Which Diptyque Candle Does Meghan Markle Use?

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is known for her love of interior design and creating a cozy home environment. She has shared in interviews that one of her favorite home fragrance brands is Diptyque, specifically their Figuier candle. The elegant and evocative scents of Diptyque candles help Meghan relax and unwind in her home spaces.

Ever since her days as an actress living in Toronto while filming the TV show Suits, Meghan has embraced scented candles as part of her self-care routine. The warm, welcoming fragrances create an ambiance of calm and comfort that Meghan has carried with her into royal life. As she adjusts to the protocols and pressures of being a member of the Royal Family, small luxuries like her go-to Diptyque candles bring a sense of normalcy and joy.

In her engagement interview with Prince Harry, Meghan noted that she enjoys unwinding at home with scented candles after completing her royal duties and engagements. The flicker of the candle flame and enveloping fragrance transport her into full relaxation mode. This insight into Meghan’s candle preferences provides inspiration for those looking to emulate her self-care rituals in their own home.

Meghan’s Favorite Diptyque Candle

Meghan Markle is known to love the Figuier candle from the luxury French fragrance brand Diptyque. This fresh, woody scent has become a staple in her homes over the years and a go-to favorite anytime she wants to create a soothing, inviting atmosphere.

The Figuier candle features top notes of fig leaves and fresh woods. At its heart are green notes like crushed fig leaves and sap. Base notes like fig tree wood, white cedar, and musk add warmth and depth. Together, these notes evoke the lush, earthy sweetness of ripe figs straight from the tree.

Meghan has specifically mentioned her affection for the Figuier candle in past interviews. She’s described lighting it to unwind after long days and explained how she loves infusing her living spaces with the fruity, verdant fragrance. For Meghan, the Figuier candle is more than just a candle – it’s an essential element for creating a relaxing, happy home environment.

About Diptyque

Diptyque is a luxury French perfume and candle brand that was founded in 1961 by Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot, and Yves Coueslant. The name “Diptyque” comes from the Greek word “diptychos,” meaning a painting or tablet divided into two parts.

Diptyque was one of the first brands to introduce scented candles as home decor. They combine innovative fragrances with decorative vessels and high-quality waxes to create an indulgent candle experience. Their products are handmade in France using French and natural raw materials.

Over the decades, Diptyque has expanded into a global luxury brand with candle boutiques around the world. They are known for their sophisticated scents like Figuier, Ambre, and Roses. The brand has a devoted celebrity and fashion following, including Meghan Markle.

Figuier Scent Profile

The Figuier candle features a lush, green, woody fragrance inspired by the fig tree. Figuier, which means “fig tree” in French, perfectly captures the essence of ripe, fresh figs and fig leaves. The top notes include green fig and bergamot, imparting an initial burst of crisp, verdant freshness. The heart notes of fig leaf and lily of the valley add a floral flourish. Finally, the base notes of cedar and vetiver provide an earthy, woody depth.

The overall effect is a scent that’s both vibrant and mellow, evoking lush Mediterranean fig groves in the height of summer. It’s a transportive scent that conjures images of abundant fruit hanging heavy on sun-drenched branches. Many fans love lighting Figuier on a hot day to be reminded of carefree, warm-weather adventures.

As one of Diptyque’s most iconic and beloved fragrances, Figuier has been a staple of the brand’s catalog for decades. It’s the perfect fruity-fresh summer scent for candle lovers looking to infuse their space with the essence of ripe figs and sun-kissed greenery.

Meghan’s Candle Burning Habits

Meghan Markle enjoys lighting candles to create a relaxing ambiance in her home. Sources say that her favorite time to burn candles is in the evening while she is winding down after a long day. She will often light a candle in her bedroom before going to sleep, finding that the soothing fragrance helps her relax and drift off to sleep more easily.

Meghan also likes to light candles in her living room in the evening when she is spending time with Prince Harry and her friends. The flickering light sets a warm, inviting mood for conversation. Having a candle or two burning in the background allows Meghan to unwind after a busy day in the spotlight.

In addition to lighting candles at home, Meghan will occasionally burn candles in her dressing room before public events or engagements. The calming scents help her center herself before stepping out in front of crowds of people and photographers. She finds that taking a few quiet moments to breathe in the candle’s aroma allows her to focus and prepare mentally for the attention ahead.

The Benefits of Candles

Lighting candles can provide a variety of benefits for your mind and body. The pleasant aroma and ambiance created by candles promote relaxation and can help relieve stress. The flickering flame provides a focal point for meditation, quiet contemplation, or mindfulness exercises. This can lower anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Candles can also boost your mood by releasing feel-good chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Scented candles in calming fragrances like lavender are especially effective at easing tension. The warm glow of candlelight creates a cozy atmosphere that’s comforting and uplifting.

Burning candles at home helps create a soothing oasis that encourages you to slow down, decompress, and unwind after a long day. This simple act of self-care promotes mental clarity, deeper sleep, and overall wellbeing. Candles can transform any room into a relaxing, spa-like retreat.

Candle Safety Tips

When enjoying candles, it’s important to follow basic safety precautions. Here are some tips for burning candles safely:

Trim the wick to 1⁄4 inch before lighting. Long or untrimmed wicks can create tall, sooty flames that produce more soot. Trimming the wick helps candles burn cleaner and safer.

Don’t leave a burning candle unattended. Always blow out candles before leaving a room or going to sleep. Never leave a burning candle in an empty room.

Keep candles away from flammable objects. Place candles at least 12 inches from walls, curtains, papers, books, trees, and anything else that can catch fire. Keep them away from drafts that can cause rapid, uneven burning.

Burn candles in sturdy, nonflammable holders that are big enough to collect dripping wax. Place candle holders on uncluttered surfaces to avoid accidental tip-over.

Avoid burning a candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Longer burn times can cause excessive pooling, soot buildup, and overheating. Let the wax pool completely before relighting.

Don’t burn multiple candles too closely together as this can cause overheating. Space candles apart for safety.

Keep burning candles attended and blow them out before leaving a room or going to bed. Following basic precautions will allow you to safely enjoy candles.

Meghan’s Other Favorite Diptyque Candles

While Figuier may be Meghan’s signature Diptyque scent, she’s been spotted using other candles from the luxury French perfumer as well. Here are some of the other Diptyque candles rumored to be in Meghan’s fragrance rotation:

Baies – This candle combines the scents of roses and blackcurrant leaves for a fresh, fruity aroma. It’s one of Diptyque’s most popular scents and has notes of spice and wood as well. Meghan reportedly enjoys Baies as an uplifting daytime scent.

Roses – As the name suggests, this candle features floral rose accords blended with honeyed notes of lychee. It’s a romantic and feminine scent that evokes an English garden. Meghan apparently loves roses and has been known to burn this candle in the evenings.

Eucalyptus – With its crisp, medicinal eucalyptus fragrance, this candle helps clear sinuses and create an invigorating atmosphere. Meghan finds it refreshing and often lights it in the bathroom to help wind down at night.

So while Figuier remains her go-to, Meghan does switch it up now and then with other Diptyque candles. She enjoys exploring the brand’s range of unique and sophisticated scents depending on her mood and the vibe she wants to create.

Diptyque Candle Gift Sets

Diptyque offers a variety of luxurious gift sets and packs that feature their most popular candles, making them an ideal gift for any candle lover. Their gift sets are beautifully packaged and come in different sizes to suit any budget.

One of their most popular candle gift sets is the Carousel Set. This set includes three of Diptyque’s iconic oval-shaped candles in the scents Feu de Bois, Baies, and Roses. The three candles are nestled in a gorgeous decorative box, making this set perfect for gift giving. The Carousel set allows the recipient to sample some of Diptyque’s most beloved fragrances.

For a more extensive collection, Diptyque offers the Colour Library gift set which includes five slim votive candles in an array of colorful fragrances like Mimosa, Rose, and Fig Tree. This is a great way to try a variety of Diptyque’s fruity, floral, and fresh scents. The set comes packaged in a book-style box that looks beautiful displayed on a shelf or coffee table.

Diptyque also has Home Fragrance Discovery Sets that combine candles with other home fragrance products like room sprays and perfumed oils. These sets allow you to layer different home scents together to create a unique sensory experience. They make fantastic gifts for home decor lovers.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Diptyque candle trio or want a whole collection of fragrances, Diptyque’s gift sets have you covered. They take the guesswork out of shopping and make candle gifting easy and elegant.


Meghan Markle has long been a fan of Diptyque candles, with the Figuier scent being her reported favorite. This woody and green fig fragrance seems to align well with Meghan’s appreciation for fresh, natural scents. She has been spotted burning Diptyque candles in her homes for years, even back when she was starring on Suits.

As an avid candle lover, Meghan likely enjoys the warm glow and cozy ambiance a favorite scented candle can bring to any space. For her, the Diptyque Figuier offers a peaceful yet invigorating escape through its lush, fruity-floral aroma. It’s easy to see why this would be the candle Meghan reaches for to relax and unwind after a long day.

With their luxurious scents and elegant packaging, Diptyque candles also make for great gifts. For any fellow fans of Meghan’s style, a Diptyque Figuier or other signature scent would be a thoughtful present. Just as the candles bring Meghan comfort, their beautiful fragrances can brighten anyone’s home.

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