48 Monthly Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas

Discover the inspiration you need to take your bullet journaling to the next level with these versatile monthly cover page ideas. From January to December, I’ve curated a diverse selection of spreads to get your creative juices flowing and help you plan out your monthly theme. What’s more, each design is adaptable to fit any month of the year, allowing you to put your own unique spin on it and make it truly personal.

January Bullet Journal Covers

January’s minimalist charm shines through in these cover pages, where simplicity takes center stage. Among them, the doodle-filled spread stands out as a personal favorite, effortlessly capturing the essence of the month. For further inspiration, I encourage you to explore my previous post, 25 January Bullet Journal Ideas, which offers a wealth of creative possibilities.

Moon and Clouds

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For journal enthusiasts seeking a straightforward yet inspiring calendar concept, consider this unique approach. By combining soothing blues and warm golds, you’ll create a visually stunning representation of the sky’s beauty in your journal. This harmonious blend will undoubtedly spark creativity and provide a calming backdrop for recording daily events.

Winter Doodles

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The latest spread in this blog post features a delightful array of winter-themed doodles that capture the essence of January’s chilliness. From cozy sweaters and ice skates to flickering candles, each element is carefully crafted to bring warmth and joy to your creative endeavors. As someone who appreciates the art of kawaii doodling, I highly recommend checking out Kawaii Doodle Class for a comprehensive guide on drawing adorable and charming illustrations.

Pink and Purple Clouds

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The ‘soft pink and purple cloud’ theme exudes loveliness, made even more charming by the addition of a flying airplane. While the airplane does add a unique touch, it’s not essential to include it – you can just as easily create a beautiful cover page with clouds alone.

Floral Wreath

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The provided cover page exudes a cozy winter atmosphere, with its thoughtful color palette and charming wreath design. To create a unique cover page for yourself, consider sketching various floral patterns in a range of hues. This will not only add a personal touch but also reflect your personality and style.

Hand with Flowers

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For those seeking an understated yet sophisticated cover page design, consider the following option. Although creating realistic hand drawings can be challenging, there are many online resources available to help improve your skills. In fact, I’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of hand drawing references and tutorials that you can access for further inspiration.

February Bullet Journal Covers

February may be a short month, but it’s certainly packed with inspiration for your bullet journal. I’ve curated a selection of stunning covers that showcase the beauty of love and creativity. From sunflower spreads to romantic themes, there’s something for everyone in this collection. And if you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to check out my post on 30 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for February for even more inspiration.


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For fans of the iconic TV show Friends, creating a February-themed cover page inspired by the beloved series can be a fun and creative outlet. While it’s particularly well-suited to the second month of the year, there’s no reason why you couldn’t apply this design concept to any month that suits your style.


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The whimsical combination of sunflowers framing a February cover page is particularly endearing to me. The playful, handwritten lettering adds an extra layer of charm to this design. It’s a perfect blend that could easily be adapted for use during the warmer summer months as well.

Filled with Hearts

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The simplicity of this design is elevated by the subtle addition of small heart icons dispersed across the page. To take it to the next level, consider incorporating a calendar feature on the cover page, which can add a functional element while maintaining the overall minimalist aesthetic.

Envelopes with XO Hearts

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For those seeking to create a romantic and festive atmosphere in their planner or journal, this design perfectly captures the essence of Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re planning a special event or simply want to add a touch of love to your daily spread, this beautiful design is sure to delight. Its classic appeal makes it an ideal choice for a February layout with a Valentine’s Day theme.

March Bullet Journal Covers

One of the things that stands out about these March bullet journal cover pages is their versatility – they can be easily adapted to fit any month on the calendar. I’m particularly fond of the floral design featured in the final spread, which boasts a beautiful color palette that brings the flowers and leaves to life. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your March bullet journal spreads, I recommend checking out my previous post, ’23 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for March’, for some creative alternatives.

Moon Dreamcatcher

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The March cover page boasts a striking simplicity and creativity, featuring a predominantly black and white palette that sets the tone for a visually appealing design. While this aesthetic works beautifully, it’s entirely possible to introduce pops of color to add an extra layer of interest and personality.


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As you flip through the pages of this cover design, a delightful surprise awaits – a scattering of scrumptious-looking macarons in an array of vibrant hues. This whimsical touch adds a playful and creative flair to the overall aesthetic. Feel free to personalize the color palette by swapping out the shades for your favorite colors, allowing you to infuse your unique style into this charming cover page.

Beautiful Flowers

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The harmonious blend of colors in these flowers creates a visually stunning effect. Furthermore, the intricate design appears complex at first glance, yet its simplicity belies an ease of execution that even novice artists can appreciate.

April Bullet Journal Covers

Unlike the typical April showers, these cover pages instead showcase beautiful floral illustrations. I’ve curated a selection of stunning designs, including a one-of-a-kind theme that takes you on an intergalactic journey with planets in a jar. If you’re looking for more inspiration for your April bullet journal spreads, be sure to check out my previous post, 18 Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Ideas For April.

April Flowers

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The first thing that caught my attention was this stunning April-themed cover page, replete with vibrant spring blooms and a harmonious color scheme that perfectly captures the essence of the season. The delicate petals and stems of the flowers add a touch of whimsy to the design, making it an ideal choice for a month that embodies renewal and rejuvenation.

Planets in a Jar

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For fans of intergalactic designs, the April cover page is sure to delight. The featured concept, a jar overflowing with vibrant orange celestial bodies, offers endless opportunities for creative interpretation. Consider experimenting with alternative color palettes, like varying hues of purple, to imbue this design with your unique signature.

Purple Flowers

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For the month of April, you can create a unique cover page by illustrating the flowers of your preference and experimenting with various hues. Simply replace the traditional design with your own hand-drawn blooms and let your creativity shine.

Green Leaves

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For those seeking a straightforward and uncomplicated approach, this quote serves as an excellent starting point. The wisdom imparted by the phrase ‘don’t confuse your path with your destination’ underscores the importance of maintaining focus on long-term objectives while progressing steadily towards them. As you navigate the journey ahead, this reminder can prove especially valuable in ensuring that momentary diversions and minor setbacks do not compromise your ultimate goals.

Pastel Flowers

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The soft hues of these pastel flowers create a visually stunning effect, complemented by the elegant hand lettering. This design is particularly well-suited for use as a cover page in April, when its delicate beauty can perfectly capture the essence of the season.

May Bullet Journal Covers

The featured May bullet journal covers exude a sense of vibrancy and imagination. The harmonious blend of colors and illustrations is truly captivating. If you’re seeking inspiration for your own May bullet journal creations, I recommend exploring my previous post, ’25 Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Ideas for May’, which showcases an array of innovative designs to spark your creativity.

May Flowers

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A poignant quote from @kaths.calligraphy has been resonating with me lately, one that speaks to the beauty of embracing our uniqueness and growth. The phrase ‘like wildflowers you must allow yourself to grow in all places people thought you never would’ has a way of stirring up emotions, reminding us that it’s okay to defy expectations and thrive in unexpected ways.

Bright Lemons

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As I explore the world of interior design, my fascination with lemon-inspired themes has only grown stronger. The harmonious union of yellow and green hues, reminiscent of sun-kissed citrus groves, never fails to lift my spirits. There’s something about the radiant brightness of lemons that adds a touch of warmth and energy to any space.

June Bullet Journal Covers

As the warmth of summer begins to unfold in June, I’m excited to share a selection of bullet journal spreads that capture the essence of the season. Characterized by soothing hues like yellow and pink, these designs incorporate floral patterns that evoke feelings of serenity and joy. For additional inspiration, consider exploring my earlier post featuring 28+ Best Bullet Journal Spreads for June.

Moon and Mountains

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The cover page’s innovative design caught my attention immediately. The illustration of a moon with a picture nestled within it is particularly striking. I’m also fond of the way flowers wrap around the moon, adding a pop of color to the predominantly black and white composition. The subtle incorporation of yellow into the design adds a delightful touch.

Purple and Blue Flowers

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The page’s 3D design allows for a high level of creativity, enabling users to bring their favorite flowers to life – think vibrant sunflowers or delicate daisies. Moreover, the ability to experiment with various colors adds an extra layer of depth, as users can reimagine classic blooms in fresh and exciting hues.

Large Sunflower

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The vibrant yellow petals and towering stature of this sunflower make it an ideal subject for a June-themed bullet journal cover. Its playful appearance belies its relative complexity, making it a great choice for artists looking for a fun yet challenging drawing experience.


image source

This June cover page is a treat for all daisy enthusiasts. With its vibrant blooms of these iconic flowers, it’s sure to bring a touch of sunshine and warmth to any setting. The subtle yet inviting color scheme perfectly captures the essence of a carefree summer day.

July Bullet Journal Covers

Here, I’ve included two contrasting July calendar designs – a simple and minimalistic version, alongside one that boasts additional details. The latter, in particular, catches my eye with its ocean-inspired theme. For inspiration on creating your own unique spreads, be sure to check out my previous post featuring 28+ Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas for July.

Blue and Gold Waves

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A straightforward cover page design that’s accessible to anyone, regardless of their creative background. This simplicity allows individuals to customize their bullet journal by incorporating various colors and altering the handwriting style to make it truly unique.

Vitamin Sea

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The July calendar is a personal favorite, boasting an ocean-inspired design that effortlessly combines vibrant hues. The subtle addition of the phrase ‘I need vitamin sea’ adds a touch of whimsy and charm, making this spread truly stand out.

August Bullet Journal Covers

Looking for inspiration for your August bullet journal? I’m excited to share some creative and one-of-a-kind cover pages that will help you kick-start the month in style! One of my personal favorites is the origami-inspired design, which adds a touch of whimsy to any spread. If you’re craving more ideas, be sure to check out my comprehensive guide featuring 27+ Best Bullet Journal Spreads for August, packed with innovative and practical designs to help you stay organized and inspired throughout the month.

Black and Blue

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The aesthetic appeal of a blank page is undeniable, but it’s even more striking when the background is an unconventional color like black. The juxtaposition of blue and white on the black paper creates a visually pleasing contrast that sparks creativity. Similarly, pink and white would likely produce a stunning combination that inspires imagination.

Lots of Fishes

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What initially catches the eye is the undeniably imaginative concept, where a school of fish appears to be swimming directly towards the month of August. The visual impact can be further elevated by experimenting with various color schemes, allowing readers to customize their interpretation and make it their own.

Astronaut Carrying Planets

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For those seeking a fascinating and unique galaxy-themed design to spark their creativity, consider the captivating illustration of an astronaut effortlessly carrying planets akin to balloons. The whimsical visual representation is sure to inspire your next artistic endeavor.

Origami Birds

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What draws me to the idea of creating a unique and personalized bullet journal is its inherent creativity. The possibilities are truly endless, as one can easily customize their journal through the strategic use of various colors, altered calligraphy styles, and other artistic flourishes.

September Bullet Journal Covers

The creative designs featured on these September bullet journal covers showcase a blend of uniqueness and artistic flair. For inspiration, explore the wealth of ideas in my earlier article, ’25+ Best September Bullet Journal Cover Ideas’, which delves into a diverse range of spreads that can spark your creativity.

Simple Stars

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The September cover design is characterized by its simplicity, making it an ideal starting point for those new to crafting. The concept involves writing the month’s name in clear lettering, surrounding it with a pattern of basic stars that can be achieved using simple shapes or stencils. To add visual interest, incorporate a colored line or stripe that flows through the month, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Shades of Browns

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What resonates with me about this design is its bold creativity and abstract nature. This level of artistic freedom allows you to experiment with various shapes, colors, and even incorporate functional elements like a calendar on your cover page. The high-quality writing instruments showcased in the image are Faber-Castell pens.

Blue Pink and Gold Flowers

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The bullet journal flower design has gained immense popularity recently. One of its most striking features is the use of an exquisite font in September’s representation. This elegant script adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design, making it truly eye-catching.

Book and Coffee

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One of the most striking cover page designs I’ve come across is actually quite achievable with some dedication and attention to detail. With patience and practice, you too can craft a visually appealing cover that rivals this one, making it a unique reflection of your personal style.

Blue and Green Flowers

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The cover artistry on display here is truly impressive, with delicate florals and foliage that command attention. The vibrant hues used throughout the design are equally noteworthy, as they harmonize beautifully with the subtle yet striking incorporation of September’s aesthetic.


image source

The woodland-themed cover page caught my attention, but what truly stood out was the exquisite handwriting. The artist’s calligraphy skills are impressive, and it adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.

October Bullet Journal Covers

October’s arrival brings a unique charm, making it one of my most cherished months. The first page of my bullet journal sets the tone perfectly, featuring whimsical doodles that encapsulate the essence of autumn. If you’re looking for more inspiration, I invite you to explore my previous post, 25+ October Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Fall and Halloween, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of creative spreads and ideas to make your journal a reflection of the season’s magic.

October Doodles

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For those who delight in creating adorable drawings, I have a treat to share. The October cover page is a treasure trove of autumn-inspired doodles, featuring cozy elements such as steaming cups of tea and coffee, warm sweaters, flickering candles, and many more delightful illustrations that evoke the warmth and coziness of the season.

Simple October

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For those seeking a straightforward and understated layout, this October-themed page is an excellent starting point. While it’s already quite effective in its simplicity, adding a calendar can help maximize the available space and create a more comprehensive design.

Beer and Pretzels

The crisp autumn air sets the tone for a unique and festive design, perfectly capturing the essence of October’s iconic Oktoberfest celebrations. The vibrant colors and playful elements bring to mind the joy and revelry that defines this special time of year.

Plants on Shelf

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A visually appealing plant design has always caught my attention. In this particular layout, lush greenery is showcased on a shelf, creating a serene atmosphere. Additionally, the incorporation of elegant calligraphy adds an extra layer of sophistication. Moreover, this spread also provides inspiration for crafting a monthly calendar page, allowing readers to stay organized and focused.

Hanging October

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The cover page sets the tone for an artistic and imaginative blog post. A unique design feature is the use of suspended letters to spell out ‘October’, each one carefully attached to a thread. The visual impact is further enhanced by the inclusion of stunning sunflower illustrations, adding warmth and vibrancy to the overall design.

Hello October

When it comes to hand-drawn designs, lavender flowers are a timeless favorite. The simplicity of this cover page’s layout makes it an ideal starting point for those new to illustration, yet its charm still holds up beautifully. The best part? It’s surprisingly easy to recreate!

November Bullet Journal Covers

The autumn-inspired cover pages are a perfect representation of the cozy and vibrant atmosphere of the fall season. The combination of earthy tones, leaves, mushrooms, and acorns creates a visually appealing design that captures the essence of this time of year. If you’re looking for more creative inspiration for your November spreads, I recommend exploring my previous post featuring 25 November Bullet Journal Spread Ideas for Fall, which offers a wide range of designs to suit every style.

Diamonds and Clouds

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The whimsical cloud theme boasts an enchanting aesthetic, characterized by delicate, fluffy cloud formations adorned with gleaming golden accents that seem to dangle like precious gemstones.

Grey and Red Planets

image source

The galaxy design features a striking combination of grey and red hues, with planets that offer endless possibilities for customization. Not only can you alter the color palette to suit your personal taste, but you can also modify the planet designs to create a truly one-of-a-kind space theme. Furthermore, the inclusion of constellations and stars adds an extra layer of depth and visual interest to the overall design.

November Leaves

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The autumn-inspired cover design seamlessly harmonizes with the quintessential autumn hues, evoking a sense of coziness and warmth that’s quintessentially fall-like. The subtle blend of earthy tones and vibrant leaf shades creates an inviting visual appeal that effectively captures the essence of the season.

Diamond Curtain

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This versatile design is not limited to a specific time of year, as its unique combination of a diamond-string curtain and elegant calligraphy can be adapted to celebrate any month. The focal point of this piece is the stunning calligraphy featuring the word ‘November’, which adds an air of sophistication and refinement.

December Bullet Journal Covers

The charm of December’s minimalist bullet journal covers is undeniable. Seeking a touch of elegance to adorn your pages? Let these understated designs be your guide. If you’re craving even more inspiration, head over to my previous post, 25+ December Bullet Journal Ideas for Christmas, which is packed with additional creative ideas.

Evergreen Leaves

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Winter’s charm is expertly captured on this cover page, where evergreen leaves and vibrant red berries combine to evoke a sense of cozy warmth. The elegant handwritten font adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal choice for December’s festivities.

Gold Ornaments

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A subtle yet striking design is achieved by combining white and gold ornaments in a harmonious arrangement. The versatility of this design allows for easy incorporation of additional colors to inject personality and flair.

Yellow Lights

image source

As the holiday season approaches, I’m inspired to bring a pop of color and festive flair to my journal. The combination of greens, yellows, reds, and other vibrant hues instantly puts me in a celebratory mood. I’m particularly fond of the way the letter ‘r’ seems to be connected to the twinkling lights, adding an extra layer of whimsy to the design. Whether you’re a seasoned bullet journalist or just looking for creative ways to capture the holiday spirit, there are endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

Bonus Free Printable

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