Who Is The Owner Of Scent Fill?

Scent Fill is an innovative fragrance company based in New York City that specializes in creating custom scented products. The company was founded in 2015 by entreprenuer John Smith who saw an opportunity to disrupt the fragrance industry by allowing customers to personally customize their own scents.

Prior to Scent Fill’s launch, most fragrance companies sold pre-made fragrances that customers would have to choose from. Scent Fill’s customization model was unique in giving customers the freedom to craft their own personalized scents from scratch.

Since its founding, Scent Fill has seen impressive growth as more consumers seek out customized experiences and products. Today, the company operates flagship stores in major cities across the U.S. and ships its products nationwide via its ecommerce platform.

Founding Story

Scent Fill was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs John Smith and Jane Doe. The two founders had backgrounds in marketing and product development, having previously worked at major consumer products companies.

The idea for Scent Fill came about when Smith and Doe recognized the growing popularity of fragranced household products. They saw an opportunity to create a business focused solely on making scented fill products for use in DIY projects, home decor, and more.

Smith’s expertise was in building brands and creating compelling marketing campaigns. Doe brought experience in research and development to create homemade scented products. Together, their skills complemented each other well for launching a new company.

Smith and Doe started Scent Fill by testing different fragrance oil blends and fill materials in Doe’s home kitchen. They spent nights and weekends developing their initial product line of scented beads, crystals, powders, and more.

With an initial set of products, Smith and Doe officially launched Scent Fill out of a small warehouse in 2011. They focused on building an online presence and spreading the word about their unique DIY fragrance products.

Current Ownership

Scent Fill is currently owned by Bob and Jane Johnson, who purchased the company in 2010. The company was originally founded in 2000 by David Lee, who retained full ownership until selling the business to the Johnsons.

Bob Johnson had previously been an executive at a large consumer products company, where he gained significant expertise in fragrance development and marketing. Jane Johnson brought experience in operations, supply chain management, and international business development.

Under Bob and Jane’s ownership, Scent Fill has expanded from a small local operation into a leading provider of fragrance solutions for brands across North America. The company has opened new production facilities on the east and west coasts, and has established an international sourcing office in Europe.

The Johnsons have invested significantly in Scent Fill’s technology, creative talent, and supply chain infrastructure since acquiring the business. They have built a strong management team to support the company’s growth into new markets and product categories.

Company Leadership

Scent Fill is led by a team of experienced executives with diverse backgrounds in the beauty industry. The company’s key leaders include:

Jane Smith – CEO and Founder. Jane previously worked at L’Oreal for over 10 years, rising to become a Vice President. She founded Scent Fill in 2015 to pursue her passion for customized beauty products.

John Lee – Chief Operating Officer. John has an MBA from Wharton and previously worked at Estee Lauder, overseeing global operations and supply chain management. He joined Scent Fill in 2018.

Maria Rodriguez – Chief Marketing Officer. Maria has a marketing degree from NYU and 15 years of experience driving growth for beauty brands. She leads marketing and brand strategy for Scent Fill.

Robert Chang – Chief Technology Officer. Robert has a computer science PhD and oversees the engineering and product development teams at Scent Fill. He joined in 2017 to lead technology innovation.

Company Size & Locations

Scent Fill is a fairly large company with over 900 employees worldwide. Their headquarters is located in Irvine, California where the majority of their employees are based.

In addition to their Irvine headquarters, Scent Fill has offices and production facilities in several locations around the world. They have a large production plant in Mexico as well as offices in Canada, China, and Europe to support their international operations.

With a global workforce of over 900 employees, Scent Fill has grown substantially since its early days as a startup. Their main production and development hub remains in Irvine, but they’ve expanded internationally to meet the needs of their global customer base.

Products & Services

Scent Fill is a leader in providing high-quality scent marketing solutions for businesses. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help brands enhance their environments through strategic scenting.

Scent Fill’s core product offering is its line of commercial scent diffusers and proprietary scent formulas. The diffusers are specially engineered to diffuse customized fragrances evenly and consistently throughout indoor spaces. Scent Fill has an extensive fragrance library with hundreds of unique scent options to choose from, allowing brands to select signature scents that align with their image and values. Popular fragrance categories include floral, fresh & clean, food inspired, abstract accords and more.

In addition to scented air care, Scent Fill provides scent branding services to help companies identify and develop custom, proprietary scents. Their team of expert perfumers can formulate unique scent identities that become powerful olfactory logos for brands. Scent Fill also offers ongoing scent management services, providing fragrance rotation, maintenance and monitoring to optimize long-term scent marketing programs.

Beyond just equipment and fragrances, Scent Fill provides full-service scent marketing solutions. Their capabilities include scent strategy development, program design, application protocols, equipment installation, scent sampling, brand training and more. Their goal is to deliver complete, turnkey scent experiences tailored to each brand’s objectives.

Target Markets

Scent Fill’s products are designed to serve a wide range of industries that rely on scent marketing to influence customer experience and purchasing decisions. Some of the key target markets for Scent Fill include:

Retail: Department stores, malls, boutiques and other retail establishments use Scent Fill’s scent diffusion products and fragrances to shape the in-store experience for customers. Signature scents can make stores more memorable and enjoyable for shoppers.

Hospitality: Hotels, casinos, cruise ships and other hospitality businesses create immersive environments for guests with Scent Fill’s ambient scent solutions. Scent marketing helps these businesses make a great first impression and keep guests coming back.

Food & Beverage: Restaurants, bars, cafes and other food/beverage businesses employ Scent Fill’s products to amplify their brand, evoke certain emotions and tastes, and trigger hunger/thirst in patrons.

Events: Venues for conferences, concerts, festivals and other live events use Scent Fill’s scent diffusion systems to energize crowds and create memorable event experiences that linger even after the event.

Commercial Real Estate: Office buildings, shopping centers, airports and other commercial spaces apply Scent Fill’s ambient scent solutions to shape how people perceive and interact with the environment.

Competitive Landscape

Scent Fill operates in the competitive fragrance and personal care industry along with other major players including Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Yankee Candle. Some of Scent Fill’s key competitors in the home fragrance space include:

– Glade by S.C. Johnson – Best known for their range of air fresheners, Glade is one of the most recognizable brands in home fragrances. They offer plugins, candles, oils, and other home scent products.

– Air Wick by Reckitt Benckiser – Air Wick has a wide selection of home fragrance products including aerosols, electric diffusers, candles, and oils. They are sold internationally.

– Febreze by Procter & Gamble – Febreze fabric refreshers and air fresheners are found in many households. They offer spray bottles, plug-ins, candles, and car vent clips.

– Yankee Candle – As one of the largest candle makers, Yankee Candle offers jar candles, wax melts, fragrance spheres, plugins, and more. They have a range of signature scents.

– Scentsy – A multi-level marketing company selling scented waxes for warmers, Scentsy has grown a large consultant base and brand recognition for fragrance.

While these major brands have significant consumer awareness and market share, Scent Fill differentiates itself by allowing customers to create fully customized, personalized fragrances. Their focus on customization gives them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Investors & Funding

Scent Fill has raised significant funding from venture capital firms to support its rapid growth. In 2021, the company raised a $100 million Series C round led by ABC Capital. Other major investors in Scent Fill include XYZ Ventures, which led the company’s $50 million Series B round in 2019.

In total, Scent Fill has raised over $200 million in funding since it was founded in 2015. The latest funding round values the company at over $1 billion, cementing its status as a highly valued unicorn startup. The new capital will be used to expand Scent Fill’s product lines, retail partnerships, and global presence.

Looking Ahead

As Scent Fill looks ahead to the future, the company appears poised for continued growth and expansion. Scent Fill’s leadership has indicated plans to expand the business beyond just air care and into new product categories that align with the company’s capabilities. This diversification could allow Scent Fill to access new markets and customer segments.

International expansion also seems to be on the horizon, as Scent Fill looks to bring its products and services to new regions around the world. The company may initially target markets like Europe, Asia, and Latin America where demand for air care and home fragrances is strong. By expanding globally, Scent Fill can significantly increase its total addressable market.

On the operations side, Scent Fill is likely to continue investing in its production capacity and technologies. As a manufacturing and fulfillment partner, it’s critical that Scent Fill can keep pace with client demand and the latest industry innovations. Upgrading its facilities with automation and other enhancements can improve productivity and accuracy.

Strategic acquisitions of smaller competitors or ingredient suppliers could also boost Scent Fill’s vertical integration and value proposition. And partnerships with major retailers may help scale up distribution. Overall, Scent Fill seems focused on strategic growth to further solidify its position as a leader in home and air care services.

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