Can You Send Perfumes In The Mail?

Sending perfume through the mail is very common in today’s world of online shopping. Perfume is considered a hazardous material by shipping companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx due to its flammable alcohol content. However, there are regulations in place that allow consumers to safely ship perfume as long as proper precautions are taken with packaging and shipping methods. This article will provide an overview of mailing perfume domestically and internationally through USPS, UPS, and FedEx, including a summary of regulations, packaging requirements, shipping methods, and liability. With the right information, perfume can be shipped safely to recipients across the country and around the world.

USPS Regulations

The United States Postal Service has specific guidelines and restrictions when it comes to shipping perfumes containing alcohol domestically or internationally. According to the USPS, perfume containing alcohol may not be shipped internationally or domestically using air transportation (

However, perfume containing alcohol can be shipped domestically via ground transportation. The USPS states that perfumes with alcohol can be shipped through Priority Mail and First-Class Package Service within the U.S. using surface transportation only ( There are some packaging requirements and restrictions based on the mail class used.

In summary, the USPS has regulations allowing perfumes with alcohol to be shipped within the United States using ground transportation only. International shipments or any shipments using air transportation are prohibited.

Ground Shipping

USPS allows perfumes and fragrances to be shipped via ground methods, with some restrictions. According to the USPS website, ground shipment of perfume is permitted for quantities less than 120ml per mail piece. Perfumes cannot be shipped using Standard Post, Media Mail, or Library Mail. Packaging requirements must also be met.

Some ground shipping methods that allow perfumes include Parcel Select Ground and Retail Ground. The maximum weight for these methods is typically 70 lbs. Proper labeling is recommended when shipping perfume ground, including the word “perfume” or “fragrance.” Addressing packages with the word perfume is also suggested.

While ground shipping of perfume is permitted in many cases, some online sellers have reported issues with certain distribution centers. According to discussions on Fragrantica (source), some USPS locations have confiscated or returned perfumes shipped ground. Checking with your local post office about policies is recommended.

Priority Mail

The United States Postal Service (USPS) allows perfumes and other flammable liquids to be shipped via Priority Mail within the continental United States, under certain conditions. Priority Mail is an expedited shipping service offered by USPS and delivers most packages in 1-3 business days.

When shipping perfume Priority Mail, it must be declared during the shipping process and labeled properly. Perfume can only be shipped in the original factory sealed container and must follow the limits on volume – no more than 16 oz per bottle and no more than 70 oz total. The perfume containers also cannot be wrapped or have contact with any packing like styrofoam peanuts.

USPS states that all flammable solids and liquids, including perfumes, must meet general packaging standards. This includes having a minimum 1.2mm thickness if plastic or 0.97mm if metal or other material. The containers must be sealed tightly to prevent leaks. Any inner containers must be packed to prevent breakage, and surrounded by absorbent cushioning material. Using an outer shipping box made of corrugated fiberboard is recommended.

Perfume shipments through Priority Mail are covered against loss or damage, up to $100 of declared value. However, shippers can purchase additional insurance if declaring a higher value.

First Class Package

The USPS allows perfumes containing alcohol to be shipped via First Class Package service within the United States, as long as each inner container is 3.4 ounces or less and the outer packaging is 12 ounces or less (Source 1). There are no restrictions on the percentage of alcohol allowed. First Class Package can be a cost-effective option for shipping small quantities of perfume domestically. Packages must be properly labeled and packed to prevent damage or leakage. The maximum weight for First Class Package is 13 ounces (Source 2). This service does not provide tracking or insurance, so it is recommended for lower value packages.

International Shipping

There are additional restrictions and regulations when shipping perfume internationally compared to domestic shipping. According to How to Ship Perfume Internationally, perfume is classified as a dangerous good for air transportation. This means there are quantity limits and packaging requirements set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

For international ground transportation, each country sets their own regulations. It’s important to check with the destination country’s transportation authority. For example, when shipping perfume to the European Union by truck or rail, the regulations set by The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) must be followed.

Using a knowledgeable shipping partner like DHL, UPS or FedEx can help navigate the changing international regulations. Their teams stay up-to-date on the different rules for each country. This ensures perfume gets shipped safely and legally to the final international destination.

Packaging Requirements

When shipping perfumes through the mail, proper packaging is essential to prevent leaks and damage. According to,and%20seal%20with%20shipping%20tape, perfume bottles should be wrapped in bubble wrap or foam sheets to cushion them from shocks and impacts. Place each wrapped bottle individually in a sealable plastic bag in case of leaks. Then pack the bagged perfumes in a sturdy shipping box filled with packing peanuts, crumpled paper, or more bubble wrap to prevent the bottles from moving around.

bubble wrap and tape help secure perfume bottles for mailing

For added protection, recommends taping over the perfume caps and spray nozzles with waterproof tape to prevent accidental opening or spraying during transit. The outer shipping box should also be taped securely shut on all seams and marked as “fragile.” Proper packaging is the best way to ensure perfume shipments arrive safely at their destination without leaking or breaking.


When shipping perfume through the mail, liability falls on the shipper if the perfume breaks or leaks in transit. According to the Uniform Commercial Code, the shipper remains responsible for the goods until the recipient signs for and receives the package [1]. This means that if a bottle breaks and damages the contents of the package, the shipper must file a claim with the carrier and take responsibility for replacing the merchandise. The recipient cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs during shipping.

Some key considerations around liability include:

  • Insure all perfume shipments to protect yourself as the shipper
  • Use proper packaging techniques to prevent breakage
  • Know which mailing services provide more liability protection
  • Understand that international shipments have different liability rules

By taking steps to mitigate risk and insure perfume shipments, the shipper can limit their liability exposure if any damage does occur. Ultimately though, the responsibility lies with the shipper to deliver the package intact.


While USPS has restrictions on shipping perfumes containing alcohol, there are some alternative shipping options to consider:

One option is to ship perfume via UPS or FedEx. According to How To Ship Perfume in the Mail, UPS allows shipping perfume but may have stricter packaging requirements. You would need to work directly with UPS to arrange perfume shipments. FedEx also allows shipping perfume domestically and internationally but has hazardous materials contracts and restrictions.

For international perfume shipments, How To Ship Perfume, Makeup, and Cosmetics Safely notes DHL as an option. DHL has specific regulations and packaging requirements for shipping perfumes and other cosmetics overseas.

Some other alternatives mentioned on Reddit include Purolator and using freight forwarders. However, costs and restrictions may still apply.


In summary, perfumes and fragrances can be legally shipped through the US Postal Service and private carriers like UPS and FedEx, but there are some regulations and restrictions to be aware of. When shipping perfumes domestically, USPS ground shipping is typically the most affordable option, while Priority Mail and First Class Package are better for faster delivery. For international shipping, USPS Priority Mail International is recommended to balance cost, speed, and tracking capabilities. Proper packaging is critical to prevent damage, spills, or leakage during transit. Bubble wrap, tape, and zip-top bags can help secure perfume bottles and prevent breakage. WhilePerfume and fragrance shipments have some limited insurance coverage, shippers may want to purchase additional insurance for valuable items. As an alternative to shipping perfumes, some companies offer perfume sample vials that can be shipped more easily. By understanding postal regulations, packaging perfumes very carefully, and taking out insurance when warranted, perfume lovers can safely send scented gifts and products through the mail.

In summary, it is possible to ship perfumes and fragrances through the mail if certain precautions are taken. With the proper packaging and shipping methods, perfumes can arrive intact and avoid postal issues or damage. Following the guidelines outlined can help ensure a smooth shipping process.

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