What Prayer Is Blue Candle For?

Blue candles are candles that come in shades of blue, from light powder blue to deep royal blue. They are often used in prayer rituals and ceremonies for their symbolic spiritual meanings. The blue color is associated with wisdom, truth, protection, calm, and healing.

Blue candles can be used in a variety of spiritual practices, including candle magic, prayers, meditation, and rituals. Many faiths and belief systems incorporate blue candles, including Catholicism, Hoodoo, Santeria, Wicca, and New Age spirituality.

This article will explore the history and origins of blue candles, their meaning and symbolism across different faiths, and how they are used in prayers and rituals for purposes such as healing, meditation, protection, and connecting with divine wisdom.

History and Origins

The use of blue candles in rituals and prayers dates back thousands of years across many cultures and religions. According to The Meaning of Candle Colors For Magic and Rituals, ancient Egyptians used candle rituals with different colored candles to promote healing and communicate with spirits. Blue candles specifically were believed to hold mystical powers and facilitate divine connection. The ancient Egyptians associated blue with the heavens, divine wisdom, and protection.

In ancient Greece and Rome, blue candles were also used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies. The Greeks believed blue symbolized truth and higher purpose, often burning blue candles when seeking answers and clarity. For the Romans, blue candles represented wisdom and spiritual protection.

Within Christianity, blue candles came to be incorporated in prayers and rituals during the Middle Ages in Europe. The Catholic Church adopted blue candles to represent spiritual devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus, because blue was considered the color of peace and tranquility. Christians would light blue candles when seeking Mary’s blessings, intervention, and miracles.

Meaning and Symbolism

The color blue has long been associated with spirituality, wisdom, faith, and truth. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, blue represents tranquil waters and clear blue skies, which are connected to openness, clarity, and peace of mind (Source 1). Psychologically, the color blue evokes feelings of calmness, relaxation, order, and serenity. It can promote inner reflection, introspection, and a quiet meditation space (Source 2).

In the context of spiritual rituals and prayers, blue candles specifically represent devotion, tranquility, and forgiveness. The blue candle flame is thought to connect physical and spiritual realms. Burning a blue candle can aid in amplifying prayers, manifesting truth, gaining wisdom, and banishing negative energy. The blue light has an uplifting vibration that is strongly aligned with healing prayers, meditation, and fostering patience and peace within oneself and one’s environment (Source 3). Overall, the deep spiritual meaning behind blue makes it a perfect color for rituals, prayers, and meditation focused on calm, insight, truth, and banishing negativity.

Uses in Prayers and Rituals

Blue candles are commonly used in prayers and rituals for healing, peace, truth, wisdom, and communication. Some specific uses of blue candles in spiritual practices include:

Healing: Light a blue candle while praying or meditating to invoke healing energies and the power of Archangel Michael. Blue is thought to have soothing, peaceful vibrations that can aid healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels (Source).

Peace: Light a royal blue candle and pray for inner and outer peace and resolution of conflicts. The blue light carries energies of calm and tranquility (Source).

Communication: Use a blue candle when you need help expressing yourself clearly and openly in relationships and interactions with others.

Truth and Wisdom: Blue candle rituals can help reveal truths and gain wisdom from higher realms of guidance and intuition.

Protection: Light a dark blue candle while visualizing a protective light around you and space to create safety and security.

Healing and Wellbeing

Blue candles are often used in healing rituals and prayers due to their calming and soothing energy. The blue light emitted from these candles helps evoke a sense of tranquility, harmony, and inner peace. According to Blue Candle Meanings For Spells | Candle Magic, blue candles work well for healing rituals related to stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and other emotional issues. The relaxing properties of the blue candle can help restore balance and instill a sense of calm.

In terms of physical ailments, blue candles may be used to support healing from chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, and other conditions exacerbated by stress. The peaceful vibration of the blue candle helps relax the mind and body, which can aid the natural healing process. Some also burn blue candles during meditative healing sessions to promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

On a spiritual level, blue candles can be incorporated into rituals for developing inner wisdom, clearing blocked energy, strengthening intuition, and embracing divine guidance. The blue light creates a soothing ambiance for prayer, meditation, or quiet contemplation. Overall, blue candles are versatile tools that can promote healing and harmony in body, mind, and spirit.

Meditation and Reflection

Blue candles can have a powerful impact on meditation practices and self-reflection. The cool, calming color is associated with relaxation, openness, wisdom, and truth. Burning a blue candle during meditation can help create a peaceful environment that enhances focus, awareness, and reflection.

According to https://www.generalwax.com/candle-color-meaning-for-meditation/, blue candlelight has a soothing influence that quiets the mind and emotions. This allows the meditator to move past distractions and negative thought patterns. A blue candle can end cycles of anxious overthinking and bring mental clarity.

https://www.keen.com/articles/psychic/candle-colors-for-meditation notes that cobalt blue candles in particular are believed to attract success when used during meditation. The blue light creates an optimal environment for focusing one’s energy and intentions through mindfulness practices.

Overall, blue candles can enhance meditation by promoting calming, truthful energy. The candles help create a relaxing ambiance for self-reflection, heightened awareness, and focused thought free of anxiety and distractions.

Peace and Calm

Blue candles are commonly used to promote feelings of peace, calmness, and tranquility. The cool blue hue evokes a sense of relaxation and openness, which is why blue is often associated with peacefulness. Burning a blue candle is believed to relieve stress and anxiety, creating an atmosphere of harmony and balance.

blue candle burning on a windowsill

In prayers or rituals focused on cultivating inner peace, blue candles can help quiet the mind and calm emotional turbulence. The blue light provides a soothing presence that allows one to find their center. Some spiritual practices incorporate blue candles to facilitate meditation, reflection, and mindfulness. Gazing at the blue flame can induce a peaceful, serene state.

To use blue candles specifically for calmness or to relieve anxiety, many light the candle while speaking an intention or prayer asking for peace and serenity. The physical act of lighting the candle charges it with the intent. Letting the candle burn while in its presence allows the blue light to infuse one’s space with tranquility. Studies show that exposure to blue light helps lower heart rate and blood pressure.

For those seeking to invite more peacefulness into their homes or relationships, placing blue candles in entryways, living spaces, and bedrooms fills the environment with blue’s peaceful essence. The calming ambiance promotes relaxation, open communication, and connection (Source: https://www.shearer-candles.com/en-us/blogs/blog/blue-candles-the-benefits). Blue candles can cultivate an inner and outer sense of peace and calm.

Truth and Wisdom

Blue candles are often associated with promoting truth and wisdom. The blue hue is thought to resonate with the throat chakra, which governs communication and self-expression. Burning a blue candle can help open this chakra and allow you to speak your truth with clarity and integrity.

In spellwork and rituals, blue candles may be used when you are seeking the truth about a situation and wish to uncover hidden information or secrets. The blue light is believed to cut through illusions, confusion, and lies to reveal what is real. You can focus your intention on gaining wisdom and a higher perspective while the candle burns (https://plentifulearth.com/blue-candle-meanings/).

Some pray with a blue candle when they need help discerning the truth and finding the right words to speak or write. The blue light can represent the desire for honest, direct communication that comes from a place of integrity. Whether hoping to reveal the truth to yourself or express it to others, blue candles can be a symbolic tool for aligning with your highest wisdom and speaking your truth.

Protection and Banishing

Blue candles are commonly used for protection and banishing spells or rituals. The blue color is associated with spirituality, wisdom, and truth, so using it with the intention of protection can help guard against evil, negativity, or bad influences (Source). Lighting a blue candle and visualizing a shield of blue light around you is a simple way to create spiritual protection.

In rituals, blue candles may be used specifically for invoking protection from Archangel Michael, the angel of protection who is often depicted carrying a blue sword (Source). Praying to Archangel Michael while burning a blue candle can strengthen your petition for his aid and intervention against psychic attacks, curses, or any danger.

For banishing unwanted energies or people, blue candles can be paired with cleansing herbs like sage in a ritual. Visualize the blue flame burning away negative attachments as you focus on your intention to banish influences that no longer serve your highest good. The blue light acts as a spiritual purification.


In summary, blue candles hold deep symbolic meaning in many faiths and spiritual practices. Their cool blue color has long been associated with peace, calm, truth, wisdom, and protection. When used in prayer or ritual, blue candles can help create an atmosphere of tranquility and reflection. They are thought to promote healing, banishing of negative energy, and connection to higher realms of spirit and intuition. The blue light emitted by these candles may aid meditation, allowing one’s mind to settle into a more relaxed and introspective state. Whether one is seeking inner wisdom, emotional balance, or simply the comfort of the divine, blue candles can serve as a symbolic and energetic tool to complement prayer and heighten its power. Their soothing glow reminds us of the vast mystery of the heavens, and their flickering flames guide our hopes and dreams upward.

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