Crochet Patterns That Use The Single Crochet Stitch

For beginners looking to master a simple yet versatile crochet stitch, the single crochet (sc) is an excellent starting point. This straightforward stitch offers endless possibilities, from crafting cozy sweaters and blankets to creating adorable amigurumi characters.

To work the sc stitch, simply insert your hook into the desired stitch or chain, pull the yarn through, yarn over, and then pull the yarn through the loop. The single crochet is a relatively short stitch that can be used to create a wide range of projects.

Once you’ve mastered this easy-to-learn stitch, you’re ready to start exploring a variety of crochet patterns that utilize the single crochet. Simply check out some popular patterns and get started with your new favorite hobby.

Vienna Sweater

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The Vienna Sweater, with its oversized fit and stunning turtleneck design, exudes a high-end department store aesthetic. If you’re looking to create a similar statement piece, download the pattern today.

Pretzel Brooch

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I’m thrilled to share with you my enthusiasm for Twinkie Chan, an incredibly talented crochet artist whose designs never fail to inspire me. Among her many wonderful creations is this delightful brooch pattern, which I’m excited to introduce to you today. If you’re not familiar with Twinkie’s work, get ready to be impressed! This charming Crochet Pretzel Brooch is a free pattern that’s sure to delight both beginners and experienced crocheters alike, offering the perfect opportunity to create something truly unique and special.

Crochet Scrunchies

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Crafting these scrunchies is an enjoyable experience that yields results surprisingly swiftly. The simplicity of this project makes it an ideal introduction to crochet, relying solely on the fundamental single crochet stitch. For those looking to get started, I recommend referring to the pattern for Crochet Scrunchies.

Crochet Tulip Vest

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Adding a stylish and versatile vest like this one to your wardrobe is always a great idea. With its simple yet elegant design, it’s perfect for any time of year. And the best part? The single crochet stitch makes it easy to learn, with no complicated stitches required. Just be prepared to get creative with color changes – but trust us, the end result will be well worth the effort. You can grab the pattern for this gorgeous Crochet Tulip Vest and start crocheting your new favorite piece today.

Velvet Yoke Sweatshirt

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This luxurious velvet sweatshirt boasts a trifecta of qualities – it’s incredibly soft, exudes coziness, and boasts a stylish flair. Its charm is due to the clever use of single crochet stitches within a yoke construction design. To replicate this fashion-forward find, simply follow the pattern for this Velvet Sweatshirt.

Gray Skies Headband

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While the chevron stitch may give the impression that this headband is intricate to create, it’s actually a relatively straightforward project. To bring this design to life, you’ll need to be familiar with four fundamental stitches: chaining, single crochet, skipping stitches, and working in the back loop. If you’re interested in giving this Gray Skies Headband a try, you can find the pattern here.

Bonfire Scarf

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The Bonfire Scarf pattern is a unique and cozy creation that showcases the warm tones of the Scarfie yarn from Lion Brand. At first glance, the stitch pattern may seem complex, but fear not, beginner crocheters! The alternating single crochet stitches and chain stitches make this design accessible to all skill levels. If you’re eager to get started, grab the pattern and wrap yourself up in the comforting warmth of the Bonfire Scarf.

Beginner Baby Afghan

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Indulge in the simplicity of this delightful baby afghan, designed specifically for those seeking a soothing and relaxing crafting experience. As you work on this easy-to-make blanket, you’ll be free to focus on your favorite TV show or movie, making it the ideal companion project.

Chevron Apache Waves Blanket

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By combining a single crochet chevron pattern with a mosaic crochet design, you’ll create a stunning blanket that’s sure to turn heads. The unique blend of patterns yields a visually appealing result, perfect for showcasing your handmade skills. For those interested in replicating this Chevron Apache Waves Blanket, we invite you to explore the full pattern and discover how you can bring this eye-catching piece to life.

Crochet Cakes

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Imagine a world where adorable crochet creations take the place of traditional cakes. The Crochet Cakes pattern brings this whimsical scenario to life with three unique designs: the Strawberry Dream Cake, St. Patrick’s Day cake, and Rainbow Birthday cake. To make these sweet treats even more special, the pattern also includes printable gift tags for a personalized touch. For those eager to get baking – or rather, crocheting – the pattern is now available for you to try at home.

The Better Sweater

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For those who adore balloon sleeves, this sweater is a must-have. The soft pastel hue combination truly captures my attention. If you’re interested in recreating this look, head over to The Better Sweater for the pattern.

Double Thick Potholder

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Offering exceptional quality, these double thick potholders not only impress with their striking appearance but also provide a practical solution for home cooks. Their versatility makes them an ideal gift option for loved ones, allowing you to share your enthusiasm for cooking and share the joy of a thoughtful present. For those interested in crafting their own, the pattern can be found at Double Thick Potholder.

Crochet Hot Cocoa

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The delightful pattern is an absolute joy to create, offering a charming way to personalize your holiday season. This festive design combines marshmallows, cookies, and candy canes to bring a whimsical touch to your hot cocoa mug. For a step-by-step guide on how to crochet this adorable accessory, visit Crochet Hot Cocoa.

Eva Cardigan

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The Eva cardigan’s charming design has caught your eye, and you’re eager to recreate it. Fortunately, the pattern is available for free on the Yarn and Chia blog, accompanied by detailed written instructions and a helpful YouTube video to guide you through the process. To get started, visit Eva Cardigan and access the pattern that will help you bring this stylish garment to life.

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