Is Diptyque Less Expensive In Paris?

Diptyque is a French luxury fragrance and candle brand founded in Paris in 1961. Known for their high-end scented candles and perfumes, Diptyque has become an iconic French brand with a worldwide presence. However, their pricing and product availability can vary greatly depending on the market.

Diptyque is considered an affordable luxury brand, positioned between mass market and ultra high-end fragrance houses. Their pricing strategy aims to be accessible to a wider audience while still maintaining an aura of exclusivity. As a French brand, Diptyque’s pricing and product range in its home Parisian market differs from other international locations.

This article will explore Diptyque’s pricing in Paris stores compared to other markets, analyzing the various factors that contribute to pricing differences such as VAT, product availability, and shopping experience. We’ll uncover tips for finding the best deals on Diptyque whether shopping in Paris or elsewhere.

Diptyque’s Origins in Paris

The French luxury perfume, candle and skincare company Diptyque was founded in Paris in 1961 by three friends – Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet and Yves Coueslant. The trio opened their first shop on 34 boulevard Saint-Germain, creating decorative objects and furniture. By 1963, they started making scented candles, blending unique fragrances from high quality natural raw materials. This paved the way for Diptyque to eventually expand into perfumes and body care.

From the beginning, Diptyque embodied the creative and bohemian spirit of Paris in the 1960s. Its early fans included famous names like Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol. Over the decades, Diptyque has grown into an international luxury brand while still retaining its French roots and boutique heritage. Even today, their original Saint-Germain shop remains open as a flagship Paris location. For Diptyque lovers visiting Paris, it’s a memorable destination for experiencing the full breadth of the brand’s fragrances and products.

Pricing in Paris Stores vs Other Markets

Paris is home to the original Diptyque boutique, which opened in 1961 on Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Given the brand’s French roots, it’s no surprise that prices can be lower when shopping in Paris compared to other international markets.

The pricing difference ranges from 10-20% on average for most Diptyque products, including its famous candles, perfumes, body care and home fragrances. For example, the iconic 34 oz. Diptyque Baies candle retails for €60 in Paris boutiques, compared to $72 USD in the United States. The 50ml Eau de Toilette spray of Do Son, a signature Diptyque fragrance, sells for €98 in Paris versus $128 in American stores.

There are a few reasons behind the lower prices found in Paris. Diptyque is able to sell its products for less in its home country due to reduced transportation costs, import duties, and indirect taxes that can drive up the retail price in foreign markets. Additionally, pricing in Paris does not have to account for currency conversion rates and exchange fees that are incurred when selling internationally.

Factors Contributing to Pricing Differences

There are a few key factors that contribute to pricing differences for Diptyque products when comparing Paris to other global markets:

Taxes – Paris has a standard VAT (value-added tax) of 20% that is included in the retail pricing of goods. Other markets range from no sales tax to over 20% for VAT or sales taxes. This accounts for a significant chunk of the price difference across countries.

Import Costs – For markets outside of France, there are costs associated with importing Diptyque products which don’t exist when buying locally in Paris. Import duties, shipping fees, logistics, and local distribution add to the base cost.

Local Markups – Retailers and distributors in each market add their own margins on top of Diptyque’s wholesale pricing to cover their costs and profit. Local markups vary and contribute to the pricing differences globally.

So in summary, the combination of VAT, import costs that don’t apply locally, and local retail markups ultimately lead to varying Diptyque pricing in Paris compared to other parts of the world.

Promotions Unique to Paris

One of the best perks of shopping for Diptyque in Paris is gaining access to special offers and sales that are only available in the city. As Diptyque’s birthplace and home of its original boutique, Paris often gets first dibs on limited edition collections, gift with purchases, and seasonal sales.

During the annual summer and winter sales in France, Diptyque boutiques discount select items by up to 50%. The summer soldes take place in late June and can last up to 6 weeks. The winter soldes begin in early January and also run for around 6 weeks. Outside of Paris, the sales tend to start a week or two later.

Around the holidays, Paris boutiques occasionally have special gift sets or limited edition items in festive packaging that can only be purchased in store. Keep an eye out for these rare finds while shopping in December.

Limited edition launches and new product releases also tend to happen first in Paris. Diptyque often reserves part of special collection stock for its original stores. So shopping at the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés location provides early access before items sell out worldwide.

By shopping on location, Diptyque fans can take advantage of promotions not offered anywhere else. Paris exclusives provide yet another reason the city is a perfume and candle lover’s paradise.

Shopping Experience in Paris

Shopping for Diptyque in their elegant Parisian boutiques provides an elevated customer experience that heightens the enjoyment of purchasing their luxury candles and fragrance products. Stepping into one of their shops transports you into Diptyque’s chic Parisian world.

Diptyque boutiques feature charming French interior design with beautiful displays of their products. Soft lighting, floral accents, and polished wood fixtures create an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. Attentive sales associates greet you warmly and are happy to provide personalized recommendations and assist you in sampling and selecting the perfect Diptyque items.

The sales staff are passionate about the brand and eager to share their expertise. They make the shopping experience educational and fun by explaining the intriguing scents and story behind each fragrance or candle. Their excellent customer service ensures your time spent in the boutique is memorable.

The ability to experience the complete Diptyque collection in their elegant Paris settings enhances the special feeling of purchasing these coveted French luxury goods. Shopping with Diptyque in Paris offers a delightful retail experience that shoppers will treasure.

Product Availability in Paris

One of the main advantages of shopping at Diptyque in Paris is the wider product selection available. The flagship boutique on Boulevard Saint-Germain as well as other Paris locations typically stock the full range of Diptyque fragrances, candles, body care, home items and gifts. This includes limited edition collections and offerings not always found in Diptyque boutiques in other cities.

By visiting Paris, Diptyque devotees can browse and purchase from the brand’s complete line. Holiday releases, special artist collaborations, and other unique products are more easy to discover. Stores outside of France often only carry a curated selection of Diptyque’s range. The Paris assortment includes many gems not showcased anywhere else.

Diptyque enthusiasts planning a trip to Paris will be delighted by the extensive choices. Locals also appreciate being able to shop the total Diptyque collection in their home city. Visiting the Parisian stores promises access to the widest array of Diptyque products available.

VAT Refunds in Paris

One of the best parts of shopping in Paris as a tourist is taking advantage of tax-free shopping. France offers a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund program that allows tourists to get money back on purchases made in the country.

The current VAT in France is 20%, which means you get 20% of the pre-tax price refunded when you leave the country. To qualify, you need to spend over €175 in a single day in the same store. You can accumulate receipts across multiple stores and days to reach the minimum too. Just make sure you get a VAT refund form filled out each time you make a purchase.

Getting your VAT refund is easy. Simply present your passport, forms and receipts at the VAT refund counter at the airport or other departure point. The funds can be credited back to your credit card, paid in cash or transferred to your bank account. It’s essentially free money back on your vacation purchases!

So for savvy tourists looking to save on high-end Parisian finds like Diptyque candles, taking advantage of tax-free shopping is a great tip. You can splurge on lovely souvenirs and still stretch your vacation budget a little further.

Alternatives for Shopping Outside Paris

For those unable to easily travel to Paris, there are still ways to get Diptyque products for less. Online shopping, duty free shops, and planned shopping trips to Paris are good options to consider.

One approach is to buy Diptyque online, especially during sales or from discount retailers. The brand’s own website offers promotions during certain holiday sales events that bring prices closer to Paris levels. Checking sites like Sephora, Saks Off 5th, and Nordstrom Rack can turn up deals on Diptyque as well.

Duty free shops in international airports are another avenue. While limited in selection, certain locations will carry Diptyque and prices are tax free. This represents savings over regular retail. Travelers in transit through major hub airports can shop on departure or arrival.

Finally, planning specific shopping trips to Paris, timed around major sales, is a way overseas customers can buy Diptyque in person at lower costs. Pairing a trip around seasonal sales events allows travelers to experience the full ambiance of Parisian Diptyque stores while getting the best deals. A little advance planning goes a long way.


In summary, the findings show that Diptyque products are usually less expensive when purchased directly from their Paris boutiques or the flagship store on Boulevard Saint-Germain. Several factors contribute to the lower prices, including:

  • Lower base prices in euros compared to other currencies.
  • VAT tax refunds available to tourists.
  • Special limited-time promotions in Paris boutiques.
  • More flexibility in Paris on price negotiations, discounts, and gifts with purchase compared to other markets.

Therefore, for shoppers planning a visit to Paris, buying Diptyque in the local boutiques is often the most affordable option. However, those who cannot easily visit should also look for French or EU-based online discounters selling Diptyque. While not as optimal as shopping in Paris directly, these can also offer lower prices than full retail in other countries. With some savvy shopping, fans everywhere can find deals on these iconic French perfumes and home fragrances.

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