Cool Anime Character Drawing Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your next anime drawing? I’ve gathered a collection of cool anime drawing ideas featuring characters from some of your favorite animes. What’s more, these drawings are designed to be beginner-friendly, making them perfect references for anyone looking to practice drawing anime characters. While some may assume that anime drawings are dauntingly complex, I’m here to dispel that notion. With a few simple steps and a willingness to learn, you can master the art of drawing anime. In this collection, I’ve included links to the artists’ social media accounts whenever possible. If their work resonates with you, be sure to show your appreciation by following them and liking their creations.

Dabi from My Hero Academia

For fans of complex characters, the illustration of Dabi from My Hero Academia is a must-see. To take this artwork to the next level, consider incorporating subtle details that evoke the villain’s intimidating presence. This could include adding blue flames to the background, reminiscent of Dabi’s pyrokinetic abilities. By doing so, you’ll be able to convey the character’s menacing aura and create a visually striking piece that captures their essence.

Senku from Dr. Stone

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In the world of Dr. Stone, Senku stands out as the protagonist with a remarkable story. Initially petrified for thousands of years, he was brought back to life by Taiju Oki’s discovery. What makes Senku truly unique is his exceptional scientific prowess. This gift allows him to utilize his knowledge to make a positive impact on those around him.

Minato Namikaze

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Minato Namikaze’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those who follow the Naruto Shippuden series. As the Fourth Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village, he was a ninja of unparalleled skill and wisdom, earning the admiration of his peers and community. This stunning drawing by arteyata masterfully captures Minato’s essence, transporting fans back to the world of high-stakes ninjutsu and camaraderie. Whether you’re a longtime enthusiast or just discovering the series, this artwork is sure to resonate with anyone who has been touched by Minato’s indomitable spirit.

Itachi Uchiha

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While opinions about anime characters can vary widely among fans, it’s undeniable that Itachi Uchiha from the popular series Naruto is often overlooked as one of the most intriguing and complex characters in the franchise. The recent sketch by arteyata perfectly captures his enigmatic persona, showcasing both his intense intensity and captivating calmness. As you marvel at this incredible artwork, be sure to explore more of arteyata’s impressive portfolio of anime-inspired creations.

Haikyu Drawing

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For fans of Haikyu!!, this artwork by artbyandzelika_ is sure to delight. The piece perfectly captures the spirit of the anime, making it a must-have for any enthusiast. To take it to the next level, consider adding vibrant colors to bring Shōyō Hinata’s iconic orange locks to life, completing the drawing in true Haikyu!! style.

Zenitsu from Demon Slayer

As I delve deeper into the world of Demon Slayer, my appreciation for its intricate storytelling and captivating characters has grown exponentially. While I may not be entirely sold on Zenitsu’s charm, fans of the anime will undoubtedly appreciate this simple yet endearing sketch as a nostalgic keepsake or easy reference guide.

Midoriya Izuku

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With a mere glance, one can’t help but be mesmerized by the effortless skill of artbyandzelika_ in bringing Midoriya Izuku to life on paper. The main protagonist of My Hero Academia, Midoriya is a young boy with an unwavering passion for becoming a hero, despite being devoid of any superhuman abilities. The artist’s ability to convey such a sense of neatness and tidiness through their drawing is truly impressive. For fans of this art style, the full range of creative expression can be explored by following the provided artist credit.

Nezuko Drawing

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In the world of Demon Slayer, Nezuko stands out as one of the most endearing and compassionate characters. Originally a human, she was transformed into a demon, yet still maintains her kind-hearted nature. As the main female protagonist, Nezuko forms a strong bond with Tanjiro Kamado, working together to safeguard humans from demonic threats.

What makes Nezuko truly special is her capacity to hold onto her human emotions even after becoming a demon. This unique aspect of her character allows for a deeper exploration of complex themes and emotions. It’s no wonder that fans would love to see this drawing brought to life with vibrant colors, especially the thought of Nezuko’s pink eyes taking center stage.

Killua and Gon

To hone your sketching skills, consider using the illustration of Killua and Gon as a guide. As you work through the process of capturing their likenesses on paper, you’ll have the opportunity to refine your techniques and develop a solid foundation for more complex artistic endeavors. Once you’re satisfied with the result, you can elevate it further by incorporating colored pencils or watercolor paint, adding an extra layer of depth and dimension.

Captain Levi

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In the midst of the harrowing world of Attack on Titan, one character stands out for their unwavering dedication to humanity’s survival: Captain Levi. As the stalwart leader of the Survey Corps, he has earned a reputation for his exceptional skill in vanquishing Titans – behemoths that threaten the very existence of human civilization. A calculating and unyielding individual, Captain Levi will stop at nothing to safeguard the species from extinction, driven by a singular focus on preserving the future.

Katsuki Bakugou

In the world of My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugou stands out as an intriguing and dynamic character. As a student of Class 1-A at U.A High School, he’s part of the next generation of heroes-in-training. With his unique abilities and fiery personality, Bakugou is a force to be reckoned with, and fans of the series can’t help but be drawn to his complex and multifaceted character.

Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen

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The stunning artwork by suki.sketch brings Sukuna from the popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen to life in a truly impressive manner. As I delve into the world of this show, which has garnered widespread acclaim, my interest is piqued. Having just begun watching it myself, I can attest that the early episodes have left me intrigued.


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The artist, known as suki.sketch, has recently shared another captivating depiction of Sukuna. This new piece showcases the intriguing duality of Sukuna’s persona, skillfully blending both his and Itadori’s features in a single image.

Izuku Midoriya

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The candid confession of Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of the popular manga series My Hero Academia, serves as a poignant reminder that even in the darkest moments, hope can be found. Midoriya’s determination to never give up, despite feeling like a failure, is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity for resilience and perseverance.

Hunter x Hunter

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The talented artist behind this stunning artwork is Tamy, who has previously been featured in this blog post for their incredible skill. For fans of the popular manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter, this illustration of Ore Killua is a must-see. The level of detail and emotion brought to life by Tamy’s brushstrokes makes it easy to see why this piece has been shared multiple times within this post.

Unique Art Style

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If you’re looking for anime-inspired artwork with a dash of whimsy, I urge you to explore the portfolio of miao_draws. Their distinctive art style is sure to captivate your attention and leave you wanting more.

Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

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Nezuko Kamado’s endearing presence in the popular anime series Demon Slayer has captured the hearts of many fans. For those who share a special affinity for this beloved character, reimagining her iconic design can be an enjoyable creative outlet. As Tanjiro’s sister and one of the last remaining members of their family line, Nezuko’s story adds a poignant depth to the narrative. By delving into her world and recreating her striking appearance, fans can further immerse themselves in the series’ rich universe.

Naruto Drawing

Masashi Kishimoto’s beloved Naruto series has captivated audiences worldwide with its intricate world-building and compelling characters. At its core lies the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a spirited young ninja who dreams of ascending to the esteemed position of Hokage, leader of his village.

Sajuna Inui from My Dress-Up Darling

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In the world of anime and manga, there exists a unique individual named Sajuna Inui, whose passion for dressing up knows no bounds. As an enthusiastic otaku from the popular series My Dress-Up Darling, she embodies the art of cosplay with unrelenting fervor. Her love for transforming into different characters through elaborate costumes is nothing short of extraordinary.

Manga Female Head

When it comes to drawing a female manga character’s head, following a step-by-step approach can make all the difference. By breaking down the process into manageable chunks, you’ll be able to capture the essence of this iconic style. Drawing inspiration from anime and manga has never been more accessible, with a wealth of resources available online. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, there’s always room for growth and improvement. As you continue to hone your skills, you can expect to see significant progress in your ability to bring these characters to life.

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