What Does Frosted Cranberry Smell Like Bath And Body Works?

Introducing the Scent

Frosted Cranberry is one of Bath & Body Works’ most popular limited edition holiday scents. It bursts with juicy red cranberries, crisp red apple, and cool frosty air. This festive fragrance evokes all the magic and joy of the holiday season. It quickly became a cult favorite after its debut, with fans eagerly awaiting its return each winter.

Top Notes

The top notes of Bath & Body Works’ popular Frosted Cranberry fragrance provide an initial burst of vibrant, fruity aromas. Dominating the opening of this scent are tart cranberry and iced raspberry notes, delivering a mouthwatering impression of frosted berries (ebay.com). Supporting the tart cranberry is a touch of winter peach, adding juicy sweetness while remaining cool and crisp. Underneath lies a subtle frosted woods accord, evoking pine trees frosted in ice and snow. Together, these top notes create an invigorating, lively first impression reminiscent of a frosty winter day.

Heart Notes

The heart notes of Frosted Cranberry feature prominent fruity and floral scents like juicy apple, fresh pine, sparkling pear, and pink freesia. These heart notes give Frosted Cranberry its bright, vibrant, and crisp essence. The apple note adds a juicy sweetness, while the pine contributes an invigorating freshness. Together, they evoke images of a sparkling winter day. The pear note adds a delicate fruitiness, and the soft floral scent of freesia rounds out the heart notes with a pretty, delicate touch.

According to The Scottish Grocer, the heart notes contain “Orange” (https://www.thescottishgrocer.com/products/frosted-cranberry-candle). When combined with the fruity apple and pear notes, this hints of citrus enhances the vibrant fruitiness in the heart of this festive seasonal scent.

Base Notes

The base notes of Frosted Cranberry really round out the scent and give it staying power. Key base notes include:

  • Vanilla bean – Adds a touch of sweetness and a creamy undertone.
  • Soft musk – Contributes a soft, warm quality.
  • Whipped cream – Provides a lush creaminess.
  • Blonde woods – Lend a subtle woody depth.

Together, these base notes create a rich, sweet foundation for the brighter top and middle notes to shine. The vanilla bean and whipped cream blend beautifully to evoke cranberry sauce or a creamy dessert. Meanwhile, the soft musk and blonde woods keep things cozy and grounded. Overall, the base notes give Frosted Cranberry comfort, sweetness, and staying power.

Overall Impression

The Bath & Body Works Frosted Cranberry fragrance gives off a sweet, juicy scent blended with subtle woody undertones.1 The top fruity notes smell fresh and vivid like tart cranberries, while the heart reveals a core of sugary vanilla and maple. The base notes provide a hint of woodiness to round out and warm the bright berry aroma.

customers often describe the overall scent as reminiscent of real cranberries with a sweet bakery essence, like cranberry sauce or a cranberry muffin.

Customers describe the scent as reminiscent of real cranberries with a good dose of sweetness, like cranberry sauce or a cranberry muffin.2 The vanilla and maple give it a bakery essence. Overall, Frosted Cranberry evokes the festive feel of the holidays with its sweetened cranberry and subtle woody base.

When It’s Available

The Bath & Body Works Frosted Cranberry scent is a popular winter seasonal fragrance that launches every year, typically in late October or early November. According to Fragrantica, the exact release date varies slightly each year based on Bath & Body Works’ seasonal schedule, but Frosted Cranberry products reliably make their appearance on store shelves every year as the weather turns colder and the holiday season approaches.

Once launched, the Frosted Cranberry product lineup sticks around through the winter months before being retired from stores in January or February. Devotees of the cranberry scent know to stock up on their favorite Frosted Cranberry mists, lotions, candles, and home fragrance sprays during the limited winter release window before having to wait until next year.

Where To Find It

Frosted Cranberry is widely available both in-store and online at Bath & Body Works in many product formats[1]:

  • Body care – Available as body lotion, body cream, shower gel, and fragrance mist
  • Candles – Sold as 3-wick and single-wick candles, candle holders, and candle accessories
  • Soaps – Offered in a variety of bar soaps, foaming hand soaps, and gentle gel soaps
  • Home fragrance – Found in room sprays, fragrance plugs, car air fresheners, and reed diffusers

The scent can be purchased year-round, but is especially prominent during the winter holiday season from November to December when gift sets and limited edition packaging is released[2].

Frosted Cranberry is one of Bath & Body Works’ signature and best-selling fragrances. It’s become a staple cold weather scent that returns annually in a variety of forms[3].

Complementary Scents

Other fruity, sweet, vanilla, or woodsy scents pair nicely with Frosted Cranberry to create layered and complex aromas. Blending this scent with other Bath & Body Works favorites like Warm Vanilla Sugar, Winter Candy Apple, and Twisted Peppermint can provide a festive and delicious olfactory experience (SOURCE 1). The sweet fruitiness of Frosted Cranberry complements the vanilla, apple, and mint notes in these other fragrances. Using products like body lotion or fragranced body mist that contain complementary scents allows you to mix and match for a unique personalized fragrance wardrobe.

Woodsy aromas like Mahogany Teakwood and Pine also make pleasing combinations with the bright cranberry in Frosted Cranberry. The rich, masculine scents of sandalwood, cedar, and oakmoss create an intriguing contrast and added depth when paired with the tangy cranberry. Whether layering perfumes or using coordinating home fragrance products like candles and room sprays, combining Frosted Cranberry with woody aromas can provide a warm, spicy, and sophisticated sensory experience.

Gifting Ideas

Frosted Cranberry makes for a wonderful gift option during the holidays. This festive scent can be purchased as part of Bath & Body Works’ gift sets that also include shower gels, body creams, hand soaps, and candles in the same fragrance. These ready-made gift sets take the guesswork out of finding the perfect present. Choose from gift sets in different themes like Frosted Cranberry Merry & Bright or Frosted Cranberry Gift Bubble Delight. If you’re looking for a smaller gift, Frosted Cranberry pocketbac sanitizers and mini candles make great stocking stuffers.

Additionally, you can create your own custom gift basket or gift set with travel-sized and full-sized Frosted Cranberry products. Pair the fragrance mist with matching body lotion or shower gel for a thoughtful DIY gift set. Finish it off by topping the products with some decorative filler like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, and cranberries for a festive presentation.

The Verdict

Frosted Cranberry is a fan favorite that Bath & Body Works brings back year after year for the holidays. With its blend of tart cranberries, sweet vanilla, and fresh citrus, it’s easy to see why it has become a returning classic. The scent perfectly captures the feeling of winter – it’s crisp and cool like a frosty winter morning, with a cozy warmth from the vanilla and baked goods notes. While many holiday scents can be overly gourmand or too candy-like, Frosted Cranberry strikes the right balance between fruity and bakery. It smells like the holidays, but in a nostalgic, invigorating way that both comforts and energizes.

Frosted Cranberry is a scent you can enjoy all season long without getting tired of it. The cranberry adds a touch of sophistication that prevents it from being too sweet. It’s noticeable without being overpowering. The vanilla dry down is soothing but not cloying. Overall, it’s a well-balanced, crowd-pleasing fragrance that evokes the holidays in the best possible way. For B&BW fans, it’s a must to stock up on this returning favorite that perfectly captures the feeling and nostalgia of the season.

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