How Often Do Bath And Body Works Candles Go On Sale?

Bath & Body Works has become one of the most popular retailers for scented candles and home fragrance products. Known for their wide variety of scents and affordable prices, Bath & Body Works sells over 400 million candles each year according to USA Today ( The company frequently runs sales and promotions to keep their candles affordable and drive high volume sales.

Throughout the year, Bath & Body Works runs semi-annual and seasonal sales on their products, including their popular 3-wick candles. The sales schedule provides opportunities for customers to stock up on candles for 50-75% off regular prices. Understanding this typical sales calendar can help shoppers strategically time their purchases.

Semi-Annual Sale

Bath & Body Works has two major Semi-Annual Sales each year, one in January and one in June. During the Semi-Annual Sales, select items are discounted from 50-75% off, with the deepest discounts usually toward the end of the sale period.

The January Semi-Annual Sale typically starts right after Christmas and runs for around 3 weeks into mid-January. This sale focuses on clearing out leftover holiday merchandise. The June Semi-Annual Sale starts in early June and runs for 3-4 weeks until early July. This sale discounts spring and summer seasonal items to make room for new fall merchandise.

Candles are heavily discounted during the Semi-Annual Sales. For example, 3-wick candles are usually priced from $10-$15.50, down from their regular price of $24.50-$26.50. The most popular seasonal scents sell out quickly during these sales.

In addition to candles, the Semi-Annual Sales feature deep discounts on body care, hand soaps, wallflowers, perfumes, home fragrances and more. The sales offer an excellent opportunity to stock up on favorite Bath & Body Works products at a fraction of their original prices.

Winter Sale

The Winter Sale at Bath & Body Works is one of the biggest sales of the year for their popular 3-wick candles. This sale usually happens sometime in December, often aligning with the week before Christmas. During the Winter Sale, most candles are marked down to the discounted price of around $10-$12, compared to the regular price of $24.50. Certain newer holiday scents may be excluded from the sale.

The Winter candle sale features their full range of fragrances for the season. This includes returning favorites like Fresh Balsam, Peppermint Sugar Cookie, and Vanilla Bean Noel. There are also unique seasonal scents released each year like Frosted Cranberry, Spiced Gingerbread, and Winter Candy Apple. The candle selection during the Winter Sale allows customers to stock up on holiday scents for the remainder of the season at an excellent value.

In addition to the candle discounts, the Winter Sale usually features other promotions like free gifts with a purchase minimum. For candle lovers, the Winter Sale is the perfect opportunity to get Bath & Body Works’ iconic 3-wick candles at a fraction of the price right before the holidays.

Summer Sale

Bath & Body Works hosts a major Summer Semi-Annual Sale every year, typically starting in the early June and running through July. During this sale, select candles and other products are discounted significantly. According to the Bath & Body Works website (Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale 2023), discounts during the Summer Semi-Annual Sale can reach as high as 75% off original prices.

The Summer Semi-Annual Sale focuses on clearing out inventory from the Spring/Summer seasons to make room for new Fall products. This means shoppers can find deals on seasonal Spring and Summer candle scents like fresh florals, tropical fruits, and light summery fragrances. The selection includes a mix of retired scents and leftover stock from the current season (3-Wick Scented Candles).

the summer sale offers deals on light, fruity seasonal candle scents

While discounts vary, many customer-favorite 3-wick candles are priced around $10-$14 during the Summer Sale. Bath & Body Works also offers stacked discounts and coupons during the sale to maximize savings. Overall, the Summer Semi-Annual Sale provides an excellent opportunity for candle lovers to stock up on springy and summery scents at clearance prices before they are discontinued.

Fall Sale

The Bath & Body Works Fall sale usually starts in late August and runs through September [1]. During the Fall candle sale, customers can get select candles for as low as $10. The Fall sale focuses on promoting Bath & Body Works’ new Fall fragrances and products. Popular Fall scents offered during this sale include Pumpkin Apple, Leaves, and Sweater Weather. The Fall sale usually has the widest selection of new fragrances that were just launched for the season.

Discounts during the Fall sale can range from $10 off select candles to buy 2, get 2 free on all body care products. The deepest discounts are usually offered on older Summer fragrances that Bath & Body Works is trying to sell off before the new Fall fragrances hit shelves. The Fall sale is a good time to stock up on classic fragrances like Sweater Weather and Leaves that only come back for the Autumn season each year.

Holiday Sale

The Bath & Body Works holiday candle sale usually takes place in November and December each year, coinciding with major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve. According to the Bath & Body Works website, the holiday candle collection is unveiled in October and the big holiday sales start in early November. The best discounts on holiday scents can be found during the week of Thanksgiving, with major price reductions like candles for $10 off.

The selection during the holiday sale includes Bath & Body Works’ signature festive fragrances like Fresh Balsam, Twisted Peppermint, and Vanilla Bean Noel. Most of the consumer-favorite holiday scents are 3-wick candles that are part of special promotional offers during this time. For example, the 2020 holiday sale offered a ‘Buy 3, Get 3 Free’ deal on 3-wick candles. Along with the holiday fragrances, the signature scents are also included in the holiday discounts.

The holiday candle sale usually lasts through December, with fluctuating discounts, gift sets, and promotions advertised on the website and via email to maximize holiday sales. The early access deals in November offer the biggest upfront savings, while supplies last. To get the best candle deals during the Bath & Body Works holiday sale, signing up for emails and rewards membership provides early access to promotions.

Email Exclusives

One of the best ways to find out about Bath & Body Works candle sales and get exclusive discounts is to join their email list. Bath & Body Works sends out emails to subscribers alerting them to special offers and early access to sales.

For example, in August 2022 Bath & Body Works offered an email-exclusive Buy 2, Get 2 Free sale on all candles for one day only (source). Subscribing to the emails allowed candle lovers to take advantage of this major discount before the general public.

Email subscribers also frequently receive coupons for percentages off or free shipping that they can use on candle purchases. So signing up for the mailing list is an easy way to gain access to extra candle deals and discounts.

In-Store Sales

In addition to the major advertised sales, Bath & Body Works often has unadvertised in-store sales and clearance items. Stores will periodically mark down select candles and other products when they need to clear out inventory. These sales are not widely promoted, so being aware of when they typically happen can help you find even better deals.

Based on customer reports, some of the best times to find unadvertised candle sales and clearance items in stores are:

  • January – After the winter Semi-Annual Sale ends, leftover holiday and winter candles often go on clearance.
  • April/May – Once the Spring/Summer collection starts rolling out, Winter and Spring candle scents from the previous year will get marked down.
  • July/August – Following the Summer Semi-Annual Sale, you may find select Summer candles and products on clearance.
  • November – Leading up to the Holiday launch, Fall scents will get marked down in preparation for the new releases.

Being strategic about when you shop and regularly checking clearance sections can reveal some of the best unadvertised deals on Bath & Body Works candles in stores. The key times seem to be when seasonal transitions are happening and new product launches are about to occur.


One of the best ways to save money on Bath & Body Works candles is to take advantage of coupons and promotional codes. Here are some tips on where to find the best deals:

Bath & Body Works offers coupons on their website that can be used both online and in stores. You can often find coupons for $10 off $30, 20% off your entire purchase, free shipping with no minimum, and more. These coupons are emailed out to rewards members and posted on the Bath & Body Works website

Another great place to find Bath & Body Works coupons is RetailMeNot. They regularly have promo codes for 20% off your order that can be used on candle purchases. Check for the latest deals.

You can also find printable in-store coupons for $10 off a $30 purchase on sites like CouponFollow. These are great to use during big sales like the Semi-Annual Sale to maximize your savings. See for printable coupon options.


In summary, the best times to buy discounted Bath & Body Works candles are during the Semi-Annual Sale in January and June, seasonal sales like the Summer Sale in July or the Winter Sale in December, and around major holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Halloween. Bath & Body Works also frequently sends coupon codes for discounts on all products including candles to email subscribers. And it’s always worth checking in store for unadvertised sales or clearance items. Signing up for the loyalty rewards program can provide additional savings opportunities throughout the year. By taking advantage of these major sale periods and promotions, you can stock up on Bath & Body Works candles at significant discounts off the usual retail prices.

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