What Is Golden Wax 464 Used For?

Golden Wax 464 is a soy-based candle wax developed by Golden Brands in the 1990s. It was one of the first soy wax blends made specifically for container candles. Golden Wax 464 is a proprietary blend of hydrogenated soybean oil along with palm, soybean, and other vegetable waxes. It contains no paraffin. The “464” refers to its melting point, which is around 46.4°C or 115.5°F (source: https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/aaks-golden-wax-gw464-soy-wax.html).

Golden Wax 464 quickly became popular among candle makers and crafters because it is an all-natural, clean-burning wax that is easy to work with. It adheres well to containers, has a smooth finish, and provides good scent throw. Golden Wax 464 is commonly used to make container candles, wax melts, embeds, and ornaments. It is also used in some cosmetic products like lip balms and lotions because it has a non-greasy feel compared to other waxes. Overall, Golden Wax 464 is valued in candle and craft making for its versatility, quality burn, and eco-friendly natural soy composition.

Uses in Candle Making

Golden Wax 464 is one of the most popular waxes used in candle making. Its key benefits when used for candle making include:

Adds opacity and sheen – The natural color of Golden Wax 464 is a light golden yellow. This provides a warmer glow and sheen to finished candles versus waxes that are white or colorless. The opacity helps anchor fragrance oils and pigments.

Increases burn time – Formulated with 10% soy wax, Golden Wax 464 results in candles that burn slower and longer than paraffin candles. The soy wax content helps strengthen the crystal structure. This extended burn time provides excellent value for money.

golden wax 464 is commonly used in candle making due to its smooth, opaque finish and ability to anchor scents.

Improves scent throw – The soy wax in Golden Wax 464 helps the candle fully release its fragrance. The opacity anchors scents and prevents them from evaporating too quickly. The slower burn of Golden Wax 464 also gradually and consistently emits the candle’s aroma.

Overall, the natural opacity, extended burn time, and scent anchoring abilities make Golden Wax 464 a top choice for candle making. Its versatility across container candles, pillars, tarts, tealights, and votives has cemented its popularity in the candle making community.

Uses in Cosmetics

Golden wax 464 is commonly used in various cosmetic formulations to enhance product performance. It adds shine and texture to lipsticks, improving the color payoff and moisturizing properties. When added to pressed powders like eyeshadows and blushes, golden wax 464 helps improve pigment payoff and binding. It also helps powders adhere better to skin without getting patchy or fading.

In foundations and concealers, golden wax 464 helps the product adhere evenly to skin, providing a smooth application and texture. It works as an emollient to condition and moisturize the skin while wearing makeup. The wax melts at body temperature, providing a comfortable, flexible feel on the skin unlike some harder waxes. This makes it suitable for use in cream-based complexion products.

Overall, golden wax 464 is a versatile cosmetic-grade wax that improves the texture, payoff, and wear of various color cosmetics. Its skin-conditioning effects make it useful in foundations, concealers, and other face makeup products. Cosmetic chemists often use it as a formulation aid when developing new makeup items.

Uses in Polishes

Golden Wax 464 is commonly used in furniture polishes and car waxes to help create an extra glossy, durable finish. The waxy nature of Golden Wax 464 helps lock in shine and moisture, while providing a protective barrier against scratches and watermarks.

When added to polish formulations, Golden Wax 464 enhances the high-gloss effect, creating an ultra-reflective wet-look finish when buffed. It also boosts the durability of the polish, making finishes more resistant to fingerprints, smudges, and environmental wear and tear.

Another advantage of Golden Wax 464 for polishes is its ability to help suspend glitters, pearlescent pigments, and other additives evenly throughout the product. The thickness of the wax prevents settling of particles, ensuring an even sparkle and shine.

Overall, the moisture resistance, high gloss, and suspension properties make Golden Wax 464 an excellent choice as an ingredient in furniture polishes, automotive waxes, and other products requiring a durable, reflective finish.

Uses in Wax Melts

One of the most popular uses for Golden Wax 464 is in making wax melts. Wax melts are small cubes of fragrant wax that are warmed to release their scent. The properties of Golden Wax 464 make it an ideal base for wax melts:

Improves hot and cold scent throw – Golden Wax 464 helps wax melt fragrances throw stronger when the wax is heated. It also improves cold scent throw when the wax returns to room temperature.

Allows vibrant colors – Golden Wax 464 can be easily colored to achieve bright, vivid hues in wax melts. The wax accepts dye very well.

Slows fading of dyes – The dyes used in wax melts tend to fade over time. However, Golden Wax 464 has good dye retention properties that slow the fading process, keeping wax melt colors vibrant for longer.

Uses in Crayons

Golden Wax 464 is commonly used to make crayons due to its ability to strengthen the core, provide smooth laydown, and improve color intensity. The wax has a high melting point which allows crayons to remain solid and retain their shape in warm environments. Additionally, golden wax 464 results in vibrant, saturated colors that do not fade or smudge easily on paper. According to All Natural Soy Wax 464 for Candle Making, the smooth texture enables effortless application and blending without breaking or crumbling.

Uses in Textiles

Golden Wax 464 is commonly used in the textile industry to improve the performance and durability of fabrics. When applied to textiles, this wax provides several key benefits:

Adds water resistance to fabrics – The wax coats the fibers in the fabric, making it more difficult for water to penetrate the weave. This is ideal for outdoor apparel, umbrellas, and other textiles that need protection from moisture.

Provides stiffness for pleats/drapes – Golden Wax 464 helps fabrics hold creases and pleats. The wax allows pleated skirts, tablecloths, curtains and other draped textiles to maintain their structure. The stiffness also reduces wrinkling.

Improves elasticity in knits – When added to yarn before knitting, Golden Wax 464 increases stretch and recovery in knit fabrics like jersey. This is useful for activewear that needs to conform to the body.

The wax provides an affordable and effective way to enhance the performance of all types of textiles. Brands use it to improve the quality, appearance, and longevity of their fabric products.

Advantages Over Other Waxes

Golden Wax 464 has several advantages over other types of wax, making it a popular choice for candle making and other applications.

Compared to paraffin wax, Golden Wax 464 has a higher melting point, which results in improved stability in candles. The higher melting point means candles made with Golden Wax 464 retain their shape better when exposed to higher temperatures (1).

Additionally, Golden Wax 464 has a low oil content. This results in less residue remaining on the sides of candle containers or molds after pouring (2). The low oil content also contributes to the hard finish of candles made with Golden Wax 464.

Finally, Golden Wax 464 offers good transparency when used in clear or colored candle designs. The wax allows light to pass through cleanly, providing candles with a crystal clear appearance (1). This clarity of Golden Wax 464 makes it a popular choice when aesthetics are important.

With its higher melting point, low oil content, and good transparency, Golden Wax 464 has key advantages over other waxes that make it a versatile choice for many applications.

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Considerations When Using

While Golden Wax 464 has many benefits, there are some important considerations when using it:

Golden Wax 464 may need blending with other waxes like paraffin or beeswax to modify the properties. Blending can help make the wax harder, improve scent throw, or reduce frosting.

Golden Wax 464 can be prone to frosting or blooming on the surface of candles. This whitish layer forms due to the natural oils rising. Proper pouring temperatures around 135-165°F can help reduce frosting.

Paying close attention to pouring temps is important when working with Golden Wax 464. Pouring too hot above 180°F can cause wet spots, while pouring too cold can increase frosting. Testing different pour temps is recommended.

Having the right wick is crucial to prevent issues like tunnelling. Pre-tabbed and eco-friendly wicks designed for soy wax generally work best.

Golden Wax 464 may not be ideal for candles with a high percentage of fragrance oil or complex scent blends. The natural wax can mute some fragrances. Using compatible FOs is recommended.

Proper cure time of 1-2 weeks helps maximize scent throw and reduce frosting. Allowing the candles to cure before burning gives the wax time to settle and stabilize.


Golden Wax 464 is a versatile natural soy wax that can be used for a variety of applications. Some of the key uses and benefits include:

– Candle making – It creates candles with a smooth, opaque finish and strong scent throw.

– Cosmetics – It can be used to create lip balms, lotions, and other body products.[1]

– Polishes – When blended with other waxes, it can be used to make furniture and floor polishes.

– Wax melts – It performs well in wax warmers and melts.

– Crayons – It helps create smooth, vibrant crayon colors.

The versatility of Golden Wax 464 is one of its greatest assets. It can be used on its own or blended with other waxes. Compared to paraffin waxes, it is a natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable. When working with Golden Wax 464, proper preparation and following manufacturer guidelines will ensure the best results. Overall, Golden Wax 464 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-purpose, natural wax for crafting and manufacturing.

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