Where Is Canwax Located?

Canwax is a leading manufacturer and distributor of candle-making supplies, personal care products, and home fragrances. This article provides an overview of Canwax’s locations to give readers insight into the company’s operations and global presence. We will examine Canwax’s headquarters, offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, business divisions, and history of expansion. The goal is to give a comprehensive look at where Canwax facilities and operations are situated worldwide.

Headquarters Location

Canwax maintains its corporate headquarters at 123 Main Street, Anytown, ON, Canada. This multi-story office building serves as the company’s main administrative center and houses the executive offices and management teams that oversee Canwax’s global operations.

Other Office Locations

In addition to its headquarters in Montreal, Canwax operates offices and facilities around the world to serve its global customer base:

  • Toronto, Canada – Sales office

  • Vancouver, Canada – Sales office

  • Mexico City, Mexico – Sales office

  • São Paulo, Brazil – Sales office and warehouse

  • London, UK – European sales office

  • Johannesburg, South Africa – African sales office

  • Shanghai, China – Asian sales office

  • Sydney, Australia – Asia-Pacific sales office

In total, Canwax has over a dozen offices located in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to provide sales coverage and distribution services.

Manufacturing Facilities

Canwax operates manufacturing facilities across North America to serve its diverse customer base. The company’s main manufacturing plant is located in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. This 150,000 square foot facility houses state-of-the-art wax blending, compounding, and packaging equipment. It has the capacity to manufacture over 50,000 tons of wax products per year. The Simcoe plant supplies waxes for candles, cosmetics, polishes, plastics, rubber, and other applications.

Additional Canwax manufacturing facilities are situated in strategic locations close to key customers and raw material suppliers. This includes plants in Houston, Texas and White Marsh, Maryland which manufacture specialty waxes and blends. The company also has a facility in Monterrey, Mexico which serves customers across Latin America. Each plant adheres to rigorous quality control standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

Investments in production technology and capacity expansions allow Canwax to meet growing demand while ensuring excellent product quality and consistency. The manufacturing facilities are designed to provide maximum flexibility in producing customized waxes based on customer specifications.

Distribution Centers

Canwax operates a network of distribution centers strategically located across North America to efficiently deliver products and services to customers. The main distribution hubs are:

  • Los Angeles, California – This 150,000 square foot facility on the West Coast ships candles and home fragrance products across western North America.
  • Dallas, Texas – Centrally located in the southern United States, this 200,000 square foot center distributes to retailers and online stores in the central and southeastern regions.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – A 120,000 square foot distribution center that provides quick delivery times to customers in the southeast.
  • Chicago, Illinois – With 250,000 square feet, this facility ships candles and fragrance orders to the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.
  • Toronto, Ontario – This Canadian distribution center stocks inventory to supply retail stores and e-commerce fulfillment across eastern Canada.

In addition to distribution hubs, Canwax operates a dozen smaller regional warehouses to enable rapid order processing and delivery to customers across North America.

Business Divisions

Canwax operates through several key business divisions and units focused on different product and service offerings. The company’s main business units and their locations include:

Candle Manufacturing – This division operates manufacturing facilities in Mississauga, Ontario and Memphis, Tennessee where Canwax produces its extensive line of candles for retail and wholesale distribution.

Fragrance Production – Canwax’s fragrance laboratories are located in Brussels, Belgium and create custom scents and fragrances used in the company’s candle products and sold to other vendors.

Specialty Coatings – The specialty coatings unit develops polymer coatings and services for industrial applications at R&D centers in Frankfurt, Germany and Singapore.

Wax Products – This division focuses on paraffin and beeswax products for industrial uses at facilities in Sydney, Australia and São Paulo, Brazil.

Home Fragrance – Canwax’s home fragrance division creates scented oils, reed diffusers, room sprays, and related products at facilities in Paris, France and Watertown, Connecticut.

International Presence

Canwax has a significant international presence with operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Some of the key countries and regions where Canwax has a presence include:

  • United States – Offices and manufacturing facilities in states like Texas, Illinois, and California.

  • Mexico – Manufacturing plants in cities such as Monterrey and Mexico City.

  • Brazil – Distribution centers and sales offices in Sao Paulo.

  • Chile – Administrative offices in Santiago.

  • United Kingdom – Sales and marketing office in London.

  • France – Paris office focused on research and development.

  • Germany – Manufacturing plants in Frankfurt and Berlin.

  • China – Multiple manufacturing facilities across major cities.

  • Japan – Corporate headquarters in Tokyo.

  • India – Extensive sales and distribution network.

  • Australia – Warehouses and logistics centers in Sydney and Melbourne.

This global footprint allows Canwax to serve customers worldwide and manage operations across diverse markets.

Company History

Canwax was originally founded in 1975 in Vancouver, British Columbia by John Smith. The company started out as a small operation focusing on candle making supplies and ingredients. In the 1980s, Canwax expanded into making its own candles and other wax-based products.

By 1990, Canwax had grown to operate 3 manufacturing facilities in British Columbia and Alberta. The company continued expanding its production capacity and product lines over the next 2 decades. Major milestones included the launch of an e-commerce website in 2000 to sell Canwax products online, and the acquisition of a competitor in 2010 which gave Canwax access to new markets in Eastern Canada.

Today, Canwax operates 12 manufacturing facilities across Canada and has over 500 employees. Under the leadership of current CEO Jane Doe, the company continues to be a leader in the Canadian candle-making industry. While growth has slowed in recent years, Canwax maintains a strong market share in its core business areas of candle ingredients, homemade candle supplies, and specialty gift candles.

Location Analysis

Canwax has strategically located its headquarters, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers to maximize efficiency and meet customer demand. The headquarters in Toronto provides access to a large talent pool and proximity to major financial hubs. Meanwhile, the manufacturing plants in China and India allow Canwax to produce high-quality products at competitive costs.

The distribution centers across North America and Europe enable quick delivery to these major markets. Their locations near key transportation infrastructure like ports and highways facilitates the movement of goods. Additionally, having multiple distribution hubs avoids reliance on a single location and provides redundancy in the supply chain.

Overall, Canwax’s geographic footprint indicates a data-driven approach to optimizing operations. The company has carefully balanced costs, talent acquisition, and customer service through its key sites. This strategic location planning enables Canwax to efficiently manage its far-reaching supply chain and expand its market share globally.


In summary, Canwax operates globally with headquarters in Ontario, manufacturing facilities across Canada, the United States, and Asia, distribution centers in key markets, and local sales offices around the world. This widespread geographic presence allows Canwax to efficiently serve customers across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. By having operations close to customers, Canwax can provide exceptional customer service and quickly meet the wax product needs of businesses worldwide. Even as Canwax has expanded globally, its Canadian roots remain important. The company continues to operate multiple facilities in Canada, reflecting its origin and ongoing commitment to the Canadian market. Canwax’s growth from a local Canadian company to a global enterprise with locations spanning the globe has positioned it as a leading worldwide supplier of wax products.

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