What Is Fever Candlelight Concerts?

What Are Fever Candlelight Concerts?

Fever candlelight concerts are intimate, candlelit musical performances held in smaller, non-traditional venues. Unlike traditional concerts, the audience size is limited and attendees are seated at tables, similar to a jazz club or cabaret setting. The concerts feature lighter classical music by composers such as Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi, performed by soloists, duos, trios, quartets or small ensembles. The musicians may offer commentary about the pieces and interact with the audience between songs. The concerts are meant to provide an immersive, warm setting where audiences can experience classical music in a new way.

Candlelight concerts originated as smaller, informal performances in private salons during the 17th and 18th century. After fading away for decades, the concept was revived in the late 20th century as a way to make classical music more approachable and accessible. The Fever candlelight concert series adapts this historical format into a modern live music experience, often held in restaurants, bars, hotels and other intimate, non-traditional spaces.

History of the Concept

The concept for fever candlelight concerts originated in the early 2000s as a way to offer a unique classical music experience. The idea was to recreate the intimate atmosphere of concerts from the time before electricity, when performances were held entirely by candlelight.

Some of the first fever candlelight concerts were put on in churches and historic venues in Europe in the early to mid 2000s. These early productions aimed to provide an immersive experience by having audiences and musicians dressed in period attire and limiting electric lighting. The concerts were held with just enough candlelight for musicians to read their sheet music and audiences to find their seats.

These initial candlelight concerts proved popular, offering classical music fans a novel way to hear beloved repertoire. Their success demonstrated public interest in intimate, ambient classical performances done in a historical style.

Typical Format

Fever’s candlelight concerts aim to provide an intimate, immersive musical experience. The concerts take place in smaller, unique venues such as churches, cathedrals, museums or historic buildings. The space is transformed with hundreds of candles and dim, atmospheric lighting to create a magical ambiance.

The musicians perform acoustically, without amplification or electronics, often taking advantage of the venue’s natural acoustics. They are dressed formally, frequently in all black attire. The artists play a diverse mix of classical masterworks, film and theatrical scores, and contemporary pop arranged for small ensembles.

The audience is seated closely around the performers in a candlelit setting. This fosters an environment where the music resonates deeply and the crowd feels connected to the artists. With no disruptive spotlights, applause is often substituted by snapping fingers to show appreciation after pieces.

Most concerts run 60-90 minutes without an intermission. The intimate venue, acoustic instruments, arrangement variations, and relaxing vibe aim to offer new perspectives on familiar musical works across different eras and genres.

Music Selection

Fever Candlelight concerts feature a diverse mix of music genres and song choices. The concerts aim to create an intimate, immersive atmosphere, so the music selection tends to focus on softer, acoustic versions of songs from a wide variety of eras and styles.

You’re likely to hear candlelight renditions of pop songs, classical pieces, showtunes, old jazz standards, and more. The arrangements are designed to spotlight the emotion and lyricism of the songs in a more subtle way, relying on piano, strings, and vocals rather than a full rock band production.

Music directors strive to come up with creative new takes on familiar songs. For example, you may hear a candlelit version of a recent pop hit played solely on piano and cello. Or a jazz standard reimagined with layered vocal harmonies. Part of the appeal is hearing these songs stripped down and transformed into haunting, evocative new versions.

The setlist aims to create a moody, romantic atmosphere that evokes the flicker of candles. So you’ll often hear love songs, heartbreak ballads, and other emotional songs that lend themselves well to the candlelight treatment. The overall vibe tends to be mellow, relaxed, and introspective, while still offering enough variety to remain interesting.

In the end, the music selection allows you to experience favorite songs in a new light and gain a deeper appreciation for their composition and lyrics by hearing them reimagined in the unique candlelight concert setting.


Fever candlelight concerts are held in a wide variety of venues and locations around the world. The intimate, dimly-lit setting is part of the unique atmosphere of these shows, so they are often hosted in smaller, more ornate spaces rather than large concert halls or arenas.

Some typical locations for fever candlelight concerts include:

  • Historic theaters – Many fever concerts take place in older, ornate theaters built in the early 1900s during the vaudeville era. The architectural details and small size of these theaters nicely match the mood of the shows.

  • Houses of worship – Churches, synagogues, and other religious spaces often host fever concerts because of their atmosphere. The stellar acoustics in these spaces also complement the unamplified nature of the performances.

  • Outdoor spaces – During warmer months, fever concerts may take place outdoors in small parks, gardens, or courtyard spaces. These open-air shows retain the intimate ambiance with the added magic of natural scenery.

  • Museums and galleries – The stillness and beauty of museum spaces create an optimal setting for absorbing fever concerts. Period rooms and sculpture gardens are popular options.

  • Historic homes and mansions – Elegant parlors and ballrooms in historic estates or mansions provide a lavish backdrop for fever performances.

Regardless of the specific venue, the spaces chosen for fever candlelight concerts aim to complement the tranquil, focused atmosphere these shows cultivate.


The musicians who participate in fever candlelight concerts are typically soloists and small chamber groups or ensembles that specialize in classical music. Many are acclaimed concert performers and recording artists who normally perform in major concert halls and arts venues.

These artists are attracted to the intimate atmosphere of the fever concerts where they can connect closely with audiences in beautiful, unusual settings. Performers appreciate the opportunity to interpret well-known classical works in a fresh and relaxed way.

While large symphony orchestras do not take part in fever concerts, some high-profile orchestral musicians will perform as soloists or in small groups. Audiences have the chance to hear virtuoso musicians from leading orchestras showcase their talents.

The understated presentation allows the artists’ musicality and artistry to take center stage. There is little barrier between the performers and listeners, which invites creative expression and interpretation by the musicians.


Fever’s candlelight concerts provide a uniquely immersive and intimate musical experience unlike any other. Here are some of the key benefits of attending one of these magical events:

Escape into the music: With the concert hall dimly lit by candles, audiences can lose themselves completely in the soaring melodies and lush instrumentation. The candles help minimize visual distractions so you can close your eyes and be fully transported by the music.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere: The unique candlelit environment creates an immediate mood—romantic, elegant, dreamlike. As the flickering candlelight dances across the performers and your fellow audience members, you feel like you’ve stepped out of reality into another world.

Get up close with artists: The intimate venue size means you can get closer to the musicians than at any large arena concert. Watch their finger-work and facial expressions as they play. Hear each breath and nuance. It’s like having front row seats without the huge price tag.

Discover new music: Programs range from familiar classical works by Mozart and Vivaldi to modern movie and pop arrangements. This variety allows you to experience both new and beloved songs in a fresh way. You’re guaranteed to walk away having discovered something new.

Escape the everyday: Between the enchanting ambience, stirring music, and lack of distractions, you can leave the stress of everyday life behind. Candlelight concerts offer the perfect atmosphere to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.


While fever candlelight concerts have become popular in recent years, they are not without criticisms. Here are some of the common complaints and downsides:

Distracting Environment

Some critics argue the dim lighting and ability to eat/drink during the performance creates too much noise and distraction. The intimate setting makes even small sounds from the audience more noticeable and disruptive.

Informal Atmosphere

The casual, relaxed environment is seen by some as disrespectful to the musicians and quality of the performance. Traditional classical concert etiquette is not enforced.

Lack of Focus on Music

With the emphasis on creating a social atmosphere, some feel the music itself gets secondary treatment. The concerts are seen as more about the experience than appreciating the art.

Shortened Selections

Rather than full concertos or symphonies, the performances tend to feature abbreviated selections or medleys. This does not satisfy critics looking for complete works.

High Ticket Costs

While seen as a premium experience, the ticket prices for fever concerts tend to be quite high compared to traditional classical performances.

Tickets and Booking

Fever Candlelight Concerts tickets can be purchased directly through the Fever website or mobile app. When you search for a specific candlelight concert, you’ll be able to view available dates and venues and select your preferred option.

Tickets are also available through third-party ticketing websites like Ticketmaster. However, it’s usually best to book directly through Fever to ensure you’re getting official tickets.

When booking through Fever, you’ll select your date, venue, number of tickets, and seating preference (if applicable, as some venues have open floor seating). You’ll then complete your purchase by providing payment information.

It’s recommended to book your tickets well in advance of the performance date, as popular candlelight concerts can sell out quickly. If a show is sold out, you can opt to join a waitlist in case more tickets become available.

Fever also offers candlelight concert gift cards and annual passes if you want to give the gift of music or attend multiple performances throughout the year. Overall, the Fever website and app make it quick and convenient to find and secure tickets to these magical musical experiences.

Notable Performances

Fever’s candlelight concerts have featured many remarkable and memorable shows over the years, highlighting top musical talent in intimate, unique settings.

In 2019, Fever hosted a spectacular candlelight concert of Disney music at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performed classic songs from Disney animation films as the venue was illuminated by hundreds of flickering candles. It created a magical, fairytale atmosphere for fans to enjoy Disney classics in a new way.

Another highlight was a 2014 candlelight concert at the Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Internationally renowned violinist Charlie Siem captivated the sold-out crowd with beautiful renditions of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and other Baroque pieces. The cathedral’s architecture provided breathtaking acoustics to enhance the intimate concert.

Fever also brought candlelight concerts to Paris’ Le Petit Palais museum in 2016, allowing audiences to experience the building’s Beaux-Arts architecture while listening to classic pop and rock hits performed on piano by tribute musician Viktor Timofeev. The combination of the ornate venue, candlelight, and emotive music created an unforgettable evening.

These examples demonstrate the unique experiences Fever has curated with candlelight concerts in magnificent venues. By pairing beautiful musical performances with evocative candlelit settings, Fever has created special concert events for fans to cherish.

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