Is There A Limit For Candle Day?

What is Candle Day?

Candle Day is an annual one-day shopping event where major retailers like Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, and other popular candle brands offer deep discounts on select candles, candle holders, and home fragrance products. Candle Day always takes place on the first Friday of December each year, right after U.S. Thanksgiving and kicking off the holiday shopping season.

The Candle Day tradition started in the late 1990s when Bath & Body Works began offering $8.50 candles for one day only as a way to bring in customers during a typically slow retail period between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas. The Candle Day promotion gained popularity over the years as customers began looking forward to scoring deeply discounted candles for holiday gifting and home decor. Other brands like Yankee Candle eventually followed suit with their own Candle Day deals.

Now Candle Day has grown into a highly anticipated annual event for candle enthusiasts. People line up for hours ahead of opening at malls across America to get first pick of the exclusive fragrances and designs before inventory sells out. Retailers heavily market the event and launch new styles, scents, and packaging specifically for Candle Day to generate buzz leading up to the big sale day.

Candle Day is an annual event where many popular candle retailers and brands offer significant discounts and deals on candles. It’s become a beloved tradition for many candle enthusiasts.

Popular Candle Day Traditions

Some of the most popular Candle Day traditions include:

  • Buying Candles as Gifts: Many people use the Candle Day sales as an opportunity to stock up on affordable, quality candles to give as gifts to friends, family, coworkers, etc.

  • Stocking Up For the Year: Candle lovers will shop a variety of scents and brands during the Candle Day sales to build up their personal candle inventory for the coming year. The discounts allow them to stock up and save.

  • Candle Exchanges: Groups of candle enthusiasts will get together and buy a variety of candles during Candle Day to later exchange with each other. This allows them to end up with a variety of new and different scents and brands to enjoy while still taking advantage of the special savings Candle Day provides.

Candle Day Deals

Candle Day, held every year on the first Saturday of December, is known for the deep discounts and promotions offered by major candle retailers like Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, and smaller artisanal brands. During Candle Day, prices are slashed dramatically on candles, wax melts, candle accessories, and gift sets – some discounts are as high as 75% off regular prices!

Retailers want to attract as many shoppers as possible on Candle Day to clear out inventory before the holidays. This makes Candle Day the best time of year for candle lovers to stock up on affordably priced seasonal and signature candles and accessories that can also double as perfect holiday gifts.

Most Popular Candle Scents

There are certain candle scents that sell better than others year after year. Brands keep close track of sales data to know what candle scents do best during major sales events like Candle Day.

Frutity and “bake shop” scents regularly show up on bestseller lists for candles. The intoxicating aromas like peach, mango pineapple, apple pie, sugar cookie, banana bread, and Vanilla Bean Noel draw customers in and have them stocking up on Candle Day. These scents, with their mouthwatering appeal and fragrant aromas, never seem to go out of style.

More complex yet subtly sweet scents have also risen in popularity recently, like spiced apple toddy, warm & cozy cashmere, and frosted cranberry. Candles with cinnamon, brown sugar, spice, and vanilla notes are consistent customer favorites. Their nostalgic coziness makes them perfect for the holiday season.

Candle Day Shopping Strategies

One of the best times to shop for candles is during Candle Day sales when many retailers offer big discounts on candles. However, you’ll need a few shopping strategies to get the best deals. Here are some tips for maximizing your savings on Candle Day:

  • Shop Early – Arrive at the store as early in the day as possible, especially if there is a limit on quantity. Popular scents and styles sell out fast. Aim to hit the first shopping hour of the day if possible.
  • Browse the Store and Online – Take an initial browsing lap around the store’s candle department to spot discounted candles. But also keep an eye on the retailer’s website, as online exclusives may pop up.
  • Have Alternatives in Mind – Have 2-3 backup picks in case your top choice sells out before you get it. You’ll miss out if you have tunnel vision for a single scent.
  • Buy the Limit – Most retailers impose a cap on candle purchases during the promotion. Buy right up to that limit to maximize your savings.
  • Use Coupons – Layer on any additional promo codes, coupons or loyalty program discounts to save even more.
  • Stock Up and Gift – Take advantage of the low prices to buy candles for yourself and as gifts for others. They make perfect presents!

The key is being organized, flexible and strategic with your shopping to make the most of Candle Day deals before the best stuff sells out!


Most Candle Day sales allow for unlimited purchases of select candles and scents. However, some retailers will have purchase limits in place to ensure there is enough supply.

Specifically, Bath & Body Works places a purchase limit of 25 candles per in-store customer. However, there is no limit for online orders. Some stores may experience product sell-outs, especially on more popular scents, so inventory will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Vera Wang at Kohl’s limits customers to purchasing just 12 fragranced products total during Candle Day. Other retailers may also have purchse limits, so it’s best to check their policies and get your order in early to make sure you get the candles you want.

Most retailers will limit the use of coupons and promo codes on Candle Day so they don’t stack with the already-discounted prices. Check each store’s coupon policy before purchasing.

Inventory and Availability

When it comes to big sales events like Candle Day, stores want to attract as many shoppers as possible. But they can only sell what’s actually in stock. With hundreds of shoppers flooding the stores looking for deals, popular scents and styles often sell out quickly.

Most Bath & Body Works locations will heavily stock up on their best-selling candle scents and holder styles leading up to Candle Day. However, there is still a limit to how much inventory each individual store can accommodate. Once the most popular picks sell out, they will not be restocked again until after the sale concludes.

This means early shoppers usually have the best selection to choose from. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the specific candles you want will be gone. So it pays to get to the store early if you have your heart set on particular scents or jar styles.

Some locations may impose per-person limits if they see stock running low to try and spread out what’s left. But once it’s gone, it’s gone. Keeping supply limited also helps build excitement and FOMO around the one-day event.

So if you’re willing to be flexible with scents or styles, you can generally still find deals later in the day. But the most popular picks do tend to sell out quickly. Knowing your store’s inventory situation can help set expectations for finding your top choices.


If you’re looking for candles but miss out on Candle Day deals, here are some other sales and promotions to consider:

Other Special Promotions

Many candle retailers run other types of big events and promotions throughout the year such as seasonal sales. Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the winter, for example, often have great deals on candles. There are also common promos for specific holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas where candles make popular gifts.

Loyalty Programs

Sign up for rewards programs or mailing lists from your favorite candle shops. Members often get advance notice of sales, special coupons, free shipping offers, and more. This can help you save on future candle purchases.

Outlet Stores

Check out outlet locations or websites of major candle brands to find overstock and discounted candles year round.

DIY Options

You can also save money by purchasing plain glass containers and candle wax to make your own customized, scented candles at home.

Reviews of Top Candles

When shopping for candles on Candle Day, it can be helpful to know which scents and brands consistently receive great reviews from consumers.

Most Popular Scent: Lavender Vanilla

One of the most popular scents on Candle Day is lavender vanilla, an aromatic blend of two favorite aromas. Many top candle brands like Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, and Voluspa have released lavender vanilla scented candles that become bestsellers throughout the holiday season.

With soothing lavender and cozy vanilla, this scent is perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Reviewers say it fills rooms with a sweet scent that is calming but not overpowering.

Highest Rated: Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender

Yankee Candle’s Lemon Lavender is one of the consistently highest rated candles when it comes to Candle Day offerings. The refreshing citrus and flowery notes combine perfectly into an invigorating scent that perks people up. Hundreds of five-star reviews praise this candle’s long burn time, excellent throw, and ability to energize the senses.


Candle Day is a highly anticipated event with incredible savings, but there are some limitations to be aware of. Key scents and certain styles will likely sell out quickly, and many stores limit customers on the total number of candles that can be purchased.

The key is to shop early, have backup scent options in mind, split up your shopping between trips and stores, and be flexible if your top choices are not available. Also explore alternative places like boutiques, Etsy, and candle subscription clubs to find more unique options.

Overall Candle Day allows you to stock up on quality candles at the best prices of the year if you go in with a plan. Be sure to check reviews and take time to smell the candles to find your new favorites.

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