How Many Different Candle Scents Does Bath And Body Works Have?

Bath & Body Works is an American retailer known for their wide variety of fragranced products including hand soaps, body lotions, perfumes, and most notably – candles. Since opening their first store in 1990, Bath & Body Works has become the largest bath shop retailer in the United States. They are especially known for their signature three-wick candles, which come in a huge variety of scents.

Candles have been an integral part of the Bath & Body Works shopping experience from the beginning. Over the years, the company has continued to innovate and expand their candle offerings. They now produce over 150 signature scents across various fragrance families like floral, fresh, fruity, bakery, spa, and seasonal collections. The distinctive Bath & Body Works candle comes in a signature white branded jar with three wicks, providing an even and consistent burn. Fans eagerly await seasonal releases and limited edition scents each year.

History of Candles at Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works first started selling candles in 1990, just two years after the company was founded in 1988 (Wikipedia). The company launched the White Barn Candle Company as a division specializing in scented candles.

Over the years, Bath & Body Works has innovated in the candle space by offering a wide variety of scents, packaging designs, and candle holders. Some key innovations include seasonal candle collections, 3-wick candles for increased fragrance, and aromatherapy candles with essential oils.

In the early 2000s, Bath & Body Works introduced seasonal candle collections for holidays and occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This allowed customers to find candles tailored to each season and event (Bath & Body Works: A History).

The 3-wick candle launched in 2003 allowed for more fragrance to fill a room as each wick was infused with fragrance (Bath & Body Works: A History). Decorative candle holders were also introduced so that customers could display candles as home decor.

Over the past 30+ years, candles have become a core part of the Bath & Body Works brand. The company is now one of the largest candle retailers in the United States.

Types of Candle Scents

Bath and Body Works offers an incredibly diverse range of candle scents across many different fragrance categories. Some of the main scent types include:

Fruity Scents: These candles evoke juicy, fresh fruit flavors like Strawberry Pound Cake, Watermelon Lemonade, and Black Cherry Merlot. Other popular fruity scents from B&BW include Kiwi Starfruit, White Peach and Champagne Apple & Honey.

Floral Scents: These fragrances capture the essence of flowers and blossoms like Japanese Cherry Blossom, Rose, Honeysuckle, and Lilac. Other floral favorites include Sun-Drenched Linen, Rose Vanilla, and Fresh Cut Lilacs.

Bakery Scents: Buttery, sweet bakery aromas are a huge category for B&BW. There are so many – Pineapple Pound Cake, Cinnamon Irish Cream, Salted Caramel Mocha, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, and Carrot Cake, just to name a few!

Spice Scents: Warming spices and gourmand flavors like Pumpkin Apple, Apple Weather, Leaves, Hot Cocoa & Cream, Marshmallow Fireside, and Spiced Gingerbread.

The possibilities are nearly endless! With new seasonal collections launching all the time, Bath & Body Works continuously expands their already impressive fragrance range.

Seasonal Collections

Bath & Body Works releases special seasonal candle collections multiple times a year to align with major holidays and seasons. Some of the major seasonal releases include:

Spring/Summer – Scents like Sun-Washed Citrus, Watermelon Lemonade, and Coconut Lime are released around March-May to evoke feelings of warmer weather. Popular returning spring scents include Fresh Cut Lilacs, Rose Water & Ivy, and Cucumber Melon.

Fall/Winter – Cinnamon, pumpkin, and other cozy scents start hitting stores in August-September to prepare for fall. Signature winter fragrances like Fresh Balsam, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Twisted Peppermint usually return each November-December.

Special editions are also launched for holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. For example, spooky scents like Haunted Nights, Vampire Blood, and Ghoul Friend are released each October. Christmas scents feature pine, spice, and vanilla notes.

Bath & Body Works retired their popular retired aromatherapy line in 2022, replacing it with Wellness collection candles focused on specific moods and activities like Focus and Sleep.

Most Popular Scents

When it comes to the most popular candle scents at Bath & Body Works, there are a few tried-and-true classics that consistently rank among the best-sellers every year. These signature scents have developed an almost cult-like following among B&BW fans.

One of the all-time top selling candle scents is Fresh Balsam, with its woody, piney aroma reminiscent of a Christmas tree (source). This festive wintertime fragrance evokes the coziness and nostalgia of the holiday season. Fresh Balsam has been a staple scent for Bath & Body Works during the holidays for over a decade.

Another classic fragrance that often tops the charts is Mahogany Teakwood. With notes of mahogany, cedarwood and oak, this masculine scent is woody and earthy with a touch of sweetness (source). Mahogany Teakwood has been popular since its introduction and is now a core, signature fragrance for the brand.

Other beloved mainstays among Bath & Body Works’ candle scents include the sweet, gourmand aromas of Vanilla Bean and Marshmallow Fireside. These cozy, nostalgic scents consistently draw devotees year after year, cementing their status as some of the brand’s top-selling candle fragrances.

Discontinued Scents

Bath & Body Works frequently retires candle scents to make room for new fragrances. While this allows them to stay on top of trends, it often disappoints loyal customers when their favorites get discontinued. Some of the most beloved retired scents include:

Winter Candy Apple – This scent of crisp Red Delicious apple blended with winter spices was available for over 20 years before getting discontinued in 2021, much to the dismay of many fans. As one Reddit user wrote, “Winter Candy Apple is an icon. A legend. A moment in history.”

Leaves – This authentic, woodsy scent of autumn leaves, golden nectar, and a touch of clove captured the essence of fall. Discontinued around 2015, fans still request its return each year when the weather turns cool.

Vanilla Bean Noel – Launched in 2000, this sweet, creamy, vanilla scent quickly became a staple Bath & Body Works fragrance. Despite its popularity, it got discontinued in 2020, though customer demand led to its comeback for the 2021 holiday season.

According to posts on Reddit, other retired favorites include Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pink Chiffon, Dark Kiss, and Black Raspberry Vanilla. While not currently available, there is always hope these cult classics may one day return.

Scent Development Process

Bath & Body Works has an extensive process for developing new candle scents. Their fragrance experts work closely with perfumers to create unique scents that will resonate with customers. The process begins with trend forecasting – analyzing fragrance trends, consumer preferences, and seasonal themes to determine what types of scents they should focus on.

Next, the perfumers will blend essential oils, synthetic ingredients, and aroma chemicals to compose the scents. Hundreds of trial formulations may be tested before landing on the right combination. The fragrances are tweaked and perfected based on feedback from consumer test groups. Focus groups are asked to rate the scents on metrics like intensity, appeal, and uniqueness. Only the highest rated fragrances move forward in the process.

The fragrances then undergo stability and safety testing to ensure they meet quality standards when burned. Wick testing is done to guarantee an optimal scent throw without smoking or having an uneven burn. Once the fragrances successfully pass all tests, they are approved for production and given creative names that align with the scent profile before being launched in stores or online.

Total Number of Scents

Bath & Body Works offers an incredibly vast array of candle scents, with new fragrances constantly being introduced each season. While an exact count is elusive, some estimates put the total number of unique candle scents offered by Bath & Body Works since its inception at over 2,000.

This staggering number includes both retired/discontinued scents as well as current bestsellers. Each seasonal collection adds dozens more one-of-a-kind fragrances, amplifying an already enormous selection. With iconic staples like Warm Vanilla Sugar and Mahogany Teakwood sharing space with inventive limited editions, it’s no wonder Bath & Body Works has cemented itself as the premier destination for scented candles.

Though the total number of active candle scents available for purchase fluctuates, at any given time customers can choose from between 300 to 500 options on the Bath & Body Works website (1). This abundance ensures candle aficionados always have new scents to discover and old favorites to restock.


Future Outlook

close up photo of various colorful bath & body works candle scents

Bath & Body Works has big plans when it comes to releasing new candle scents and collections in the future. According to the New Arrivals page on their website, Bath & Body Works is constantly working on creating new fragrances and products for upcoming seasonal launches and collections.

Some of the new scents planned for 2023 include Sweet Carrot Cake, Raspberry Tangerine, and Vanilla Confetti Sparkle, among others. These new fragrances will be released as part of the company’s spring and summer collections.

Bath & Body Works also hinted at continued innovations in candle designs, wick types, fragrance intensity, and more. They aim to stay on top of the latest trends and customer preferences to create candles and home fragrances that excite and delight their loyal fans.

While specific details are limited, the overall outlook suggests Bath & Body Works plans to aggressively expand its massive candle collection with diverse new scents and continue pushing the boundaries of candle crafting. Customers can anticipate exciting launches and fresh interpretations of classic fragrances in the years ahead.


Bath & Body Works carries an incredible variety of candle scents, with over 100 available at any given time. Their scents are a core part of their brand identity and product lineup. Customers eagerly await the release of seasonal collections and limited edition scents each year.

The most popular candle scents tend to be fresh, fruity, bakery, and clean/linen type aromas. Bath & Body Works continuously experiments with new fragrance combinations while also bringing back retired customer favorites. The scent development process involves extensive testing and consumer research.

Candle scents help create an immersive, sensory experience for customers in Bath & Body Works stores. Scented candles have become a gift-giving tradition and are synonymous with the Bath & Body Works brand. As the company expands globally, their range of distinctive candle scents continues to be a key factor in their ongoing success.

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