Can You Use Any Oils In Scentsy Diffuser?

Scentsy diffusers are devices that utilize heat or ultrasonic technology to disperse essential oils and fragrance blends into the air. They allow you to fill your space with lovely scents and aromatherapy benefits. Scentsy produces diffusers designed specifically for use with their essential oils and fragrance blends.

The purpose of Scentsy diffusers is to provide an efficient and safe method of diffusing Scentsy oils and fragrances. Their ultrasonic models create a cold mist to disperse the oils without altering their properties through heat, while their candle-heated models allow the heat to help spread the fragrance. Scentsy diffusers run for set intervals, shutting off automatically for safety.

Safety Concerns

The Scentsy diffuser is designed specifically for use with Scentsy oils. Using other oils carries some risks and is not recommended by Scentsy or diffuser manufacturers.

Scentsy oils are formulated to be safe for indoor use and have been rigorously tested. Other essential oils may contain compounds that can irritate the airways, exacerbate asthma, or trigger headaches and allergic reactions. Some oils, like cinnamon and clove, can damage plastics over repeated exposure.

Scentsy oils are blended for optimal diffusion. Using thicker oils or oils with more volatile compounds could clog the diffuser’s small orifices and lead to malfunctions. Always check the safe use recommendations from any oil manufacturer before diffusing.

For best results and safety, stick to Scentsy branded oils. While you can technically use other oils, doing so voids the Scentsy diffuser warranty and may produce less fragrance or cause clogging issues.

Recommended Scentsy Oils

The key to safely using oils in your Scentsy diffuser is to stick to Scentsy-branded oils that are specially formulated for these devices. Scentsy has an array of signature oil blends designed to be compatible with their diffusers including:

  • Serenity – Features soothing scents like lavender and bergamot.
  • Joy – An uplifting citrus blend with notes of mandarin and lemon.
  • Calm – A relaxing blend with lavender, cedarwood, and patchouli.
  • Balance – An energizing mix with spearmint, peppermint, and citrus.
  • Solace – A calming floral blend with jasmine and vanilla.

Scentsy frequently releases new oil blends as well. Their oils are designed to be the optimal viscosity and have undergone testing specifically for Scentsy diffusers. Using oils outside the Scentsy brand can clog diffusers and lead to other issues.

Alternate Oils Caution

While Scentsy oils are specifically designed for use in Scentsy diffusers, some users wonder if they can use other essential oils or fragrance oils. It’s important to exercise caution when using alternate oils, as some may not be suitable. Here are some warnings about using other oils:

Some oils are thinner than Scentsy oils and may leak or clog the diffuser. Essential oils like citrus or floral oils tend to be thinner. Using too thin of an oil can damage the diffuser or lead to leaks.

Heavier oils like sandalwood may be too thick or viscous for the diffuser. This can prevent the diffuser from misting properly.

Some fragrance oils contain ingredients that can harm the plastic in diffusers. Always check that any alternate oil is safe for plastic before use.

Alternate oils may not diffuse as well. The diffusion rate and intensity of fragrance can vary. The scent throw may be weaker than with Scentsy oils.

Some oils can contain impurities or ingredients unsafe for breathing. Using them in a diffuser could lead to health issues for pets or family members. It’s best to avoid untested oils.

In summary, use caution with alternate oils, as results can vary. Stick to Scentsy oils when possible for safe, effective diffusion.

Oil Viscosity Matters

When using oils in your Scentsy diffuser, it’s important to pay attention to oil viscosity, or thickness. Scentsy diffusers are designed and tested for use with Scentsy oils specifically. The viscosity of these oils has been calibrated to work properly with the diffuser models.

Oils that are too thick or too thin can cause issues:

  • Thick oils may not diffuse properly or clog the diffuser.
  • Thin oils can leak or spill out of the diffuser.

For best results, stick to Scentsy oils or oils with a similar viscosity to avoid potential problems. The specific thickness of Scentsy oils has been optimized for diffusion. Using random essential oils means you’ll have less control over viscosity, which impacts performance.

Usage and Care

Using your Scentsy diffuser properly is important for performance and longevity. Here are some usage and care tips:

  • Always use clean, filtered water in the diffuser. Tap water contains minerals and impurities that can build up and clog the diffuser.
  • Follow the instructions for filling the water reservoir. Do not overfill or underfill.
  • Add 5-10 drops of Scentsy oil to the water, depending on the diffuser model and intensity desired. Do not add more than 10 drops.
  • Diffuse oils intermittently, such as a couple hours on, a couple hours off. Continuous diffusion can lead to build up.
  • Unplug and clean the diffuser every 2-3 days, using white vinegar and a damp cloth to wipe away any oil residue.
  • Always keep the diffuser on a stable, level surface when in use.
  • If not using for prolonged periods, drain the water reservoir and allow to fully dry before storing.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat when diffusing oils.

By following proper usage and care guidelines, you’ll get the most enjoyment from your Scentsy diffuser.

Benefits of Scentsy Oils

Scentsy oils offer many advantages that make them an appealing choice for diffused fragrance in the home. Here are some of the top benefits of using Scentsy oils:

High quality – Scentsy oils are carefully crafted with premium fragrance oils. They are formulated to be safe and provide an optimal diffuser experience.

Designed for diffusing – Scentsy oils are specifically designed for diffusion, unlike some essential oils that can degrade plastic parts over time. Scentsy oils will not compromise diffuser performance.

Complex and layered scents – Scentsy oil fragrances are expertly blended to provide multi-layered scents with depth and complexity. They fill the air with fuller, richer aromas compared to single note essential oils.

Safer than essential oils – While essential oils have benefits, some can irritate airways or skin at high concentrations. Scentsy oils are gentler and safer for diffusion when used as directed.

No mixing required – Scentsy oils are pre-diluted and ready to use in Scentsy diffusers with no carrier oil mixing required.

Enhances ambiance – Scentsy oils elevate the environment with welcoming, inviting scents. They are wonderful for creating a desired atmosphere in any space.

Uplifts mood – When diffused, Scentsy oils can have mood-boosting effects and help create a positive headspace.

Scentsy Diffuser Models

Scentsy offers a variety of electric diffuser models to choose from. Each has its own shape, size, features, and oil reservoir capacity. When selecting a diffuser, consider factors like the diffuser’s coverage area, auto shut-off, lighting options, and more.

Some of the most popular Scentsy diffuser models include:

  • Scentsy Breeze – A compact, portable diffuser good for small rooms.
  • Scentsy Dew – Features color-changing lights and remote control.
  • Scentsy Luna – Offers large oil capacity and coverage area.
  • Scentsy Luminary – Modern cement design with peaceful LED light.

Look at product descriptions to compare diffuser specs, coverage, settings, and style. This will help you find the right Scentsy diffuser option for your needs and decor. Consider getting multiple diffusers for large homes.

Troubleshooting Tips

Scentsy diffusers are generally reliable, but occasionally issues can arise. Here are some troubleshooting tips for fixing common problems:

Diffuser Won’t Turn On

First, check that the diffuser is plugged in fully and the outlet is functioning. Try unplugging and plugging back in. If that doesn’t work, check the fuse or breaker connected to the outlet. Make sure the switch on the diffuser base is turned to the on position. If it still won’t turn on, contact Scentsy support.

No Mist Output

Ensure there is water in the tank. Refill if needed. Next, check that the tank is inserted properly into the base. Remove and reseat it. Verify the wick filter is not clogged; rinse or replace if required. Try adding more drops of oil, as too little can prevent mist output. If mist is still not produced, reach out to Scentsy support.

Leaking Water

First, confirm the tank is fully inserted and locked into place in the base. Tighten if loose. Inspect the tank for any cracks and replace if damaged. Make sure the water level is not above the max fill line; pour out excess. Also check that the diffuser is on a level surface and not tilted. Wipe up any spilled water before further use.


In summary, Scentsy diffusers are designed to be used with Scentsy brand oils for optimal performance and safety. While you can experiment with other oils if you wish, it’s best to stick to Scentsy’s recommendations and use their oils in the recommended amounts. Be sure to monitor your diffuser closely, keep it clean, and don’t overwhelm it with too much oil. With proper care and maintenance, a Scentsy diffuser can provide a lovely scent experience and potential health benefits when used as directed with Scentsy oils.

The key points to remember are:

  • Use Scentsy oils for best diffuser performance and safety
  • Other oils may work but require caution and testing
  • Monitor oil usage and clean diffuser regularly
  • Follow Scentsy diffuser instructions for filling and care
  • Enjoy wonderful Scentsy scents and aromatherapy benefits!

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