What Is A Blue Candle Used For In Prayer?

Blue candles are a popular tool used in prayer rituals and ceremonies across many faiths. The blue color carries deep symbolic meaning, often associated with spirituality, truth, wisdom, stability, and trust. In ritual settings, the light and energy of a burning blue candle is believed by many to amplify prayers, set intentions, and connect with higher realms.

During focused prayer or meditation, blue candles can attune one’s mind to peace, guidance, and clarity. The blue light creates a tranquil environment for contemplation and introspection. Many believe that the blue vibration stimulates healing, communication, and understanding on subtle energy levels.

Beyond prayer rituals, blue candles are also used for spells, affirmations, celebrations, ceremonies, and setting an atmosphere of harmony. The blue flame radiates calm and opens one up to receive insights. Overall, blue candles are a versatile spiritual tool for honoring the sacred in everyday life.

History of Blue Candles in Prayer

The use of blue candles in prayer and ritual has ancient origins across many religions and spiritual traditions. Blue is often associated with spirituality, calmness, wisdom, and truth. The earliest uses of blue candles likely stem from ancient Egypt, where blue was considered the color of divinity, eternity and the heavens. Egyptians would use blue candles and dyes in temples and tombs to honor the gods. In early Hindu traditions, blue candles represented the fifth chakra and were burned during meditation to promote inner wisdom and spiritual awakenment.

In the Catholic tradition, blue candles came to symbolize the Virgin Mary. Around the 12th century, blue became known as “Mary’s color” and blue candles were lit next to her statues and in rituals asking for her blessing and intervention. Blue remains strongly associated with Mary across Catholic and Orthodox Christianity today. In Judaism, blue candles are often used during Hanukkah, as blue represents divinity and spirituality in Jewish culture. Blue Hanukkah candles are now a major tradition in most Jewish households.

Across many faiths, the use of blue candles emerged early on to represent the heavens, spirituality and connection with the divine. This ancient mystical meaning continues to give blue candles significance in ritual and prayer today.

Symbolism of Blue Candles

The color blue has many symbolic meanings that make it significant for use in prayer and ritual. Here are some of the prominent symbolic associations of the color blue:

  • Wisdom – Blue represents wisdom, intelligence, and truth.
  • Calmness – The color blue invokes a sense of calm, peace, and tranquility.
  • Healing – Blue has long been considered a healing color, promoting relaxation.
  • Spirituality – Dark shades of blue are seen as spiritual colors, associated with meditation and contemplation.
  • Water – Blue is strongly tied to the element of water, evoking a sense of fluidity and intuition.
  • Divinity – Across many faiths, blue is seen as the color of divinity, sacredness, and divine guidance.

When we incorporate blue candles into spiritual practices, the color lends its potent symbolism to enhance our focus, intentions, and experience. The blue light creates an atmosphere conducive to meaningful ritual, divination, prayer, or spellwork.

Uses in Different Religions

Blue candles hold significance across a variety of faith traditions and are incorporated into rituals and ceremonies in unique ways:


In Christianity, blue candles represent peace, harmony, fidelity, and spiritual shielding. They are often used during prayers asking for reconciliation, understanding, or protection.


Blue is considered a sacred color in Judaism. Blue candles are used during Hanukkah, as they represent divine inspiration and wisdom from above. They are also lit in remembrance of the deceased.


For Wiccans, blue corresponds to the throat chakra and communication. Blue candles are used during spells and rituals having to do with justice, harmony, peace, and expressing truth.


In Hinduism, blue is associated with Vishnu. Blue candles represent loyalty and strength. They may be offered to Vishnu or used in meditation on his attributes.


Blue candles represent wisdom and compassion in Buddhism. Lighting a blue candle can signify reflecting on the Buddha’s teachings or bringing loving-kindness to all beings.

Setting Intentions

Blue candles can be a powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting goals. The blue color resonates with communication, wisdom, and truth. When you set an intention and light a blue candle, you are putting your desire out into the universe while the blue light amplifies it. The blue candle becomes a symbol of your intention and serves as a focal point during meditation or manifestation rituals.

To use a blue candle for setting intentions:

  • Take a moment to get clear on your specific goal or desire. Write it down on a piece of paper.
  • Light the blue candle safely and gaze at the flame as you visualize your intention coming to fruition. Speak your intention out loud.
  • Place the piece of paper underneath the blue candle holder or beside the candle so the flame can energize it.
  • Sit quietly and meditate on your goal, imagining all the positive outcomes and how your life will improve when it happens.
  • Let the candle burn down completely for full manifestation power. Snuff out and relight it each time you repeat this ritual for the same intention.

The blue light invokes a peaceful state of mind, so intentions set with a blue candle tend to attract positive outcomes aligned with your higher purpose.


Blue candles have long been associated with healing energy and are often used to promote calmness, reduce anxiety, and ease stressful situations. The cool, tranquil blue color is thought to lower blood pressure and heart rate, bringing about a greater state of relaxation.

In energy healing practices like Reiki, blue candles may be lit to send healing vibes and clear blockages during a session. The blue light is visualized penetrating the body to mend energy gaps and restore balance. Healers often recommend clients light blue candles at home in between sessions to continue amplifying the healing effects.

Those looking to heal from grief, trauma, or emotional wounds may find comfort in lighting a blue candle while meditating or practicing breathwork. Setting the intention to invite restorative energies in, the blue candle can assist by quieting the mind and opening it up to receive.

Before medical procedures or during illnesses, lighting a blue candle can help patients feel more calm and optimistic about healing. The blue glow sets an uplifting ambiance, while the candle’s flame symbolizes the divine light or inner wisdom leading the way through to recovery and wellness.


Blue candles can be a powerful focal point during meditation, helping to center intention and awareness. The blue hue has a calming, peaceful quality that quiets the mind and enhances inner reflection. Gazing at the blue flame can aid visualization and concentration as you set an intention or guiding mantra for your practice.

To utilize a blue candle in meditation:

  • Find a quiet space to sit comfortably. Light the blue candle and place it at eye level in front of you.
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax. As you inhale and exhale, focus your gaze on the candle’s flame.
  • Set your intention for the meditation session. This may involve asking for clarity, healing, strength, wisdom or any guiding light that you seek.
  • As you meditate, use the blue candle to stay centered if your mind wanders. Return your focus and intentions back to the flame.
  • Visualize the color blue radiating from the candle and enveloping your body and mind. Imagine it bringing tranquility, understanding and focus.
  • When you feel ready to close your practice, take a moment to appreciate the blue light once more. Blow out the candle if it has burned down.

A blue candle can ground your intentions during meditation while also imbuing the practice with a greater sense of purpose. Let the blue light keep you calm, present and connected to your inner truth.

Ritual Design

Blue candles can be incorporated into rituals and ceremonies in a variety of ways to enhance and focus intentions.

Here are some tips for using blue candles in ritual design:

  • Place a blue candle on your altar or sacred space to attune to inner wisdom, intuition, or connection with divinity. Light the candle while setting your intentions before ritual.

  • Use blue candles specifically in rituals focused on peace, harmony, or resolving conflicts. Arrange multiple blue candles in a circle to create a sacred space.

  • Incorporate blue candles into rituals for developing psychic abilities, enhancing meditation, or promoting healing. Allow the blue light to soothe and open your third eye.

  • Write an intention on a slip of paper, roll it up, and place it beneath a blue candle as it burns to “charge” the intention.

  • Use blue candles along with crystals that complement the intended energies – like lapis lazuli for truth and communication or aquamarine for calm and flow.

  • Place blue candles near water representations on your altar to connect with water’s soothing and flowing energies.

  • Surround yourself with the peaceful glow of blue candles during rituals to reduce stress or anger and invite inner serenity.

Get creative and let blue candles enhance your rituals in ways that feel meaningful to you. The use of sacred items like candles can deepen ritual practice.

Where to Purchase Quality Blue Candles for Rituals and Prayer

When it comes to blue candles for spiritual practices like rituals, prayers, or meditation, it’s important to source them from reputable suppliers that provide high-quality products. Avoid cheap novelty candles, as they often lack purity of color, use artificial dyes or perfumes, and don’t burn cleanly. Here are some recommended places to buy blue candles specifically intended for spiritual work:

  • New age or metaphysical stores – These specialty shops understand the ceremonial purposes of colored candles. Look for 100% beeswax or soy options without synthetic additives.
  • Spiritual supply stores – Stores focused on Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wicca, and other spiritual practices stock appropriate candles for rituals and spell work. Seek undyed, unscented pure beeswax or soy.
  • Online specialty retailers – Many reputable online vendors offer premium quality candles for spiritual practices, often with detailed information on origin, ingredients, and burning properties. Read customer reviews to help select the best candles for your needs.
  • Local candle makers – Some artisans create beautiful handmade candles specifically for rituals, prayers, and meditation. You can find these at craft fairs, metaphysical shops, or farmers markets. Ask about their candle making process.

Avoid standard commercial candles from regular retail stores, as they frequently use synthetic dyes and fragrances. When sourcing blue candles for spiritual purposes like rituals or intentions, seek ones made from natural waxes with pure pigments to harness the full energy of the blue color vibration.


Blue candles have long held special significance in prayer and ritual across many faiths and spiritual practices. Their deep blue color symbolizes spirituality, truth, wisdom, faith, and inner peace. When used in prayer or meditation, blue candles help set a tranquil mood and intent for communing with the divine. They are thought to aid in developing greater intuition and connection with spiritual realms.

Lighting a blue candle while focusing on an intention or need is considered an effective way to manifest positive change. The blue light has a soothing, cooling energy that promotes openness, relaxation and receptivity during prayers for inner healing and empowerment. Overall, blue candles are a staple in rituals, prayers and meditations for their ability to foster peace, guidance, healing and spiritual awakening.

When selecting a blue candle for ritual or prayer, it’s best to choose a natural vegetable or beeswax candle. The quality of candle can help magnify the desired energy and effects of the practice. With its uplifting light and significant symbolism, the blue candle is a special aid for spiritual seeking across many faiths and practices.

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