How Many Oz Is A Large Yankee Candle?

Yankee Candle is a leading manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of scented candles and fragrances. Founded in 1969 in South Hadley, Massachusetts, the company is known for its wide selection of premium candles in various sizes, scents and styles.

When shopping for Yankee Candles, one of the most important factors to consider is the candle’s size. Yankee Candles come in a range of sizes, from small votive candles to extra large jars containing over 150 ounces of wax. The size of the candle determines several aspects that are useful to know when choosing the perfect candle for your needs:

– How long the candle will burn – Larger candles provide more hours of fragrance
– Intensity of scent while burning – More wax means stronger scent throw
– Cost per ounce – Larger sizes are often more economical
– Appropriate usage – Smaller candles for bathrooms, larger for living rooms

So when determining what counts as a “large” Yankee Candle, the size in ounces makes a real difference. Knowing the available sizes and their differences allows shoppers to select the perfect candle for their space and needs.

Background on Candle Sizes

Candle sizes are generally measured in ounces, which refers to the amount of wax contained in the candle. Typical candle sizes range from 4 ounces on the smaller end to over 30 ounces for extra large candles.

Smaller 4-8 ounce candles are common for votives, tealights, and small jars. Medium 10-15 ounce candles are standard for most household uses in jars and pillars. Large 20+ ounce candles are considered appropriate for focal points and large spaces.

In general, the larger the candle size, the longer it will burn. A 4 ounce candle may provide 10-15 hours of burn time, while a 22 ounce candle could burn for over 100 hours. Larger candles also produce more fragrance and light.

Yankee Candle Jar Sizes

Yankee Candle offers their iconic jar candles in four different sizes. From smallest to largest, the available sizes are:

  • Small – Typically 6-7 ounces

  • Medium – Typically 11-12 ounces

  • Large – Typically 22-24 ounces

  • Extra Large – Typically 28-29 ounces

The small jars are perfect for sampling scents or placing in small spaces. The medium jars are ideal for frequently used rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. The large jars provide long burn times up to 150 hours and work well in main living areas. Finally, the extra large jars allow even longer burn times up to 210 hours and make stunning centerpieces in large open spaces.

Yankee Candle Tumbler Sizes

In addition to their traditional jar candles, Yankee Candle also offers tumbler candles in smaller sizes. The tumbler candles are shorter and wider, shaped more like drinking glasses. Yankee Candle tumblers come in the following sizes:

  • 3-4 ounce tumblers
  • 6-8 ounce tumblers
  • 10-11 ounce tumblers

The tumbler sizes are great for small spaces like bathrooms, office desks, and bedside tables where the large jar candles may be too big. The shorter tumbler shape allows the fragrance to fill a room without taking up much surface space. The small 3-4oz tumblers are perfect for travel or gift-giving as well.

Uses for Different Sized Candles

Candle sizes can vary greatly, from small votives to extra large jars. The dimensions and wax volume impact how the candle performs. Smaller candles like votives and tea lights have a shorter burn time, typically lasting 6-8 hours. Their compact size makes them ideal for small spaces, centerpieces, and decorative arrangements. The smaller wax pool means less fragrance is released. Medium 4-6oz jars provide 20-30 hours of burn time. This standard jar size works well for everyday use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. The medium pool releases a moderate yet noticeable fragrance.

Large candles have an extended burn time, often over 100 hours for a 22-24oz jar. Their higher wax volume produces a larger melt pool that makes more fragrance available. The long burn time allows large candles to be practicalprimary candles, providingambiance and aroma for living rooms, family rooms, dens, and otheropen gathering areas. They allow for more wax to melt at once with a strongerfragrance presence. Large candles also make dramatic decorative statementsand can anchor a table or shelf. However, the large size may be inconvenient forsome uses where a smaller or more portable candle would be better suited.

Large Yankee Candle Details

When it comes to Yankee Candle’s jar candles, the large size is typically the 22-24 ounce option. This size candle stands about 6-7 inches tall and has a burn time of approximately 110-150 hours. The large Yankee Candle jar is one of the most popular options, providing ample candle wax and fragrance to fill medium to large rooms in a home.

With 22-24 ounces of wax, the large Yankee jar candle can keep a room smelling fresh for days on end. The long burn time means you don’t have to worry about blowing it out when leaving a room or constantly relighting it. Just a few hours of burn time each day can make the candle last for months.

Yankee Candle’s large jars come in almost every signature fragrance the company offers. No matter your preference, from fruity and floral scents to musky and spicy aromas, there is likely a large Yankee Candle jar to match. The versatility and long burn time make the 22-24 ounce Yankee jars a popular pick for Yankee Candle fans.

Price Differences by Size

When comparing Yankee Candle jar sizes, there is a notable difference in price per ounce between the smaller and larger candles. The small 6 oz jar usually retails around $15, while the large 22 oz jar costs around $27. Doing the math, the price per ounce for the small jar is $2.50 ($15/6 oz), compared to $1.23 per ounce for the large jar ($27/22 oz).

That’s over a 100% price difference per ounce between the small and large sizes! So while the upfront cost of the large jar is higher at $27, you actually get a much better value compared to the smaller $15 candle. If you burn a lot of candles or want your money’s worth, the large 22 oz Yankee Candle is clearly the better buy.

The mid-size 14.5 oz Yankee Candle jar falls in the middle at around $20 retail. The price per ounce is about $1.38 ($20/14.5 oz), still more affordable than the smaller jar but not quite as economical as the large 22 oz size.

So when it comes to price and value from Yankee Candle, the general rule is: the bigger the candle, the lower the price per ounce. For candle lovers who want the most for their money, going large is the way to go.

Popularity of Large Yankee Candles

The 22-24 ounce large jar size is one of Yankee Candle’s most popular options. There are several reasons why these extra large candles are so well-liked by customers:

Longer Burn Time – The large jar candles provide a burn time of 110-150 hours. This allows consumers to enjoy the candle for weeks or even months before needing to replace it. The long burn time provides great value for the price.

Great for Gifts – The large candles make excellent gifts. Their large size makes them impressive and substantial when given as a present. People appreciate receiving these big candles as housewarming, birthday, holiday or thank you gifts.

Fragrance Throw – The 22-24 ounce jars allow Yankee Candle fragrances to really fill a room. The larger wax pool releases more fragrance than smaller candles, letting consumers enjoy the scents more fully in their homes.

Multiple Wicks – Large jar candles often have 2 or more wicks, making the flame brighter and allowing for more even burning and wax pooling.

Reusable Jar – When the candle is finished, the large glass jar can be reused around the home for storage, decor, or craft projects. This gives the candles added usefulness.

Luxurious Feel – The oversized jars have an opulent, luxurious feel compared to smaller candles. They make a bold statement on a table or shelf.

With their long burn time, fragrance throw, reuse potential, and luxurious impression, it’s easy to see why Yankee Candle’s 22-24 ounce large jar size remains a top seller year after year.

Pros and Cons of Large Yankee Candles

Large Yankee Candles have several advantages compared to smaller sizes. Some key benefits of the larger candles include:

  • Longer burn times – Large Yankee Candles typically provide between 110-150 hours of burn time. This allows you to enjoy the candle for weeks or even months before needing to replace it.
  • Improved scent throw – The larger wax pool disperses fragrance more effectively throughout the room. You’ll notice the scent is stronger and fills a larger space.
  • Better as home decor – The large jars or tumblers make an attractive decorative element. Their presence is more noticeable and they stand out as part of a room’s decor.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to keep in mind with large Yankee Candles:

  • Higher price point – Large candles cost significantly more than smaller sizes. The 22oz jar often retails for $27.99 or more.
  • More wax to dispose of – When the candle is finished, you’ll have a large amount of leftover wax to deal with responsibly.
  • Require ample space – You need sufficient tabletop or shelf space to properly display the large candle. The footprint can crowd out other items.

Overall, the enhanced scent throw and decorative appeal make the large Yankee Candles worthwhile for most shoppers. Just be sure you have the budget and space to accommodate the bigger jar or tumbler size.


As we have explored, Yankee Candle’s large candle size typically refers to their 22, 23, or 24 ounce candles sold in jars or tumblers. These large candles provide long burn times between 110-150 hours, making them a great option for Highly scented rooms, large spaces, or gifts. While more expensive at $27-$30, the large candles offer great value with lower cost per hour burned. Their popularity and positive reviews highlight the quality and performance people have come to expect from Yankee Candle’s biggest candles. With proper care and precautions, these large jar and tumbler candles can provide an unmatched experience of fragrance and ambiance. For candle lovers or anyone looking to fill their home with long-lasting Yankee scent, the 22-24 ounce size is clearly the way to go.

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