Is Banana Republic Dark Cherry And Amber Male Or Female?

Introducing Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber Fragrance

Banana Republic was founded in 1978 and gained popularity for its safari and expedition themed clothing and retail stores (Source). In 1995, Banana Republic expanded into fragrances with the launch of their first unisex fragrance called Classic (Source). Since then, Banana Republic has released numerous fragrances for both men and women, often with adventurous and exotic themes.

The Banana Republic fragrance collection includes a wide variety of scents across floral, fresh, oriental, and woody categories. In 2021, Banana Republic added the Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance to their lineup. As the name suggests, this fragrance combines rich notes of dark cherry and amber for a sweet yet sensual scent profile.

Fragrance Notes in Dark Cherry and Amber

Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance contains a blend of fruity, floral, gourmand, and woody notes that come together to create a rich, complex scent profile. According to, the top notes include sour cherry and pink freesia, providing an initial burst of juicy fruit coupled with lighter floral accents (source).

The heart notes consist of praline and cherry blossom, lending a sweet, candy-like accent along with delicate cherry flower petals. As the scent dries down, base notes like red amber and cedar emerge, creating warmth, depth, and subtle woodiness to round out the fragrance.

Overall, the interplay between fruity top notes, gourmand heart notes, and woody base notes produces an intriguing scent journey from tart cherry to soft blossoms to creamy amber and cedar. The fragrance transitions from bright and effervescent to sensual and enveloping with time.

Gender Marketing of Fragrances

Traditionally, the fragrance industry has relied heavily on gender marketing to target their products, with separate fragrances labeled and advertised for men or women. Certain scent profiles like floral, fruity, and sweet notes have been considered feminine, while woody, spicy, and musky fragrances are marketed as masculine (1). This plays into gender stereotypes and the idea that women should smell pretty and delicate while men should smell strong and rugged.

However, these associations are largely arbitrary and driven by marketing tactics. There is nothing inherently masculine or feminine about particular scents. Anyone can enjoy any fragrance they find appealing regardless of their gender identity. The gender binary perspective on fragrances limits people’s choices and reinforces restrictive norms. Many consumers are moving beyond these limitations, recognizing that fragrance has no gender and selecting scents aligned with their individual preferences rather than gendered marketing.

Unisex Fragrances

The trend of unisex or genderfluid fragrances has been growing in recent years, with more brands creating scents meant to be worn by any gender. Traditionally, fragrances were marketed specifically to men or women. But since the 1990s, there has been a shift towards more inclusive, ambiguous scents that blur the gender boundaries.

According to Unisex perfume and its history, the first modern commercial unisex fragrance was CK One, launched by Calvin Klein in 1994. CK One was marketed as a “shared” fragrance that could be worn by both men and women. Its clean, fresh scent broke from traditional feminine and masculine fragrance profiles.

Other popular early unisex fragrances included Bulgari Pour Homme (1996) and Jil Sander Sensations (1999). The unisex trend reflected changing cultural views on gender roles and expression. Fragrances were no longer limited by binary gender categories.

Today, unisex scents continue to allow people of any gender identity to choose a fragrance aligned with their personal preferences. Brands like Le Labo, Diptyque, Maison Martin Margiela, and Tom Ford have found success with artisanal, gender-inclusive scents. The rise of unisex fragrances represents a more fluid, open approach to fragrance that focuses on the individual.

Dark Cherry and Amber – Masculine or Feminine?

Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance blends sweet fruit notes with warm, woody amber. On first sniff, the tart cherry is most prominent, giving it a fruity, bright quality. As it dries down, the amber becomes more noticeable, adding a subtle masculine edge. However, the overall composition remains relatively gender neutral.

Compared to other fragrances with similar notes, Dark Cherry and Amber lacks the overt masculinity of boozy cherry scents like Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry. It also avoids the ultra-feminine territory of candied cherry designer fragrances such as Escada Cherry in the Air. With its balance of fruit and amber, Banana Republic’s offering sits comfortably in the middle.

According to some fragrance experts, a key factor determining masculinity or femininity is the concentration of woody notes like amber and sandalwood versus fruity or floral notes [1]. As Dark Cherry and Amber features a roughly even cherry-to-amber ratio, the overall effect is an appealing, gender-neutral sensuality.

User Reviews

a person smelling a perfume bottle
Dark Cherry and Amber has received positive feedback from both men and women who have sampled or purchased it. Many reviewers praise its sweet, fruity top notes that gradually give way to the richer, warmer base. While marketing materials seem to position it as a women’s fragrance, user reviews indicate it has crossover appeal.

On Fragrantica, an online fragrance community, the reviews skew slightly more positive from women, who describe it as “sexy” and “mysterious.” However, many men also express appreciation for the scent’s balance of femininity and masculinity. Several male reviewers say it’s appropriate for nighttime and date occasions. The dark cherry note lends a subtly sweet fruitiness, while the amber provides depth and sophistication.

Based on user feedback across forums and reviews, Dark Cherry and Amber appears versatile enough to work well on both men and women, despite the feminine-leaning marketing. The striking glass bottle probably also contributes to perceptions of it as a women’s scent. However, the complex aromatic blend itself contains universal notes that appeal across genders.

Suggested Occasions

Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance is versatile enough to be worn for both daytime and nighttime occasions. The blend of fruity and musky notes makes it suitable for casual daytime wear, like running errands or meeting friends for brunch. Spray it on before heading to the gym or going on a coffee date for an invigorating cherry scent.

However, Dark Cherry and Amber transitions nicely to evening wear as well. The rich, warm base notes of amber, mahogany and musk give it a sophisticated edge for date nights or formal events. The fragrance is alluring without being overpowering, making it perfect for a romantic dinner or cocktail party. A few spritzes before going out for the evening will leave you feeling confident and put-together.

In summary, Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance is a versatile choice that can take you from day to night. Its fruity top notes create an energizing daytime scent, while the musky base notes lend an air of evening sophistication. Wear it for any occasion, whether running errands or attending a formal event.

Pairing with Fashion

Dark Cherry and Amber can be paired beautifully with fall and winter fashion styles. For women, rich jewel tones like emerald greens, burgundies, and deep plums will complement the warm, spicy cherry notes in this fragrance ( Flowing blouses, cozy knits, leather ankle boots, and statement jewelry also pair wonderfully with this scent. For men, Dark Cherry and Amber goes well with casual business attire, such as button-downs, slacks, and blazers. The fragrance will provide a sophisticated accent to board meetings and client dinners. Leather shoes and accessories can also accentuate the richness of this scent.

Here are some additional fashion tips for pairing with Dark Cherry and Amber:

  • Women: Try layering the fragrance with cashmere sweaters, fur coats, or chunky scarves for an elegant winter style.
  • Men: The warm, spicy notes complement wool suits and overcoats perfectly for a polished cold-weather look.
  • Both: Look for clothing with similarly rich hues like wine, cinnamon, espresso, or ebony to complement this scent.
  • Both: Heels and leather loafers can accentuate the sophistication of this fragrance.

Overall, Dark Cherry and Amber’s luxe, indulgent notes pair beautifully with upscale fall and winter fashion. Select garments with rich colors and fabrics that will accentuate the depth and sophistication of this scent.

Price and Availability

Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance is very reasonably priced for a designer fragrance. A 1.7oz Eau De Toilette spray retails for $42 while a 3.4oz Eau De Toilette spray costs $59. There are often sales and promotions that make it even more affordable. This allows the fragrance to appeal to a wide range of budgets.

Dark Cherry and Amber can be purchased at Banana Republic retail stores and outlet locations. It is also available online through the Banana Republic website as well as major beauty retailers like Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta. The accessibility across many retailers makes it easy to find and test this fragrance before committing to a full bottle purchase.


Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance is a modern blend that combines fruity and woody notes. The top notes of black cherry, raspberry, and mandarin orange provide a sweet fruitiness. While the middle notes of jasmine, violet leaf, and rose add a soft floral bouquet. The base notes of vanilla, amber, and musk create a warm, sensual undertone.

In terms of masculine versus feminine qualities, Dark Cherry and Amber could be classified as a “unisex” or “gender neutral” fragrance. The blend of cherry, florals, and musk provide a balanced profile that would work nicely for both men and women. While the cherry and vanilla notes lean slightly feminine, the earthy amber base provides a masculine counterpoint. Overall, the fruity and woody aroma makes this a versatile scent that falls somewhere in between strictly masculine or feminine.

In conclusion, Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber fragrance strikes a pleasing balance between bright fruits and musky warmth. The blend results in a subtle yet complex eau de parfum that would suit both men and women seeking out an intriguing, modern scent.

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