What Are Tall Tea Lights Called?

What Are Tea Lights?

Tea lights are small candles in metal or glass containers used primarily for decorative lighting and ambiance. The name “tea light” comes from their historical use to heat teapots, but today they are mainly used for their gentle, flickering glow.

Specifically, tea lights refer to small votive candles in containers about 1.5 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter. The candles themselves are typically less than 1 inch tall. The metal containers often have artful designs etched into them, while glass tea lights allow the candlelight to shine through transparently.

In comparison to taper candles, pillars candles, or jar candles, tea lights are much smaller and lower profile. But their petite size allows them to be used in multiples, clustered together on plates, lanterns, candle holders, or other surfaces to create warm pools of light.

With a short burn time, ranging from 3-6 hours, tea lights are primarily used for decoration and ambiance rather than utilitarian lighting. Their small footprint and encased design also makes them easy to place on tables, shelves, windowsills, mantels, and more without risk of accidentally tipping over.

Types of Tea Lights

Tea lights come in a variety of types to suit different needs. The most common types of tea lights are:

Regular Tea Lights

Regular tea lights are the standard type. They have a simple wax body and plain cotton wick. Regular tea lights burn for approximately 4-6 hours.

Floating Tea Lights

Floating tea lights have a plastic shell filled with wax around the wick, allowing them to float on water. They are popular for centerpieces and ambiance in pools, bathtubs and more.

Colored Tea Lights

Colored tea lights come in a rainbow of colors thanks to colored wax, dyes or paints. Popular options include red, green, blue and purple. Colored tea lights create decorative lighting.

Scented Tea Lights

Scented tea lights are infused with fragrances like vanilla, apple cinnamon and florals. When lit, they fill the air with subtle scent. Scented tea lights help create an ambiance.

Standard Tea Light Dimensions

Tea lights come in a standard size that is recognized across brands and styles. The diameter of a traditional tea light is typically 1.5 inches. This allows them to fit nicely into tea light holders and votive candle holders.

The height of standard tea lights ranges from 0.75 inches on the short end to 1.5 inches for taller varieties. Most regular tea lights are around 1 inch tall. This compact size gives tea lights their cute, petite appearance and makes them easy to place in arrangements.

Tall Tea Lights

Tall tea lights have the same diameter base as regular tea lights, typically 1.5-2 inches wide. However, they are at least 2 inches or taller in height, distinguishing them from standard tea lights that are under 1 inch high. The main benefit of the increased height is that tall tea lights contain more wax and therefore burn longer than regular tea lights. They can burn for up to 6-8 hours, while standard tea lights burn for 3-4 hours. The longer burn time makes tall tea lights ideal for long events, evening ambiance, or purposes where you don’t want to replace tea lights frequently.

Uses for Tall Tea Lights

Tall tea lights have many decorative and practical uses around the home and for events. Their height gives them versatility to be used in more ways than standard tea lights.

Centerpieces – The tall design allows tall tea lights to be placed in the middle of dining tables and add ambient lighting. Their height raises them above plates and dinnerware. Tall tea lights can provide a soft glow for dinners and events.

Bathrooms – Placing tall tea lights around the bathroom provides mood lighting and ambiance. Their height prevents them from getting splashed. Tall tea lights on the corner of a bathtub can set the right tone for relaxation.

Outdoor lighting – Tall tea lights work well outdoors because their design protects the flame from wind. They can illuminate decks, patios, walkways and gardens in the evening. Tall tea lights add festive lighting to outdoor dinner parties.

Holiday decor – The versatile height of tall tea lights makes them useful for holiday decorating. They can provide accent lighting around the home during festive times of year. Tall tea lights can be scattered in window sills, banisters, mantels and entryways.

Tall Tea Light Holders

Tall tea lights require holders that can accommodate their extra height without tipping over. There are several common materials used to make tall tea light holders:

Glass Holders

Glass holders allow the flickering light of the candle to shine through attractively. They come in a variety of shapes like cylinders, globes, and tapered votives. Glass conducts heat well, so it keeps the melted wax from pooling around the tea light. Glass holders are inexpensive but can crack or shatter if knocked over.

Metal Holders

Metal tea light holders are durable and heat-resistant. Wrought iron, tin, and aluminum are commonly used. Metal holders come in shapes like lanterns, cups, and pedestals. Perforated metal holders let light pass through. Metal conducts heat away from the candle to prevent wax buildup.

Stone Holders

Stone tea light holders come in materials like marble, granite, slate, and soapstone. They have a natural, earthy look and feel substantial in the hand. Stone doesn’t conduct much heat, so wax can pool inside the holder. Stone holders are heavy and stable but can crack or chip if dropped.

Ceramic Holders

Ceramic and porcelain tea light holders provide colorful and decorative options. Ceramics are artfully shaped and glazed in many patterns. Heat resistance varies by material; some ceramics can crack from the candle’s heat. Porous ceramics absorb wax, while glazed ceramics allow wax to pool and drip.

Advantages of Tall Tea Lights

Tall tea lights have some key advantages over standard size tea lights:

They provide more light – The taller flame of a tall tea light casts more light than a regular tea light. The extra height on the flame makes it stand out more and illuminates a larger area.

They last longer – Tall tea lights contain more wax than standard tea lights, so they burn for a longer duration. Expect to get up to 50% more burn time from a tall tea light compared to a regular tea light.

They work better outdoors – The taller flame resists being blown out by wind better than a shorter regular tea light. This makes tall tea lights a great choice for outdoor use such as in luminaries, lanterns, or citronella candles.

Disadvantages of Tall Tea Lights

While tall tea lights have their benefits, they also come with some drawbacks compared to standard size tea lights. Here are some of the main disadvantages of using tall tea lights:

They tend to be more expensive than regular tea lights. The taller wax pillars require more wax, larger containers, and additional packaging. This results in a higher cost per tea light.

The containers are heavier due to requiring thicker glass or metal to hold the larger candle securely. This extra weight may make them more difficult to transport and arrange.

Tall tea lights take up more space than the smaller versions. Their height requires more vertical room when placed in candle holders and storage containers. So they’re less compact and portable.

In summary, the main downsides of tall tea lights are their higher cost, weight, and space requirements. While this may be worth it for some users who prefer the longer burn times, it can be a disadvantage for those wanting the smallest, lightest, and most affordable option.

Popular Brands

There are several well-known companies that manufacture high-quality tall tea lights:

  • Yankee Candle – This Massachusetts-based brand has been producing candles since 1969. Their tall tea lights come in a variety of scents like Lavender Vanilla, Sparkling Cinnamon, and Vanilla Cupcake. The wax is a natural, soy-based blend.

  • Creative Home – With their headquarters in Texas, Creative Home offers tall tea lights in both scented and unscented varieties. Popular fragrances include Ocean Breeze, Coconut Lime, and Eucalyptus Mint. Their wax is a clean-burning paraffin blend.

  • Chesapeake Bay Candles – This brand is known for their extensive collection of fragrances, crafting each candle in small batches. Their tall tea lights allow you to enjoy scents like Lemon Lavender, Apples & Cinnamon, and White Tea & Oak for up to 6 hours of burn time.

  • Colonial Candle – Operating since 1926, Colonial Candle is one of the oldest candle companies in America. Their tall tea lights are very affordable but still provide a high-quality, long-lasting flame and pleasant aromas like Vanilla Pumpkin and Pineapple Paradise.

With their range of sizes, scents, and wax types, these top brands offer exceptional tall tea lights for all your needs.

Safety Tips

When using tall tea lights, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Here are some tips to use tall tea lights safely:

  • Place on a stable, nonflammable surface – Don’t put tall tea lights on surfaces like wood, plastic, or paper that could catch fire. Place them on a stable surface like a ceramic plate or metal holder.

  • Keep away from drafts – Avoid placing tall tea lights near open windows, fans, air vents or anything else that can create drafts. Drafts can blow the flame around and cause a fire hazard.

  • Don’t leave unattended – Never leave burning tall tea lights unattended. Make sure to blow them out before leaving the room.

  • Keep out of reach from children/pets – Place tall tea lights up and away from places where children and pets can reach them. The flames and hot wax can cause burns.

Following basic precautions like these can help prevent accidents and keep tall tea lights safe to enjoy.

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