What Makes Yankee Candles So Special?

For over 50 years, Yankee Candle has been synonymous with high-quality, great-smelling candles. Founded in 1969 by Michael Kittredge, Yankee Candle started off small, with Kittredge making candles as gifts using melted crayons before scaling up to paraffin wax. Despite its humble beginnings, word spread quickly about the amazing candles from this New England-based company. Today, Yankee Candle offers a wide range of candle products, from the iconic jar candles to candle accessories, waxes, and reed diffusers, all inspired by its heritage of artisanal craftsmanship and authentic Americana.

With over 400 retail stores globally and a catalogue brimming with new and customer-favorite scents each year, Yankee Candle has achieved tremendous popularity and success. The secret lies not just in the fragrant, long-lasting candles but also in the entire sensory experience and nostalgia the brand evokes. Yankee Candle has become a staple in American culture, bringing joy through candlelight in households across the country and giving customers a way to infuse spaces with cherished memories. There’s something special about lighting a Yankee Candle that takes you right back to the smells of childhood or creates the perfect ambiance for relaxation. Let’s explore what sets these candles apart.

High Quality Ingredients Sets Yankee Candles Apart

One of the key things that sets Yankee Candles apart from other candle brands is their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients. Yankee Candle uses premium paraffin wax that is highly refined and triple-distilled for purity. This allows their candles to burn cleaner and longer than lower quality waxes used by cheaper candle brands.

In addition to premium wax, Yankee Candle also uses top-of-the-line fragrances and oils to scent their candles. They use complex, multi-note fragrances rather than simple single note scents. This allows Yankee Candles to have richer, more nuanced aromas than you’ll find with most competitors. The fragrances are formulated by expert perfumers and go through rigorous testing to ensure quality and performance.

While some cheaper candle brands often use synthetic fragrances, Yankee Candle uses only natural ingredients, essential oils, and perfume-grade fragrance oils. These higher quality oils not only smell better, but also allow the scents to have better throw and longevity than synthetic versions. This focus on premium ingredients is one of the secrets behind Yankee Candle’s iconic scents.

Iconic Scents

Yankee Candle is known for its wide range of nostalgic, iconic scents that evoke fond memories and create an immersive sensory experience. Some of their most popular and famous scents include:

Balsam and Cedar: This bestselling scent evokes the essence of Christmas and the holidays. With notes of fir, pine, cedarwood and juniper berry, it’s like walking through a snowy forest.

Lilac Blossoms: One of Yankee Candle’s floral classics, this scent captures the sweet, delicate aroma of lilacs in springtime bloom. It’s light and romantic.

Midsummer’s Night: With fragrance notes of dewy blooms, lush ferns and moonlit woods, this summery scent whisks you away to a magical midsummer evening.

Clean Cotton: Crisp, fresh and airy, this popular scent conjures thoughts of line-dried linens swaying in the breeze. It’s light and refreshing.

Spiced Pumpkin: No list of iconic Yankee scents is complete without this cozy, autumnal favorite evoking pumpkin pie spices, roasted nuts and mulled cider.

With scents that spark nostalgia and create powerful sensory memories, it’s no wonder Yankee’s candles have such loyal followers. Their distinctive fragrances are an integral part of the brand’s identity and appeal.

Innovative Candle Types

Over the years, Yankee Candle has expanded far beyond just their iconic jar candles, offering customers innovative and creative candle types to suit any decor or occasion. Yankee Candle was one of the first major candle brands to offer tumbler candles. These cylindrical candles come in a range of sizes perfect for candle warmers. Votive candles are another popular option, providing flickering ambiance in small glasses. For more portability, Yankee Candle offers a wide selection of tealight candles and travel tins. Pillar candles from Yankee Candle come in majestic columns for elegant decor. Yankee Candle also offers outdoor candles, like citronella styles for patio use. No matter what style of candle you seek, Yankee Candle has an option with their signature scents and quality.

Brand Storytelling

One of the reasons Yankee Candle has such loyal fans is because of the storytelling woven into every aspect of their branding. From the classic label designs featuring homey imagery of kitchens and living rooms, to the evocative scent names like Beach Walk, Midsummer’s Night, and Lilac Blossoms, Yankee Candles tap into a sense of nostalgia and coziness.

The candle packaging often features rustic imagery of farmhouses or natural scenes that call to mind memories of places you’ve been. Scent names are carefully chosen to spark recollections of experiences and emotions. All of this branding and visual storytelling evokes feelings of comfort, warmth, and familiarity for customers.

Yankee Candle doesn’t just sell candles – they sell an experience through the stories told in their branding. Customers form emotional connections to the candles, remembering treasured memories associated with the scents and visuals. This power of storytelling is a key factor that elevates Yankee Candle into more than just another candle company.

An Entrancing Store Experience

Perhaps the biggest part of Yankee Candle’s allure is the alluring in-store experience they provide. Walking into a Yankee Candle store is a feast for the senses. Your nose will instantly be greeted by a medley of gorgeous fragrances as you walk through the store. Seasonal scents like pumpkin spice and evergreen balsam waft through the air and create an enticing aroma. Colorful candles and home décor items fill the shelves in an aesthetically pleasing display. The store bursts with visual delights to discover around every corner.

You can spend hours browsing the vast selection of products, taking your time to find that perfect scent for your home. Friendly store associates are always eager to offer recommendations or let you sample different fragrances. It becomes an immersive, multisensory adventure as you sniff various candles to experience the scents. Testing candles is half the fun and makes it easy to discover new favorite fragrances. The sensory stimulation makes shopping at Yankee Candle feel more like an outing to a fragrance museum than just a quick errand.

Beyond candles, Yankee Candle stores offer a treasure trove of gift items and home accessories. You can explore shelves lined with candle holders, reed diffusers, ceramic warmers, and more. There is always something new and delightful to find with each visit. For candle lovers, walking into a Yankee Candle store is like entering a magic fragrance paradise filled with endless discoveries.


An integral part of Yankee Candle’s brand identity is its popularity as a gift. Yankee Candles are frequently purchased as gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarmings, and more. The wide range of fragrances allows gift-givers ample choice to select a scent their recipient will love. Scented candles also make thoughtful yet affordable gifts.

Yankee Candle offers many options to customize candles as gifts. Their signature white candles can be personalized with photos, text, and designs. Gift sets featuring candles, holders, and accessories allow for easy gift-giving. Seasonal collections are frequently packaged with gift-giving in mind. Yankee also sells greeting cards and gift bags to complement candle gifts.

The experience of receiving a candle as a gift and enjoying its lovely scented glow enhances Yankee Candle’s brand image. Scented candles are universally appreciated gifts that convey thoughtfulness.

Customer Loyalty

Yankee Candle has cultivated an extremely loyal customer base over the years. Fans rave about the candles’ long-lasting scents, quality ingredients, and ability to elicit fond memories. This loyal following is evident in the brand’s vibrant online community.

The Yankee Candle Facebook page has over 1.5 million likes and followers who actively engage with posts about new scents, share photos of their collections, and reminisce about their favorite candles from over the years. Brand loyalty is also apparent across Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, where fans showcase Yankee Candle hauls, homemade Yankee-inspired DIY projects, and nostalgic memories tied to specific scents.

Beyond social media, Yankee Candle’s loyalty program rewards repeat customers with free products and early access to new launches. Many Yankee Candle enthusiasts collect the brand’s beloved jar candles like trophies and display them proudly in their homes. This passion has created a thriving secondary market on eBay and other sites where collectors buy vintage and rare Yankee Candles.

After 50 years, Yankee Candle continues to foster a devoted fanbase drawn to the nostalgia, quality, and iconic scents that make it America’s best-loved candle brand.

Global Reach

Yankee Candle has expanded internationally over the years and now has a significant global presence. The company operates stores in more than 20 countries worldwide across North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Some of their most successful international markets include Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The popularity of Yankee Candle overseas demonstrates the universal appeal of their signature scents, high-quality products, and immersive shopping experience. Consumers around the world are drawn to the quintessentially American brand, which evokes feelings of home, nostalgia, and high-end luxury. Yankee Candle’s seasonal collections and limited edition fragrances also resonate globally, as they tap into shared traditions and celebrations.

As Yankee Candle continues expanding internationally, they tailor products and marketing to connect with local cultures and customs. However, the core brand identity and emphasis on fragrance remains consistent worldwide. Yankee Candle’s global achievements attest to their expertise in candle-making and gift-giving, sustaining demand far beyond their New England roots.


Yankee Candle has earned a special place in people’s hearts by providing high quality candles and a unique shopping experience for over 50 years. Key points that make this brand stand out include:

  • Using premium natural ingredients like essential oils and real wicks for clean, long burns
  • Signature scents that evoke nostalgia, create ambiance, and transport you to special places
  • Innovations like jar candles, votives, tea lights, and wax melts for versatility
  • Engaging branding and packaging that tells a New England story
  • Extensive product line and inviting stores with signature sight, sound, scent, touch
  • Reputation as the perfect gift for any occasion or holiday
  • Dedicated fanbase that collects the brand’s iconic candles
  • Global presence across North America, Europe, and Asia

With its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer experience, Yankee Candle has built an iconic brand that feels like home to millions of loyal customers around the world.

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