What Does Victoria Secret That Cozy Life Smell Like?

Introducing That Cozy Life

Victoria’s Secret has an extensive lineup of fragrances, with new scents launching each season. That Cozy Life is one of their newest fragrance releases for fall 2022, becoming available in September. As a new addition to the Victoria’s Secret fragrance portfolio, That Cozy Life aims to capture the feeling of comfort and warmth.

Top Notes

The top notes of That Cozy Life feature uplifting and bright fruity aromas like:

  • Bergamot – This citrus fruit provides an energizing and zesty start.
  • Pear – Juicy pear notes give a lush, sweet touch.
  • Mandarin – Bright mandarin orange brings a tangy, tropical vibe.

These fruity top notes create an inviting opening for That Cozy Life with their fresh, vibrant character.

Heart Notes

The heart notes in That Cozy Life highlight its floral and sweet essence. They include:

Jasmine – This popular flower scent evokes romance and sophistication. Known as the “King of Flowers,” jasmine adds a rich, sweet, yet delicate floral bouquet.

Ylang Ylang – Derived from a tropical tree, ylang ylang provides a sweet, fruity, slightly spicy note. It acts as an aphrodisiac and helps relieve stress.

Orange Blossom – The beautiful flower of the bitter orange tree contributes a delicate, citrusy scent. Orange blossom conjures up feelings of joy and warmth.

Lily of the Valley – This timeless floral ingredient imparts a fresh, dewy green scent. Its presence symbolizes happiness and purity.

Base Notes

The base notes of Victoria Secret’s That Cozy Life fragrance provide a warm, comforting foundation. They include:

  • Vanilla – This sweet, creamy note gives the fragrance a soft, indulgent feel. Vanilla is one of the most popular base notes due to its universal appeal.
  • Sandalwood – With its rich, woodsy aroma, sandalwood adds depth and sophistication to the scent. It’s an elegant yet cozy base note.
  • Musk – This musky note lends a sensual quality and smooths out the fragrance. It helps the scent last longer on skin.
  • Amber – A touch of amber adds a slightly nostalgic feel, with its faintly powdery scent. It reinforces the fragrance’s warm, inviting vibe.

Together these base notes create a nest-like foundation for That Cozy Life’s composition, giving it a familiar yet distinctive personality.

Fragrance Inspiration

The inspiration for That Cozy Life comes from the feeling of being wrapped up in a soft blanket on a chilly autumn evening. The scent evokes cozy nights spent at home with candles glowing, a warm fire crackling, and a mug of hot chocolate in hand. It’s inspired by the simple pleasures of the cozy life – breaking out chunky knit sweaters, lighting fall-scented candles, cooking home-cooked meals, and curling up with your favorite book. That Cozy Life encapsulates the warmth, comfort, and contentment of a perfectly relaxing evening at home.

Fragrance Description

The That Cozy Life fragrance from Victoria’s Secret opens with delightful notes of fresh raspberry and juicy pear, blending into a floral heart of lily, rose and peony. As the scent dries down, cozy base notes of praline, amber and cashmere musk emerge, creating a warm and comforting effect. The fruity top notes add vibrancy and brightness, while the floral heart provides a feminine twist. The gourmand base notes wrap the wearer in a soft, cashmere-like embrace. Overall, That Cozy Life evokes warmth, comfort and femininity – it’s a versatile, feel-good scent for everyday wear.

Ideal User

The target consumer for That Cozy Life by Victoria’s Secret is a woman seeking a warm, cozy fragrance that evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. She appreciates scents that remind her of snuggling up by the fireplace with a warm blanket or sitting by the window with a cup of tea on a chilly autumn day. This fragrance was designed with women between the ages of 25-40 in mind, who enjoy lingering in the mornings before starting their busy days. The cozy notes make it perfect for wearing while lounging around the house. This fragrance allows women to surround themselves with the essence of their most comforting memories.


That Cozy Life comes in Victoria’s Secret’s signature teardrop-shaped bottle with a round cap. The bottle is transparent to showcase the light pink fragrance inside. It has a sleek, modern look with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. The front of the bottle features the Victoria’s Secret logo in silver metallic lettering along with the fragrance name That Cozy Life in a matching silver script font. There is a small oval sticker on the front of the bottle with an image of a cozy living room to tie into the fragrance concept. The overall packaging evokes a feminine, warm, and inviting aesthetic with its pink juice and cozy imagery.

Pricing Details for That Cozy Life

That Cozy Life comes in the standard Victoria’s Secret body mist sizes. You can choose between 50 mL, 150 mL, or 300 mL bottles. Pricing ranges from $15 for the 50 mL bottle up to $30 for the 300 mL bottle. There’s also a gift set available that bundles the 300 mL bottle with lotion, fragrance vials, and a mini candle for $55. As with many Victoria’s Secret fragrances, keep an eye out for sales, promotions, gift with purchase, and coupon opportunities to get discounts on That Cozy Life. The various sizes and price points make this an accessible and affordable fragrance option from Victoria’s Secret for those looking for a cozy, comforting scent.

Expert Recommendation

I would absolutely recommend That Cozy Life for anyone looking for a warm, comforting scent to make them feel at home. This fragrance perfectly captures the essence of curling up with a good book by the fireplace on a chilly winter day. The blend of vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood creates the perfect cozy aroma that feels like a warm hug.

That Cozy Life is ideal for women who enjoy gourmand fragrances with a focus on rich, sweet notes like vanilla and tonka bean. It’s a fantastic cold weather scent that evokes feelings of hygge and the warmth of the holidays. I’d recommend this for women looking for a new signature winter fragrance that makes them feel calm, comforted, and content.

With its affordable price point, inviting scent, and cute packaging, That Cozy Life makes for a great gift too. It’s sure to please anyone who loves staying in, lighting candles, baking, and other relaxing homebody activities. I highly recommend picking up That Cozy Life if you’re looking for an indulgent, nostalgic fragrance to make cold days feel a little warmer and brighter.

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