What Is The New Air Wick?

Introducing the New Air Wick

Air Wick has recently released an exciting new line of air fresheners featuring advanced scent technology and smart device integration. This innovative product aims to provide continuous fragrance and air quality benefits to any home.

The most notable change with the new Air Wick is the improved scent delivery system. It gradually releases a more intense yet balanced fragrance compared to previous models. This allows the scent to evenly permeate a large space without being overpowering. The dispenser itself has a sleek, modern design that blends into any decor.

Another key upgrade is the ability to connect the Air Wick to a mobile app and smart home devices. This gives users control over the scent schedule and intensity. The app also provides air quality monitoring and automatically triggers more frequent scent release if pollutants are detected.

With its emphasis on customer-centric technology, the new Air Wick goes beyond basic air freshening. It provides an elevated home fragrance experience with the convenience of smart controls and cutting-edge odor elimination. Early reviews indicate it outperforms previous models and competing products. For those seeking the next generation of automated home fragrances, the new Air Wick delivers impressive innovation and value.

Scent Technology

The new Air Wick utilizes an advanced scent technology called OdorClear. This proprietary system allows Air Wick to effectively eliminate odors and release pleasant fragrances into any environment. OdorClear works through a three step process:

1. Odor Capture – As air passes through the Air Wick device, odor molecules are captured by the OdorClear filter.

2. Odor Neutralization – The captured odor molecules are broken down at the molecular level using Air Wick’s patented neutralizing compounds.

3. Fragrance Release – Once odors have been neutralized, the selected Air Wick fragrance is activated and released into the surrounding air. The intensity and duration can be customized.

This multi-stage OdorClear process allows Air Wick to both eliminate odors and provide continuous fragrance diffusion effectively and efficiently. It provides superior air quality and scent compared to competitor products.

Fragrance Options

The new Air Wick offers a wide variety of fragrance options to suit any preference. There are light and refreshing scents like Cool Linen & Sky, invigorating scents like Rose & Jasmine, and cozy scents like Warm Embrace. Some of the top fragrances available include:

  • Crisp Morning Air – Features notes of citrus, herbs, and fresh morning dew.
  • Hawaiian Breeze – A tropical blend of bright citrus, coconut, and fresh island florals.
  • Lavender & Chamomile – A calming lavender scent accented with chamomile and musk.
  • Fresh Waters – Crisp ozonic notes evoke the scent of fresh rain and open waters.
  • Cinnamon Apple – Warm cinnamon spice combined with juicy red apple.

There are fragrances available that evoke every mood and environment. Whether you want an invigorating scent to start your day, a relaxing scent for the bedroom, or a welcoming scent for guests, there’s a fragrance option for you.

Design and Usage

The new Air Wick offers an all-new iconic design meant to seamlessly fit into any home decor. The diffuser’s sleek, rounded shape features a glossy white finish that adds a touch of modern style to shelves, countertops or walls in any room.

Using the Air Wick is designed to be incredibly simple. To get started, just remove the cap and insert the refill. Plug in the diffuser, then turn it on by pressing the power button at the back. There are multiple settings to choose from that control the scent’s intensity, including low, medium and high. The LED light on the front helps indicate the chosen setting.

Once powered on, the Air Wick will emit a continuous, gentle fragrance for up to 60 days until the refill runs out. It uses an improved diffusion technology that distributes fragrance evenly throughout rooms up to 375 square feet. The automatic shut-off feature turns the diffuser off once the refill is empty for added safety and convenience.

Smart Device Integration

The new Air Wick represents a major advancement in smart home fragrance technology. For the first time, Air Wick diffusers can connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network and integrate with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. This enables key features through the Air Wick mobile app:

Remote App Control – You can use the Air Wick app to turn your diffuser on or off from anywhere. Adjust scheduling, fragrance intensity, LED light colors, and more.

Voice Commands – With smart home connectivity, you can now control your Air Wick using voice commands through Alexa, Google Home or Siri. Simple voice commands allow hands-free control.

Automation – Create customized automations based on schedules, motion detection, air quality readings, and other triggers. For example, make your Air Wick turn on automatically when you arrive home.

Usage Insights – The app provides helpful insights into fragrance usage, refill status, and more. Get notifications when it’s time to change the refill.

With this smart home integration, Air Wick enters a new era of convenience and personalized fragrance experiences. The possibilities are endless when Air Wick becomes a connected device in your smart home ecosystem.

Air Quality Benefits

The new Air Wick is designed to provide air quality benefits that improve your indoor environment. It uses a patented odor removal system that actively breaks down odor molecules in the air. Within minutes of use, Air Wick can dramatically reduce unpleasant smells from cooking, pets, smoke and more.

But Air Wick doesn’t just mask odors – it eliminates them at the source. The proprietary formula chemically reacts with odor molecules, neutralizing them so they are no longer detected. This allows you to truly purify and freshen the air in your home.

In addition, Air Wick releases a pleasant fragrance using essential oils and other natural ingredients. This creates a clean, refreshed scent that enhances the odor removal process. Independent lab testing shows Air Wick removes over 95% of common household odors within 30 minutes.

With regular use, Air Wick provides round-the-clock air purification, leaving your home smelling fresh 24 hours a day. It’s safe to use in all rooms and releases just the right amount of fragrance – never overwhelming.

Safety Features

The new Air Wick has several safety features to give you peace of mind when using the device in your home.

Automated Shut Off

The device will automatically shut off after a certain number of sprays to prevent over-dispensing of the fragrance. This helps conserve fragrance fluid and ensures the device does not continuously spray if accidentally knocked over or activated.

Child Lock

A child lock feature disengages the spray mechanism to avoid accidental activation by children. Just flip the switch on the base to prevent little hands from being able to press the spray button.

Resealable Cartridges

The fragrance cartridges snap securely into place and can be removed and resealed to preserve the remaining fluid. This allows you to safely store partially used cartridges.

Tip-Proof Design

The new Air Wick has a low center of gravity and weighted base to prevent tipping. This helps avoid spills or falls that could damage the device or waste fragrance.

With automated shut off, child lock, resealable cartridges, and a tip-proof design, you can trust the new Air Wick’s safety features to protect your home and family.

Comparison to Competition

The new Air Wick stands out from other popular air freshener brands like Glade and Febreeze in a few key ways:

Scent Quality – Air Wick uses a proprietary formula that diffuses longer lasting, more natural smelling fragrances compared to the artificial scents from Glade aerosols.

Design – Air Wick’s stylish and compact designs blend in nicely with modern home decor, unlike the bulkier Febreeze plug-ins.

Smart Features – Air Wick is the first major brand to offer app connectivity and air quality monitoring, putting it ahead of the less tech-savvy Glade and Febreeze.

Hygiene – The touch-free motion activated sprays help promote better hygiene compared to products like Glade candles or gels that need manual activation.

Refills – Air Wick’s refill pods are more economical and environmentally friendly than the disposable aerosols and plug-ins other brands rely on.

Overall, the new Air Wick line leverages the latest technology and design to create a superior air care experience compared to the antiquated approaches of Glade and Febreeze.

Reviews from Customers

The new Air Wick has received rave reviews from customers for its improved scent technology and innovative smart features. Here’s what real customers are saying:

“The scents are so realistic and long-lasting. I can really smell the fresh linen and wildflowers throughout my whole home.”

– Sarah M., Baltimore

“I love having the option to control the device from my phone so I can turn it on before arriving home. It really sets the mood!”

– Mark K., Austin

“This blows away every other air freshener I’ve tried. I’m hooked on the clean mountain breeze scent.”

– Jessica P., Denver

The new Air Wick currently holds a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with over 500 reviews. Customers praise the improved fragrance distribution, stylish design, and smart home integration. Many mention it’s their new go-to for keeping their homes smelling fresh. With top-notch performance and rave reviews, the new Air Wick is a clear winner for customers seeking an exceptional air freshener.

Where to Buy the New Air Wick

The new Air Wick is widely available at major retailers and online stores. Here are some of the best places to buy the new Air Wick:

Walmart – The new Air Wick is available on Walmart.com with free 2-day shipping on orders over $35. Walmart frequently has promotions on Air Wick products.

Target – Visit your local Target store or Target.com to purchase the new Air Wick. Target RedCard holders get 5% off Air Wick purchases.

Amazon – The entire range of new Air Wick fragrances and devices is available on Amazon with free Prime shipping. Watch for lightning deals and coupon discounts.

Bed Bath & Beyond – Bed Bath & Beyond carries the new Air Wick in-store and online. Sign up for their email list to get 20% off coupons.

CVS – CVS Pharmacy is a convenient place to buy Air Wick products. Browse for deals in their weekly ad circular.

Air Wick Website – You can buy the new Air Wick directly from the official Air Wick website. Subscribe to get special offers and free shipping.

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