How Many Candles Can You Buy On Candle Day?

Candle Day is an annual one-day event that takes place at Bath & Body Works stores nationwide. It is traditionally held on the first Saturday of December each year. On Candle Day, all 3-wick candles are sold for the discounted price of $9.95 each (reg. $24.50). This represents a nearly 60% discount on these popular candles. Customers often shop early and wait in long lines on this day to take advantage of these savings. The first Candle Day was held in 1997 and it has grown into a major promotional event for Bath & Body Works ever since. For many customers, it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and a chance to stock up on candles as gifts or home decor at a steep discount. The Candle Day sale usually lasts for that one day only, unless supplies sell out even earlier. It’s a limited opportunity that draws crowds into Bath & Body Works stores across the country every December.

Bath & Body Works Candle Day

Bath & Body Works is known for having big sales events throughout the year to attract customers to their stores. One of their biggest and most popular events is Candle Day, which occurs just a few times a year, usually in December and June. On Candle Day, all 3-wick candles are priced at the discounted rate of $10 each for one day only (Bath & Body Works: Body Care & Home Fragrances You’ll …).

This is a major deal, since regular prices for the 3-wick candles are typically $24.50-$26.50. The Candle Day promotion allows customers to stock up on candles for a fraction of the regular price. Bath & Body Works usually limits candle purchases to 18-20 candles per customer on Candle Day to prevent resellers from buying too many (Bath & Body Works: Body Care & Home Fragrances You’ll …). Even with limits in place, the discounted candles go quickly and stores tend to sell out.

Bath & Body Works heavily promotes the Candle Day event in advance across their website, email lists, and social media channels. The deals and limited availability create major hype and attract hordes of eager candle shoppers to stores across the country.

Average Candle Prices

Bath & Body Works is well known for their wide selection of candles, with new fragrances released frequently throughout the year. Typical pricing for their 3-wick candles outside of sale events ranges from $24.50-$26.50. This standard pricing is seen for the majority of the year at Bath & Body Works locations and online.

Candle Day offers a special one-day opportunity for huge savings on candles. On this annual event, all 3-wick candles are marked down to the low price of just $9.95 each. This represents a discount of over 60% off regular prices. Shoppers who wait specifically for Candle Day can stock up on a year’s supply of candles at these bargain prices.

The drastic markdown from typical candle prices to the Candle Day price point allows shoppers to get more for their money. Whereas a standard $24.50 candle may be seen as a splurge for some budgets, the $9.95 Candle Day pricing feels like an affordable indulgence.

Candle Inventory

Bath & Body Works produces millions of candles leading up to their annual Candle Day event. According to a 2022 press release, the company had stockpiled over 3 million 3-wick candles ahead of Candle Day that year (–body-works-brings-back-annual-candle-day-with-all-day-loyalty-early-access-302002405.html).

bath & body works produces millions of candles leading up to the major candle day event

Considering Bath & Body Works has over 1,700 retail locations in North America, this allows for an average of around 1,800 candles per store. However, stock levels likely vary based on store size and historic sales data. Popular urban locations may receive upwards of 5,000 candles while smaller rural stores may only get 1,000.

In total, Bath & Body Works makes between 3-5 million candles available for purchase on Candle Day each year. With famous scents like Mahogany Teakwood, Champagne Toast, and Fresh Balsam, they produce enough inventory to meet the huge customer demand.

Store Locations

Bath & Body Works has over 1,755 retail locations across the United States that participate in Candle Day. This includes locations in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. The company has stores in most major malls and shopping centers across the country. Customers can find their nearest participating location using the Bath & Body Works online store locator ( With so many locations participating, most people should have access to a store in their area to shop the Candle Day sale.

Candle Selection

Bath & Body Works offers an incredibly vast array of candle scents and styles to choose from on Candle Day. Shoppers will find candles in just about every fragrance imaginable, from fresh and clean scents like Eucalyptus Rain and Peppered Plum, to sweet bakery aromas like Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Irish Cream. There are also plenty of unique and trendy options like Wine Cellar, Garden Sage & Apple, and Hot Buttered Rum.

In terms of styles, Bath & Body Works has something for everyone. Classic jar candles are available in a multitude of colors and decorative vessel designs. For those who prefer single wicks, there are tons of great skinny candles. You can also find travel-size candles, car fragrances, night lights, and wax melts. The selection is so expansive that you’re guaranteed to find multiple candles in scents you love.

With new fragrances released for each season, Bath & Body Works makes sure Candle Day shoppers have fresh options to choose from every time. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the enormous variety of candle scents and styles available.

Candle Limits

During Candle Day, Bath & Body Works imposes limits on the number of candles each customer can purchase. This helps ensure inventory is fairly distributed among shoppers. According to discussions on Reddit, in recent years the limit has been around 18-20 candles per customer.

For the 2022 Candle Day, the purchase limit was 20 candles per customer for the promotional $10 candles. This limit applied to both in-store and online purchases [1]. The standard priced candles did not have a purchase limit. However, some stores may have set their own limits depending on inventory levels.

Bath & Body Works reserves the right to adjust candle limits at any time during the event. But historically the limit falls around 18-20 candles. This restricts extreme bulk buying, while still allowing enthusiastic customers to stock up on their favorite scents.

Customer Demand

Candle Day has become an extremely popular annual event for Bath & Body Works customers. The sale draws large crowds both in stores and online every year. According to Bath & Body Works, the 2023 Candle Day sale had over 150 candle options available at the lowest prices of the year. Customers line up for hours before stores open to get first pick of the candles.

There is huge enthusiasm amongst Bath & Body Works fans for Candle Day each year. Many people wait and specifically save up for this major candle sale event. Social media discussions and interest spike leading up to the sale date. Customers share photos of their huge Candle Day hauls and celebrate getting so many candles at such low prices. The high demand and limited inventory cause many popular candle scents to sell out very quickly both in stores and online.

Total Sales Volume

According to RetailDive, Bath & Body Works broke company sales records on Candle Day in 2019. Overall sales hit $80 million, with over 6 million candles sold in just one day across more than 1,600 stores. This smashed their previous Candle Day record in 2018 of $75 million in sales.

The popularity of Candle Day results in incredibly high sales volumes. Customers line up for hours before stores open to get their hands on the discounted candles. The frenzy leads to each customer purchasing multiple candles, driving up total units sold into the millions.

How Many Candles Can You Buy?

Bath & Body Works limits the number of candles each customer can purchase during Candle Day to maintain inventory and give all customers a chance to take advantage of the sale. According to the Bath & Body Works website, the candle limit per customer is 15 candles total.

While in previous years there was no set limit, the limit of 15 candles was established in 2020 in response to exceptionally high demand and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This limit allows Bath & Body Works to prevent stockouts, control long lines and crowds in stores, and give more customers the ability to purchase candles at the discounted Candle Day price.

So in summary, the maximum number of candles the average Bath & Body Works customer can purchase on Candle Day is 15. While savvy shoppers may make multiple transactions to buy more, the stated limit per customer is 15 candles.

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