Is A 2 Wick Candle Better?

A 2 wick candle has two wicks instead of the typical single wick. Some people prefer 2 wick candles over single wick for a variety of reasons. The second wick allows for more even burning, brighter light, and better fragrance dispersal compared to a single wick candle of the same size. The second wick also helps prevent tunneling, where a crater forms around one wick from uneven burning. Many find the double flame visually appealing as well. Overall, 2 wick candles allow for larger candles to burn more efficiently and provide benefits that a single wick cannot offer.

Even Burning

One of the main benefits of a two wick candle is that it promotes more even burning across the entire candle surface. With a single wick, the flame only melts wax in the immediate surrounding area, which can create an uneven melt pool with unburnt wax around the edges. Two wicks spaced apart provide better coverage for melting all the wax (Harlem Candle Co.).

As the two flames burn down through the wax in tandem, they create a shared melt pool that extends across the middle of the candle. This allows more of the fragrance to be released as more wax is liquified at once (Sukie’s Candle Co.). With dual heat sources, there are fewer issues with tunneling in the middle or unmelted edges around the container.

The twin wicks lead to more thorough and uniform melting and burning. For candles with larger diameters, two wicks distribute the heat more effectively than one.

Brighter Light

Candles with two wicks produce a brighter light than single wick candles. The additional wick creates an extra flame, doubling the luminescence. According to Should You Get a 1-Wick or 2-Wick Candle? What’s the Difference by Harlem Candle Company, “With 2-wick candles, you get two bright flames that produce more light than a 1-wick candle.” They recommend two-wick candles for larger rooms or if you want a brighter ambiance.

The Key Differences Between Multi-Wick Candles & Single Wick Candles from Lafco also states, “Aside from the practical benefits, having multiple wicks also yields a brighter flame and stronger scent.” The two flames working together cast more overall light than a solo flame.

Longer Burn Time

One of the main benefits of a two-wick candle is that it has a longer burn time compared to a single-wick candle. With two wicks burning simultaneously, the wax pool melts evenly across the entire surface area of the candle more quickly. This allows the candle to burn through wax efficiently and have a longer useful lifetime before all the wax is used up.[]

Each wick contributes to wax melting and fragrance release. So with two wicks, you essentially get double the melting power. Testing has shown that two-wick candles can burn for up to 50% longer than their single-wick counterparts of the same size before running out of wax.[] This makes two-wick candles a better value for money if burn time is a priority.

Fragrance Dispersal

Fragrance spreads more evenly throughout a room with a two-wick candle compared to a single wick. Each wick helps diffuse the fragrance oil as the candle burns. With just one wick, the scent tends to concentrate around the candle. Adding a second wick facilitates airflow and enables the fragrance to circulate across a broader space.[1] The enhanced fragrance dispersal is especially noticeable in large rooms. For those who value a candle primarily for its ability to scent a room, a two-wick design is often preferred.

Prevent Tunneling

One of the main benefits of a two-wick candle is that it helps prevent tunneling, which is when the wax around the wick melts faster than the outer wax. This leaves an unsightly hole or “tunnel” in the center of the candle.

Tunneling occurs because a single wick does not provide enough heat to melt the entire top layer of wax evenly. The flame heats the wax immediately around the wick, so that area melts faster. With two wicks spaced apart, the heat is more evenly distributed across the top of the candle. This allows the entire surface to melt at the same rate and prevents holes from forming.

According to this source, improper wick sizing is one of the main reasons candles tunnel. A two-wick design compensates for inadequate single wicks by doubling the melting power.

In addition to more even burning, two wicks are also less likely to bend into the melted wax, which is another common cause of tunneling. The separate wicks support each other and remain upright as the candle burns down.


two wicks spaced apart provide more stable, controlled burning.

Two-wick candles are generally considered safer than single-wick candles. The two wicks help stabilize the flame and prevent it from getting too high or going out of control (source). With a single wick, the flame can flare up and create more soot or smoke. The second wick acts as a stabilizer, allowing for an even burn and preventing the wick from mushrooming over.

Multiple wicks also help the candle burn down fully, rather than creating a hole or tunnel in the center as can happen with single wicks. This prevents wasted wax and potential fire hazards if the container gets too hot (source). Overall, two centered wicks spaced properly apart create a safer, more controlled flame for the life of the candle.


Many candle enthusiasts prefer the aesthetic look of a candle with two wicks rather than just one. The symmetrical placement of two wicks can provide a nice visual balance to the candle. Some find that two wicks make a candle look more elegant or expensive. The double flame effect also gives off an attractive glow that some find more pleasing than a single flame.

The appearance of two slender wicks can also seem more refined than one thick wick. Thicker wicks are sometimes needed on single wick candles to provide adequate melting, which may look clunky. With two wicks, thinner wicks can be used while still providing enough heat distribution for even burning. This can contribute to a more polished look.

Ultimately, the aesthetics of a double wick candle come down to personal preference. Those who enjoy symmetry and the visual appeal of two flames rising may gravitate toward a double wick design. But a single wick candle can have elegance and beauty as well. It’s about finding the right design for your individual tastes.


Two wick candles tend to be more expensive than single wick candles. According to Creative Candles, in their online store, a 6″ x 6″ Contemporary 3-Wick Pillar Candle costs about the same as a 12-box of 9″ Taper Candles with one wick each.1 The extra wick in a multi-wick candle requires more wax and fragrance to fill the candle, driving up costs. On Reddit, one user estimated that a Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle costs at minimum $4.40 more than a single wick, accounting for the extra wax and fragrance.2 So while two wick candles provide benefits like an even melt pool and brighter light, consumers should be prepared to pay a premium for those features.


Based on the points discussed, 2 wick candles have some clear advantages over single wick candles:

  • More even burning and light distribution
  • Brighter illumination from the additional wick
  • Longer burn times before having to replace the candle
  • Better fragrance dispersal in the space
  • Help prevent tunneling issues

The main downsides of 2 wick candles are the slightly higher cost and needing a wider candle holder or surface. However, the benefits seem to outweigh the downsides for most situations. Unless candle holder space is extremely limited, 2 wick candles provide superior performance.

In summary, 2 wick candles tend to provide better light quality, fragrance, and usage compared to single wick designs. The choice comes down to preference, but 2 wicks offer noticeable advantages that make them a great option to consider.

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