What Does Bath And Body Works Snowflakes And Citrus Smell Like?

Introducing the Snowflakes and Citrus Scent

The Snowflakes & Citrus scent is a popular fragrance line from Bath & Body Works that evokes wintry freshness with bright citrus top notes. It’s a crisp, sparkling blend that captures the essence of the winter season.

Snowflakes & Citrus has been offered for many holiday seasons in a variety of products including body care items like body wash, body lotion, body cream, and fragrance mists. It’s a scent that shoppers look forward to stocking up on each winter.

With notes of iced bergamot, winter pear, and frosted jasmine combined with base notes like blonde woods, vanilla, and cotton blossom, Snowflakes & Citrus is the perfect way to indulge in wintry aromas even when there’s no snow on the ground.

The scent profile makes Snowflakes & Citrus uplifting and refreshing rather than heavy or overly gourmand. It’s bright, cool, and crisp with a touch of juicy fruit sweetness.

Let’s explore the fragrance notes, availability, products, reviews, and more details that make up this popular seasonal scent.

Top Notes

The top notes of the Bath and Body Works Snowflakes and Citrus scent are bright, fresh, and invigorating. As soon as you spray this perfume, you’ll notice bursts of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and mandarin orange. These fruity essences give Snowflakes and Citrus an energizing and uplifting opening. In addition to the citrus, there are also touches of green apple and pear, adding a crisp sweetness. Herbal notes of sage and basil complement the citrus as well. Overall, the top notes create a refreshing and zesty first impression.

Heart Notes

The heart notes in Bath & Body Works Snowflakes & Citrus scent come through after the bright, invigorating top notes fade. These scented floral and citrus oils form the core of the fragrance and last the longest on the skin. Snowflakes & Citrus showcases a bouquet of white floral heart notes like creamy gardenia, delicate jasmine, and fresh neroli blended with more juicy mandarin orange.

The neroli adds a smooth, slightly sweet undertone while the gardenia and jasmine provide a soft, floral body. These mystic white blossoms mix beautifully with the mandarin orange for a mouthwatering melange. As the sharp citrus top notes melt away, you are left with a gentle floral and fruity heart that is uplifting yet comforting. The white florals feel romantic and feminine while the mandarin orange keeps it from becoming too heady or overpowering.

Together these heart notes create a scent that is bright yet soft, citrusy yet floral – the perfect balance for transitioning from the sparkling top notes to the warmer base notes. The heart of Snowflakes & Citrus envelops you in a field of delicate blossoms kissed by winter air and citrus sunlight. It’s a scent that evokes the feeling of strolling through snow-covered gardens filled with flowers ready to bloom again in spring.

Base Notes

The base notes are the core of the Snowflakes & Citrus fragrance, providing depth and longevity to the scent. They usually consist of the heavier, richer notes that linger the longest on your skin. For this fragrance, the main base notes include:

  • Musk – Adds a warm, sensual quality and helps the scent last.
  • Woods – Provide an earthy, grounded character.
  • Amber – Imparts a slightly sweet, warm note to round out the scent.

Together, these base notes create a rich foundation for the brighter citrus and floral notes to shine. The musk brings a softness, while the amber and woods keep it from feeling too fresh or fleeting. This makes Snowflakes & Citrus have noticeable staying power compared to lighter scents.

Fragrance Notes

The Snowflakes and Citrus fragrance from Bath and Body Works features a combination of bright, invigorating citrus notes with cool and soothing mint and pine woods to capture the essence of the holiday season. It contains the following fragrance notes:

Top notes:

The top notes consist of crisp and juicy citrus fruits including bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and clementine. These provide an initial burst of sweet yet tart citrus aroma.

Heart notes:

The heart of the fragrance features soothing mint, refreshing eucalyptus, pine needles, and rosemary. These offer a cool, crisp scent reminiscent of winter forests and snowy air.

Base notes:

The base notes include fir balsam, crisp pine woods, and musk. These add depth and warmth, with subtle woody undertones that complement the mint and citrus.

Together, these notes create an invigorating yet comforting wintery scent, evoking images of falling snowflakes, evergreen forests, and the magic of the holiday season.

When is it Available

The Snowflakes and Citrus scent from Bath and Body Works is available as part of their winter seasonal collection. It typically launches each year in October/November, coinciding with the start of the holiday shopping season. As a limited edition scent, it is usually available while supplies last through December until they sell out for the season.

Bath and Body Works often brings back popular seasonal scents year after year, especially for the holidays. Snowflakes and Citrus has been offered for the past few winter seasons, making its debut in stores in 2017. Fans can expect it to come back on shelves each holiday shopping season as part of Bath and Body Works’ winter offerings.

Once the new year hits, the Snowflakes and Citrus products disappear from the shelves. Get it while you can before stock sells out. The scent is only available for a limited time during the winter months before it goes away until next year’s holiday release.

Products Available

The Snowflakes and Citrus scent is available across Bath and Body Works’ entire product line, from lotions to candles and more. Some of the key products include:

Lotions: Snowflakes and Citrus hand cream and body lotion comes in a variety of formats such as single bottles, gift sets, and even jumbo size options. The lotion hydrates skin while providing a refreshing citrus scent.

Body Sprays: Light and refreshing Snowflakes and Citrus body splash and spray is available in full and travel sizes. It provides hydration while misting a bright citrus fragrance.

Shower Gels: Lather up with the creamy Snowflakes and Citrus shower gel, available in a variety of bottle sizes. It cleanses skin gently while enveloping you in the scent.

Candles: The Snowflakes and Citrus 3-wick candle fills rooms with its crisp citrus snowflake aroma. It’s presented in decorative glass jars that complement any space.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers: Gentle foaming hand soap and hand sanitizer allow you to experience the scent with every wash and sanitize. Convenient travel sizes are ideal for on-the-go.

Wallflowers: Plug a Snowflakes and Citrus wallflower into any outlet to infuse a space with fragrance. Refill oil options are available when the scent starts to fade.

Consumer Reviews

The Snowflakes and Citrus fragrance from Bath & Body Works has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. Many describe it as a fresh, crisp, and invigorating scent perfect for the winter season.

The top notes of frosted bergamot and winter citrus are frequently cited as bright, uplifting and energizing. Customers say these notes provide an instant burst of cool freshness. The middle floral notes of lily of the valley and frosted jasmine receive praise for adding a delicate softness and femininity.

The base notes of vanilla rum and creamy musk are often mentioned as warming, soothing elements that provide staying power. Customers comment on the scent having excellent throw and longevity when used in products like candles or body care.

Overall, reviews indicate the Snowflakes and Citrus fragrance is a crowd-pleasing scent that evokes feelings of the crisp, sparkling coolness of winter. Many anticipate its arrival each holiday season and stock up on their favorite products in this popular fragrance.

DIY Dupes

Looking to recreate the Bath & Body Works Snowflakes & Citrus scent in your own home? Here are some simple ways to make homemade fragrances with a similar refreshing blend of citrus, vanilla and musky notes:

Citrus Vanilla Oil Blend: Combine 10 drops sweet orange essential oil, 5 drops lime essential oil, 3 drops lemon essential oil, 2 drops vanilla absolute and 1 drop sandalwood essential oil. Add to a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut and use in homemade body butters, lotions, sugar scrubs or perfume sprays.

Citrus Sugar Scrub: Mix 1/2 cup granulated white sugar, 1/4 cup coconut or olive oil, juice from 1 lemon and 1 lime, and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Stir in gently with a fork until a gritty paste forms. Use on hands, feet, legs and anywhere you want smooth, scented skin.

Fizzy Bath Bombs: Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup citric acid, 2 tbsp Epsom salts, 10-15 drops essential oils (like tangerine, bergamot, lemon) and 1 tsp vanilla fragrance oil. Slowly add witch hazel while mixing until clumps form. Pack tightly into molds and let dry completely before use.

With the right mix of zesty citrus and warm vanilla scents, you can easily recreate the bright and refreshing Snowflakes & Citrus fragrance at home. Not only is it budget friendly, but you can customize it to your own personal preferences.

Final Thoughts

The Bath and Body Works Snowflakes and Citrus fragrance is a perennially popular scent that evokes the feeling of a crisp, refreshing winter day. With sparkling top notes of iced lemon, winter pear, and blonde woods, heart notes of frost flowers and crystal peony, and base notes of snowdrop blossom, white amber, and fuzzy vanilla musk, this invigorating fragrance captures the essence of the winter season.

Bath & Body Works brings back this scent every winter in various product forms like body care, home fragrance, and gifts sets, much to the delight of loyal fans. It has a bright, clean scent profile that feels uplifting and energizing. Customers consistently rate it highly and purchase year after year as a quintessential festive fragrance.

Overall, Snowflakes and Citrus exemplifies the Bath and Body Works brand with its fresh, high-quality ingredients, nostalgic seasonal fragrance, and variety of self-care products. It’s a go-to scent to get you feeling festive, refreshed, and ready for the holidays.

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