Space Drawing Ideas That Are Out Of This World

Why not draw inspiration from the vastness of space? A universe of creative possibilities awaits! I’ve curated a stellar collection of out-of-this-world drawing ideas that will transport you to new and exciting realms.
Get ready to soar through galaxies far, far away as we explore unique extraterrestrial drawings and illustrations guaranteed to ignite your imagination.

Twenty Cute Planet Illustrations

The set of whimsical planet illustrations, characterized by their undeniable charm, would make for a delightful coloring experience. The harmonious blend of colors presented in these visual representations evokes a sense of wonder and could be an excellent starting point for anyone looking to unleash their creativity with color.

Twenty Spaceships, Aliens, and Planet Drawings

The photograph features a vibrant tapestry of extraterrestrial and celestial elements, with an array of fascinating objects including aliens, planets, spacecraft, astronauts, and other cosmic wonders.

Fifteen Space Doodle Ideas

With iStock/Ilya Oktyabr’s captivating visuals as inspiration, art enthusiasts can turn their creativity into reality by bringing their thoughts and imagination to life through these 15 thought-provoking space doodle concepts. From the vastness of the cosmos to the intricacies of celestial bodies, there’s something for every artistic vision and passion.

Six Cute Cat in Space Illustrations

In a whimsical illustration, a small cat drifts through the vastness of space, flanked by twinkling stars, celestial bodies, and a playful spaceship. Notably, the moon is depicted with a cheerful grin, adding to the overall sense of wonder and joy.

Eight Hand-Drawn Solar System Sketches

With a vibrant visual representation, this hand-drawn solar system brings together the sun, planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies in a whimsical illustration that showcases the vastness of our cosmos.

Spaceship Doodle

A simple yet eye-catching spaceship doodle, easily reproducible for beginners. The addition of bold and vibrant hues can significantly elevate the visual appeal, making it an excellent starting point for artistic exploration.

Sixteen Alien, Asteroid, and Telescope Doodles

Elevate your artistic creations by incorporating vibrant colors! The combination of gel pens or markers can add a stunning dimension to your space drawings, making them truly eye-catching. For instance, you can use these writing instruments to fill in your artwork with bold strokes and unique textures, transforming your designs into visually striking pieces.

Nine Hand-Drawn Astronomy Sketches

A collection of intricate, hand-drawn astronomy doodles offers a unique blend of visual storytelling and celestial fascination. These detailed illustrations cater to those seeking a higher level of astronomical representation.

Thrity Space Sketches

A visual representation of the wonders of outer space, this sketch page is teeming with celestial bodies and machinery. Planets, spaceships, and telescopes take center stage, surrounded by a tapestry of twinkling stars.

Eighteen Fun Space Illustrations

For anyone captivated by the mysteries of the universe, 18 stunning space illustrations serve as the perfect catalyst to spark creativity and ignite a sense of wonder. The visually striking images transport viewers to a world beyond our own, offering a glimpse into the vast expanse that lies just beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Twenty-Seven Universe Elements

A visually striking image of cosmic elements, courtesy of iStock/ONYXprj, is sure to ignite creativity within you. The carefully curated selection of celestial features includes vibrant depictions of flora, radiant representations of the sun, and majestic portrayals of the earth, moon, and beyond.

Eight Simple Space Doodles

With a few strokes, you can turn a blank page into a creative canvas. The simplicity of these space-themed doodles makes them an ideal way to unwind and express yourself. Grab your notebook and let the artistry flow as you bring these designs to life.

Twenty Creative Space Drawings

The accompanying illustration, sourced from iStock’s Bonezboyz collection, showcases an impressive array of creative and meticulously crafted space-themed drawings. The vibrant artwork features a diverse range of subjects, including an extraterrestrial being, a suited astronaut, the sun shining bright, flying saucers, a mechanical robot, and numerous other fascinating elements.

Eleven Funny Astronaut Drawings

A humorous illustration of an astronaut precariously perched between two planets not only showcases the importance of creativity but also encourages artists to let their guard down and have a blast while working on their craft.

Twelve Rocketship and Planet Sketches

For many artists, sketching out rocketships and planets can be a delightful and fulfilling activity. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique and imaginative spacescapes that allow one’s creativity to soar. With every stroke of the pen or brush, the cosmos come alive, offering endless opportunities for artistic expression.

Thirty-Two Awesome Space Doodles

Expressing creativity while unwinding and calming the mind is a perfect way to spend time. When it comes to doodling, few things can match the excitement of bringing galaxies and stars to life with these stellar space doodles.

Nine Planets and More

Infuse a sense of cosmic wonder into your artwork by creating distant galaxies that seem to stretch out before the viewer’s eyes. To achieve this, be mindful to include a variety of celestial bodies such as planets, a multitude of twinkling stars, and even a scattering of asteroids to add depth and dimensionality to your piece.

Seventeen Vibrant Space Illustrations

For those looking to create something truly striking, this reference is the perfect spark of inspiration. The combination of an alien, UFO, rocket, dog, pizza, and planets against a dark backdrop creates a visually appealing contrast that’s sure to grab attention. Each element stands out distinctly from the others, making for a unique and captivating scene that’s sure to inspire creativity. If you’re looking for more artistic ideas, be sure to check out some of our other fun and easy drawing tutorials and inspiration.

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