How Far Is Kringle Candle From Yankee Candle?

Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle are two of the most popular candle brands in the United States. Based in Massachusetts, Yankee Candle established itself as an industry leader after starting out as a small business in 1969. Kringle Candle opened its doors in Bernardston, Massachusetts in 1998 and has become known for its Christmas-themed candles and holiday scents.

The distance between the headquarters and flagship stores of these two major candle companies matters to shoppers who want to visit both brands. Yankee Candle’s headquarters is located in South Deerfield, while Kringle Candle’s facility is 28 miles north in Bernardston. For candle enthusiasts who want to experience tours, museums, and shopping at the two brands, knowing the distance can help plan an exciting candle-themed road trip.

Where is Kringle Candle Located?

Kringle Candle is located in Bernardston, Massachusetts. Bernardston is a small town in Franklin County, situated in the northwestern part of Massachusetts near the Vermont border. Kringle Candle’s flagship store and headquarters is located at 220 South Street, in a large converted historic barn right in the heart of downtown Bernardston. This sprawling 60,000 square foot facility houses both the main Kringle store and their candle making operations. The store has high wooden beam ceilings, hardwood floors, and is filled with rows of Kringle’s signature candles and home decor items. There is also a coffee shop and cafe inside where customers can grab a bite to eat. This main Kringle Candle store has become a popular tourist shopping destination in the region, drawing in large crowds daily from across New England seeking candles, gifts, food, and the cozy, rural shopping experience Kringle provides.

Where is Yankee Candle Located?

Yankee Candle is headquartered and originally started in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. The company’s flagship store and international headquarters are located at 25 Greenfield Road, right along Massachusetts Route 5.

The South Deerfield headquarters is considered the world’s largest candle store at 250,000 square feet. It contains the company’s candle making operations, distribution center, and main retail location. The flagship store has candle scenting stations, a Bavarian Christmas village, candle museum, winding village streets, and even a candle making theater.

Yankee Candle’s South Deerfield location started as a small candle shop in 1969 and has expanded over the decades into a massive campus-style headquarters and tourist destination. South Deerfield, Massachusetts remains the center of operations for Yankee Candle’s global business today.

Driving Distance Between the Two

For those looking to drive between the two popular candle shops, Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle’s flagship stores are located approximately 138 miles apart by car. Kringle Candle’s flagship store is located in Bernardston, MA while Yankee Candle’s flagship store is located in South Deerfield, MA.

The most direct driving route is to take Interstate 91 South for the entire 138 mile trip. Taking this direct route, the drive time between the two candle giants is estimated to take around 2 hours and 15 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

This stretch of I-91 takes you through the beautiful Massachusetts countryside. Along the way you’ll drive alongside the Connecticut River and pass by small towns and green forests and hills.

So if you’re looking for a scenic drive to compare two of America’s most popular candle brands, hop in your car and take a ride down Interstate 91 through western Massachusetts. Just be sure to drive safely and stop to smell the candles along the way!

Distance as the Crow Flies

When calculating the shortest distance between two points, the direct line distance is often referred to as the distance “as the crow flies.” This represents the most direct route if you could travel in a straight line between Kringle Candle in Bernardston, MA and Yankee Candle’s flagship store in South Deerfield, MA.

Using online mapping tools, we can determine the direct line distance between the two candle companies is approximately 9 miles (14 km). This aerial distance does not account for real world obstacles like roads, terrain, bodies of water, etc. But it gives us the shortest possible distance between the Kringle and Yankee Candle stores.

So while driving or walking between the locations covers more ground due to winding roads, the absolute minimum distance is about 9 miles as the crow flies.

Walking and Cycling Distance

For those looking to walk or bike between Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle, the journey is certainly feasible but will take some time. The walking distance between the two candle stores is approximately 15 miles if following main roads. At a casual walking pace of 3 mph, the journey would take around 5 hours to complete one-way.

For cyclists, the route could be covered much more quickly. The most direct cycling route between Kringle Candle in Bernardston, MA and Yankee Candle in South Deerfield, MA is around 15 miles on main roads. At a moderate cycling pace of 10-12 mph, a cyclist could expect to cover the distance in 1.5-2 hours one-way. Some parts of the journey follow quiet country roads with shoulders, though other sections require riding along busier roads. Overall the route between the two candle giants is a nice way for cycling enthusiasts to experience the beautiful countryside of western Massachusetts.

Public Transportation Options

Taking public transportation between Kringle Candle in Bernardston, Massachusetts and Yankee Candle in South Deerfield, Massachusetts is possible but requires multiple transfers.

The most direct public transit option is to take the Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA) Route 21 bus from Bernardston to Greenfield, Massachusetts. This takes around 30 minutes. From Greenfield, you would need to transfer to the Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA) Route 23 bus to South Deerfield. This leg takes around 20 minutes.

The total public transportation trip takes approximately 50 minutes, not counting waiting times for transfers in Greenfield. It requires coordination to ensure you catch the Route 23 bus after arriving in Greenfield on Route 21. Checking schedules in advance is advisable.

This public transit option only runs Monday to Friday, with no weekend service. It also does not operate on certain holidays. The bus schedule is limited, so travelers should plan accordingly.

Shipping Distance Between Warehouses

Both Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle rely on an extensive logistics and distribution network to get their products into stores. This involves shipping inventory between warehouses and distribution centers located across the United States.

Kringle Candle’s main production facility and warehouse is located in Bernardston, MA. Yankee Candle’s main distribution center is located in South Deerfield, MA. The two locations are only about 20 miles apart via trucking routes.

So the shipping distance between the main warehouses for each company is quite short – just a quick trip up Interstate 91 that likely takes 30-45 minutes. This allows for efficient transportation of inventory between the facilities as needed.

Of course, both companies also have other warehouses scattered across the country. But the proximity of the two flagship facilities in Western Massachusetts makes logistics simple for getting product between Kringle and Yankee Candle’s operations.

Business History and Rivalry

Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle have been competitors in the scented candle industry for decades, though their origins differ greatly. Kringle Candle was founded in 2009 by a husband and wife team in Bernardston, Massachusetts. They started out making candles as Christmas gifts and eventually turned it into a thriving business selling holiday-themed candles.

Yankee Candle, on the other hand, has a much longer history dating back to 1969 when 17-year-old Mike Kittredge created his first scented candle in his parents’ basement in South Hadley, Massachusetts. He used melted crayons to create the first candles and the business took off through the 1970s and 80s. Today, Yankee Candle is a large public company selling a wide variety of scented candles.

As two of the most prominent candle brands based in Massachusetts, Kringle and Yankee have competed for market share of the candle industry in New England and beyond. Kringle has positioned itself as a specialty holiday candle while Yankee aims for mass market appeal. There is certainly overlap in their customer base, though Kringle has benefitted from more artisanal small batch production versus Yankee’s automated manufacturing process. However, Yankee’s size and scale also allows it to reach many more customers through retailers nationally and internationally.


The driving distance between Kringle Candle and Yankee Candle headquarters is about 160 miles if you take the shortest route via I-84 E and I-90 E. While this is a considerable distance that takes over 2.5 hours to drive nonstop, many Yankee Candle and Kringle Candle enthusiasts make the trip for the ultimate candle shopping experience. For those who want to visit both candle meccas in one trip, following the route via I-84 E and I-90 E is the most efficient way to travel between the two locations.

For locals who live near one of the flagship candle stores, the distance between the two companies likely doesn’t matter much. Yankee Candle and Kringle Candle fans are loyal to their favorite brand. However, the stores’ distance from each other does present a fun road trip opportunity for candle lovers willing to embark on the 160-mile journey along the Northeast candle trail.

While it’s not necessarily convenient for customers to visit both stores in one day, the distance generates some friendly competition and comparison between two major players in the candle industry. Both companies pride themselves on the shopping experience they offer customers. So whether you’re Team Yankee or Team Kringle, the distance between stores won’t stop true candle aficionados from visiting their candle mecca of choice.

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