How Do I Make My House Smell Like Cinnamon And Vanilla?

Why Make Your Home Smell Like Cinnamon and Vanilla?

Having the scent of cinnamon and vanilla permeate your home creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and at home (Source). The sweet and cozy aromas are reminiscent of home baking and holidays spent with loved ones, triggering positive memories and feelings. According to research, scents have an effect on mood and can enhance job performance and productivity by up to 34% (Source). While smells fade into the background, they are still subtly noticed and impact our emotions. Making your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla can provide that comforting, uplifting environment while also making the space seem clean, fresh and pleasant.

Cinnamon and Vanilla Scented Candles

Scented candles are a classic way to fill your home with delicious cinnamon and vanilla aromas. Look for long-lasting soy or beeswax candles that use a high concentration of cinnamon and vanilla fragrance oils. According to Tuscany Candle, their Vanilla Cinnamon Brulee candle is an 18oz soy-blend that provides a long-lasting cinnamon and vanilla scent perfect for unwinding or entertaining (source). Farm Kitchen Candle Co. also offers a triple wick 17oz Cinnamon Vanilla soy candle made with a creamy vanilla and spicy cinnamon scent blend (source).

For best scent dissemination, place cinnamon vanilla candles in open central areas of your home. Avoid putting scented candles too close to airflow from vents or open windows. Burn candles for 1-2 hours at a time and trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to prevent excess smoke. Scented candles can provide an inviting cinnamon and vanilla aroma throughout your house when used properly.

Essential Oils

Essential oils like cinnamon bark and vanilla bean can infuse your home with delicious, warm scents when added to diffusers or diluted in water for misting. According to Loving Essential Oils, an effective blend for diffusers is 3 drops cinnamon bark, 2 drops nutmeg, and 2 drops vanilla. When using essential oils, it’s important to pay attention to the recommended ratios to achieve the desired scent intensity without overpowering. Start with diluted blends and adjust to suit your preferences.


One easy way to make your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla is to create homemade potpourri with natural ingredients. According to this source, you can make potpourri using dried cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, and orange peels. Simply combine these ingredients in a bowl or sachet. You can enhance the scent by adding a few drops of cinnamon or vanilla essential oils. Place the potpourri bowls around your home in places like your living room, bedroom, and entryway. As the ingredients interact, they will create a lovely cinnamon-vanilla aroma. The source recommends letting the potpourri sit for at least a week before using so the ingredients have time to meld.

Another recipe from this source suggests combining orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla beans or extract in a pot on the stovetop. Simmering these ingredients infuses the air with their scents. Follow the recipe proportions and simmer times for optimal scent diffusion. This is an easy way to quickly fill your home with the smells of cinnamon and vanilla.

Simmering Stovetop Potpourri

A simple way to make your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla is to create a simmering stovetop potpourri. This involves simmering cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and water in a pot on your stovetop. As the mixture simmers, the aromatic scent will permeate through your home.

To make stovetop potpourri, you’ll need cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and water. Start by filling a medium pot with water, enough to cover the cinnamon sticks. Add 5-10 cinnamon sticks and 1-2 tsp of vanilla extract. Bring the mixture to a simmer over medium heat. Do not boil. Allow the potpourri to simmer for a few hours, keeping an eye on the water level and refilling as needed. The simmering action will allow the cinnamon and vanilla scent to infuse the air.

For best results, keep the pot simmering for 2-3 days, refilling with water every few hours as needed. Make sure to keep an eye on it to ensure the water level stays consistent. You can prolong the lifespan of the potpourri by storing it in the fridge overnight and reheating as needed. As the water evaporates, the scent will permeate through your home, leaving behind the sweet cinnamon and vanilla aroma you desire.

Room Sprays

Making your own room spray is an easy DIY project that will scent your home with delicious cinnamon and vanilla. Simply fill a glass spray bottle with water, vodka, and your choice of cinnamon or vanilla essential oils. The vodka helps disperse the oils in the water. Decorate the bottle with festive ribbons or decorative paper if desired.

To make the room spray, start by adding 1 cup of water and 1/4 cup of vodka to your spray bottle. Next, add 15-25 drops of cinnamon essential oil, vanilla essential oil, or a blend of the two oils to reach your desired scent strength. Shake vigorously before each use to combine. Mist your room spray lightly onto fabrics like curtains, upholstery, bedding, and carpets for a lovely ambient cinnamon and vanilla aroma.

Compared to burning scented candles or simmering stovetop potpourri, room sprays provide a quick and easy method to scent your home. The fine mist reaches fabrics and disperses the scent evenly without leaving wet spots. Make sure to shake before each use, and reapply once the scent fades after a few hours or days. Enjoy your DIY signature scent!

Scented Sachets

Scented sachets are a simple way to make your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla. They are small fabric pouches filled with scented materials that you can place around your home. The benefit of scented sachets is that they are easy to make, transport, and place anywhere you want a nice scent.

scented sachets filled with cinnamon, vanilla, and spices are an easy way to make your home smell great.
To make cinnamon vanilla scented sachets, you’ll need small muslin or cheesecloth bags, a needle and thread, dried spices and herbs, and essential oils. Some good options to fill the sachets with are ground cinnamon, whole cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, dried orange peel, cloves, star anise, and nutmeg. You can also add a few drops of cinnamon or vanilla essential oil.

Once you’ve filled the sachets with your desired mixture of spices, herbs, and oils, simply tie them closed securely with ribbon or string. You can add decorative touches like sewing on buttons, bells, or bows. Then, place the sachets in closets, drawers, cabinets, or anywhere else you want to infuse with a warm, cozy cinnamon vanilla scent. Scented sachets provide continuous fragrance for weeks or months before needing to be refilled. They are an easy, mess-free way to make any room in your house smell like cinnamon and vanilla.

For more ideas on creating scented sachets, see [1].


Cinnamon Vanilla Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are an easy way to make your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla. Look for long-lasting gel or cardboard air fresheners that contain high levels of fragrance.

Some popular options include:

  • The Crown Choice Air Freshener Spray which contains essential oils and can eliminate odors (
  • Cinnamon + Vanilla scented air fresheners from West Michigan Candle Co. designed for cars but can be used in the home (

When using air fresheners, be sure to place them out of reach of pets as the chemicals can be harmful if consumed.


One of the easiest ways to make your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla is to bake treats like cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodles, apple pie, or vanilla cupcakes. The aroma from fresh baked goods will fill the air and make your home smell amazing. Some recipes to try baking include this cinnamon roll cake or this simple cinnamon cake.

As the treats bake, the scents will disseminate throughout the house. Let the smells linger and resist the urge to immediately remove the treats from the oven so the aromas have time to permeate the home.

Baking cinnamon and vanilla recipes serves two purposes – it makes the house smell great and provides tasty baked goods to enjoy afterwards. Just be sure to let the treats fully cool before eating so you don’t burn your mouth.


There are a variety of methods to make your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla, from scented candles and essential oils to simmering potpourri on the stove. The key is to use safe, high quality ingredients to achieve the perfect scent. Opt for products like 100% beeswax candles, food-grade essential oils, and spices purchased from reputable sellers. Avoid synthetic fragrances, which can emit toxic chemicals. With natural options, you can create a pleasant aroma without compromising health.

Infusing your home with the warm, sweet scents of cinnamon and vanilla provides many benefits beyond simply making your space smell good. Studies show that cinnamon can boost brain function and increase alertness. Vanilla is known to have calming properties that reduce stress and anxiety. Together, these scents create a welcoming environment that feels cozy and uplifting. Guests will feel comfortable and relax when they walk through the door.

Making your home smell like cinnamon and vanilla is an easy way to improve mood, increase focus, and cultivate a peaceful ambiance. Choose safe, natural ingredients and methods to scent every room. You and your loved ones will be surrounded by the comforting aromas of your favorite fall spices.

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