Can You Mix Candle Holders?

Mixing candle holders refers to using candle holders of different styles, sizes, materials, or colors in the same space. Rather than having all matching candle holders, the idea is to intentionally blend varied designs together. This creates visual interest and layers multiple textures and aesthetic feels into one cohesive look.

When mixing candle holders, you don’t want the grouping to feel haphazard or messy. The key is pulling together a purposeful arrangement that feels curated, yet relaxed. Mixing and matching candle holders allows you to showcase your personal taste and design style.

Safety Considerations

When mixing candle holders of different heights and materials, it’s important to keep fire safety in mind. Tall taper candles should always be placed in sturdy, non-flammable holders. Avoid placing tall candles in holders made of flammable materials like wood or paper. The flame should also be contained within the holder and not extend over the edges where it could ignite the material. For shorter votive or tealight candles, it’s safer to use a wider variety of holder materials. However, keep an eye on paper or rattan holders as they may char over time from the heat of the flame. In general, it’s best to place any paper or flammable holders on non-flammable surfaces rather than directly on wood tables. This helps prevent potential fires.

The stability of the candle holder is also an important safety consideration when mixing heights and styles. Choose heavy, wide-based holders for the tallest candles to prevent tipping over. Stay away from light materials like glass or acrylic for very tall styles, which pose a hazard if they were to topple. Place larger candle groupings on low, sturdy surfaces for safety. Also make sure to keep all candle holders, regardless of height, away from table linens, curtains or any other flammable materials in the home.

With some common sense precautions, you can safely mix and match candle holders of varying shapes, sizes and materials to create beautiful displays throughout the home.

Aesthetic Factors

When mixing candle holders, considering how they complement each other aesthetically is key. Pay attention to factors like color, texture, and materials to create a cohesive and pleasing arrangement.

Complementary colors refer to shades that pair well together, like blue and orange or green and red. Mixing candle holders in complementary hues creates visual interest. You can also coordinate metals, like mixing silver and gold for a glamorous look.

Texture adds dimension, so combine glossy and matte finishes. Play with pairings like ceramic with wood, metal with glass, or crystal with stone. Mixing materials creates depth and contrast.

Repeating a color, texture, or material throughout a grouping ties everything together. For example, use all ceramic or all metal holders in different shapes and sizes. There are endless possibilities for attractive combinations!

Creating a Theme

One way to mix candle holders successfully is to choose a theme that ties different styles together into a cohesive look. For example, you could go for a vintage theme and blend old-fashioned mercury glass holders with antique silver ones for a unified antique-chic style. Or create a natural theme by pairing rustic ceramic holders with woven wicker ones. A travel theme could incorporate holders in the shapes of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower with tribal-print embroidered ones from different cultures.

Come up with a concept or aesthetic you want to achieve, then mix and match candle holders that fit. An eclectic theme allows you to blend vastly different holders together by limiting colors to a specific palette. A themed dinner party is the perfect opportunity to mix candle holders to set the mood. The holders don’t have to match, as long as they evoke the spirit you’re aiming for.

Mixing Styles

One of the great things about mixing candle holders is that you can blend different styles to create a unique look. Here are some popular styles to mix and match:


Ornate, gold, and detailed candle holders bring an elegant, traditional vibe. Pairing these with modern or rustic pieces adds visual interest.


Sleek, geometric candle holders in metals, glass, or acrylic have a contemporary feel. Mix with vintage pieces for an eclectic style.


Natural materials like wood, stone, and iron have an earthy, cozy look. Combining rustic candle holders with crystal or porcelain ones creates contrast.

The key is to pick 2-3 complementary styles and vary heights, shapes, materials, and colors within them. This makes the grouping feel cohesive yet unique.

Mixing Sizes

One fun way to mix candle holders is by combining varying heights. This creates visual interest and dimension. Place taller candle holders in the back and shorter ones in front for a staggered effect. Or, cluster candle holders of different heights together. The variation in their sizes and shapes will make for a dynamic display.

Alternating tall and short candle holders also works well. Try large pillars next to petite votives or wide pedestal candles alongside thin tapers. The contrast will be eye-catching.

If mixing a lot of different sizes, sticking to a color theme or material can help it look cohesive. For example, use all glass holders in an assortment of shapes. Or, choose varying metal pieces in one finish such as antique brass.

Whatever you do, be sure taller candles or holders are not at risk of toppling over onto shorter ones. Stagger them wisely and check for balance and stability.


When mixing candle holders, consider whether you want to use odd or even numbers in your arrangements. Odd numbers like 3 or 5 candle holders often look more visually interesting than even pairings. However, even numbers can create a sense of balance and symmetry that also has aesthetic appeal. Playing around with different number groupings is a good way to see what looks best in your space.

In terms of arrangements, there are endless possibilities for grouping mixed styles of candle holders. Some options include:

  • Clustering 3-5 varying holders in one area of a table or mantle
  • Alternating tall and short holders in a line down the center of a table
  • Pairing large statement holders with smaller complementary pieces
  • Creating vignettes of mixed holders on shelves or window sills

Get creative with combinations and placements until you find a candle holder grouping that brings visual interest and achieves the mood you want for your space.

Seasonal Considerations

Candle holders make for great seasonal decorations that can quickly transform a space. Consider using candle holders to decorate for various holidays and seasons throughout the year:

  • For spring, use bright, floral candle holders or ones shaped like birds, butterflies, eggs, or rabbits.

  • In summer, opt for candle holders in light, bright colors like white, light blue, or light green. Nautical themes with shells, sailboats, or sea creatures are also fun.

  • For fall, look for candle holders featuring autumn colors like orange, red, and brown or symbolic shapes like leaves, acorns, and pine cones.

  • During winter and for Christmas, sparkling candle holders or ones shaped like snowflakes, Christmas trees, or poinsettias help set the seasonal mood.

  • For Halloween, use black candle holders or ones shaped like pumpkins, bats, or ghosts.

  • Candle holders featuring hearts, flowers, or cupids make lovely Valentine’s Day accents.

Mixing and matching candle holders is a great way to decorate your space for any season or holiday.


Where you place your mixed candle holders can impact how well they work together aesthetically. Consider what looks best in different rooms of your home.

Entryways and foyers are great places to be bold with your candle holder mixes, since these high-traffic spaces set the tone for the home’s style. Try mixing varying heights, colors, and shapes here. The kitchen also tends to handle eclectic mixes well, as long as they fit the overall kitchen decor.

For living rooms and bedrooms, aim for more cohesive mixes that align with the room’s existing aesthetic. Subtle mixes of similar styles usually work best here. Mismatching candle holders on a mantel or side table can appear distracting in more serene spaces.

Bathrooms can take bolder mixes, but keep proportional sizes in mind in smaller spaces. Make sure mixed sizes don’t crowd surfaces. Outdoor covered patios and porches also allow flexibility in mixing and matching candle holders.

Other Decor Pairings

Mixing candle holders opens up many possibilities for pairing them with other decor elements in your home. Here are some ideas for accessories and decor items that beautifully complement an eclectic candle display:

  • Fresh flowers – A vibrant bouquet or a simple bud vase with a single stem can add natural beauty. Go for a variety of flowers in different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Greenery – Incorporate leafy greens like eucalyptus, olive branches or air plants for an organic feel.
  • Crystals – Clear quartz, amethyst, citrine and other crystals make lovely companions to candles, adding shine and positive energy.
  • Vases and bowls – Use these to hold flowers, crystals, shells, stones or other elements that harmonize with your candle holders.
  • Mirrors – Strategically placed mirrors open up and reflect the light of the candles.
  • Books – Stacked antique books or a display of decorative covers make great props under or next to groupings.
  • Textiles – Introduce burlap, lace, silk or velvet with table runners, pillows or poufs.

With mixed candle holders, you have the freedom to create vignettes that really express your personal taste and style. Play with different pairings until you find what delights your senses and sparks joy.

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