Do Wax Carts Leave A Smell?

What Are Wax Carts?

Wax cartridges, also known as wax vape pens or wax pens, are vaporizers designed specifically for cannabis concentrates (Source). They consist of a battery and heating element (the vape pen) and a chamber to hold concentrated cannabis oil (the cartridge).

Inside the cartridge is a coil, usually made of ceramic or quartz, that heats up the concentrates and turns them into vapor. The most common types of cannabis concentrate found in wax cartridges are oils, distillates, and terp sauces. These concentrates are typically more viscous than vape juices or nicotine salts used in e-cigarettes.

When the user inhales, the battery engages the heating element which vaporizes the cannabis oil. The vapor is then inhaled, delivering the effects of the concentrates. Wax cartridges provide a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis.

Do Wax Carts Produce Odor?

Unlike smoking dried cannabis flower, vaping wax cartridges does not produce smoke. This is because wax cartridges use cannabis concentrates that are heated just enough to release vapor, not combustion that creates smoke. The lack of smoke is one reason that using a wax cartridge produces less odor compared to smoking cannabis flower.

However, wax carts can still produce some odor. This is because the vapor contains terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis concentrate. When you exhale the vapor, a slight cannabis smell is emitted. But the odor is significantly less than smoking flower, especially when held in before exhaling. The odor also dissipates rapidly.

Some factors that affect the strength of wax cart odor include the type of concentrate used, voltage setting, airflow, and number/length of puffs. Larger puffs held in longer will produce more vapor and thus more scent upon exhale. Odor can also vary among strains and concentrate consistency. But in general, the smell from properly using wax carts is minimal.

Overall, while using a wax vape cartridge does produce a slight cannabis odor, it remains very faint compared to alternatives like smoking flower. The vapor dissipates quickly without the lingering smoke smell. Factors like puff size and type of wax can influence scent strength, but wax vape carts are designed for minimal odor.

Smell While Vaping

When using a wax cartridge, there is an odor emitted when you exhale the vapor. However, the smell lingers only briefly in the air compared to exhaling cigarette smoke. As the vapor dissipates, the odor quickly fades away [1]. This is because wax cartridges produce a vapor rather than smoke. The vapor contains fewer odor-causing particles than smoke does. While the smell may be noticeable to those nearby when exhaling, it does not have the strong, lingering odor of smoking cannabis flower or tobacco [2].

The smell while vaping also depends on the wax cartridge ingredients. Added flavors and terpenes influence the vapor’s odor. But even flavored or terpene-enhanced cartridges have less odor compared to smoking. The vapor dissipates more quickly than smoke. So while wax cartridge vaping produces some smell when exhaling, it is far less than the smell from smoking [3].

wax cartridge vapor disperses quickly unlike smoke

Residual Odor

There can be some residual odor left on your breath or clothes after vaping a wax cartridge. However, the smell tends to dissipate much quicker compared to smoking cannabis flower. One study found that the odor from vaping only lingers for around 10-15 minutes on clothing (source). The scent is less intense and does not permeate fabrics in the same way smoke does.

Additionally, vaping produces less particulate matter than smoking. This means there is less scent residue left behind. Opening windows, changing clothes, or rinsing out your mouth can help remove any temporary smells faster.

Overall, any residual odors from vaping wax carts tend to clear quickly. It does not leave the same lingering smokey smell that flower does.

Types of Wax & Smell

The type of cannabis oil used in a wax cartridge can impact the level of odor produced. Live resins and terpene-rich oils tend to smell more than other types of oils.

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate made from freshly harvested cannabis plants. The plants are flash-frozen right after harvest to preserve the terpenes and aroma of the living plant (“Live resin vs distillate”, 2022). As a result, live resin cartridges contain high levels of terpenes and give off a very strong cannabis aroma (“Does Live Resin Smell?”, 2023).

In comparison, distillate oils contain almost no terpenes as they are refined and distilled. Distillate carts produce very little odor when vaped (“Live Resin Carts vs. Normal Carts”, 2022).

In general, the higher quality and less processed the oil, the more terpenes it retains. More terpenes means more aroma. So higher quality cartridges and oils will tend to smell more when vaped.

Storing Wax Carts

When properly sealed and stored, wax carts don’t produce much odor on their own. According to experts on Quora, “How can you hide the smell from a vape oil cartridge pen (weed)”, the cartridge itself only has a faint smell that is unlikely to be detected unless someone is very close to it.

Storing cartridges in a cool, dark place like a drawer or cabinet helps minimize any odors. Light and heat can cause the materials inside the cart to degrade faster, releasing more terpenes and odor. Keeping them sealed in an enclosed space traps any slight smells.

As long as the carts remain sealed and stored properly, the odor should not be strong enough to detect from across a room or throughout a house. But any leakage or opening of the carts can allow smells to escape more readily.

Traveling with Carts

When traveling with wax cartridges, it’s important to be discreet and take steps to minimize any smells. Here are some best practices:

Use smell-proof bags or cases designed for storing cannabis products. These are available from many retailers and help contain odors.

Store cartridges upright and make sure they are sealed properly so no oil leaks out.

Pack cartridges in your carry-on luggage rather than checked bags. This gives you more control to quickly seal anything that might start smelling.

Put your cartridges in a smell-proof bag or case, and then wrap that in something that obscures the contents like a scarf or sweater.

Avoid opening your bag and accessing cartridges in confined public places like airplane lavatories where the smell can linger.

Be discreet when you need to use your vape pen, and exhale the vapor carefully so it doesn’t travel and bother others around you.

Consider using a smoke buddy or sploofy to help neutralize vapor/exhaled smells.

Stick to the designated smoking areas in airports if you want to take a puff before boarding.

Making an effort to contain smells and be courteous will keep your experience smooth and discreet.

Removing Wax Cartridge Smells

Even though wax cartridges don’t produce a strong odor when vaping, some residual smell can linger. There are several effective tips for eliminating odor at home after vaping wax cartridges:

Open windows and use fans to promote ventilation and airflow. This will help dissipate any lingering smells quickly. You can also place a towel under doors to prevent odors spreading to other rooms [1].

Spray air neutralizers or odor eliminating sprays can also help remove smells. Look for products with activated charcoal or essential oils like citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint etc. Allow time for the spray to work before assessing if the smell has gone [2].

Investing in an air purifier with a charcoal filter can help remove odors over time. Place this near where you vape to actively filter the air. Smoke buddy sploofs can also be used to exhale hits through to minimize odor.

Washing fabrics and wiping down surfaces can also help if any smell lingers on soft furnishings or clothes. Using fragrant products like scented candles, reed diffusers and incense sticks will also mask any remaining odors.

Wax Pen vs Flower Smell

When comparing the odor produced from vaping wax pens versus smoking flower, there is a noticeable difference. Flower that is smoked in a joint, pipe or bong produces a much more pungent and lingering smell according to The burnt cannabis odor permeates the air and sticks to clothing, hair, and furnishings. Wax vape pens on the other hand produce a less noticeable odor overall.

The smell emitted from wax cartridges is lighter, more discreet, and dissipates faster than traditional flower smoking according to This is because vape pens do not combust the material, rather using heating elements to gently vaporize the wax, oil or concentrate inside the cartridge. The vapor contains less burnt particles that lead to strong lingering odors. While some smell is present when vaping a wax pen, it is much more subtle and fades quickly.

For those looking for a more low-key consumption option, vaping wax and oil cartridges provides a much less intrusive aroma compared to traditional flower smoking methods. The reduced smell makes vaping an ideal choice for those needing discretion according to

Bottom Line

In general, wax carts do produce some odor when in use, but it is substantially less than smoking flower. They release a faint smell while vaping that quickly dissipates, and may leave a minimal residual scent on clothes, hair, and breath. However, there are several ways to minimize the smell further:

– Store cartridges properly in sealed containers when not in use.

– Avoid overheating the coil, take short puffs.

– Exhale vapor carefully to disperse quickly.

– Use odor eliminating sprays and wash hands after use.

– Opt for carts with added terpenes for more pleasant aromas.

With proper precautions, the smell from wax carts can be very subtle and transient. For those needing to conceal use, they offer a much more discreet option than smoking flower. But some faint odor is to be expected with most oil cartridges.

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