What Months Does Bath And Body Works Have Sales?

Bath & Body Works is a popular retail store that sells a wide variety of fragrances, skincare, and body care products. They are well known for their signature fragrances, luxurious body care items like lotions and shower gels, and their variety of home fragrances including candles and wallflowers.

One of the things that draws customers to Bath & Body Works is their frequent sales and promotions. They regularly offer sitewide discounts, special savings on select items, and seasonal or holiday sales events. Understanding the Bath & Body Works sale schedule can help shoppers get the best deals on their favorite products.

Semi-Annual Sale:

Bath & Body Works is well known for having two big Semi-Annual Sales each year, usually in January and June. During the Semi-Annual Sale, most products in the store are marked down significantly, with discounts typically ranging from 40% to 75% off regular prices.

The Semi-Annual Sale is eagerly anticipated by loyal Bath & Body Works customers, who know they can stock up on favorite candle scents, body care items, hand soaps, and more for a fraction of the regular cost. Lines start forming outside stores before opening on the first day of the sale. Popular seasonal scents that didn’t sell out the first time are often brought back and offered at clearance prices.

The next Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale for 2023 will likely take place in January. Shoppers can expect to see most products from the holiday and fall seasons marked down, along with select items from the core collection. The summer Semi-Annual Sale will follow in June, with discounts on spring and summer merchandise.

Candle Sale

Bath & Body Works is known for their wide variety of luxurious, long-lasting candles and candle holders. Perhaps the most anticipated sales for loyal customers are the bi-annual Candle Sales. These sales typically take place in January, June and December every year. During the Candle Sale, customers can expect to save up to 75% off select candles and candle holders. Both classic and new scents are included in the promotion so it’s a great opportunity to stock up on customer favorites as well as try something new. The brand usually announces the official dates for the Candle Sale via email and social media. However, based on historical dates, customers can generally expect the Candle Sale to happen the first couple weeks in January, mid-June and early-to-mid December.

The Candle Sale is a popular event for Bath & Body Works aficionados. Lines usually form early in the morning before stores open on the first day of the sale. It’s not uncommon for enthusiastic customers to buy more than 10 candles each visit during the sale. The promotions typically last between 1-2 weeks, while supplies last. So for the best selection it’s wise to shop early during the Candle Sale. Many rare or limited edition candle scents sell out quickly. Bath & Body Works also limits candle purchases during the sale to encourage more customers to participate and take advantage of the hot prices.

In addition to the amazing savings in-store, Bath & Body Works also offers their Candle Sale online so customers can conveniently shop from home. The same popular scents and candle holder styles are available. Shipping is free with a $50 minimum purchase. Get email alerts for the next Candle Sale so you can mark your calendar. It’s the perfect time to stock up and save on Bath & Body Works’ most coveted products.

Body Care Sale

Bath & Body Works runs their popular Body Care Sale 2-3 times per year. This is when customers can get the best discounts on the brand’s famous body care products like body lotions, body creams, body scrubs, and body mists.

The Body Care Sale usually lasts between 1-2 weeks each time. Shoppers can expect to save up to 75% off select body care items. The biggest discounts are on discontinued scents and leftover seasonal products. But there are still great deals on core scents too.

To maximize savings during the Body Care Sale, join the Bath & Body Works loyalty rewards program. Members get early access to sales, exclusive coupons and free items. The sales usually occur in January, June and December, but Bath & Body Works also sometimes runs surprise Flash Sales just for rewards members.

Sign up for the Bath & Body Works email list as well. Subscribers receive advance notice of upcoming sales and special coupons. Following Bath & Body Works on social media is another good way to stay on top of their best promotions.

Hand Soap Sale

Bath & Body Works runs a Hand Soap Sale every 2-3 months. This sale discounts select hand soaps, usually the retired scents from the previous season. The Hand Soap Sale typically offers the hand soaps for $3.25-$3.75 each or 5 for $15.

The Hand Soap Sale is a great opportunity to stock up on favorite scents at a discount. Keep an eye out around January, April, July, and October for the Hand Soap Sales. Supplies are limited during these sales, so early shopping is recommended if you want to get your top choices. Some of the most popular scents like Winter Candy Apple and Twisted Peppermint often sell out fast.

Wallflower Sale

Bath & Body Works usually holds a Wallflower fragrance sale in tandem with their popular Candle Day and Candle Sale events. Wallflowers are the brand’s line of scented oil warmers that plug into an outlet and provide fragrant ambiance to any room. The oils come in a variety of signature fragrances that complement Bath & Body Works’ candles and body care products.

The Wallflower Sale typically takes place twice a year – once in December or January during the winter Candle Sale, and again in June/July alongside the Semi-Annual Sale. Customers can expect discounts of $3 off per Wallflower bulb or warmer during these sales. Special bundle deals are also usually offered, like “Buy 3 Get 3 Free” on Wallflower refills, or markdowns on Wallflower plug & refill gift sets. The sale usually lasts around 1 week.

By coordinating the Wallflower Sale with Candle Day and the Semi-Annual Sale, Bath & Body Works strategically cross-merchandises their home fragrance products. Customers who come in to stock up on discounted candles are likely to browse and purchase from the affordably priced Wallflowers as well. The sales provide an opportunity to try new scents, restock favorites, and gift warmers and refills at a reasonable price point.

Online Exclusive Sales

In addition to promotions in stores, Bath & Body Works also offers online-only deals and discounts throughout the year. These online exclusive sales provide opportunities to save on select items that are only available on the Bath & Body Works website or mobile app.

Some examples of online exclusive sales include:

  • Free shipping sitewide with no minimum purchase – This popular offer allows customers to get their orders shipped for free, with no dollar amount required to qualify.
  • Online-only bundled gift sets – Gift sets and bundles that can only be purchased online and not in stores.
  • Web-exclusive products – Special edition or limited release fragrances, body care items, and home products that are exclusively sold online.
  • Mobile app only coupons – Coupon codes redeemable only via the Bath & Body Works app for extra savings on app purchases.
  • Email subscriber sales – Promotions sent to email newsletter subscribers for access to deals before the general public.

Online shoppers can take advantage of these web-only deals to maximize savings at Bath & Body Works throughout the year. Signing up for email newsletters is one way to stay on top of the latest online exclusive promotions.

Holiday Sales

Bath & Body Works has major sales around the holidays throughout the year. Some of their biggest sales center around Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

For Christmas, they typically have deals on festive holiday fragrances like peppermint and pine as well as gift sets in November and December leading up to the holiday. You can expect to save on Christmas gift sets like candles, soaps, lotions, and body sprays during this time.

In the spring, Bath & Body Works will offer savings on floral and bright fragrances around Easter. Expect discounts on items like lilac scented body care and fruity wallflowers. This is a great time to stock up on spring scents.

For Mother’s Day, Bath & Body Works usually has promotions on relaxing and luxurious fragrances like lavender and vanilla. Mother’s Day gift sets with items like aromatherapy lotions and rose scented perfumes tend to go on sale as well.

Coupon Offers

Bath & Body Works is well known for offering great coupon deals to save money on their products. Here are some of the main ways to get Bath & Body Works coupons:

Printable Coupons

Bath & Body Works frequently releases printable coupons on their website that you can print at home. These are usually dollar-off coupons like $10 off a $30 purchase or 20% off your entire purchase. Printable coupons will have an expiration date, so be sure to use them before they expire.

Email Sign Up Offers

Signing up for the Bath & Body Works email list will provide exclusive coupons and offers sent right to your inbox. You can expect to receive special discount codes and early access to sales by being an email subscriber. Make sure to check your email and take advantage of these subscriber-only deals.


In summary, the major months when shoppers can find Bath & Body Works sales are January, June, July, and December. During January and July, the popular Semi-Annual Sale takes place with deep discounts storewide. Specific product sales happen in June for candles, December for holiday gifts & body care, and periodically for hand soaps, Wallflowers, and online exclusives. Savvy shoppers who want to save money on favorite Bath & Body Works products should mark their calendars for the major sales months mentioned. Signing up for the rewards program and email list can also provide early notification of upcoming promotions. By taking advantage of these major sales months, Bath & Body Works fans can stock up on delightful scents and gifts at reduced prices.

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