund a card balance depending on the circumstances.

As a last resort, you can let the gift card expire and forfeit the remaining balance. While not ideal, this may be your only feasible option if the card cannot be exchanged, regifted, or refunded.

Being proactive and using your Bed Bath & Beyond gift card as soon as possible gives you the best chances of taking advantage of the full value. But if you do find yourself with a card you can’t use, explore your alternatives before you let it go to waste.

Redeeming Gift Card Balances

For Bed Bath & Beyond gift card holders wondering how to maximize the value of their cards, here are some tips:

Check the balance – You can check your gift card balance online or by calling customer service. Knowing the balance will help you plan your purchases.

Use for bigger ticket items – Since Bed Bath & Beyond carries higher priced home goods, try saving your gift card to put towards large purchases like furniture, small appliances, or bedding sets.

Combine cards – If you have multiple partial gift card balances, you can consolidate the amounts onto one card for easier tracking and redemption.

Add your own funds – If your purchase exceeds your gift card value, you can pay the difference by combining the card with your own payment method.

Buy discounted items – Check for sales, coupons and clearance items that will stretch your gift card dollars further when purchasing.

Donate unused balances – If you have a small balance you likely won’t use, consider donating your card to charity.

Overall, being strategic about when and how you use your Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards can help you redeem the full value.

The Future of Bed Bath & Beyond

The future viability of Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards remains uncertain amid the retailer’s financial struggles. In 2022, Bed Bath & Beyond announced plans to close 150 stores and lay off 20% of staff as part of a broader turnaround plan. The company has been burdened by years of declining sales and has struggled to compete with online retailers and discount chains.

Bed Bath & Beyond currently has over $1 billion in unsold merchandise as inventory piles up in stores. The retailer has also been saddled with nearly $1.4 billion in long-term debt. In August 2022, Bed Bath & Beyond said it had secured more than $500 million in financing to help shore up its inventory and cover obligations. However, analysts warn the company’s cash crisis remains severe.

If Bed Bath & Beyond eventually files for bankruptcy, it could leave many gift cards worthless. When a retailer liquidates in bankruptcy, gift card holders are among the last to get paid. The money loaded on gift cards is counted as unsecured debt.

For now, Bed Bath & Beyond continues to accept gift cards in stores and online. But ongoing financial turbulence means long-term viability of the cards remains uncertain. Customers would be wise to spend any remaining gift card balances sooner rather than later.

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