Is Bath And Body Works Candle Day Only One Day?

What is Candle Day at Bath & Body Works?

Candle Day is an annual major sale event held at Bath & Body Works stores for their popular candle products. It usually takes place every December, typically earlier in the month. During the promotion, Bath & Body Works offers deep discounts on all their various candle scents and sizes, including the popular 3-wick candles.

The Candle Day sale only lasts for one day, with all candles being priced at the hugely reduced rate of $10-$15 each for that 24 hour period. This represents significant savings, as regular prices for Bath & Body Works candles are normally in the range of $24.50-$27.50. Along with candles, the Candle Day sale also includes discounts on candle holders, accessories and gift sets.

Candle Day draws major crowds of shoppers every year and creates a frenzy of excitement and activity at Bath & Body Works locations across the country. Many fans and bargain hunters plan their shopping trips well in advance to take advantage of the huge single-day savings on these top-selling candle items. It’s become a major annual retail event for the brand.

When is Candle Day 2022?

Candle Day at Bath & Body Works is held every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. In 2022, Candle Day will take place on December 2nd. This is one of the most popular shopping days of the year for Bath & Body Works, with customers lining up early in the morning to take advantage of the special discounts on candles.

Doors typically open in the early morning hours between 5am-6am at most locations. Some eager shoppers even camp out overnight to be the first ones inside when stores open for Candle Day! So mark your calendars for Friday, December 2nd if you want to shop the Candle Day sale this year. It’s only a one day event, so you don’t want to miss it!

How long does Candle Day last?

Technically, Candle Day only lasts for one day – Friday, December 2nd, 2022. This is the only official day that all Bath & Body Works locations across the United States participate in the major candle sale. However, the Candle Day deals may extend through the weekend for online shoppers. The Bath & Body Works website typically offers the same Candle Day promotions from Friday through Sunday, while supplies last.

In contrast, in-store availability of discounted candles is very limited after the initial Candle Day on Friday. Most locations sell out of their stock of candles on sale during the Candle Day madness on Friday. While stores may restock some leftover candles on Saturday, there is no guarantee of availability or which specific candles will be available. So for the best in-store selection, lining up early on Candle Day is key.

In summary, the one official in-store Candle Day is Friday, December 2nd, 2022 for this year. But online shoppers can take advantage of extended Candle Day deals all weekend long, if any candle stock remains available. Just don’t expect your local store to have abundance of candles left on Saturday or Sunday!

What are the Candle Day deals?

The main attraction of Candle Day is the huge discount on candles. Select 3-wick candles are only $10.25 on Candle Day, compared to their regular price of $24.50. That’s almost 60% off! It’s one of the biggest sales of the year at Bath and Body Works.

It’s not just candles on sale either. Candle holders, reed diffusers, wallflowers, and other candle accessories are also discounted on Candle Day. So it’s a great opportunity to stock up on all things candle-related.

There are also typically some online exclusive deals and gift sets for Candle Day as well. These special value sets allow you to get multiple candles and accessories together at an even deeper discount.

With the deep discounts on the entire candle range, Candle Day creates a frenzy of excitement and huge crowds flocking to stores. So expect long lines if you shop in person. The website can also get bogged down with heavy traffic during the event.

What candles are included in Candle Day?

Almost all Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles are eligible for the Candle Day promotion, giving you an enormous selection to choose from. This includes their most popular classic fragrances as well as seasonal holiday scents.

The only candles that are typically excluded are rare, limited edition, or specialty candles that are produced in very small batches. But other than those few special exclusives, you’ll find all your candle favorites available for $10.95 on Candle Day.

So whether you love refreshing scents like Watermelon Lemonade and Coastal Watermelon or cozy vanillas like Marshmallow Fireside and Vanilla Bean Noel, you’ll discover an abundance of candle options to fill your home with fragrance. It’s the best chance of the year to stock up on Bath & Body Works’ famous 3-wick candles!

Candle Day Shopping Tips

To make the most out of Bath & Body Works Candle Day, keep these shopping tips in mind:

Get there early for best selection

Get to the store as early as possible when doors open. Popular scents and designs sell out quickly, so heading there first thing increases your chances of getting what you want.

Shop online early for online exclusives

Online exclusives start as early as midnight EST, so set your alarm to wake up and shop. Many unique and limited edition candles are available online only.

Bring coupons for extra savings

Keep an eye out for extra Bath & Body Works coupons. Load them onto your phone or print them out beforehand to stack savings on Candle Day.

Buy holders/accessories too

If you’re stocking up on candles, it doesn’t hurt to grab candle holders, trays, or other accessories too. Candle Day deals might include other products as well.

History of Candle Day

Bath & Body Works first introduced Candle Day as an annual one-day event in 2017. The inaugural Candle Day offered customers the beloved 3-wick candles for the unheard of price of just $8.50 each.

Word quickly spread among Bath & Body Works fans about the incredible candle deals to be had on Candle Day. Each subsequent year has seen Candle Day sales and hype grow exponentially. Now thousands line up outside stores in the early morning hours before opening to have the first pick of candles. Others strategize their shopping routes to hit multiple locations. Social media fuels Candle Day mania for weeks in advance, making it the single most anticipated Bath & Body Works sale event of the year.

Why is Candle Day so popular?

Candle Day at Bath & Body Works has become an enormously popular annual event for several key reasons:

First and foremost are the extremely deep discounts on normally pricey candles. Bath & Body Works candles typically range from $25-$27, putting them solidly in the premium bracket. But on Candle Day, all 3-wick candles — including brand new seasonal scents — are just $10 each. That works out to a whopping 60-70% discount from normal prices. For devoted Bath & Body Works fans, the chance to stock up on an entire year’s worth of great-smelling home decor at a fraction of the usual cost is incredibly enticing.

The appeal is further enhanced by Candle Day’s positioning as a fun holiday shopping tradition for many BBW enthusiasts. It takes place in early December annually, putting it firmly in the festive holiday shopping spirit. Braving the crowds and long lines with friends captures the sensation of a retail holiday event, driving hype and excitement. For retail addicts and candle lovers alike it’s an exhilarating yearly ritual not to be missed.

Finally, Candle Day allows shoppers to efficiently tick off multiple gifts from their holiday shopping list while also stocking up on home fragrance for themselves. With discounts so deep, buying 5 or 10 candles still represents great value even if not all are personally used. They can be gifted, donated, or exchanged later. For time-pressed shoppers, grabbing armfuls of attractively packaged scented candles in one stop provides an easy way to cross gifts off their list for friends, family, coworkers, and more. And setting themselves up with a huge supply of candles for their own home décor needs for the coming year is an alluring perk too.

What to do if store is sold out

If your local Bath & Body Works store sells out of candles during Candle Day, don’t fret. There are still ways to get your hands on the coveted 3-wick candles at the discounted price.

First, check online to see if the candles are still available at When stores sell out, there is often still online inventory available to ship. Keep checking back as more inventory is often added throughout Candle Day as candles sell out in stores.

You can also come back to the store first thing the next day. Stores will typically restock the shelves with returned and leftover candles the day after Candle Day. You might find some hidden gems!

Additionally, call other nearby store locations to see if they have any candles left in stock from Candle Day. Stores in less busy areas sometimes have inventory left over.

And finally, there is always next Candle Day. Though the exact date changes every year, Bath & Body Works generally hosts a one-day Candle Day twice a year – once in December and once in the summer. So mark your calendars and be ready to shop next Candle Day!

Candle Day FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Candle Day to help make your shopping trip go smoothly:

What are the store hours during Candle Day?

Most Bath & Body Works locations open at either 8 or 9am on Candle Day and close at 10pm. Some stores may have extended hours so check your local listing.

Can I use coupons on Candle Day?

Typically no coupons or promotions can be combined with the Candle Day sale prices. The $10.95 three-wick candles are already a great deal so coupons are not needed.

Can I return or exchange candles after Candle Day?

Yes, Bath & Body Works standard return policy does apply after Candle Day. Make sure to keep your receipt if needed for returns or exchanges.

How early should I line up before the store opens?

The best time to arrive is typically 1-2 hours before opening to avoid long lines. Hardcore candle fans have been known to camp out overnight!

What should I bring while waiting in line?

Bring comfortable shoes, warm layers, water/snacks, battery packs for your phone, and some good company or entertainment to make the wait go faster.

How picked over will the selection be later in the day?

Supplies tend to dwindle fast so go early for the best selection. However, shipments are continuously arriving so some sought-after candles could be restocked later on.

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